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Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody suit up for Harvey Weinstein and Dior‘s Oscar Dinner, held at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud will star opposite Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel in Playing the Field, according to Variety.

Gerry will play “a former pro soccer player who finds himself dodging romantic advances from soccer moms after he agrees to coach his son’s youth team in an attempt to bond with the boy,” Variety reports. Jessica will play Gerry‘s ex-wife in the film and Uma will play a fellow parent!

Bigger pic inside…

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gerard butler dior party 01

Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: WireImage
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  • Anna

    I love you Gerard Butler!

  • Anna

    I f-cked gerad half!

  • good look

    I love you Mr. Handsome…..why do all the sicko’s come here and post?

  • angelsrock

    @good look:

    They have to play somewhere. Just go with it and let them have a good time too.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    He not handsom lol he normal but good heart

  • gross..


  • Anna Butler

    His so handsome and charming <3

  • OMG

    OMG, not Jessica Biel!!! She’s a really bad actress and she looks like a baboon. This will not end well.

  • kari

    He’s supporting Weinstein because Weinstein is going to distribute Coriolanus in the US. Ralph is taking care of Coriolanus business in Belgrade and Gerry in LA.
    Guess those stories that he was in London were bogus. LOL.
    I didn’t think he’d give up a chance to party all over LA this weekend.
    Martina must be so disappointed that he isn’t going to Serbia. (Just joking.)

  • I Get It

    LOL! So this is why JJ wouldn’t let Missis post the new pictures on the other thread earlier. He wanted to post them first himself. ;)

  • I Get It

    I know! Her bald eagle v/agina is crying.

  • Nate

    He always looks like he f%ing STINKS!!!

    Take a shower, he is worse than that hobo RPattz.

  • Oish

    I’m sorry but I think this movie is going to flop big time.
    And why the F do you get disconnected every time you’re trying to post on this site? It’s really annoying.

  • Pammy

    both looking old…

  • charlotte

    I think Uma should play the wife. I think she and Gerard would have better chemistry than him and blaaah Biel. Anyone know who else is going to be in this movie? I read somewhere that Ethan Hawke might be in it. That would make foreven more tabloid coverage.

    Btw, I love Gerard Butler.

  • stella

    Click on Playing the Field in the development box. At the bottom are lifetime earnings of films for all involved. I highly doubt the figure for Biel.

  • mila

    @stella: It refers to the box office earnings of the past 2 years. She did “star” in The A-Team & Valentine’s day…they both did good, but not thanks to her. =)

  • stella

    Ooops. Those figures are just for the past two years. Not lifetime. My mistake.

  • Queen

    Hes sexy! ppl saying the hobo comments. some men pull it off and don’t look smelly. he is one of them. Not every woman goes for the tween ager my balls haven’t dropped yet *metro* I swing both ways look.

  • Amy R

    So Gerry’s not going to Belgrade….too many parties.LOL.
    I bet he’ll be at another tonight…Looking forward to more pics.
    Those pictures from London (The Box Bar) were taken early hours of the 13th…when he was in London for the BAFTAS.

  • karen

    There should be plenty of photos this weekend with all that’s going on in Hollywood.

    I wonder who is going to get the Razzies? Any guesses? I kind of think the Twilighters. But if Jen and Gerry won and showed up together, that would bring on the publicity machine. Since they are both back in the US, anything is possible.

  • cara

    Gerard looks smashed in these pics, he needs to lay off the partying, he looks old and rough now. And DIRTY, needs to take a shower and shave, looks like a homeless person!!

    He jumps from action to comedy to romcom, yet besides 300, not one of these genres has been successful for him. Wonder how many chances he gets to headline, before HOllywood sees his not leading man material. He’s REALLY bad at comedy and if this is another comedy, I smell another bust. Plus Uma and Jessica B?? Those are the only 2 actresses they could get??! Yikes, they are both known for their bombs. Jessica usually can’t get hired and Uma’s last movie made no money, straight to DVD I believe.

  • karen

    @cara: You better check Box Office Mojo before popping off about his movies not being successful. The critics might not have liked them but the public did. Sure there were a few duds (Gamer) but even TBH made money. And TUT raked in way over $200 million.

  • Amy R

    I don’t think Gerry look’s dirty….tired-yes.
    I don’t think he needs a haircut or shave either….many people actually prefer him with longer hair and the scruff…it’s more natural.
    I’ve also heard he smells good too.

  • Mel

    @Queen: Funny because the ‘metro’ looking men ie. David Beckham are the most goodlooking beautiful men of this world.

    There are thousands and thousands of gorgeous men who are rough&gorgeous and don’t look smelly. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp pull off the unshaven, ‘hobo’ look effortlessly.

    Gerard Butler does not.

  • Diaz


  • amanda

    Does nyone know who this Heidi Jo Markel is? She is listed as one of the producers of PTF but she has almost no gross under her belt. why would she be on the team?

  • opinion

    @Mel: Let’s talk old Brad. Check up top. That is not good looking. He’s lost it. When he had that awful beard last year, yep, he looked like he smelled liked an old shoe.

  • stella

    @Mel: I think you are seriously confused. Gerry is better looking right now than those two. Maybe both were cute when they were younger, but not so much now – especially Pitt . Gerry just keeps getting bettter looking as he gets older.

  • stella

    @amanda: I looked on IMDb and it lists her with 14 producing credits and 13 acting credits. Nothing I’m familiar with.

  • Mandy

    Gotta respectfully disagree there, Mel. Give me the scruffy, rough around the edges types over the pretty boys any day. I don’t think Brad pulls off scruffy very well and with Johnny I guess it’s a matter of the degree of scruff. sometimes he looks hot, other times not. I think Gerard (pronounced GERard not GerARD) hits the perfect balance. He’s got the unpolished good looks combined with great intelligence, a mischevious wit and lots of charm, along with what seems to be a great personality to top it off.

  • gossiphound

    @Mel: Speak for yourself – Pitt and Depp do not always pull off the hobo look and frankly they do look like they smell. I have read people, not grumps on boards but people who actually have been close enough to have an opinion based on empirical evidence, as in they got a good whiff, say Pitt does uh neglect his hygiene at times, Ted Casablance even posted something recently when Pitt was in his ZZ Top phase whereas anyone who has actually been close enough to Gerry to get a whiff says he smells great. I trust the opinion of some of those noses. When it comes to Gerry, Ted only warns all the women to be cautious if they are going to sleep with him, LOL.

  • amanda

    can you link the page yo looked at?

  • Amy R

    Just saw a video clip on WO in their Berlinale thread…”who’s dating Gerard Butler in Berlin”…but it keeps sticking.What does it say?

    BTW..Gerry is supposed to be at something (pre-oscar) at The Sunset Towers Hotel tonight.

  • angelsrock


    Maybe Ethan will be playing his ex-wife’s fiancee.
    Very interesting cast.

  • angelsrock


    Majorly disagree with you!!

  • stella
  • The Noise In The Walls

    Mandy’s Quote..#31
    Gerard (pronounced GERard not GerARD) hits the perfect balance. He’s got the unpolished good looks combined with great intelligence, a mischevious wit and lots of charm, along with what seems to be a great personality to top it off.

    You wrote that perfectly!! I agree..He is who he is…Ha!

  • just curious

    Yep, Pitt smells like weed most of the time and that’s gross.
    I left you a reply on the last thread.

  • amanda


    I see she has some stuff under her belt and that’s good.

    I think Gerry was talking to her Monday night when she was standing near one of the producers for PTF, Avi Learner.

    Here is the video again

  • @I Get It

    @I Get It:
    Yeah, JJ does that all the time.

  • Me

    The only reason Gerard Butler looks dirty to me is that he f/ucks around so much. Promiscuous men are huge turn off. How can any woman ever want to be serious with him in the future knowing he’s had so many women and so much casual sex.

  • leslie51

    IMO Gerry looks like Jeff Bridges in the pic at top of page.

    Re PTF, I think the tabloid stories surrounding the stars are going to be much more entertaining than the movie itself. Hope there isn’t too much trouble on set if Ethan Hawke is actually cast with Uma. Just wondering also what rating this movie will have. Will they be going with family film if the script focuses on the bonding with father and son? Or are they going to play up the sexual hijinks aspect with the soccer mums? TUT was R rated and IMO it seemed a bit tacky having a little boy in that kind of script, especially the part where he was playing with the ‘pantie’ remote.

  • Fritz in mourning

    So now a woman asscociated with Gerard looks like a baboon? Interesting. Shall we try for giraffe?

  • Me

    @Amy R:
    OMG, don’t tell me Gerry Slutler actually had the time to hook up with someone during that short trip to Berlin?! He’s unbelievable! He must be the biggest manw/hore ever. Disgusting.

  • just curious

    @Amy R:
    Please, can you link us the clip you’re talking about.

  • IMHO

    Dear god Adrien Brody is ugly! That nose…. *shakes head*
    Gerry is looking good. =)

  • IMHO

    Has anyone here seen Easy Virtue? I thought Jessica’s acting was pretty OK in that one. *runs and hides*

  • amanda

    More BS about PC and his love of India. Are these people ever going to stop with this India and PC bu//sh!t?
    I don’t buy anything the Indian press says, ever. It’s constant made-up gossip.

  • kelly

    looking good love the scruffy look and love the suit i would do him to