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Rachel Bilson: From London to Los Angeles

Rachel Bilson: From London to Los Angeles

Rachel Bilson is all smiles while arriving at LAX on Tuesday (February 22) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress pushed a cart full of luggage through the airport before hopping into a waiting car.

Rachel returned to L.A. after a quick trip to London, where she attended the Burberry Prorsum presentation during London Fashion Week.

She checked out the line’s latest collection from the front row with her BFF & Baby co-star Kate Bosworth!

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Chanel scarf and a Market “Patti” tee.

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42 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: From London to Los Angeles”

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  1. 26
    monreal Says:

    @#25 – …… boasts about being top of her class in medical school.

    Most “far-fetched” is… how & why did she enter a medical school – does the said script even implying that said med. school’s director is her “godfather”?!

    And her (h)acting skills fells “flat” (as predictable); even if she’s playing her “real-life” character (i.e. a fading-never-been TV starlet).
    But what can you expect who’s been spending “all” her idle time in paparrazi-seeing, shopping, dining, socializing, vacationing, etc. instead of enrolling in an actng school for once?!
    Really a no-brainer – why she (always) sucks!

  2. 27
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Who cares if she’s dating HC?? We’re not talking about Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt or James Franco or a guy from Twilight…A Z-lister dating a D-lister – big whoop!!!

  3. 28
    The Truth Says:

    @observer: Nobody here knows what hayde is thinking. She left to london to a fashion show and he didn’t follow her there. He could be back home in canada with his family.You said that wasn’t dating last week didn’t you. What she said about we’ll see how it goes. She meant she do not have any future plans with hayden right now.If you all would find out what she meant by that.You all wouldn’t be here comments about her or hayden,. She use hayden for her movie and attention. And she didn’t get anything from him so she left( a movie part). And she went and use Kate bosworth for attention. So hayden probably left and went home. Why you all have to bring hayden into this when she on here. There are other girls that hayden can try and see there in la. Also she meant that they both can do their own thing now. Its not no pressure are them being together now. Its not serious as you all think it is. You all know what the word no means? One are them say for not being together again.

  4. 29
    Fandango Says:

    @ Truth

    Doubtfully he left LA he lays low on the press meter but he is seen in LA mostly when you claim he left picture evidence when applicable. He is lacking any work offers himself guessing his so called ‘New” agent thinks he should be in LA more when the last guy claimed he never left the farm. In the last what now 9 months with this new agent doesn’t look like the guy found HC any real work. At least the other guy did find him a few things this dude nadda. HC must have plenty of time to kill or else he would be home tending the sheep instead of paying workers with the residuals.


    There has been plenty of video to back up RB’s lack of talent and also how she acts with so called friends in tow, check x17 or other sites you’ll find them. Plus she herself has professed to be this self indulged daddy’s girl. Hell one paparazzi even mentioned she was a loser while with her mom. I don’t think ppl care what goes on in her head as for the fact there is nothing there to start with.

  5. 30
    @Bea Says:

    What’s also hilarious is that her character will be saying she was top in her class in medical school while RB reads the line off cue cards, because she admits she can’t memorize lines. **** of Dixie might be unintentionally hilarious, like a soap opera gone loopy, because she’s known as being a WeHo fauxinista airhead and the gossipy dimwitted character from the OC who was Mischa Barton’s (no Harvard scholar herself) shadow. Josh Schwartz probably pitched it that way. But Bilson will earnestly play it as a chance to prove she isn’t stupid but amply demonstrate that not only is she intellectually challenged but a terrible actress. I’m sure OC fans (all 5 of them) will tune in but few others will.

  6. 31
    Sadie Says:

    @ The Truth

  7. 32
    Sadie Says:

    @ The Truth

    Sorry for the double post, but you forgot the entire quote that Rachel said when asked about her relationship with Hayden. She said, “Without getting too specific, I can tell you things are really positive right now. We’ll just have to see how it goes”. That means things between she and Hayden are good. Add that to what Hayden said when asked about photos of them together, Hayden said to a reporter, “photographic evidence, you can’t deny that”. Both of them are talking positively about their relationship and being back together. They have not said the word “no” about being back together, the opposite is being said in the tabloid magazines. That is why people talk about the two of them being together. You should read some of the internet interviews they have given, and look at the photos of them together over the last few weeks.

    @ Tina

    You are right about Rachel’s fans not needing to post on here, the comments are hysterical. And if you look at them, there are a couple who keep posting over and over again the same drivel under different names, lol.

  8. 33
    Trish Says:

    @ Sadie
    The comments that both of them made are completely vague and mean absolutely nothing. If they denied seeing each other, story over. This way, their three fans can have hope but anyone with a brain can see they’re only saying this stuff to keep their story revelent, which it’s not.

  9. 34
    Tina Says:


    n/a to my post but go ahead an knock yourself out with references. LOL

  10. 35
    Tina Says:


    Bea! Finally! Another “insider” posting on a gossip site. Now, that’s authentic. ;-)

  11. 36
    none ya Says:

    The comments here are NASTY, you’re all nasty girls. She may be whatever you say she is, but you’ll never be even close to the likes of her, LOL!!! Go take a shower and take care of your families, you’re probably all overweight and probably don’t even have jobs…. :)

  12. 37
    tennille Says:

    @ bea & #30

    Or that would be more like an upcoming “SNL Skit” (instead of looking like a TV pilot/series) that was immediately scrapped; coz its either cheezy or not really even laughable a bit.

  13. 38
    tiki Says:

    WFF is not even on the box office charts this week it was like the last on the charts last week so now it’s gone..Shows how much ppl so love this woman expect it in the $1.00 bin soon. B/F’s movie didn’t do much better but then again he is limited release and so far no movement on making it out to more theaters. I can’t see anything Bilson doing that will make it big and that tv show has been done a thousand times how many medical drama’s are on TV now. Maybe she should do reality tv then again it would only go to show how pathetic she really is.

  14. 39
    fandango Says:

    @ 36

    Don’t like the comments don’t read them ppl have a right to express their option on a performer who is promoting one’s self out to the public. She is asking for the attention and by god she will be getting all she is asking for. Most of it is bad reason b/c she is not doing anything that is considered productive she is supposed to entertain and really she sucks at it. So she pays the likes of JJ to make her famous I guess when you can’t do things in a legitimate way you buy your way into it.

  15. 40
    mforman Says:

    #6 why bring up Askars, he is busy actually working, while she on the other hand is hanging all over one guy in NY and 3 different guys in London, The rumor mill has them taking a break from each other because he is tired of her immature cheatitg. Maybe this is finally the wake up he needs, we can hope.

  16. 41
    bea Says:


    Did you just say my name, Tina?

    Alright, how about this. Rachel’s character Zoe is described as a New Yorker who went to Brearley School, graduated top of her class at Johns Hopkins. Also completed her residency at Cornell.

    Maybe you can imagine Rachel playing a character this academically accomplished, but I can’t. She doesn’t exactly project “intelligence” onscreen. Cute yes, but brainy?

    Oh and Zoe ends up in the Southern town is because the father she barely knew left her his medical practice.

    The script is uninspired, unoriginal, kinda like a mix between Doc Hollywood meets Sweet Home Alabama.

    And yes, I made all of that up.

  17. 42
    bea Says:

    Oh and I forgot.

    The title comes from the last name of Rachel’s character.

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