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Charlie Sheen: CBS Stops 'Two and a Half Men' Production

Charlie Sheen: CBS Stops 'Two and a Half Men' Production

CBS and Warner Bros have decided to stop production on Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season.

The hit CBS sitcom, which stars Charlie Sheen, was scheduled to resume production on Monday for four more episodes.

“Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen‘s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros TV have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season,” two companies said in a statement (via Deadline).

Charlie, 45, made cutting remarks about Two and a Half Men creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre on the Alex Jones Show.

“I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong” Charlie said in a written letter given to TMZ.

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  • Jas

    Charlie, you really need to learn when to shut the f*** up.

  • samuel

    I’ll will walk with you Charlie

  • Heathen

    its a crap show, so this is good news.

  • Mitch

    This man is the most egomaniacal, self involved idiot out there. Yes, the show was funny but his antics were not. He has cost so many crew members and others who work on the show a job (most who are not making the millions of dollars he is) because he couldn’t get it together. And the price to his family goes way beyond money. What a moron.

  • susan

    Dude get over yourself already! do you really think those young girls are with you because you because you are a great actor or even yet great in bed? ITS ALL ABOUT THE GREEN, MONEY! Do us all a favor and O’D already. Just shut the f*uck up and stick to the script!

  • busted

    It is obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain that Charlie is a total mess.

    It is about time that these people put their foot down. Plus he is spouting off at people that have allowed him to run a muck for years.

    Sad but I think he looks like sh*t. And how anyone can enjoy that show knowing how sick this man is well is beyond reason.

    He has aged so much over this past year..

  • kat

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Plus, the show is BAD BAD BAD.

    He serves to be doing infomercials in a year.

  • Diane

    I love the show, but I’m glad that the production was finally stopped. Frankly, I think it could go on without him – he’s treating those around him like garbage. It’s not just about what goes on in his personal life, he’s out of control now.

  • Goubla

    Like he knows what the word: unconscionable means!

  • http://deleted Haaaaaa!

    Birdbrain! Biting the hand that feeds his nasty butt! Karma is finally catching up to him. He’s done so many wrongs running with the devil, making all his women look like liars and such… his fans continually stuck up for him and allowed him to get away with murder. He has a job many actors in Hollywood would die for. Now the devil is coming to collect. If Charlie goes down now — he’s out!!! He’s getting too old for any type of later “comeback.” His face is starting to look like an old geezer. Shame on the old boy!

  • David

    I love the show but Charlie Sheen it’s just a dick

  • wtf

    Finally! Someone standing up to this no good SOB ego maniac.
    I feel sorry for his kids.
    P***O lover and drug ADDict for years now.
    Get over yourself is right.
    You lost your job!

  • silverscreen

    That was an awesome rant! I agree with every word he said.

  • Simms

    The show is as pathetic as the mid western people who watch it and give it ratings and he is a total piece of garbage – if CBS had any balls they would fire his ass. And Charley, you look like an old piece of road killl, the girls want your cash!

  • Jessica

    He looked BAD in the last episode. It’s time to pull the plug completely, My mom loves this show and I enjoy it but it’s not as funny as it used to be and it’s certainly no fun to watch this guys life unravel before our eyes.

  • tomahawk

    I’M WITH CHARLIE, screw the rest of you fools, including this exc chuck lorre, Charlie is a grown man with BALLS he owes no one …. CHARLIE owns those suckas , especially some slipper ass, loafer wearing white collar studio exc…. talk about weasels …. GO CHARLIE GO ! !

  • silverscreen

    Listen to the entire interview:
    Awesome stuff.

  • Jan

    No insurance company will touch Charlie after this. He will not get great work like he thinks he will. When his money his gone, so will the managers, porn stars, and girlfriends. He is a loser.

  • anon

    Dude fell off the wagon. It happens. This is why you never try these hard drugs. He did show up for work but nobody was there. Most of the stuff is BS about him. The media can make up anything because he doesn’t defend himself enough. Hard to defend yourself in rehab. Sad

  • Wendy

    Stick a fork in it – he is done. He is looking really rough and by the sound of the interview has completely lost his mind. Anyone that thinks this highly of himself is just waiting for the fall. I would be very surprised if anyone offered him work after this. I never thought he was a good actor anyway – just good writers that could work with someone without a personality. I really feel sorry for his family.

  • Whatever

    It’s funny how he calls people who watch the show, :losers.” News flash: You’re the loser.

  • laverdadduele

    Why do they put up with him? Just fire him already, hire another actor, and move on.

  • jack

    Those women he is with had better be careful, somebody is gonna get hurt and its gonna be really bad.

  • jen

    Funny that CBS put up with all his antics and continued the show until he insulted the creator .. seems lorre can dish it out but he cant take it .he had no problem writing all his jabs at charlie after the show but the first time charlie opens his mouth he ends the show. big baby .

  • carolyn b

    Chuck Lorre is the creator and WRITER of the show.. Without him, Charlie Sheen doesn’t have a show in which to act. He should have appreciated what he had, but I think they could continue the show with everyone except Charlie, and add to the other character’s lines, and maybe add a goofy uncle or something. I always watch the show, and wish that Charlie would just take a vacation, and let Alan, Jake, Evelyn and Berta take over!

  • Twinkle

    If I were his kids (he does have older ones), I would hire a lawyer and somehow secure my inheritance before he snorts, smokes, shoots and spends it on his ho’s, all away!

    Brooke and Denise, hire a lawyer.

  • Called It

    The Show is bad so who cares? And I am so tried of Charlie Sheen’s no good ass! He had like 5 children and he’s running around like he has not a care in the world. He makes me sick!

  • Shakira

    RIP Charles Sheen. Supid guy who blew it.

  • anthony

    How is this guy still running around like an insane person? Plug should have been pulled on this show long ago. I still can’t believe he gets paid so much, it’s a tv show! there’s plenty made and cancelled every year that are better then this one.

  • jade

    Good for CBS and Warner Brothers! Charlie is an arrogant, stupid
    man, so full of himself. He has no concern for his Bosses, his cast
    and crew, only himself.

    I feel so sorry, for all his children.

  • mickey

    I never watched the show because it didn’t look funny, but if it is was as funny as Charlie’s crazy antics, then it must have been hilarious. Sad for all the people who are out of work because Chaz is a straight up fool, though.

  • mickey

    I never watched the show because it didn’t look funny, but if it is was as funny as Charlie’s crazy antics, then it must have been hilarious. Sad for all the people who are out of work because Chaz is a straight up fool, though.

  • Brett Butler

    What a repulsive man. CBS needs to cancel the show fast and go the route ABC did when they canceled the TV show “Grace Under Fire” because of the star behavior which interesting enough Chuck Lorre also created and produce.

  • DarkEmpress

    Chuck lorre is a turd. The thing is he started this with his mean messages that he wrote and put about Charlie at the end of his show. Charlie is an addict and you are really going to say you will be pissed if he out lives you? Disgusting.

  • Stephanie

    @Mitch: you so right

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    f . . . Up

  • Vanessa

    Never liked the show or him, but I can’t believe a grown man would act in such a childish, irresponsible way! Just read another article about this. Congratulations, Charlie — you are now responsible for dozens of people losing their job, all because you have no common sense or work ethic.

    I don’t care if he screws up his own life, but it’s not okay for him to screw up so many other peoples lives as well!!!

  • Toni

    Surely they can replace him with someone else? He’s not that good an actor anyway… It’s WRONG that the entire hard-working crew, have to suffer because of one man. What is also unfair, is that if anyone else committed a fraction of the felonies he had, they would be in prison. The judge must love the ‘two and a half’ series.

  • busted

    My suggestion.. cast DAVID ARQUETTE AS A LONG LOST BROTHER.. or something.

    I saw David on Oprah and bells went off..

    Charlie not only called the viewers loser.. but the actors, crew and all involved in the show too.. hmmm

    then he runs away and goes on vacation.. John Cryer and others must be shaking their heads. I know they all have lots to say..but have been quiet for years. I get them wanting to save their jobs and money.. But man he is a fool and is going down fast..

    Remember when Brittney was losing it.. well I recall the public calling her all kinds of names.. Being so hard on her because she was a mother.. Well Charlie had 5 children. 4 under the age of 7 yet no one is really calling his as* out..

    I can’t stand him. Such a ungrateful fool.

  • Grandma of Four

    Hello Charlie! Has it dawned on the “childish, self-centered, destructive” person that the SPONSERS may have just had it with his antics????? $$$$$ talks and they are not going to keep funding an ACTOR (for heaven’s sake!) who shows such disrespect not only for himself, his children, and family but his fellow actors and all persons associated with the show. He foolishnes has shut this show down before but this time, he is so far out of control that the $$$$$ folks more than likely stepped in and said…..ENOUGH!!!!!

  • Emma

    What a self-involved, egotistical, braindead ass he is! He really believes the show is all him? They should fire him, keep the show on and hire a replacement actor. I’m pretty sure they could find someone great to fill his shoes. I never much cared for his character anyways, I thought John Cryer and Conchata Ferrell were a lot funnier.

  • dina

    @carolyn b: i m totaly with ya he s just an old piece of sh**….. how did they pay him 2 million/ep….WTF….

  • clarice

    The show is funny and great. I love you Charlie !!

  • M

    Look at that last quote, folks. You would think he was fighting for civil rights instead of for his demented reality. He’s an idiot, along with all his supporters.

  • martin g

    come and make your excellent show in england – bring the family – plenty of support for you and all here; don’t let the bu***ergs get you down!

  • jk

    he is such a pretentious, entitled, self absorbed idiot! This last season has sucked because he is actually drunk in every episode. It irritates me that such a moron has made so much money while there are people that work their as*s off and never get ahead in life.

  • Pandora

    The show was not great. This POS belongs in a rubber room.

  • jaye

    Charlie is going through big time withdrawal and he’s to dumb to know it. No one ditches alcohol, drugs and s*exual addiction in a few days. He thinks he’s bullet proof, but he isn’t. All this anger and loss of control is proof imo that he’s in withdrawal.
    He is not equipped to go through this by himself, but he’s determine to do it. He’s fighting to hold on to sanity and losing the battle; he’s going to take his anger and frustrations out on everyone around him eventually. I wouldn’t trust him one second alone with a child.
    At some point he’s going to nose dive and have to under go forced psychiatric examination or he’s going to hurl back into the life of debauchery that he loves. I’m betting both of those things will happen. This man is as much as a narcissist and egomaniac as they come.

  • Marissa

    As bad as his behavior has been, these latest rants seem to indicate that he is suffering from manic depression/bi-polar disorder. When people enter a manic phase they often have delusions of grandeur and think they are bullet-proof. They often make outrageous statements, insult others and behave erratically. His drug and alcohol behavior also point to this. They use alcohol to treat the mania and drugs like cocaine, speed etc, to treat the depression. It is self medication. Without the proper medication, his spiral is just going to get worse. He is acting like a jerk but he is someone’s son and a father and if he is mentally ill, I hope that someone steps up to help him get the treatment he needs,. I hate to see any human being suffer in this way. Untreated mental illness destroys people and everyone around them. I am not in any way condoning his behavior, just saying that if he is manic, he get help for it.

  • observer

    I think maybe he had a better offer waiting all along, and he wanted Two and a Half Men to be cancelled. LOL. He played the TV execs bigtime.