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Kate Bosworth: Fashion is Roleplaying!

Kate Bosworth: Fashion is Roleplaying!

Kate Bosworth steps out in a double-breasted denim dress as she explores west London on Wednesday (February 23).

The 28-year-old actress finished her look with opaque tights and a crocodile skin bag.

The March 2011 issue of Nylon magazine, which features Kate on the cover, was released yesterday!

“”It’s role-playing,” Kate told Nylon about her views on fashion. “And ever since I was very young, I had a very strong understanding of what felt true to me or not.”

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Credit: Martin Karius; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Nikki

    I think JJ has made a new record of the number of Bonesworth posts in a week’s time.

  • Amy

    OMG!!!! ARE YOU kidding me?!??? Another post of the her?!!! WHY,WHY,WHY!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ has reached an all time low….who cares that she is out and about or leaving her hotel….bag of worthless bones! UGH! I can’t take it anymore so long JJ! I will read other “celebrity” blogs! That actually cover REAL, WORTHY actresses!

  • kitty

    dress = way too big for her. super padded bra = obvious.

  • bibi

    This woman should keep her mouth shut and stop spreading lies made of sh!t. She’s crap. She shouldn’t have even mentioned the word true. She’s an obsessed silly woman.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!


  • icey

    The dress is cute but her hair is a mess.

  • Emily

    It’s traffic for his site. As long as people keep leaving comments, Jared will keep posting pictures of her. In all her shameless, fame hungry glory.

    (I’m also totally surprised she’s letting Skarsgard roam freely in LA, hopefully he’s taken advantage of her absence.)

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I’m 4,5,6

  • yes to Betty

    Tights do her bird legs wonders.

  • kitty

    omg. just read the full Nylon interview. this girl needs help…she asked one of the other actors (who plays one of the rapists) in straw dogs to hit her. in-between filming when the camera was off.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    No,im not 7,8,9
    i think im cute

  • yes to Betty

    Tights do her bird legs wonders

  • vids

    @Emily: No, it’s the relationship with her publicist. There are other celebs who receive far less comments who get lots of posts too. He has an arrangement with certain ones publicists and Bosworth is on that list.

  • lololol

    @kitty: She could have just asked Paltrow to do that.

  • lololol

    @kitty: She could have just asked Paltrow to do that. lol!

  • lololol

    @kitty: She could have just asked Paltrow to do that lol!

  • crybabycry

    She should visit a psychologist.

  • truly

    who’s the dude?

  • truly

    new boyfriend??

  • kaching$

    The checks are really clearing fast!

  • Wilson

    @icey: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  • CC

    It may be a padded bra, but at least she’s actually wearing one!

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • canuck

    I think Kate should go back to the bob she wore when she was making 21. She doesn’t have the volume to support the long locks. The bob was really cute.

  • fashionista

    She looks great. I agree with her that fashion is role playing. I like a laid back style but when I dress up I feel like a slightly different character.

  • Eresyn

    another post of this useless ho already??? is JJ tryng to appear in the Guiness Records book? LOL. Really pathetic :(

  • danielik25

    Again, again, again… She must be owner of JJ !

  • sally

    lol I think the only way Just Jared will stop posting 70 posts a day of useless kate bosworth is if we stop commenting on her posts, then maybe he will get the picture that no one cares what this sad pathetic woman does in her spare time which is nothing 90% of the times! I think the more $hit we talk about her, the more popular she will continue getting just look at what happened with the Kardashians!

  • BigJohnson

    I wondered what she was doing in England, she isnt promoting any movies. So I looked into matters, and apparently her so called boyfriend has hooked up with that red haired chick again, they hit it when shooting the 4th season of True Blood. So it makes sens now, her leaving the country.

  • Annie

    Chicks like Kate Bosworth give all slender women a bad name. People see sickly cracked out balding skinny women like Kate and conclude therefore that skinny ALWAYS = ugly, unhealthy unsexy and start making rude comments to healthy thin people (to people who are naturally thin themselves the difference between ano-druggie thin and natural thin is super obvious, to naturally heavier folk sometimes it isn’t). Not true – skinny can look very chic and elegant on a person who is built to be lean and who has maintained their body through sensible exercise and by not overeating yet still geting enough calories, and nutrients. Even if Kate wasn’t a ho, I’d still dislike her for that alone.

  • Emily


    What red haired chick? Evan Rachel Wood?

  • set AS free

    Either this chick lock up AS in a basement or they broke up again or he is in Sweden, I like 2 of the 3. But she is in London doing nothing, no surprise there, she does nothing in LA too.

    Either ways stay in London and don’t go back to LA and stalk the swede, set him free.

  • Skipper doll

    @BigJohnson: Yeah … what red-headed chick? ERW or the musician?

  • shoegal

    she’s role playing that she’s a working actress with something to do.

  • huh?

    @shoegal: LOL!!! Exactly!!

  • @bigjohnson

    who is the red head alex is back with. I don’t care if it is ERW I have never heard of any red head musician?? as long as it it not kate famewhore.

    well if alex has some nice red headed women to keep his sheets warm at night that tells me that kate and alex are just FWB and not in a serious relationship like kates wants us to believe.

    I bet kate will be rushing her boney ass back to LA because kate has heard that her BOYFRIEND alex is shagging the hell out of other REAL women.
    good for alex for spreading his sexy seeds around.

  • AB


    Wow, this is… pretty weird.

  • Libby

    I just don’t get what all the publicity blitz is acomplishing, she’s too old to become a model, she probably won’t find much film directors or producers to hire her going to fashion shows…If she really wanted to get an acting job she would be in LA auditioning for the next tv season, or something. But I guess paying for paparazzi to follow her everywhere is a good enough career for her.

  • jeri

    She’s beautiful. AS & KB certainly are pleasing to the eye!

  • @#30

    Do you make stuff up to get attention or upset fangirls at JJ?

  • antonio

    I’m pretty sure she’s got more STDs that she’s got hairs on her head.

  • Nikki

    Who’s the dude? We haven’t heard of sightings of Alex in a while…maybe he finally realized what a famewhore she is and dumped her. it’s nice to think about, at least.

  • wtf

    How boring is this chick?
    How many times does she call the paps per day? per hour?

  • who?

    who let the corpse out…who who

  • Sunbug

    As long a KB and Tackymint keep buying tons of ads on this site and numerous other fashion sites, she’ll get as many listings as she wants. On the last post here, she had 4 different ads. This one already has 2. Everything we see from her is staged and planted.
    We’re going to start to see Straw Dogs being pushed along with some of her other crappy movies. Be prepared for many more JJ saturations like this one and Sundance. She needs to get her hooks in somewhere because once Straw Dogs is done Alex will be gone, if not sooner.

  • Tanter

    7 (!) posts in 3 days – this must be a new record.. I doubt it matters much how many comments we make, since JJ obviously has a deal with her people. I expect more posts from London and of course from the air port when she’s back in LA. And it will probably continue until Straw Dogs comes out (and most likely tanks and kills of the rest of her carrer).

    Here’s to hoping Alex’s carrer will survive and that he’ll move on soon.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Whatever Jared .

  • Peanut Gallery

    Oh please, not again.

    Isn’t that the same dress she had on a month ago? Freebies must be drying up.


    There are two reasons that Waste is in England;

    1. She’s out of town therefore unable to attend the Oscar related events that she probably wasn’t invited to. She has always attended EVERYTHING in the past. She is not getting invites. The only reason she’s getting into these magazine is to sell Junkmint. .

    2. She’s not with her bf because she’s out of town “working”. Her “bf” seems unwilling to attend any parties that she can tag along to. He was at Audi because he has a contract with them. Notice how the car is usually in the posts and videos.


    Notice she was also out of town conveniently during the Critics Choice (?)weekend. This chick will will to go a Burger King opening if she thought she could smug for the cameras and get free burgers to vomit up later.

    She’s washed up and all the Junkmint, paid posts, and “relationship” intrigue won’t change that.