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Suri Cruise: Hot Cocoa Cowgirl!

Suri Cruise: Hot Cocoa Cowgirl!

Suri Cruise holds onto her cup of hot chocolate after stopping at Starbucks with her nanny on Wednesday (February 23) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 4-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seems to love Starbucks as this was the second day in a row she went with her nanny!

Suri was sporting some fab däv Kids Cowboy Bronco rain boots!

The day before, Suri spent some quality time with her father at a library where they got in some light reading together.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise warming up with hot chocolate…

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suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 01
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 02
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 03
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 04
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 05
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 06
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 07
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 08
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 09
suri cruise hot cocoa cowgirl 10

Credit: Chris Watts; Photos: Flynetonline, INFdaily
Posted to: Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise

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  • mika


  • jollyfolly

    Geez, enough already with this child. Belongs on JJ Jr.

  • bi;;

    why is she wearing any tights , it so cold now days in Vancouver, ..and how much coffee can a child drink?

  • boston61

    Hideous little creature. Dress your freaking kid. She always looks like a pig.

  • No, just no

    JJ, your fascination with this little girl is disturbing.

  • ana carolina

    how people can be so mean? i dont understand why almost everyone says bad things about a child. c’mon… shes just a child, a very cute and adorable baby! be nice people… be nice!

  • kelly

    In Vancouver today, it was 0°C and it went down to -3°C (in the morning)… And Suri is bare legs with rain boots, and open coat on a little summer dress!!?

  • Gimmicks & Photo-Ops


  • Cause a distraction

    I’m an idiot. These daily pictures of Suri drinking Starbucks without the sippy lid make me completely forget about pictures just last week of her and her newborn baby bottle full of barley water. I’m an Idiot.

  • the doctor

    She doesn’t look cold.

  • mickey

    It is sick how Crazy Cruise and his Fembot have this child paraded around for paps. People don’t care about him, so he thought marrying that brain dead girl would make people care. Nope. Now they have moved on to using the kid to stay current and relevant in the eyes of the public. Insane.

  • Doll

    Two nannies for one kid?
    Boots with heels?
    More chocolate and sugar?
    No tights, leggings, unbuttoned coat, summer dress?
    Tons of toys?
    WTF !

    ***At least the nannies combed her hair unlike clueless Katie

  • jellybean

    OMG! Why is this child outside with no coat???

  • Bear

    Oh this is pathetic! Reading Vanity Fair with Marilyn Monroe on the cover! Suri is another tragic female in the making. This family is sick! There are so many wonderful children’s books and even magazines for kids her age. Of course, Tom (nut job) wants her reading this adult garbage! Tom can’t even stage a photo op right!!! Get a clue moron!

  • Guest25

    At least Suri isn’t a transgender child in the making.

  • hag

    this IS absurd!! cruisazzys hid this kid for almost a year when she was born but now this kid gets her own thread on JJ at 4 (5?) YEARS OLD?????!!! WTF?????? just as bad as 10 YEAR OLD willow smith!!! why the hel! did you create JJ jr for???? these children should be there if there parents choose to who&e them out so young.

  • Good to know

    that Suri’s busy doing her schoolwork.

  • LoLz
  • pwteam
  • Hella brat
  • Romeo

    I highly doubt that’s coffee, #3.

    YOU’RE the pig, #4.

    You’re way off base, #11.

    Could you at least wait till she’s a teenage junkie wearing skimpy clothing before calling her parents lousy, #14?

  • Bear

    LOOK Romeo/Star Fox…. you always post as if you know more then anyone in the whole world! Get off your dang high horse and get a life of your own! Stop living in a fantasy world of someone ( Cruises) that doesn’t give a crap about you or what the hell you have to say. Go play your video games and get a job!

  • OMG


  • Sunshine

    Violet Affleck:
    5 yrs old
    Braided hair
    Book bag
    Happy face
    Suri Jackson…I mean Cruise
    5 yrs old
    Messy hair
    Look of entitlement
    I see drugs and jail in one of their futures.

  • Susan

    “Suri. Do you want to go to the park and play with some children?”
    “What are these “children” you speak of? Get the car and take me to Starbucks NOW so that I can get in the proper mental zone for more shopping! I have a raging headache from staying up all night!”

  • Sally

    Suri is My fav litlle girl, she is superrrr cute…

  • Susan

    Don’t be so sure of that. I recall Chastity(Chaz) Bono as a pretty little girl dressed up on the Sonny and Cher Hour.
    Suri has no normal children’s boundaries. She will most likely continue to crave attention through her life. Once the “cute little girl” novelty goes away, she’ll have to find new ways to draw attention to herself.
    Tom and Katie are pathetic!

  • Suri Jackson

    Lookin’ more like daddy every day :-)

  • Jane

    Ohh Speechles… Really Pretty girl.

  • Reinee


  • Grandma of Four

    I just do NOT GET IT! Will someone rescue this little gal from her parents and nanny who have no idea how to dress a child in Canada! She needs tights at the least! Or, better yet, long pants, socks, suitable shoes, a sweater, and then her coat…maybe some gloves! My grandaughter wears more than this little girl and she lives in Maryland, where it is warmer! WHAT are these people thinking? Her little legs LOOK COLD! Those boots are doing nothing to keep her very bare legs warm! burrrrrr! ;- (


    Wowww Suri is so cute more than SHILOH
    Shiloh look like Albino Child bcoz that I Hate her so much.

  • Rissya

    Suri kamu cantik sekali, kamu pintar, gemes bangettt..Much love to little angel like you. Jakarta.

  • Marisssya

    Suri kamu cantik sekali, gemes banget liat wajah imut kamu. Much love to little angel like you. Jakarta.

  • Sun

    scientologists don’t freeze. they have super powers…

  • Tulip

    You’re sick, #24.

  • Disco Woman

    OMG! LMAO! Your post is hilarious! Demands, shopping, coffee, up all night just a day in the life of Suri! Perfect!

  • Plaza

    @Grandma of Four:
    I don’t get it either! I live in one of the largest city’s and have raised 2 grown kids and I have never seen a child out dressed the way Suri has been dressed all these years! The heels, makeup, nightgowns, slippers, no coat, no tights, barefoot, multiple blankets, constant junk food etc… The Cruises are totally bizarre!

  • whatever

    Do they dye her hair? Look at picture’s # 5 and 7.

  • pink balloon

    Look at the bags/dark circles under her eyes, pic 7. Up all night on a sugar high, no doubt!

  • Homeless Suri
  • Suri needs Valtrex

    Suri is wearing the same dress she wore when she was 2!!! God forbid they donate her clothes to charity!!!! What a spoiled rotten family!!!

  • Faux

    Gotta see this! Watch the brat digging in her purse to get her credit card out!! Look at her expressions, she is beyond spoiled!!! UGH!!!

  • kitty

    anyone else find it creepy people are taking photos of a little girl? especially as her famous parents aren’t even there

  • kimba

    I hate this child so much!Passive-agressive to see her extravagant style!
    Should be time to grow up for Katie too!C’mon she is just a child,not a godess!

  • Slurry

    What is with the weird faces all the time? She is dang weird!

  • Slurry

    Gotta flash that plastic too! Suri loves to show off ! I bet she hates the coat because then you wouldn’t be able to see her outfits. She’s such a fashion icon ya know!!

  • mwannirs
  • Natasha

    This is sick. You are writing about 5 years old child?
    I really don’t see the chance she’ll grown up and be okay. Look at any person who has been overexposed in young age…



    You should be ashamed of yourself posting pictures of a little girl who is not a professional actor or gossip mag fixture. Her IDIOT PARENTS are famous. She is simply a little girl who has the misfortune of being raised by those two morons. You are participating in the pimping out of a child and that is DISGUSTING. Cruise and Holmes are disgusting, but so are the gossip sites that participate in their PR.