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Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody suit up for Harvey Weinstein and Dior‘s Oscar Dinner, held at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud will star opposite Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel in Playing the Field, according to Variety.

Gerry will play “a former pro soccer player who finds himself dodging romantic advances from soccer moms after he agrees to coach his son’s youth team in an attempt to bond with the boy,” Variety reports. Jessica will play Gerry‘s ex-wife in the film and Uma will play a fellow parent!

Bigger pic inside…

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gerard butler dior party 01

Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: WireImage
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440 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!”

  1. 1
    Anna Says:

    I love you Gerard Butler!

  2. 2
    Anna Says:

    I f-cked gerad half!

  3. 3
    good look Says:

    I love you Mr. Handsome…..why do all the sicko’s come here and post?

  4. 4
    angelsrock Says:

    @good look:

    They have to play somewhere. Just go with it and let them have a good time too.

  5. 5
    Sligo lambert ^___^ cute Says:

    He not handsom lol he normal but good heart

  6. 6
    gross.. Says:


  7. 7
    Anna Butler Says:

    His so handsome and charming <3

  8. 8
    OMG Says:

    OMG, not Jessica Biel!!! She’s a really bad actress and she looks like a baboon. This will not end well.

  9. 9
    kari Says:

    He’s supporting Weinstein because Weinstein is going to distribute Coriolanus in the US. Ralph is taking care of Coriolanus business in Belgrade and Gerry in LA.
    Guess those stories that he was in London were bogus. LOL.
    I didn’t think he’d give up a chance to party all over LA this weekend.
    Martina must be so disappointed that he isn’t going to Serbia. (Just joking.)

  10. 10
    I Get It Says:

    LOL! So this is why JJ wouldn’t let Missis post the new pictures on the other thread earlier. He wanted to post them first himself. ;)

  11. 11
    I Get It Says:

    I know! Her bald eagle v/agina is crying.

  12. 12
    Nate Says:

    He always looks like he f%ing STINKS!!!

    Take a shower, he is worse than that hobo RPattz.

  13. 13
    Oish Says:

    I’m sorry but I think this movie is going to flop big time.
    And why the F do you get disconnected every time you’re trying to post on this site? It’s really annoying.

  14. 14
    Pammy Says:

    both looking old…

  15. 15
    charlotte Says:

    I think Uma should play the wife. I think she and Gerard would have better chemistry than him and blaaah Biel. Anyone know who else is going to be in this movie? I read somewhere that Ethan Hawke might be in it. That would make foreven more tabloid coverage.

    Btw, I love Gerard Butler.

  16. 16
    stella Says:

    Click on Playing the Field in the development box. At the bottom are lifetime earnings of films for all involved. I highly doubt the figure for Biel.

  17. 17
    mila Says:

    @stella: It refers to the box office earnings of the past 2 years. She did “star” in The A-Team & Valentine’s day…they both did good, but not thanks to her. =)

  18. 18
    stella Says:

    Ooops. Those figures are just for the past two years. Not lifetime. My mistake.

  19. 19
    Queen Says:

    Hes sexy! ppl saying the hobo comments. some men pull it off and don’t look smelly. he is one of them. Not every woman goes for the tween ager my balls haven’t dropped yet *metro* I swing both ways look.

  20. 20
    Amy R Says:

    So Gerry’s not going to Belgrade….too many parties.LOL.
    I bet he’ll be at another tonight…Looking forward to more pics.
    Those pictures from London (The Box Bar) were taken early hours of the 13th…when he was in London for the BAFTAS.

  21. 21
    karen Says:

    There should be plenty of photos this weekend with all that’s going on in Hollywood.

    I wonder who is going to get the Razzies? Any guesses? I kind of think the Twilighters. But if Jen and Gerry won and showed up together, that would bring on the publicity machine. Since they are both back in the US, anything is possible.

  22. 22
    cara Says:

    Gerard looks smashed in these pics, he needs to lay off the partying, he looks old and rough now. And DIRTY, needs to take a shower and shave, looks like a homeless person!!

    He jumps from action to comedy to romcom, yet besides 300, not one of these genres has been successful for him. Wonder how many chances he gets to headline, before HOllywood sees his not leading man material. He’s REALLY bad at comedy and if this is another comedy, I smell another bust. Plus Uma and Jessica B?? Those are the only 2 actresses they could get??! Yikes, they are both known for their bombs. Jessica usually can’t get hired and Uma’s last movie made no money, straight to DVD I believe.

  23. 23
    karen Says:

    @cara: You better check Box Office Mojo before popping off about his movies not being successful. The critics might not have liked them but the public did. Sure there were a few duds (Gamer) but even TBH made money. And TUT raked in way over $200 million.

  24. 24
    Amy R Says:

    I don’t think Gerry look’s dirty….tired-yes.
    I don’t think he needs a haircut or shave either….many people actually prefer him with longer hair and the scruff…it’s more natural.
    I’ve also heard he smells good too.

  25. 25
    Mel Says:

    @Queen: Funny because the ‘metro’ looking men ie. David Beckham are the most goodlooking beautiful men of this world.

    There are thousands and thousands of gorgeous men who are rough&gorgeous and don’t look smelly. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp pull off the unshaven, ‘hobo’ look effortlessly.

    Gerard Butler does not.

  26. 26
    Diaz Says:


  27. 27
    amanda Says:

    Does nyone know who this Heidi Jo Markel is? She is listed as one of the producers of PTF but she has almost no gross under her belt. why would she be on the team?

  28. 28
    opinion Says:

    @Mel: Let’s talk old Brad. Check up top. That is not good looking. He’s lost it. When he had that awful beard last year, yep, he looked like he smelled liked an old shoe.

  29. 29
    stella Says:

    @Mel: I think you are seriously confused. Gerry is better looking right now than those two. Maybe both were cute when they were younger, but not so much now – especially Pitt . Gerry just keeps getting bettter looking as he gets older.

  30. 30
    stella Says:

    @amanda: I looked on IMDb and it lists her with 14 producing credits and 13 acting credits. Nothing I’m familiar with.

  31. 31
    Mandy Says:

    Gotta respectfully disagree there, Mel. Give me the scruffy, rough around the edges types over the pretty boys any day. I don’t think Brad pulls off scruffy very well and with Johnny I guess it’s a matter of the degree of scruff. sometimes he looks hot, other times not. I think Gerard (pronounced GERard not GerARD) hits the perfect balance. He’s got the unpolished good looks combined with great intelligence, a mischevious wit and lots of charm, along with what seems to be a great personality to top it off.

  32. 32
    gossiphound Says:

    @Mel: Speak for yourself – Pitt and Depp do not always pull off the hobo look and frankly they do look like they smell. I have read people, not grumps on boards but people who actually have been close enough to have an opinion based on empirical evidence, as in they got a good whiff, say Pitt does uh neglect his hygiene at times, Ted Casablance even posted something recently when Pitt was in his ZZ Top phase whereas anyone who has actually been close enough to Gerry to get a whiff says he smells great. I trust the opinion of some of those noses. When it comes to Gerry, Ted only warns all the women to be cautious if they are going to sleep with him, LOL.

  33. 33
    amanda Says:

    can you link the page yo looked at?

  34. 34
    Amy R Says:

    Just saw a video clip on WO in their Berlinale thread…”who’s dating Gerard Butler in Berlin”…but it keeps sticking.What does it say?

    BTW..Gerry is supposed to be at something (pre-oscar) at The Sunset Towers Hotel tonight.

  35. 35
    angelsrock Says:


    Maybe Ethan will be playing his ex-wife’s fiancee.
    Very interesting cast.

  36. 36
    angelsrock Says:


    Majorly disagree with you!!

  37. 37
    stella Says:

    @amanda: It should be here:

  38. 38
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Mandy’s Quote..#31
    Gerard (pronounced GERard not GerARD) hits the perfect balance. He’s got the unpolished good looks combined with great intelligence, a mischevious wit and lots of charm, along with what seems to be a great personality to top it off.

    You wrote that perfectly!! I agree..He is who he is…Ha!

  39. 39
    just curious Says:

    Yep, Pitt smells like weed most of the time and that’s gross.
    I left you a reply on the last thread.

  40. 40
    amanda Says:


    I see she has some stuff under her belt and that’s good.

    I think Gerry was talking to her Monday night when she was standing near one of the producers for PTF, Avi Learner.

    Here is the video again

  41. 41
    @I Get It Says:

    @I Get It:
    Yeah, JJ does that all the time.

  42. 42
    Me Says:

    The only reason Gerard Butler looks dirty to me is that he f/ucks around so much. Promiscuous men are huge turn off. How can any woman ever want to be serious with him in the future knowing he’s had so many women and so much casual sex.

  43. 43
    leslie51 Says:

    IMO Gerry looks like Jeff Bridges in the pic at top of page.

    Re PTF, I think the tabloid stories surrounding the stars are going to be much more entertaining than the movie itself. Hope there isn’t too much trouble on set if Ethan Hawke is actually cast with Uma. Just wondering also what rating this movie will have. Will they be going with family film if the script focuses on the bonding with father and son? Or are they going to play up the sexual hijinks aspect with the soccer mums? TUT was R rated and IMO it seemed a bit tacky having a little boy in that kind of script, especially the part where he was playing with the ‘pantie’ remote.

  44. 44
    Fritz in mourning Says:

    So now a woman asscociated with Gerard looks like a baboon? Interesting. Shall we try for giraffe?

  45. 45
    Me Says:

    @Amy R:
    OMG, don’t tell me Gerry Slutler actually had the time to hook up with someone during that short trip to Berlin?! He’s unbelievable! He must be the biggest manw/hore ever. Disgusting.

  46. 46
    just curious Says:

    @Amy R:
    Please, can you link us the clip you’re talking about.

  47. 47
    IMHO Says:

    Dear god Adrien Brody is ugly! That nose…. *shakes head*
    Gerry is looking good. =)

  48. 48
    IMHO Says:

    Has anyone here seen Easy Virtue? I thought Jessica’s acting was pretty OK in that one. *runs and hides*

  49. 49
    amanda Says:

    More BS about PC and his love of India. Are these people ever going to stop with this India and PC bu//sh!t?
    I don’t buy anything the Indian press says, ever. It’s constant made-up gossip.

  50. 50
    kelly Says:

    looking good love the scruffy look and love the suit i would do him to

  51. 51
    CJ Says:

    Pretty boys usually don’t age well…George Cloony is the exception, or maybe its just that he wears suits a lot….but Brad Pitt, Robert Downy Jr., and Johnny Depp are all aging..even though they are still fine looking men they will age faster than regular looking guys…Gerry never was a pretty boy to begin with so he may be a step ahead of the game..

    How you live your life is an indication of how you age too…Robert, former druggie..and I’m sure all the other men too, to some degree…and Gerry was a party boy and still is so age sneaks up on you…one day your looking good, the next you look in the mirror and you see your grandfather staring back..♥

  52. 52
    Manny Says:

    …And an insatiable peen. :P
    But someone has to be the poster child for Manwh*res everywhere…

  53. 53
    Aqua Says:

    I’ll take him under any circumstance lol. Long hair,short hair.shaved or not! I actually don’t like men who look too perfect.It could be intimidating!

  54. 54
    Manny Says:

    Flag em and bag em.

  55. 55
    stella Says:

    @Me: I don’t think Gerry ho’s around as much as his PR indicates. Unless you’ve been in the bedrooms watching, don’t believe everything you read. Oh, I’m not saying he doesn’t get his share, just that he wouldn’t have time for work if all the tall tales were true.

    @Just Curious. I don’t have the link for the video right now, but it’s a waste other than to watch Gerry sign autographs and look great. It’s titled something like “Who did Gerard Butler date in Berlin?” but there’s nothing in the video in reference to that.

  56. 56
    stella Says:

    Here it is:

  57. 57
    Aqua Says:

    any man who spends more time in the bathroom than a woman ain’t my cup of tea lol.

  58. 58
    karen Says:

    @stella: Rupert looks like a nervous wreck in that video. Must be trying to get Gerry into the theater on time, and not having much luck.

  59. 59
    kari Says:

    @karen: Exactly my thought. Gerry is a natural-born ham. He just hates to give up all that attention from his fans. Poor Rupert and all his other keepers. I guess nervous is a good word for how Rupert looked, my first thought was kind of scared. LOL.
    Funny Alan didn’t go to Berlin. At least I didn’t see him anywhere. Did anybody?

  60. 60
    just curious Says:

    @stella: @stella:
    Yep, I think it’s a totally bogus caption LOL. Maybe the person who uploaded it to youtube wanted it to catch people’s eyes to get them to click on the video.
    I don’t think he was doing anyone in Berlin. When did he have the time to? He was there barely a day and a half. Of course anything is possible, but I still highly doubt it.

  61. 61
    just curious Says:

    I swear, they don’t have any standards of beauty or concept of femininity in the fashion world any longer.
    Now they have a man who made himself look like a woman considered a super model, or on his way to being considered a super model
    Sure, if women don’t need to have curves anymore and the androgyny look is back, who cares who is modeling fashion these days. As long as they have two legs and two arms, and you’re super tall, that’s plenty.
    To their credit, this guy is very controversial in some fashion circles
    The guy is pictured in the box that says “Fall 2011 Ready-to-wear.”
    Some of us think GB likes them masculine looking. Let’s hope he won’t hook up with him by mistake LOL. Just joking.
    I think I saw an article in JJ on this. Well, maybe it ws JJ,,,,,,,or maybe I don’t remember where it was.

  62. 62
    Eresyn Says:

    LOVE them both!!! Specially Adrien Brody!!!

  63. 63
    Eresyn Says:

    LOVE them both!!! Specially Adrien Brody!

  64. 64
    Veneers Vergera Says:

    Looking sloppy and manly…

  65. 65
    @Anna Says:

    Hun, I f_cked him WHOLE

  66. 66
    D'Artagnan Says:

    He doesnt hoe around as much as his PR dictates OR WE WOULD HAVE MORE STORIES.
    Its the Twitter and FB age — we’d have waaaay more DIRT if he were as big a hoe as his media people want to portray him as.
    I think he IS a notorious unabashed FLIRT — and that fuels the “idea” of him being a hoe.
    I think he has his women – don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think he has nearly as many as we would expect. WOMEN LIKE TO TALK ABOUT STUFF LIKE THAT!

  67. 67
    Crackle Jacked Says:

    I know a chick who has actually f/cked both of these guys.
    Not at the same time though.
    Kind of funny.

  68. 68
    Tara Says:

    wait gerard wait. for our children of tomorow on a gory night. for the churren olimmorrow dreamy ween, they dreamy weeno CHAINS..woo woo wooo….naked on my doorstep…one step two step gerard the beast I am the beauty dreamy green weeno chains woo woo woo

  69. 69
    themask Says:

    @Veneers Vergera:

    “Looking sloppy and manly…

    …ethnophobic much?

  70. 70
    Eloise Says:

    Uhm, totally agree with MEL. I’ll take Johnny any day.

    Gerard Butler seems like a nice guy, he’s funny and has a pretty charming accent but lookswise ewwww no THANKS LOL.

    But wtv rocks your boat ladies LOL.

  71. 71
    Skidmark Butler Says:

    @just curious:
    GB prob doesnt like overly curvy women bc uusually women think that being curvy means its ok to be FAT.
    Nope ladies think again.
    Curvy is jessica biel. Perfect.
    And yes she had a nose job. Thats surgeons precision right there.
    for some men, sofia veneers is too curvy. She has a pretty face but…
    in normal light she is covered in cellulite. have you seen pics?
    I am a gym going dude…I like curves but not too much because i fear what i am going to end up with at age 45.
    some men dont like that part of curvy. they want curves but they PREFER “tight”. I prefer “tight” bc it seems more youthful.
    I am 29 to whomever asked. Why?

  72. 72
    themask Says:

    @Skidmark Butler:

    …for your sake keep going to the gym or you’ll end up dumped at about 45 if you’re NOT “tight”, gym going dude.

  73. 73
    stella Says:

    Odds on who’s going to win the Razzies:

  74. 74
    stella Says:

    A newer Razzie betting list with a different spin:

  75. 75
    teresa Says:

    i dunno what it is but adrien brody is SO HOT.

  76. 76
    stupidfans Says:

    @Me: You mean self-respecting woman. There aren’t a lot of those in his circles-or the general population for that matter.

    @kelly: Exhibit A.

    @just curious: Gerry loves models. Take what you will from that.

    @Aqua: Exhibit B.

    @Crackle Jacked: It would be more impressive if you knew a woman who hadn’t.

    @Tara: “green weeno” This is easily the most accurate and amusing comment here.

    @Skidmark Butler: If you’re a 29 year old male, I’m a 98 year old astronaut who moonlights as an underwear model for Calvin Klein.

  77. 77
    stupidfans Says:

    @teresa: Well his nose looks like a poblano chile. That’s a start.

  78. 78
    Observation Says:


    “If you’re a 29 year old male, I’m a 98 year old astronaut who moonlights as an underwear model for Calvin Klein”

    Now you tell us!

  79. 79
    laruj Says:


    Yes……Alan was there.

  80. 80
    stupidfans Says:

    Love Lainey’s thoughts:

    Jessica Biel is currently working on New Year’s Eve in New York and it looks like her next project will also be in a supporting role in a silly romantic comedy about a children’s soccer coach played by Gerard Butler who has to ward off the advances of all the horny cougar moms. Gripping. Shelfy will play Spittle’s ex-wife. Uma Thurman is expected to be his new love interest. (Source)

    So we’re talking about the quality of The Bounty Hunter with the combined box office records of Biel and Uma Thurman? Last year, Thurman put out a movie called Motherhood that made $150. That’s not a typo. In other words, what are your expectations of Playing the Field?

    The title alone should give it away.

  81. 81
    stupidfans Says:

    @Observation: My CK thong is up for auction on Ebay. It’s public knowledge. It’s been to space. It’s been autographed by my colon.

  82. 82
    Amy R Says:


    Yes Alan was in Berlin with Gerry.They flew to Berlin early on the Monday morning…they were at the BAFTA’S the night before.

  83. 83
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    The article is mistitled. The one I saw with that title was just signing autographs for fans in Berlin. Give it a rest, and try not to make things up. I suspect GB does not sleep around nearly as much as people think (or as much as he would like to!)

  84. 84
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    Strangely enough, he often looks better with “normal” cameras rather than photographers cameras, with all their lights. Gerry is outgoing, and likes people, but he has not had a drink, per many, many, many interviews, for close to 15 years; same for Craig Ferguson. GB also gave up smoking, after a long struggle.

    I suspect we all look older under some of these lights. Women can usually hide it with make up for a while.

  85. 85
    CorBlimey Says:

    It’s been autographed by my colon.
    *chokes on her cup of tea* LOL
    Jeepers, that’s a vivid image for this time of the morning.. :D

  86. 86
    Mass Debate Says:

    @Skidmark Butler:
    All I read was shallow meathead on steroids with a shrunken peen. Most women don’t like meatheads FYI. Not a very sexy, masculine look. And btw I work out, am fit and also have curves for what it’s worth. Despite your opinion on healthy women, I actually get complimented for my curves. But I will agree with you on to Jessica Biel.

  87. 87
    Skidmark Butler Says:

    what in the fkkk is this chick on?
    wy do women like these message boards over tmz?
    more wimmens here but more m/f both on other sites.
    only reason im a butler follower is bc half the girls i know wanted every guy to look like this guy in ’300′. am i lying? he made every mans life hell for at least 2 years.
    he doesnt do much flexing nowadys.
    no i dont do roids. do women even know how expensive that **** is anyway?

  88. 88
    Observation Says:



  89. 89
    Mass Debate Says:

    @Skidmark Butler:
    I prefer the RocknRolla Gerry over Leonidas if that makes you feel better.

  90. 90
    Hemm Says:

    @Skidmark Butler: stay around. we need some male perspective to balance off the flood of estrogen.

  91. 91
    Mass Debate Says:

    @Hemm: estrogen or a deficiency in Seratonin?

  92. 92
    just curious Says:

    @Skidmark Butler:
    Hahahahahaha, I’m going to get lots and lots of thumbs down for this post but I don’t care; I have to say it like it is. And I like provoking from time to time, though I could also be very nice to peeps that deserve it; respectful peeps who want to engage in conversation, not fighting.
    OK, here goes:

    You’re right; unfortunately, curvy has become synonymous with FAT. That’s why I’m careful when using it. When I say curvy, I mean a girl with tight azz, size 34-C b00bs that are not saggy, nice thighs absent of cellulite, toned sexy core, toned arms, and long shapely legs.
    Yes, again, I agree; Jessica Biel is the perfect curvy woman. On the other hand, Sofia V. I don’t consider curvy. I consider her FAT, or cellulite laden lol.

    I never consider FAT women as curvy, because it’s not the curvy I mean. But, I guess, peeps read this and think I mean Sofia-V curvy, so I have to be a little more specific about what I mean.

    But she is a big hit around here, I suspect because she has the same body style as many here, and I can’t blame them for liking her for that reason. Just as long as they don’t say that Butler has to like her and criticize him for not, or because she isn’t his type.
    I agree that a lot of men are afraid when they hear curvy woman because of what she’ll look like at age 45. However, even the straight-bodied model could look horrible when middle age strikes. I have seen many of them put on weight, have cellulite, and are size 14, not size 4 anymore. A lot of it has to do with being too tall and big boned, as opposed to a woman 5 ft 6 inches tall, who is more dainty and feminine. Just look at Malin Ackermann as an example. She is only 32 and she is beginning to lose that shapely figure.
    So being modelesque is no guarantee a woman will still be sexy or even slim in middle age.
    That said, looking youthful in middle age has more to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your life, like limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun, not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, watching what you eat, and working out regularly. It’s a problem; some women just don’t care how they look once they get married. They don’t bother wearing sexy clothes or going to the gym to maintain a sexy figure that looks good in sexy clothes.

    Let’s face it, if you wear sweatshirts and sweatpants all day long you tend to pig out. So make sure your woman understands it’s unacceptable for her to wear unfaltering cloth if you want to keep her slim and the passion alive.
    BTW, I don’t think Biel had a nose job. Her nose looks the same as it was when she was younger
    Stick around. Give the ladies here a taste of how men really think. They need a jolt of reality. They seem to think that men should take whatever leftovers a woman might throw his way. They don’t realize why men dump women that think that way, Alfa males at least do.

  93. 93
    Manny Says:

    ROTLMAO. I’m speechless. :)))

  94. 94
    Aardvark Says:

    The answer to the Jeopardy question is “Who is designer Rachael Roy?”

    Gerard Butler’s dinner partner last night.

    Chew on that for a while!

  95. 95
    just curious Says:

    A very interesting article about Oscar night.
    Gerry’s new project is mentioned about halfway down

  96. 96
    just curious Says:
    Please, I hope Gerry doesn’t consider a remake of “The Bodyguard.”
    It’s been done, and not so long ago, that it should be made again so soon.
    However, wasn’t he an extra in that movie? I think I heard that somewhere.

  97. 97
    ugh Says:

    why don’t just curious and skidmark exchange email accounts and sod off ……….neither of you are wanted here after those cra.ppy comments..

  98. 98
    ugh Says:

    yeah okay thumb me down but I still wish you’d take your sexist cr.ap somewhere else, you both are not even interesting, just vile, placing so much interest on the phyisical nature of people, you are both vapid and disgusting.

  99. 99
    PsychoB Says:

    @Aardvark: It’s good to see him actually take someone somewhere other than the bedroom.
    @just curious: Until True Grit I didn’t think a remake could be made that was worth sh/t. The Bodyguard remake would be a career killer. It worked in the 90s. It wouldn’t work now.

  100. 100
    opinion Says:

    @ugh: As someone once said about another supposed male poster: Skidmark is probably a fat housewife from Peoria having a bit of a joke on JJ. Curious got sucked in.

  101. 101
    ugh Says:

    @opinion: sucked in?, wish they would get sucked outta here by liposuction.

    why don’t they post a picture of them “perfec”t selves, for all us FAT women to critique? or STFU


  102. 102
    just curious Says:

    hahahahaha, angry much?
    I wonder how you look like to inspire such anger.
    And I’m sure you think Biel is ugh too, right?
    Oh never mind, I think I have a pretty good idea LOL
    Thanks for the laugh.

  103. 103
    peaches Says:,default,pg.html

    Just because he was her dinner partner doesn’t mean he was her date.

  104. 104
    Traeceye Says:

    LOL @sod off…wow you are insane. >> @ugh:

  105. 105
    ugh Says:

    @just curious: glad to make your night, laughing at other people’s looks. aren’t you a hypocrite. and you have no idea what i look like, i just know i don’t put the whole value of a person on how they look. it is how they are as a person and how they treat each other. you are a b/itch just curious, You were as curious, really??? L3 and all you socks.of threads past. Your posts are always the same. You want to pick on the fat and ugly, why not gays and the mentally disabled. anyone else that doesn’t meeet you and your new friends idea of perfectio. NEWSFLASH the world is not jessica or gerry, but normal, just normal. big noses, cellulite(GASP), crooked teeth, freckles etc.
    i despise people like you , you are everything that is wrong with the world. on your high horse telling us all what we should think. look like and worship. like i said vapid and vile. laugh away creepy troll

    signed size 14

  106. 106
    Question Says:

    You have major issues. Are you ok? A man-hater??
    For the record, my 33 year old brother thinks gerard butler is the shiiiit- but only because he still “sees him” as King Leo…that is a MAN. Lots of guys like Gerard after that…hell, my bf thinks G is the “ultimate man.” What I fail to tell him is that the real Gerard is really nothing like King L.
    IMO?? Poster @Skidmark and my brother and even my bf don’t really know the “new” modern day Gerard…the romcom asssfukk that we know and love.

  107. 107
    CJ Says:

    The Plug was pulled at 12:04 am…may it rest in peace…

  108. 108
    KDHT Says:

    I’m in moderation for trying to post a faded youth blog bit and photos on Biel without makeup today and her signing for PTF. A new thread on Jessica coming up? LOL.

    @peaches: Whether she was his date or not, she’s sure you know who’s type.

  109. 109
    ugh Says:

    @Question: no issue with you and i love men, just not the idea we must all fit 300 or a size 2, this is not about how skidmark sees butler or your bf and brother for that matter. its how SOME POSTERS call everyone fat and ugly that is not at some unachievable level of perfect, set by whom.? ………they who are not perfect themselves….casting stones you see?

  110. 110
    KDHT Says:

    @just curious: I don’t watch Modern Family, but I happened by it recently and stopped because Sophia was in the segment and I’m not that familiar with her. Fat? Cellulite? She is anything but fat. Her waist is small. The same body style as many on here? Thank you. Because then, we are all great looking women.

  111. 111
    just curious Says:

    ” The Bodyguard remake would be a career killer. It worked in the 90s. It wouldn’t work now.”
    I totally agree; it will be a career killer for sure. Most people have seen this movie, and it still is pretty popular, so it’s not like there is a need to re-tell it for the benefit of a new generation like say, a famous movie from the 1930s might need to be. And, Gerry will constantly be compared to Kevin Costner. But his choices have been odd lately, taking many roles that might not be the most desirable, so who knows with him.
    LOL, maybe I was sucked in by a housewife from Peoria Illinois (I don’t know why they always choose that poor city to convey mediocrity, wasn’t honest Abe from there?), but either way, I had fun writing that comment. Some people take what posters say on JJ too seriously. I think they need to see a professional to calm down their anger lol.
    and To size 14:
    No one knows you; no one knows who you are, how you look like, or anything about you. I wasn’t speaking about you personally. Just in general. Why take comments so personal? Why ruin your night getting angry about what some anonymous person said. Don’t you think you need some help?

  112. 112
    ugh Says:

    I agree CJ, rest in peace, this fed up, pudgy,thick thighed, icecream loving phannie is leaving, can you hear the the rumble of my footsteps? I leave you to Butler and all his perfection?

    -there are some very sweet peolpe here but tonight I am just so tired with the hate and slurs and sexism that is JJ on a bad night.

    and don’t worry my is big enough for the door to hit it on the way out.

  113. 113
    ugh Says:

    @just curious: you need the help curious, you really do, not me , good nite and sod off.

  114. 114
    orphanannie Says:

    Alan was there-saw him get out of Gerry’s car.

  115. 115
    remake Says:

    Please, Hollywood. Stop with the predictable remakes. A Star Is Born…with Beyonce? Gag. Bodygard with Rhihanna. Double gag. Cleopatra with Angie. Gag into the stratosphere.

    The only remakes I might tolerate would be updated Streetcar Named Desire or maybe Dial M for Murder. They at least go far back enough that for the present generations they would be new.

    I buy a lot of old movies. I mean really old like 1930s, 40s and 50s. Comedies then were funny. My Man Godfrey is my go to when I want a good laugh and good lord that was made over 70 years ago. Beats anything made today.

  116. 116
    just curious Says:

    Look, I don’t want to exhaust the issue, but let me make myself clear. First, let’s get straight that I wasn’t speaking about anyone in particular, or was I calling anyone here fat or ugh. So please don’t accuse me of it.
    However, if my comment hit home, it’s not my fault. I was speaking in general terms that indeed many peeps here like Sofia V, because they have a similar body type to her. However, then I added that I don’t blame anyone for liking her for that reason, because it’s understandable that people are sympathetic to someone who is like them.
    In addition, I don’t think that your body has to be perfect. Most women’s bodies are not. However, you can’t possibly convince most people that don’t have Sofia’s body type, that her body is hot, while Jessica Biel’s isn’t. That’s a bit prejudice against Biel, don’t you think?
    BTW, have you seen Sofia in a bathing suit? In clothes she looks good, but undressed she doesn’t. For the record, I agree she has a pretty face, and I absolutely don’t believe she has veneers. To say she has veneers just because she was studying to be a dentist and has some knowledge on teeth is absurd. Those posters that make those comments against her are just immature.

  117. 117
    Lights Off Says:

    “We are all great looking women here.”
    Keep telling yourself that.
    More cake?

  118. 118
    KDHT Says:

    @remake: I never have gone there because I didn’t think anyone here would care about old movies. Some of those old thrillers and comedies are so much better than what is churned out today. William Powell, while not handsome by standards, had something. Love My Man Godfrey and the Thin Man films are my all-time favorites.

    Speaking of old time stars, I sometimes put Gerry into the category of Errol Flynn – on screen only. Always put down for his acting, but always the main draw. Not in real life, however. Flynn was a crazy drunk who had tons of legal woes. Gerry is above that junk. Imagine how he would be crucified today if he had a quarter of Flynn’s problems. Same with Robert Mitcham and his doing time for marijuana.

    Also funny about the older films is older actors paired with younger women and never a disparaging word. Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak? He was born in 1908. She was born in 1933. A quarter of a century different in age, yet audiences bought it. Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart. Twenty-one year age difference. Audiences bought it.

    But some are fussy about a 12 year difference between Gerry and Biel? (Don’t forget that’s the difference between Brad and Angelina.)

  119. 119
    Dorothy Says:

    Where did you hear he was Rachael Roy’s dinner partner?
    Most people here don’t know what you’re referring to, can you elaborate?
    At what function was it?

  120. 120
    Eddy Says:

    Veneers Vergera…sorry – had to do it to shut you people up.
    That new mag cover…AIRBRUSHED GENIUS:…&p=sofia+vergera+cellulite&oid=bc58d94e09dd3313590f56e2a98584b7&fr2=tab-web&spell_query=sofia+vergara+cellulite&no=11&tt=36&sigr=123uhdsq9&sigi=126jvmapi&sigb=138bdk195&.crumb=5vW8E3kl.FP

  121. 121
    KDHT Says:

    @Lights Off: I want the piece with lots of frosting.

  122. 122
    Eddy Says:

    That was for you, clown.

  123. 123
    Tara Says:

    wait gerard wait while our children for tomorrow on a gory night and our children of the morrow, dreamy ween. They dreamy weeno chains woo woo woooooo…they dreamy green weeno chains.
    no shiiiii
    nooo shiit!

  124. 124
    Tara Says:

    ok but then do you dreamy green weeno chains …woo wooo wooo

  125. 125
    Skidmark Butler Says:

    More brooklyn decker and rhianna w see thru clothes and much less this guy jared lol
    your boy butler was prob on roids for 300 speak of the devil.
    adrien was predator re up,which was blasphemic.
    ask any guy what he thinks of predator and what he thought of adrien as predator.
    what does tragic flaccid mean? you have too many inside jokes on this forum

  126. 126
    glory Says:

    Say what you will about Beautiful Butler and his movies. PS I Love You IS my all-time favorite movie. When you guys want a laugh, put on whatever. When I want a cry over losing the most glorious man ever, I put on PSILY. Thumb me down, I don’t care. I wallow in that film. I can recite almost every line. Wasn’t Kathy Bates great?

  127. 127
    Kayte Says:

    Choose either Gerard Butler or Adrien Brody??
    That’s like choosing between sh*t or diarrhea. Both stink and neither do you want in your pants.

  128. 128
    ? Says:

    @Skidmark Butler: Stop drinking now dear. Go to bed. You are making no sense.

  129. 129
    speak for yourself Says:

    @Kayte: Gerry, I’m here.

  130. 130
    Carmine Says:

    Bring in the Hearse and haul the dead carcass away. This thread is dead. You’re right CJ. Someone give it the last rights already……

  131. 131
    karen Says:

    My mother always used to say My Man Godfrey was her favorite movie. So in light of the stuff tonight I checked it out on IMDb. It’s still being talked about right up to today. Wow. A movie made all those years ago is still a topic of discussion. Tomorrow, I’m watching it.

  132. 132
    remake Says:

    Butler would not work in a remake of My Man Godfrey. Godfrey is too any man. Butler is too…. well just too. Too filled with IT.???

  133. 133
    heidi Says:

    @glory: PSILY is my favorite movie ever. I own it. I now ff to every scene with Gerry. Some don’t like Hillary. I think they were perfect together.

  134. 134
    Jen Says:

    some don’t like anyone in Gerry’s life.

  135. 135
    Jen Says:

    Some don’t like anyone in Gerry’s life. With every woman they have soemthing to say. Hillary is gorgeous and they looked dazzaling together.

  136. 136
    just curious Says:

    Oh, yes, judging from those pix she is definitely Butler’s type lol.
    Hey, they even call her FAT and say she is “Cellulite Du Jour” lol.
    Honestly, if I looked like that I wouldn’t wear a bathing suit in public. Doesn’t she have any common sense? Apparently, some people don’t. Maybe it’s a cultural thing where she comes from.
    Anyway, expect many thumbs down, many, many, for posting that link lol.
    BTW, I still don’t believe she has veneers.

  137. 137
    deam world Says:

    Butler – a bad boy? I just was reading about Charlie Sheen. Butler is a saint next to that creep who makes millions. Gerry is so much more. So much a businessman. So much going to impact films. In production and acting. Butler is going to be a force in the film world. Just wait. He’s gorgeous, but that’s the tip of the iceburg. His looks are not the end game for him.

  138. 138
    Dempsey Says:

    @just curious:
    The reason she was so upset is because you killed any fantasy she had of Butler wanting her, cellulite and all. That’s why she took it so personally. She actually thought her type could attract Butler. Who is she kidding.

  139. 139
    bell smith Says:

    that dinner partner is so his type. Hate to say type, but she is IT. The guy is salivating. This may be it.?????

  140. 140
    CJ Says:

    No wonder the women of the world have eating disorders when someone says that Sofia Vergara is fat…my god…as far as I am concerned she has the perfect body..

    If someone likes the skelator look so be it but its not reality..women on the runway starve themselves to look like that…men like to look at that but in the end they don’t want to marry that or have a long term relationship with a woman with body issues…

    What does Gerry like…the only thing I know for sure is that he likes big, full lips on a woman..during a interview Hilarie was doing for PSILY, Gerry said he kept watching her sip her coffee because he liked her full lips..his eyes were glazed over when he was talking about it….G said kissing is everything to him…♥

  141. 141
    London Girl in Germany Says:

    Hi Hilary. how about you stop promoting yourself on this site?
    Sod off.
    its pathetic and obvious.

  142. 142
    London Girl in Germany Says:

    Veneers Vergera…sorry – had to do it to shut you people up.
    That new mag cover…AIRBRUSHED GENIUS:…&p=sofia+vergera+cellulite&oid=bc58d94e09dd3313590f56e2a98584b7&fr2=tab-web&spell_query=sofia+vergara+cellulite&no=11&tt=36&sigr=123uhdsq9&sigi=126jvmapi&s
    Fecking gross!
    Cover up Sofia!!

  143. 143
    just curious Says:

    @bell smith:
    She is kind of his type.
    Now according to Wiki she is married.
    Wiki mentions Damon Dash as her husband through 2009 so she is divorced.
    According to another source she might also have a baby, but I’m not sure on the baby. I tend to believe she doesn’t have a baby.

  144. 144
    just curious Says:

    Her FB
    I tend to believe that beside some interesting conversation and heavy duty flirting last night, he won’t pursue this. Biel is probably more his speed.
    I wonder if Rachel has a baby or not?

  145. 145
    just curious Says:

    @London Girl in Germany:
    LOL, don’t tell me; another jealous hysterical fan taking things too seriously because they read a JJ comment they didn’t like.
    Some of you really think Butler is yours or you own him???
    Now i have to say, that’s pathetic.

  146. 146
    Whoa Says:

    I have visited this site several times, but never posted. Now, I just can’t hold back. What the heck goes on here?
    Some of the postings are truly despicable – full of put downs, vulgarity, and some that don’t even make sense.
    It truly saddens me that there are people out there full of such depravity that they feel compelled to write some of the things I’ve seen posted here.
    I’ve promised myself to only enjoy the news and the pictures on JJ and not look down at the postings. NOT LOOK DOWN. NOT LOOK DOWN. Too depressing.

  147. 147
    Gerard and Adrien Says:

    I hate to say it, but both Gerry and Adrien look kind of douch/y in this pic: Gerry with his big wet looking whisp of hair hanging down the side of his face, and Adrien with that ridiculous flavor savorish thing on his chin.
    Blech. Let’s hear it for the douche/bags…..

  148. 148
    lol Says:

    @just curious,
    read your wiki link
    “Roy has two daughters, Ava born December 7, 1999 and Tallulah born May 14, 2008.”

  149. 149
    angelsrock Says:


    Please hang around and post from time to time. Don’t let the maniacs take over the asylum!!!

  150. 150
    angelsrock Says:


    Please hang around and post from time to time. Don’t let the maniacs take over the asylum!!!@Gerard and Adrien:
    Oh come on! We all have moments of douchiness…..don’t we???

  151. 151
    Observation Says:


    “Oh come on! We all have moments of douchiness…..don’t we???”

    Yes … every day right here on JJ.

  152. 152
    Observation Says:

    I must clarify: Angelsrock … that response was NOT directed at you. You are one of the better posters here and a voice of sense.

  153. 153
    Amy R Says:

    WOW,some people really try and make something out of nothing.
    yes Gerry and Rachel(Roy) were seated together at the Dior dinner the other evening….Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were at the same table…doesn’t mean a thing…it was just the way the seating plan went.

  154. 154
    peacesister Says:

    Kaiser, my love! And it’s not even yet HGF!!!
    Have a great WE!

  155. 155
    Amy R Says:

    So it seems Gerry was out and about in Beverly Hills last night.
    (Tom Ford store opening and The Hollywood Reporter Big 10 party).
    Any pics?

  156. 156
    Nuts Says:

    @Amy R:

    Gerry must have been in heaven. According to this piece other dinner table partners were Halle Berry and her boyfriend. I wonder if he was able to eat with Halle there…she’s been a conquest fantasy of his…

  157. 157
    mymymy Says:

  158. 158
    she Says:

    @stupidfans: you are a real pearl on this thread today.

  159. 159
    redOctober Says:

    …please Gerry…let this man come back…

  160. 160
    she Says:

    @redOctober: Nobody can turn the clock back…

  161. 161
    angelsrock Says:


    Nope, I’m guilty too!!

  162. 162
    redOctober Says:


    I’m not talking about age…I’m talking about his intensity in those roles.

  163. 163
    she Says:

    @redOctober: he does have two new movies and the it seem that he has intensity in his roles. @angelsrock: lol

  164. 164
    redOctober Says:


    We’ll see.

  165. 165
    she Says:

    @redOctober: Do I hear skepticism in your voice?

  166. 166
    redOctober Says:


    Those movies have not been released yet, once I get to see them I’ll have a clear view of his acting in both of them.

  167. 167
    she Says:

    @redOctober:Until the film will be in the theaters let’s write something nice to Melli for the weekend. I will start.
    Dear Melli,
    I belive this has been one of the longest week in your life. I wish you and you family a calm weekend. I know that you will find the strength to rebuild. Take care and if you read here please tell us that you are fine.

  168. 168
    redOctober Says:


    Well said! …*hugs* and prayers going to Meli and her country.

  169. 169
    Mandy Says:

    @leslie51: I agree with you about the kid with the panty-remote. But having Mike have a nephew in grade school was fine with me.

  170. 170
    Same ol same ol Says:

    I guess he doesnt get tired doing these stupid rom coms esp. where he gets hit on by all the women in them. Bored now.

  171. 171
    Old Berry Says:

    I never bought the Halle Berry interest. Maybe years ago there was some interest in her, but now? Please. Her life is a mess and she has kids. He ain’t going hear that. I’m sure he had no trouble eating. The guy is no amateur when it comes to women.

  172. 172
    PsychoB Says:

    @redOctober: I agree, I hope Gerry starts caring more about being a good actor. Unfortunately, my take right now is Gerry only ever wanted to be famous and have the girls. Now that he has it why should he put any effort into acting. I hope he proves me wrong.

    And as far as the ‘spirituality’ and ‘his soul’ I think he had moments of self doubt when he truly went inward. Now I think he knows being spiritual helps with the chicks. Hence the whole death stare he gives women now.

  173. 173
    Sharp Says:

    FYI, G and Rachel Roy have been friends for a long time. (She’s based in NY) and anytime they come within 50 ft of each other the same speculation starts. She is his “type” after all (she said with tongue in cheek) I believe the last time it made the “papers” was in ’09 just after her separation was announced.
    God I need a life *bangs head against the wall in the hopes that some of this useless information will fall out*

  174. 174
    Dempsey Says:

    That’s interesting – if she “knows” his type it means she is interested in him. He on the other hand wouldn’t be. Unfortunatly, she is another woman deluding herself.

    Anyhow, she only thinks she knows his type based in what she read about him in the gossip media, which is why I think she is interested in him if he would have her. Otherwise, why would she know or care about his type?

    Hilary Rowland is more his type – an ex model, a business woman, no ex, and no children.

    Me think, Rachel Roy needs to calm her hormones lol

  175. 175
    realitycheck Says:

    @PsychoB Why do we think Gerry doesn’t care about being a good actor? He did very well in Law Abiding Citizen, The Ugly Truth and RocknRolla.

    @Sharp Useless information can be useful sometimes…don’t beat yourself up over it. That hurts.

    @Dempsey Ahhh, I love how everyone knows whom GB should date and not only that, but now we know what Ms. Roy thinks about him. Thanks for that info.

    @Melli…thinking of you and your kinsmen.

  176. 176
    stella Says:

    Twitter: “Need volunteers 4 star-studded fundraiser in W. Hollywood MARCH 9 raise $ 4 Southers sudan oil drills hosted :Gerry Butler & Marc Forester!”

    Twitter picked up by WO from an organization called Save Darfur LA.

  177. 177
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Hey Sharp!! Reality Check is right sometimes useless information can be useful … Don’t beat yourself up over it.. Just worry about the Celtic game… Look at me.. I’ve been off work for a week because I’ve been sick… It’s snowing here and today’s my Birthday.. Life goes on .. I still can’t wait to see Gerrys next two films.. That’ll be a good b day for me .. Cheers

  178. 178
    stella Says:


    Must be Rachel you can just see beside him.

  179. 179
    Merlin Says:

    Hey guys, given the nonsense I keep on reading on here… I’m officially giving up for good.
    Especially, I’m leaving Gerard Butlerdom… I got officially bored by him and, above all, his fans.
    I made many friends here (and also some enemies but who cares, you can’t please everyone in life!), spent wonderful moments posting and chatting with them on JJ, but many stupid posters sucked the fun of any Gerard Butler’s thread.
    It’s just I don’t feel to post on a Gerard Butler board anymore or don’t even feel compelled to talk about him.
    Still enjoying his pics, but like another poster said above…who cares about the comments now.
    It’s probably all the insane speculation about his life who got me bored in the first place.
    So this is my last post on JJ, I’ll leave you alone in conjuring the most absurd theories about Gerard James Butler and his life. For me, he’s now a Scotsman like all the others I meet in my daily life. Just a bit more famous and richer.
    P.S: Hey, I’m auctioning off even the board Gerard Butler Scotland and the twitter account. If someone is interested in replacing me as an admin, please leave a message on JJ.
    P.P.S. Melly, if you read this message, I’m sending tons of hugs your way, darling! Thinking of you and all the kiwis in Christchurch ♥♥
    *mwah to all the sane, funny JJers…Cubie, Oy, GH, Cora, Manny, CJ, CC, Fritz, Nuts, RedOctober, Lolita, Peacesister, Mellifera, Stupidfans, Tonto, Butler did it, PsychoB, Realitycheck, Hellothere, LauraS, Stinkylouise, downlowinfo…(and Spanky, wherever you are! ♥)
    Hope I didn’t forget anyone… I’ll miss you very very much ♥♥♥*

  180. 180
    stella Says:

    clicky one, i hope

  181. 181
    gossiphound Says:

    @just curious: We like Sofia because she has brains, personality and chutzpah, probably a better comedic actress than Uma or Biel and I love Uma but her comedy chops have been off for many films now. Maybe with a good script but hello this is the guy whose last screenplay that got put into production was So I Married an Axe Murderer though I hear Meyers does a killer Scottish accent?

    And newsflash even tall very skinny women can have cellulite, ever seen Jerry Hall, and I don;t mean now even a few decades ago she had celluite. Didn’t bother Mick enough so he didn’t spawn children with her. And if you think Sofia Vegara is fat, then you must work in the fashion industry because the majority of men and women would disagree.

    But I guess it is best if shallow people mate with each other.

  182. 182
    stella Says:

    and the photo, one more try×645.jpg

  183. 183
    stella Says:

    From a blogger called Callafornia blogspot:

    KNOW: I’m not supposed to say anything yet, but… Gerard Butler is in my backyard right now. No, I’m not lying. They are using my landlady’s house for PSAs, and Gerry, Sean Penn, and some athlete I don’t know are all there. They are using my parking space. I left my place at 8:30 this morning, and I was hoping against all hope that he would be arriving then. There was a technician waiting for him, but he hadn’t arrived yet, and destiny has deprived me once again. Fickle, Fate! I’m not a fame *****, and I know he’s a *******, but honestly, there is always the one that you would lose your morals for.

  184. 184
    Nuts Says:


    :( :( :( :(


  185. 185
    Merlin Says:

    *mwah back*

  186. 186
    cubedweller Says:

    @Merlin: So sad – we’ll miss you Merlin! I totally get it. I am in a similar mindset these days. Lurking and posting much less here, and feeling the life has been sucked out. Nothing stays the same. I sincerely wish you the best, and I hope you find great fun in whatever new adventures you seek. ♡♡♡

  187. 187
    Whatdoyouthink Says:

    @cubedweller: Merlin and you had a monopoly on the butler. Bored or kicked around….it is not healthy to be so obsessive. It is probably better for you to not react so harshly to comments on the Internet. Good luck.

  188. 188
    lolita Says:

    @Merlin: God bless you in all you do in the future. Thank you for being so nice to me and responding to my posts. Take care and warm regards always♥♥♥

  189. 189
    stella Says:

  190. 190
    Sharp Says:


    “Anyhow, she only thinks she knows his type based in what she read about him in the gossip media, which is why I think she is interested in him if he would have her. Otherwise, why would she know or care about his type?”

    Okay there’s been a misunderstanding. When I wrote “(she said with tongue in cheek)” I meant ME. I was making a joke – or attempting a joke – about his having a “type.” I apologize that I wasn’t clear!

    Happy Birthday to Noise in the Walls!!

  191. 191
    sandy Says:

    @Merlin: No one is forcing you to leave, so stop with the theatrics please and be gone. Sorry you don’t care for the ‘boring’ discussions about his life. Some here, including myself, find them fun to read.

    So, bye, bye. Go poofy now.

  192. 192
    Amy R Says:

    CAA …pre-oscar party tonight at a private residence.

  193. 193
    sloppy seconds Says:

    That shows your IQ, who could find Butler’s useless discussions fun to read. I think she wanted just to say bye to her friends. Funny that pathetic posters whine about someone else being dramatic LOL

  194. 194
    just curious Says:

    Yes, why do people react so harshly to comments on the internet? These are just people’s opinions based on their perceptions or experiences. There is no need to be upset by that.
    There is always a comment here being perceived by at least one person as an insult. People are overly sensitive to anonymous posters on the internet.

  195. 195
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    #190 Sharp..
    Yeah…Gerry has a “type” like these people know who his type is?..How would they know..How would anyone know?..

    It’s like Gerry’s jokes…some people “get it” and others don’t…

    BTW, thanks for the birthday wishes..Looking forward to more Celtic games and the Oscars on Sunday evening!!

  196. 196
    Aardvark Says:

    To Red O.: That man is still there. To every thing there is a season.

    R.R. is his type and they are friends. She needs someone more serious than G. for boyfriend material. Gorgeous as he is, he’s not every woman’s cup of chai!

  197. 197
    who cares Says:

    @Merlin: Don’t forget to close the door behind you.

    Sorry not many here appreciate your brand of “humor” alas such is life.

    Bye Bye. Manny probably will cry herself to sleep tonight.

  198. 198
    just curious Says:

    ” And newsflash even tall very skinny women can have cellulite, ever seen Jerry Hall, and I don;t mean now even a few decades ago she had celluite.”
    Hey, Gossip did you read my post? I said to “Skidmark Butler” exactly what you just said, and I quote:

    “….……… even the straight-bodied model could look horrible when middle age strikes. I have seen many of them put on weight, have cellulite, and are size 14, not size 4 anymore. A lot of it has to do with being too tall and big boned, as opposed to a woman 5 ft 6 inches tall, who is more dainty and feminine. Just look at Malin Ackermann as an example. She is only 32 and she is beginning to lose that shapely figure. So being modelesque is no guarantee a woman will still be sexy or even slim in middle age.”
    I mentioned Malin Ackermann, who is 6 ft and looking cellulited lately, and you mentioned Jerry Hall, who is 6-2, also having cellulite. And, I even added that one has to have a healthy lifestyle to stay youthful through middle age, and that being tall and straight bodied have nothing to do with having a good figure:
    “………………………. looking youthful in middle age has more to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your life, like limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun, not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, watching what you eat, and working out regularly.”
    So I don’t see where the disagreement between us is???
    In fact, I don’t know why my post touched on so many nerves. It’s as if every female on this board took it so personally because she believes I think she is fat and unattractive.

    What’s wrong with the women here? Low-self esteem much; low-self confidence much? How can a general comment by an anonymous poster generate so much anger?
    Furthermore, I wonder why my previous post, @just curious: , about the male model being passed off as a female, didn’t outrage anyone. Doesn’t it bother anyone that the fashion industry doesn’t care enough about enhancing the female curves through beautiful clothes? Why is the fashion industry trying to pass of androgyny to us as an acceptable lifestyle? Are these the body images we want for our kids?

    No! How some in power manipulate us, didn’t seem to upset anyone on this board.

    LOL, I wonder if there are any women with nice figures posting here, or are most of the women here fat cows that hate any woman who isn’t. I’m sure this is not so, but this is what’s being transmitted by the comments here.
    The poster from last night who got most upset, said that the world is not Gerard Butler or Jessica Biel and I agree, but what’s wrong in trying to look as good as you can? She made it sounds that she looks awful and she knows it, and on top of it she expects men to take her as she is because the world is not Gerard Butler or Jessica Biel, otherwise they’re being sexist. If it makes her feel good fine, but that’s not the way most people with common sense look at it.
    And yes, I do still think Sofia V is fat, and yes I won’t go out with anyone who doesn’t meet my compatibility requirements, as well as at least my lowest standard of good looks. They don’t have to be perfect but I have certain standards and I won’t lower them, and that’s because I always try to look my best.

    If you call that shallow so be it.

    You evaluate like that too subconsciously, but don’t like it when it’s done to you.

  199. 199
    Manny Says:

    Good luck to Merlin as she is off on her new adventures.
    @sloppy seconds:
    Well said. Merlin has been around a long time and I appreciated her letting us know she was leaving and not stomping off like some here do. :)
    @who cares:
    Your moniker is perfect for what you post… who cares…

  200. 200
    @who cares Says:

    @who cares:
    Manny might cry but she has someone else in training, CorBlimmy. Did you forget that clown?

  201. 201
    karen Says:

    So Merlin is bored “Above All By His Fans.” Sorry we can’t gear our posting to fit whatever interests you. I, too, think the exit is a bit theatrical. Don’t you chat among yourselves anymore? If so, they already know you are leaving. If not, then your dear friends probably aren’t so dear anyway.

  202. 202
    redOctober Says:


    Dear girl …I feel sad about your decision of leaving : ( I’m not the one to say what you should or should not do. But , as you’ve said what matters here is not what Gerry is doing with parts of his anatomy right now and with whom. What really matters is the people coming to post and to share their points of view. I’ve been around for a year now ( since January 24th 2010 to be exact, at the worst of Violin Gate)…and I have to say that I’ve experienced a huge amount of things interacting with all of you. Good things and bad ones. Life is what it is and we have to live with that notion. Gerry is just human like the rest of us. I like his looks , his charisma and his imposing figure on screen, his talent, any time he lets it shine, his mysterious persona…I know close to nothing about the real G. How I wish. That’s why I’m here because he is different in certain way, I want to know more , he’s a challenge. I feel like he’s toying with our minds, playing games and I hate that. I want to figure out the man behind all that smoke and mirrors…why? …because he’s there and I want to know. Sometimes I have time to follow his antics and many times I’d love to smack him with a bat …other times I just read and stay away.
    I’ll miss you Merl…think it over…talk with your pillow and stay with us…Stay safe and *hugs* ♥♥


    “…it is best if shallow people mate with each other.”

    Wiser words have never been spoken.

  203. 203
    Dempsey Says:

    Let me get this, you said that most people think she is his type, not something that came out of her mouth?

  204. 204
    redOctober Says:


    I really hope that promising talented actor is still there somewhere. His looks won’t last forever but talent…well, talent is what makes a difference.

  205. 205
    Good Bye Merlin Says:

    OH God, now they are mourning Merlin? Hehe what a joke ROTFL – who the fuuck cares she was an idiotic numpty if not a dumpty.
    Good bye and good riddance. Is Manny next?

  206. 206
    Manny Says:

    @Good Bye Merlin:

  207. 207
    redOctober Says:

    @The Noise In The Walls:

    Get well soon and Happy Birthday ; D

  208. 208
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Thx redOctober..

  209. 209
    yuck Says:

    @ just curious, I have to say I am a woman who keeps herself in shape. I am almost 5′ 8″ and am a size 6. I have to work at it cause I am not the model type body, but I do work out daily . Even tall skinny woman can have cellulite, I have seen it before. they say that 95% of women have cellulite… it is in our genetic make-up. Go figure. No matter how much you work out it is still there! Sofia V is not fat IMO, She has cellulite as most women do, but is still a very beautiful woman. Sometimes a persons mannerism or the way they speak or a certain sparkle in their eye can attract you more than the way they look and make that person so beautiful. I guess what I am saying looks alone are not the whole picture…believe me, there so much more. Yes the male model is very disturbing, but I won”t even get into that!

  210. 210
    KDHT Says:

    This is so funny, but so true. Gerry better not even think about this turkey:

  211. 211
    Ballylough Says:

    I’m sorry to see you go. Good luck with your RL.

  212. 212
    CJ Says:

    Merlin, We Love You!…we will see you around the castle from time to time..♥♥..xoxoxo

  213. 213
    Aramis Says:

    @D’Artagnan: I think you’re absolutely right. Well said. :)

  214. 214
    i heart Says:

    i will miss your magical humor and fun.
    your jokes at gerry’s expense, the funny banter between your friends on JJ,(that we were privy too)..
    the kingdom of Butlerdom will be a much sadder place without you.
    life goes better with a wizard around!
    all the best in RL. , you were one of the reasons i came to JJ.,
    and i know several other people who post here feel the exact same way.

    mwha! and poof!

    visit again soon if you can, but i really understand your reasons for leaving, its often crossed my mind too!

  215. 215
    i heart Says:

    oops MERLIN!!!!!!!!! that post # 214 was for you , sorry just tired. :)

  216. 216
    @teresa Says:

    It’s probably because you think the size of his nose is the same as the size of his “man bit”. Yep. :D

  217. 217
    MERLIN Says:

    one last spell for us on JJ, take JUST CURIOUS with you and throw her in the dungeon. tah.

  218. 218
    Well... Says:

    According to some who dated who sites and Gerard slept with Rachel Roy a couple of years ago. Knowing him, he probably did her again.

  219. 219
    Not Curious Says:


  220. 220
    wtf? Says:

    @ Merlin

    Sorry to see you succumb to the a/sshats of JJ, goodness knows they are breeding like rabbits around here. They can’t even shut up long enough for a poster to say goodbye properly to a few friends. Some of us don’t chat in rooms and would want to say farewell. I mostly lurked in your hey-day, and starting to do more of that, like Cubedweller, these days..

    Anyhoo, I wish you all the best and good luck in all you do.

  221. 221
    Not Curious Says:

    @just curious:
    You are f/cking obsessed with Biel! It’s scary.

  222. 222
    fyi Says:

    @yuck: Gerry has cellulite too. Did you see RocknRolla and his Barbados swimsuit photos? His fans defended him and said everyone has cellulite, but not they’re picking on Sophia because she’s female and beautiful, not to mention successful.

    BTW, Gerry would jump on Halle just for the bragging rights, but he wouldn’t want more than that making sure everyone knew he checked that off his bucket list.

  223. 223
    @ugh Says:

    I freakin’ love you for that post. :)

  224. 224
    LOL!! Says:

    @Skidmark Butler:
    You think Rihanna is hot? ROFLMAO! She has an ugly wide nose and a huuuge forehead.

  225. 225
    Tonto Says:

    RED O , Well said! I agree with what you said 100% You and several others here are some of the few posters that I enjoy reading and respect their opinions. Lolita, nuts, gossip, CJ, Cora and many others ( sorry if I’ve missed a few) that can have peaceful conversations with other posters without needing to be rude. I can read and enjoy someone’s posts without agreeing with them 100% of the time. We’re all different coming from different parts of the world and life styles. I’ll miss Merlin, she was great fun. And Melli, I’m praying and thinking about you and your neck of the woods. Take care. Okay, you all can go back to GB’s crazy life. discuss………… ;)

  226. 226
    @CJ Says:


    What does Gerry like…the only thing I know for sure is that he likes big, full lips on a woman..during a interview Hilarie was doing for PSILY, Gerry said he kept watching her sip her coffee because he liked her full lips..his eyes were glazed over when he was talking about it….G said kissing is everything to him.”
    Aww…do you have a link to that interview? I’d love to see it. :D

  227. 227
    angelsrock Says:


    What else has Sophia done? I like her on Modern Family, but I wouldn’t want that personality in this movie. Jessica can be glamorous, but also kind of wholesome looking. I can’t see Sophia as the wholesome girl next door.

  228. 228
    CJ Says:

    @CJ…around the time that P.S. I Love You came out, Gerry and Hilary were doing PR for the movie and there were 2 or 3 video’s posted on You Tube with Gerry and Hilary intervewing each other…they were funny and telling…

    I don’t have a link because I don’t save those kinds of things and I don’t know if they are still on You Tube..I would say go to You Tube and type in, “Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank interviews…or P.S. I Love You interviews…♥

  229. 229
    Alexandra Says:

    @just curious:
    Biel is more his type than Rachel Roy???? Umm…you can’t have “followed” Butler for long or know much about him and his past quotes and girlfriend/hook-ups if you think that. Rachel Roy is like 99% more his type than Biel. Judging from what I know about GB I would say Biel is not much his type at all. She’s a bit like a pale shadow compared to exotic looking Roy. One thing I’ve noticed is that GB loves big brown eyes and we know he likes exotic looking women. I’m not saying there’s anything between him and Roy but if I should say someone is his type, he!l yes, it’s Roy and not Biel.

  230. 230
    YBF Says:

    Oh yes, I remember that tacky quote Gerry made about Halle!
    Reporter: So Gerard, what are you planning to be in next?”
    Gerry: Halle Berry.
    Naughty boy. *rolls eyes*

  231. 231
    Amy R Says:

    The CAA pre-oscar party starts at 9pm.
    Gerry is supposed to be going.
    I’m hoping there are some pics.

  232. 232
    There Will Be Blood Says:

    Oh no, you shouldn’t have said that! Just curious will be furious (I’m a poet!). She will eat you alive for saying that another woman than Biel might be The Butler’s type. There is no one better than Jessica Biel in her eyes. There’s no one better than Jessica Biel for Gerry according to her. There’s no one better than Jessica Biel in the entire universe, do you hear that?!
    *runs away from thread screaming*

  233. 233
    Party Pooper Says:

    @Amy R: Is Gerry going to every single pre-Oscar party there is? I get tired just thinking of all the actual Oscar parties he will attend. Partyho’ much?

  234. 234
    Mimi Says:

    There’s one thing I’ve been thinking about; how the heck was Framo able to attend the Golden Globes after party (I don’t remember what year)? I thought those parties were for business people only.

  235. 235
    Sharp Says:


    “Let me get this, you said that most people think she is his type, not something that came out of her mouth?”

    Oy! I was making a joke about the fact that she APPEARS to be his type! No, to my knowledge, Rachel Roy has never told anyone that she believes that she is Gerard Butler’s type.

  236. 236
    just curious Says:

    ” I guess what I am saying looks alone are not the whole picture…believe me, there so much more. ”
    I love you for your post, thank you. And I love that you said that the male model is very disturbing. At least, there are some people that still care about where our society is heading.
    And yes, I know cellulite strikes many women with all body types. And I also know why most women on this board love Sofia. It’s because they have similar body type to hers, and thus I don’t fault them for liking her. However, my post was about something else totally. It was about Butler’s choices, and why he would be more interested in someone like Jessica Biel, as opposed to Sofia V, for better of worse.
    Unfortunately, just because I made those comments, right away many accused me of plugging Biel for some ulterior sinister motive LOL. I’m trying to be objective. I don’t have a dog in this fight. I am not looking for Butler to hookup with Biel or any other woman. I am just being honest when I say that Biel is younger and sexier than Sofia, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Biel is going to win out if it comes down to it, based on looks alone. Personality wise could be a different story. For all I know, Sofia might win there. In my book, it’s obvious that anyone who attacks me for saying Biel is beautiful, such as in this very clever post from a very “non-jealous woman”,
    Not Curious @ 02/25/2011 at 8:38 pm
    @just curious:
    You are f/cking obsessed with Biel! It’s scary )
    LOL, or says that Biel is ugly and starts taking her apart limb by limb, is probably jealous and covered head to toe in their jealousy.

    Unfortunately, it sounds to me like there is a bunch of jealous angry women with pitchforks on this thread, that’s what’s being transmitted from these remaks ROTFL.
    And I agree; the whole picture is much more than looks alone. At the end of the day, no one really knows what is going to attract two people to each other. There are many instances, more often than not, where men, and even women, end up marrying someone who is not exactly their type, or to everyone’s astonishment, someone far removed from their type, which is proof that looks are not the only decisive factor for a successful relationships. I never doubt it. Again, my post was about something else and somehow it ended up being about women’s looks in general.
    BTW, you sound like a very beautiful and conscientious woman. More power to you for wanting to look gorgeous. Gossip was right; I am in the fashion industry and I love seeing women looking beautiful and wanting to look their best. A woman can look beautiful at any age when she takes appropriate measures throughout her life to look and feel her best.

  237. 237
    Mimi Says:

    “BTW, Gerry would jump on Halle just for the bragging rights, but he wouldn’t want more than that making sure everyone knew he checked that off his bucket list.”
    Yep, same thing with Maniston. He wanted to have slept with Jennifer Aniston the Star. Jennifer Aniston the Woman – who knows….?

  238. 238
    Yes! Says:

    Yes! To hell with the b//itch!

  239. 239
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    My hope is ..that Gerry has a fun time at whatever pre or after Oscar party he attends..

  240. 240
    ahhem Says:

    @YBF: It was not in an interview with a reporter. It was on a talk show. I don’t remember which one. He was asked something like what would he like to do next and his reply was Halle Berry.

  241. 241
    just curious Says:

    You know I meant that based mostly on Rachel Roy’s lifestyle situation and personality, not her looks, GB might not be interested in her.
    First, I wasn’t sure she had kids, but I read it somewhere that she might have a baby, which turned out to be true. Based on that alone, I think he wouldn’t want a seriously relationship with a woman that has children. Of course, I have no proof of this, but based on his actions and things that he said, I tend to believe this.
    Next, she is very philanthropic, almost fanatic about her philanthropy. She has dozen of causes she supports. While, I think Gerry is very generous too, he is less extreme in that department, and definitely not an activist like she is. If you’re an activist, you need an activist like you, someone who shares your values. So here again I see another personality difference, which might prevent a serious union between them from materializing.
    Looks wise, yes, she seems to fit his type if you believe he likes only dark-skinned ladies. I don’t necessarily agree that that’s his only type, although he had his fair share of dark-skinned women. However, he also had his share of light-skinned women and blonds too, therefore, someone like Biel could definitely attract him, as she is young and sexy, and frankly she attracts most men so why not him too?
    @There Will Be Blood:
    Hahahahahahaha, you just proved my point, namely that you are probably an ugly fat cow that hates Biel because she is pretty, and you’re NOT.
    Otherwise, what could possibly be the reason for your useless post?

  242. 242
    gabby Says:

    So, are peeps taking bets? Does he win a Razzie tonight?

    Will he and Jen accept the worst couple award and announce their engagement at the same time? LOL. That would be the only thing to top THAT award.

  243. 243
    melissa Says:

    I lurk here to read about Butler. Nuts and stella, KDHT and red O seem to be the people who just post photos and news articles usually and don’t engage in silly arguments.

    So, goodbye Merlin. Hello a lot of new fans. Merlin loved her own-created drama. Wonder where she is focusing that now?

  244. 244
    hollerback girl Says:

    Well, hiding her in plain sight, Mr. Butler? We aren’t as dumb as you think.

  245. 245
    CJ Says:

    Well.. Betty White must be like Butler because when she is asked what she is going to do next..she says, “Robert Redford, if I’m lucky.”…

  246. 246
    INFORMANT! Says:

    Gerards “type” is well documented in his “circles.”
    Sorry, you slow half-retar/ded idiots are not going to get that info….
    You are obviously too stupid to figure it out anyway – based on what I am reading here.
    Do you have lives? Men? Jobs? Nothing???
    These people you all talk about…know nothing and even better – CARE NOTHING about you and what you have to say.
    In fact, I love popping and reading your crap..knowing Gerard could give a f&cking rat’s aZZ.
    So have a wonderful night in your nothing lives….

  247. 247
    ??? Says:

    And you are a fat fvkk. Size 6?? Try a salad sometimes or better – GET A FVCKING TAN. You uneducated POS.

    Your man is chatting up ****** on a chat room. Can’t say which…
    Surprised…..? ;)

  248. 248
    Question Says:

    No, the only people that don;t think Gerard like exotic women are the freaks that take baths with him bc they are in denial.
    I am a fan – I know i will never sleep with this man but I do know he does have a “type.”
    I don’t read or pay any attention whatsoever to the desperate women on this board who try and deny what I see as obvious.
    I just skip their posts as soon as I see it as some lame attempt to draw me into their boring, pitiful discussion, as should you.

  249. 249
    Question Says:

    LOL!! I meanT, of course, the freaks that take baths with Gerrykind Ken dolls!! LOLOLOLOLOL

  250. 250
    chad Says:

    ew i wouldnt date a woman covered in cellulite like that sofia. who has cellulite on their sttomach???? she has it everywhere like you cant get away from it. maybe its cuz shes like liposucked or soemthing.

  251. 251
    chad Says:

    wait gerard wait like the children of the morrow on a GORY night – like the children olimorrow dreamy ween…they dreamy green weeno chains…woo woo wooooooo
    everyday is a nudee im thinkin of every breath we take like nothing smells like shiiii
    like shiiii

  252. 252
    she Says:

    @Merlin: I’m sorry that you are leaving us and that their are posters who are being nasty to you. Thank you for trying to organize us in a more sane place and puting effort in to it. ♥♥♥

  253. 253
    cad Says:

    @chad: Words of a man with a small di ck.

  254. 254
    New Black Panther Party Says:

    i just sharted

  255. 255
    But... Says:

    @just curious: …Biel isn’t pretty.

  256. 256
    Cora Says:

    This was posted at WO. A tab is reporting that Gerry and Olivier got into a fight (verbal) at the Dior event and Halle was caught in the middle. I don’t believe this story. I think it’s tabloid garbage, but here it is, judge for yourself:

  257. 257
    So.... Says:

    @just curious: …What is the reason for YOUR useless posts, all of them, where you’re promoting Biel like you’re her fecking p/imp?
    Nobody likes you here. Why don’t you just go away? You and all your socks have already driven Merlin away.

  258. 258
    Mina Says:

    And yet here you are as well. Ironic, isn’t it?
    I bet you have absolutely no idea what his type is. You know nothing, nothing at all.

  259. 259
    Ivory Pride Says:

    Awww….you’re upset because someone said something bad about a black girl’s wide nose? Couldn’t take it? Because wide noses are soooo attractive. Bohooo! And Rihanna’s alien forehead turns every guy on, as well as her thunder thighs. Oh yes. Loser.

  260. 260
    she Says:

    @Cora: When will Gerry learn that not everybody understand his humor? Sometimes he doesn’t think before he speaks.

  261. 261
    Miss J Says:

    Well, if what is written in the article is true then GB is the one to blame (unfortunately). It seems he was acting very immature. Very immature indeed. :(

  262. 262
    @she Says:

    well, it is not his fault that OM doesn’t have a sense of humor….or GB did touch a sore spot lol!

  263. 263
    hmm.... Says:

    It doesn’t seem to me that Martinez did anything wrong. Gerry was tacky and someone said, immature, talking like that and saying what he said to Martinez’ girlfriend (Halle). I’m a Gerry fan but if it’s true then I think he was acting very rude. I don’t think Gerry would accept that someone was talking like that about Scotsmen and asking his gf – if he ever had one – if she knew what she was missing.

  264. 264
    she Says:

    @@she: I would expect this kind of jokes from a teenager or someone in his early twenties, it could be forgiven. But when it comes from a 41 year old man it doesn’t make good impression. His reactions are not appropriate to his age. I believe Gerry goes to these events to promote himself and his company and remarks like this harm him.
    I hope he learns from it something and move on. I’m sure that Gerry doesn’t want to get attention from the prees in this way. The only thing that I can say now is something that once an actor tald me: “if I read bad critique about me on the newspaper I tell myself that tomorrow this paper will be used to wrap fishes with it”. Cheer up G it happens to everyone once in a while

  265. 265
    CorBlimey Says:

    I’m inclined to agree with you. For starters, the “party mole” said that Halle, Olivier and Gerard were having a conversation at a table – so unless they were yelling at each other (which I highly doubt), how was the conversation heard over everyone else talking in the room?
    Perhaps Gerard did push a few buttons, but I doubt that it was anywhere near like what they described in that article. I understand that Gerard’s a bit of a joker, but would he keep going and going to the point of making someone angry? I know he aint perfect, but I really don’t think so. JMHO.

  266. 266
    @she Says:


    thank you for writing my exact thoughts…this party mole has a wild imagination

  267. 267
    CorBlimey Says:

    A wild imagination.. and probably a cash bonus for getting extra traffic to their dodgy little tabloid page.
    This reminds me of that time he and Lindsay Lohan happened to be at the same event, and suddenly there were sources at the party claiming that Lindsay told them all that Gerard was hot, and that he was hers (or something to that effect). You just have to wonder how these people sleep at night, just making up random sh*t about people like it doesn’t have any consequences. The worst part is that a lot of the general public listen to these idiots.
    I have no idea how you would deal with people constantly making up lies about you – which makes me wonder at Gerard because he is still so nice to fans, etc. Not saying he’s perfect, but I reckon it takes a certain type of person to tackle all the negativity being thrown at you and still wear a smile on your face…

  268. 268
    niknoks Says:


    I think this is the same Daily Mirror ‘party mole’, that in December, said that Gerry was ‘cozying up’ to Jennifer Aniston at a party at her house, the same day he was actually pictured in Miami at a Fashion Show. Although they were actually sitting together, my bet is, it never happened.

  269. 269
    she Says:

    @CorBlimey: I agree with you but when Gerry will wake up he will read this and it doesn’t matter what’s the truth, what matter is what poeple will read. The common poeple don’t start asking themself if it’s true or how much of it is true.

  270. 270
    @she Says:


    well I tend to think that even common people have brains…or I rather hope they do…

  271. 271
    she Says:

    @@she: Common poeple have brains but they read a lot of stuff in the same newspaper and they tend to accept what’s written their and Gerry is known for his big mouth so it does make sense. When I read it I can’t say that it looks like science fiction.

  272. 272
    Latina Lovely Says:

    @Ivory Pride:
    No one will miss you.
    You are a waste as a human being. U are nothing. Your family is nothing – your kids are uneducated TRASH just like you are.
    You have accomplished nothing and probably make 35k a year. If that.
    Like I said – you are WHITE INBRED TRASH.
    The stuff the rest of the world LAUGHS AT – and yes evem your own people you c*cksucker.

  273. 273
    ???? Says:

    I think all of you lead nothing lives – that’s just the end of the story.
    It’s one thing to read and be interested – its another thing to be OBSESSED like so many of you are – tracking his life, STALKING HIS FRIENDS.
    He should call the police on all of you and get restraining orders. Just a disgusting display of losers on this forum.
    I won’t be returning – so don’t bother answering me with some dumb ill-thought high school GED educated reply.

  274. 274
    Cora Says:

    @CorBlimey: And didn’t they say Gerry and Lindsay rode off into the sunset in a golf cart? LOL!
    @niknoks: Exactly! I was thinking of the bogus party at Jen’s house too!
    But we had better get used to this. We might be on the receiving end of a lot of tabloid trickery once PTF starts shooting a month from now. They are not going to be able to resist spinning stories about sexcapades and love triangles with all those celeb women and Gerry on set. I have a feeling the Gerry threads are going to be jumping with gossip in the coming weeks. Put your crash helmets on, ladies (and don’t forget to laugh)! :D

  275. 275
    HAZMAT Says:

    THIS THREAD IS NOW DEAD AND GONE ****************************

  276. 276
    christina mcculley Says:

    You are really dumb. And ugly.
    And you smell like a donkey’s a&&

  277. 277
    HAZMAT Says:

    ************************DEAD THREAD***********************

  278. 278
    Thought before bed.... Says:

    Gerard refers to all of you as “his stalkers.” It’s really…quite “cute.”

  279. 279
    she Says:

    @christina mcculley: No she isn’t and I resent the way you speak to her!

  280. 280
    Merlin wizard in love Says:

    Princess, you’ve been around a long time and you still enjoy this place and GB, don’t know how you can do it, but I admire you for it.
    Despite what your idiotic detractors say, you’re the JJ board. The day you don’t post anymore here all these threads will be abandoned by the sane posters.
    I’ll miss you too, RedO. But real life became far more important than following a movie star I don’t know anything about. I’ll go to see Gerard movies anyway, when they’re worth the price of the ticket of course! (not playing the field, LOL)
    I’m not leaving the chats, of course. How could I? So if you want to find me, you know where my kingdom is ;) And you’ve my email address too.
    Like for RedO, you’re in my FB page and the chat, we’ll find a way to keep in touch anyway ;) I just felt the need to post something on JJ for all the people who aren’t in the chats.
    @Ballylough: You should be one of the Italian Gerry fans. They’re still mourning kyriem LOL and they identify her with all the Scottish posters LOL Not so special as her I think, she was a fighter while I get bored easily ;)
    The notion that nasty posters can drive someone away is basically nonsense. Thanks for your post anyway, but like my last moniker says, I also found a special Gerry to take care of in my RL. Mainly I got bored about Gerard. Though this place hasn’t been fun in the last 6 months… all the threads are taken over by idiots like Laurie 3 and her socks… probably “just curious” being one.
    So, thanks to all the JJers who commented and read my posts. Big *poof* and have fun following Gerry’s antics!!
    *retires to Merlindom, sipping a good ale*

  281. 281
    Ivory Pride Says:

    I just ate a handful of my own diarrhea.

  282. 282
    CorBlimey Says:

    @Thought before bed….:
    Well.. my apologies to Gerard if he thinks I’m stalking him. Not my intention at all. I daresay I wouldn’t find him half so interesting if there were any decent men where I live, but the Australian outback is full of rocks and dirt, and the men here seem to be either p*ss-pots or have both the afore-mentioned items between their ears.. :D

  283. 283
    Ivory Pride Says:

    Though this place hasn’t been fun in the last 6 months… all the threads are taken over by idiots like Laurie 3 and her socks… probably “just curious” being one.

    @Merlin wizard in love:

    Hon its probably your fault these threads have been sucking

  284. 284
    London Girl~~~ Says:

    @Ivory Pride:
    Would you just go away whatever you are JEEEZ!!! Are you 16?
    You are obviously an idiot like another poster said —
    Sod off!!!

  285. 285
    London Girl~~~ Says:

    I am over this thread ~ I’ll be back when another goes up!
    Too many complete idiots in one place – not where I want to be…

  286. 286
    Ivory Pride Says:

    I enjoy thunderstorms, moonlit walks on the beach and playing in handfuls of my own feces.

  287. 287
    CorBlimey Says:

    Uh, thanks Ivory. I think that’s my cue to leave as well..
    Have a good night everyone.

  288. 288
    A Note to the Imbecile Says:

    @Latina Lovely: @????:
    You two are the same poster. Painfully obvious.
    Ouch, did IP touch a sore spot? Are you black? You must be, you wouldn’t react the way you did otherwise. Such strong emotions for such a small mind. Are you OK? You do know that white women can have wide noses as well? You should take a Xanax or something because it seems you’re about to have an anxiety attack.
    And please don’t embarrass yourself and talk about education. Do you read your own posts before you submit them? You write like someone in third grade, a r/etarded someone in third grade, that is.
    I highly doubt you are a man, but if you are I think you should go and j/erk off to Rihanna’s mile wide nose and tenhead. It might calm you down. Bye bye now. :)

  289. 289
    Cora Says:

    @she: Thank you, she! ♥♥♥
    Hopefully we’ll get some new pictures soon so we can get back to a bit of fun! :)

  290. 290
    Someone is a name stealer Says:

    The posts by Ivory Pride written on this page were not written by the original Ivory Pride. They’re written by Latina Lover and ???? who are the same poster and p/issed at Ivory Pride for thinking Rihanna is ugly. Ridiculous, I know.

  291. 291
    Gerry's pinkie nail :) Says:

    @Someone is a name stealer:
    Umm…yes, I think most people figured that out already. ;)

  292. 292
    Gerry's pinkie nail :) Says:

    @Thought before bed….:
    No, he doesn’t, just Framolamdu.

  293. 293
    Gerry's Cherry Says:

    @Someone is a name stealer:
    Oh Dear God when will it end?
    Ivory Pride, Latina Lover or Lovely whatever and ???? are probably the same person, stirring shiit (and with such enthusiasm apparently) and someone who takes what’s written here threads way too personally.
    @Thought before bed….:
    Who on earth has the time to stalk him? He really is up himself isn’t he?

  294. 294
    Sharp Says:


    “@YBF: It was not in an interview with a reporter. It was on a talk show. I don’t remember which one. He was asked something like what would he like to do next and his reply was Halle Berry.”

    No, actually it was in response to a fan question at WonderCon.

  295. 295
    she Says:

    @Cora: Today it’s you, tomorrow it could be me. You are welcome.

  296. 296
    sukar Says:

    Seriously, he’s lost his looks. Still a nice guy though!

  297. 297
    angelsrock Says:


    Well, there was only one way to end that argument. Whip ‘em out fellas and let the bigger man win. Don’t believe even a little about that article.

  298. 298
    lolita Says:

    OMG…I know Gerry suffers from foot in mouth disease sometimes..but this story from a mole is horse hockey. He wouldn’t be invited to these events if everytime he showed up he was rude and crude. He has been getting good press lately for Corialanus…so the negative has to show up to offset it. As silly has he acts sometimes…I’m sure he has been to enough of these events to size up the people to know what to say. If he is there to make connections for his business ventures…he is not going to make a fool of himself to offend potential investors. This story would have been posted on highway billboards for the world to see.
    @Merlin, a heart full of love is priceless…enjoy your life♥♥

  299. 299
    Ivory Pride Says:

    @Gerry’s Cherry:
    I can assure you I am not Latina Lovely or ????.

  300. 300
    Ivory Pride Says:

    @A Note to the Imbecile:
    LOL!!!! Thank you!

  301. 301
    Ivory Pride Says:

    @Someone is a name stealer:
    That is absolutely correct. :)
    I’m not even going to read those disgusting posts again. Filthy freak who posted them and used my moniker. :(

  302. 302
    Ivory Pride Says:

    LOL! Wouldn’t that be something to watch! :D

  303. 303
    Let'sDance Says:

    @Cora: OMG Gerry… Well, what can I say…. Gerry is a real douche if this is true. How incredibly childish to start fighting over the size of your peen.

  304. 304
    Observation Says:

    Keep calm. This is the Daily Mirror … always remember that. They’re not the most credible tabloid rag out there.

    Yet another instance of some “mole” or some “insider” making something out of nothing.

    The Daily Mirror has a problem with getting it’s facts right … this, IMO, is probably just another such case.

  305. 305
    Observation Says:

    It seems to me that the IMdB take-over of Gerry’s JJ board has almost been completed. Practically all of the original posters have been driven away over this past few months. It’s so obvious.

  306. 306
    Veronique Says:

    The Daily Mirror article maybe be a gossip rag but I find the article believable.

    Gerard loves to joke around and have fun.

    I have seen many interviews with him on various talk shows where he acts very similar to the description of him in the Daily Mirror. There is even that YouTube video of him signing autographs somewhere in Los Angeles I believe where he asks the crowd – “Who’s got a boner?” in jest, after one of the fans complains about someone pushing her in the crow.

    So, it is not suprising to read that his behaviour as described in the Daily Mirror. And he was probably trying to show up Olivier Martinez. I find it all very funny. But other men might feel threatned, even though he is joking around. Some men get genuinely offended with stuff like this especially with a notorious ladies man around their women.

  307. 307
    Veronique Says:



  308. 308
    lolita at public events. Says:

    I just find it hard to believe that Gerry would start a conversation with Olivier saying my peens bigger than yours to impress Halle even as a joke. She may not have made the best choices for partners but I don’t think she would put up with someone making a fool of themselves in public…joking aside. You never hear of her or her men making an ass of themselves at public events to my knowledge. He can be naughty but he is not stupid. That would not impress her in the least. Give them some credit.

  309. 309
    lolita Says:

    Pop candles tv has posted video of Gerry at the CAA party standing in the pouring rain. His hair looks darker…maybe from the rain.

  310. 310
    gossiphound Says:


    Frankly given the way Gerry has spoken in interviews about his peen and his butt to high profile media outlets, documented for posterity, ehem, and his antics captured on film, the Gamer DVD extras are probably more popular than Gamer itself, anything seems possible coming from the G-man.

  311. 311
    lolita Says:

    @gossiphound: Those were interviews and movie sets where he acts like a goose. I never heard of him doing this stuff at this type of social function. I could be wrong…because I know he as been rough at times..I just don’t think he would try and impress Halle that way.
    I could be totally wrong but it doesn’t seem like any other outlet has picked up on this story. I would hope he would show more class than that.

  312. 312
    angelsrock Says:


    You can bet the house it didn’t happen. So don’t be hatin’ the Butler based on gossip!

  313. 313
    angelsrock Says:


    Fudge!!! Come on people don’t let the freaks drive you away. I like it here despite the morons. I’ve only been posting here about 6 months or so. I tried over at IMDb; it was hideous there.

  314. 314
    realitycheck Says:


    I thought it was Comic Con.

  315. 315
    angelsrock Says:


    I don’t think anyone doubts he has the foul immature locker room humor. But he knows when it’s not appropriate.

  316. 316
    CJ Says:

    The funeral for this thread will be tomorrow, February 27, 2011, 12:00 p.m., est…feel free to leave your condolences on a thread that used to be informative, fun and fiesty.

    It was killed by the haters and trolls…may they get their just dues.

  317. 317
    CJ Says:

    Its funny how people take a story and run with it..I am quite sure Gerry can be crass at times but I don’t beleive this story someone said before…no video…it didn’t happen..

  318. 318
    FOB Says:

    I think Gerard routinely has instances of foot and mouth disease, and its not hard to insult a Frenchman. Perhaps in his nervousness to impress Halle, he forgot that Martinez was there. Classic Butler is it not? That is why I like the guy, charming and goofy all at the same time, and sometimes his own worst enemy.

    I hope those that regularly post here to continue doing so. I for one, very much enjoy the pictures, articles, videos and thoughtful, funny comments. Don’t let the few spoil the time of the many. It really is a cry through cyberspace for the attention, they , being trolls, can find no where else. As a tantruming child, ignore them until they behave in a more appropiate manner. Knowing full well that the ugliness will intensify before they conform or go away all together. Don’t be tempted to engage. I hope this helps and encourages those that have been picked on lately.

  319. 319
    stella Says:

    Gerry in the rain with friends:

  320. 320
    lolita Says:

    @angelsrock: Angelsrock, did you check out the pop candles video? Does it look to you like he has dyed his hair again or was it just wet and it was in the evening. Maybe he did dye it for the movie.

  321. 321
    lolita Says:

    @stella: Thanks for posting the video…that is the one I was talking about.

  322. 322
    Just Guessing Says:

    That’s Ronnie Madra(NYC) with him on that video….he must be living with Gerry now. Maybe Gerry has found love…… but I thought he would have settled down with Ariel or Nick. At least Ronnie has a solid cash flow from his resturants. Can’t say the same for Gerry’s other men! He would end up literally taking care of some of his men, he’d better be careful.

  323. 323
    stella Says:

    Funny to see they put the old and new photos side by side.

    @lolita: His hair does look darker and pretty much the same color all over. But I really can’t tell because it’s wet. We’ll need some new photos to make a determination! lol

  324. 324
    Just Guessing Says:

    I’ve noticed that whenever Ronnie is with Gerry, he sticks to Gerry’s ass like glue!!!

  325. 325
    PsychoB Says:

    How much more inappropriate can you get than badgering a Kennedy to cuss? Probably something in between the two sides happened.

    Merlin, I understand. XOXO

  326. 326
    Georgia* Says:

    2 Parties tonight……
    Weinstein’s Oscar Party 9pm at SoHo House…..
    and 8th Annual The Night Before Party at The Beverly Hills Hotel-Sponsered by L’Oreal Paris.

  327. 327
    angelsrock Says:


    It certainly looks darker, could be the rain. But I think it will be dyed for the movie.

  328. 328
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    From the photos..Gerry looked fabulous….

    More parties tonight..realitycheck..You could be could of been the Comic Con…Party on peoples…Happy Saturday

  329. 329
    sasha123 Says:

    @Georgia*: And…don’t forget the Razzies!

    Do a lot of people actually go to the Razzies? I mean industry people. Does anyone know.

  330. 330
    stella Says:

    @sasha123: I’ve got my fingers crossed that’s one award he doesn’t win.

    I hope the people who pick the winners stick with the popular voting:

  331. 331
    Georgia* Says:

    I think the twilight bunch have the razzies in the bag .
    …..Bounty Hunter wasn’t THAT bad…..running for cover…

  332. 332
    lolita Says:

    @angelsrock: I like his long hair and curls..but he needed it shaped and more even in color…that happens when there is gray or white under the color…when it fads it can get blondish looking.
    He would look good with a more salt and pepper look..not so many colors. He does have a beautiful head of hair.

  333. 333
    she Says:

    @CJ: lighten up dear. This thread will be what we choose to do with it. I just got back from a bowling game. I made 2 strikes so next time it’s free. Have a great weekend!♥♥♥

  334. 334
    Georgia* Says:

    I agree the thread will end tomorrow,when there’s new pics from tonights parties and probably a new thread on monday with pics from sunday nights oscar after parties….it’s going to be a GREAT weekend.

  335. 335
    CJ Says:

    *******************This thread will be what we choose to do with it
    And so be the reason this thread has gone downhill in the last 5 months…posters have chosen to post jealous hate and stupid barbs instead of keeping it decent and on topic..

  336. 336
    she Says:

    @CJ: Do you see another to chance things a little except posting with a clean language? We can’t tell poeple how to behave and even if we tell them it’s not going to help.

  337. 337
    Tonto Says:

    I agree, CJ, it’s gone down hill fast. If the mean spirited people want to post here, let them play with each other and the rest of us can ignore them and post to each other. Once you feed the trolls, it gives them more fuel to be nastier. Otherwise, as someone said earlier, we should give this thread the last rights and let it die. The trolls will have to post to each other for their fun.

  338. 338
    Manny Says:

    In that video Butler at least looked like someone else dressed him last night. He looked good.
    CJ – I agree the lightheartedness that existed here has been absent in many ways for a long time. Between phannies to the rescue and trolls, it has definitely lost some spice for many.
    On the Mirror story, part of me can believe Butler said it because he says such crass stuff all the time and on the other hand it IS the Mirror reporting it. I’m surprised they are still in business with all the lawsuits celebs are winning against that rag.
    We’ve had almost a foot of snow today so far. Snuggling inside in front of a fire. I love cuddly days like this. :)

  339. 339
    just curious Says:

    ” What is the reason for YOUR useless posts, all of them, where you’re promoting Biel like you’re her fecking p/imp?”
    HAHAHAHA, Unhinged much?
    I have not been here in almost 18 hours – late night of partying – and from all things, I come here and I see a crazy idiot like you posting posts. What is this thread coming to? I don’t think they should let irrational types like you use the Internet because you take things too seriously and are liable to commit suicide over Butler being with any woman.
    Let’s face it, if you’re upset I think Biel is sexy and gorgeous, it means only one thing, you’re NOT. Otherwise, there is no explanation to your useless post.
    You’re probably a FAT cow covered with cellulite and have DROOPY b00bs that have seen better days lol, and you just can’t take it that Butler might star with the gorgeous Biel and fall for her. I bet you have not slept in days since you heard the news, you Fat Cow.
    Well, I can’t really say I feel sorry for you, but if you lay off the cake and Ben & Jerry’s, you might look halfway decent, not enough to attract someone like Butler but maybe some chubby guy at the office, or your loser hairy neighbor mowing his lawn lol.
    HAHAHAHA if you need to see a mental health professional I can give you the number to one.

  340. 340
    stella Says:

    I hope it will be a good rest of the weekend as far as photos and articles go. And the mystery of the hair should be solved!

    As far as the threads go, it’s the flybys and trolls who are crude – not the usual posters. I know it’s hard to do in some cases, but I think it’s best not to respond. Just thumb them down. If they don’t get the anticipated reaction to their idiotic posts, then all their fun is gone and they’ll hopefully leave and try to rile people Into fights on another board.

  341. 341
    she Says:

    @CJ: Would you like to do something with the site that Merlin left?

  342. 342
    laruj Says:


    It WAS Comicon, for the RnR panel discussion. He said, (in a huge room filled with literally thousands of people), that he wanted to be “in” Halle Berry. This statement was a response to a question of what he wanted to “do” next. Apparently, he does not like to give a boring reply to a question. Anyone’s guess, as to whether he was “just joking.” He has made numerous “jokes” along the way. I wonder if Halle Berry (and her boyfriend, French actor, Oliver Martinez) appreciate the jokes about Halle.

  343. 343
    just old Says:

    The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depts. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. ~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

    •Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. ~ Kahlil Gibran

  344. 344
    stella Says:

    Ralph telling why he cast Gerry.

  345. 345
    she Says:

    @just old: Thank you for that

  346. 346
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    I agree, it got picked on by critics a lot, I think because male critics do not like GB unless he is in an action flick; he gets blamed for failures that are the fault of the script writers and the directors. He said in Berlin that he is criticized as being “too heavy” for romantic comedies, in the emotional sense, I would presume.

    I thought The Ugly Truth was a little over the top in some places, and they could have done a better funnier job, and not so heavy handed, and would have chosen a better character for GB than the one in TBH. It had its moments though. I have seen much worse pictures. Usually I never like the ones the male reviewers like, and vice versa! Date Night was positively idiotic and not funny, IMO, and Get Him to the Greek had little to recommend it.

    PSILY was pretty good. I still would like to see him in some kind of film like True Lies.

  347. 347
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    He was responding to what the woman said, and she used that term…boner…you can hear it on some versions, not on all of them.

  348. 348
    laruj Says:

    @just old:

    Beauty does not equal perfection. Nor does it excuse everything. Like making inappropriate remarks in front of a woman and her significant other.

  349. 349
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Just Guessing:

    Old stuff, silly stuff…still dumb…yawn…

  350. 350
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    Badgering? He did not have to do it! He did it voluntarily for the charity. If you think the Kennedy and Shriver men are above it all…LOL!

  351. 351
    just old Says:

    @laruj: i could not agree more with you, off colour humour like Gerry’s is not my cup of tea, he would be more handsome in my eyes if he guarded his mouth a little more around women and saved his boyish ways for his buddies. but i am much older than most here.

    @she my quotes were directed to all the beautiful women here, i hope it serves as a reminder that its not the outside that counts but what shines out from all of us. inner beauty can radiate out of the words we speak and the actions we have towards each other :)

  352. 352
    she Says:

    @CJ: I feel like I lost you today, wasn’t synchronized with you. I don’t know what’s going on lately here. I haven’t been posting for over a month so I lost contact with the rhythm of the threads. Anyway what I wanted to say is that things change all the time. What was once on this threads might not return. Sometimes the only way to deal with it is to let go of things, not analize why things have changed here.

  353. 353
    just curious Says:

    Gerry went to the CAA Party Friday night in Bel Air, the most exclusive party during the pre-Oscars season, to which only elite actors and agents are invited. However, the invited guests can bring their own guests, whomever they want, and many do to show off their prestige. Almost no one goes to it alone. Putting it mildly, if you’re invited to this party, it means your important, a bona fide star, a mover and a shaker.
    Just so happens that our Gerry invited Ronnie Modra to go with him to this party. It appears, Modra, a party boy himself and probably a Gerry mooch, is in LA specifically for the various Oscar parties he will be enjoying through Gerry.
    Sometimes, I wonder if Gerry does any thinking before he acts or says things. From all the people he can take to this party, he takes Ronnie Modra???
    I’m just getting tired of seeing Modra with Gerry all the time. The guy spent with Gerry most of the time Gerry was in NYC this fall – accompanying his to various events, such as the VS fashion show while wearing matching jackets, going together to South America 6 weeks ago, and according to reports maybe sharing the same hotel room part of the time, now this? No wonder people think there is something sexual between them. How could people not think that? I tend to think he’s not gay, but he sure doesn’t make it easy. If he is gay, that’s fine, but he always denied it.
    Of course, Gerry doesn’t care what people think anyway, but he should sometimes care, and honestly, couldn’t he take someone else to this party? Even Alan or Ariel would have been a better choice. Less gossip involved, and Alan has business being there anyway. With Modra it looks like his lover flew in.
    Here is an interesting article about what a big deal the CAA party is in HW.

  354. 354
    PsychoB Says:

    how is going to a black tie charity event and heckling anyone until they cuss appropriate? It’s not, and if it was someone else you wouldn’t be making excuses. There is a time and place for everything and Gerry sensibility sometimes is clouded. Imagine if the stories you here about Gerry were someone like Piven and tell me you wouldn’t say he was gross. Being a fan of someone doesn’t mean you have to accept when they behave badly.

  355. 355
    Georgia* Says:

    @just curious
    Seems to me that he cannot win either way.If he was to take his GF…she would be slated here.So he takes one of his friends and gets slated himself (and the gay rumors start).
    I think you’ll be seeing more of Ronnie …’s carnival next week.

  356. 356
    Manny Says:

    @just curious:
    CAA reps Gerry. It doesn’t mean you have “arrived” to get an invitation from the firm that collects their 10% from you. :)

  357. 357
    just curious Says:

    Honestly, inferring from the many sightings of him lately, I don’t think he has a GF, unless you call his many ladies GFs. I call them his fuuck buddies.
    Regardless, I know he doesn’t really care what people think of him, so if he had a serious GF, he would take her with him. Besides, no woman would put up with being hidden while allowing him to attend function after function, party after party, trip after trip by himself or with his male buddies.
    My question is this. If he has no GF to take with him, why did he have to take Ronnie Modra? Why not Alan who has business reasons for being there and can contribute no doubt? What is it with him and Modra?

  358. 358
    laruj Says:


    I think Ronnie Madra is more than a friend……Madra is his BUSINESS partner in restaurant and resort promotion.

    If Gerry is at Carnivale next week, will be for BUSINESS, not pleasure/vacation. G is always working, always “acting.”


  359. 359
    just curious Says:

    Or, maybe, as you say, he is going with Modra to Carnival next week and Modra decided to arrive a bit early so he could attend some parties, curtsey Butler.
    But still to the CAA party he should have taken someone more influential.

  360. 360
    casey Says:

    If it isn’t Ronnie Madra fans fuss about, it’s Ariel, Nick or Fryguy. It seems it’s as risky being a male friend of Gerry’s as it is being a woman within 10 feet of him. The only people he can hang with who don’t get trashed are Alan and David. No threat seen there?

  361. 361
    karen Says:

    @casey: And don’t forget Dr. Apple Core. He was a target several months ago.

  362. 362
    just curious Says:

    I am sorry but Modra looks like a scumbag so I think that’s why some people are not crazy about him. But as Laruj says, maybe they do clubs and resort promotions together, which makes sense why they always go to these things together and GB doesn’t go with someone else.
    LOL, regardless, I always thought Modra was responsible for introducing him to his hos, girls that attend Modra’s clubs. In fact, I know he did introduce him to two of them at least. So I always thought that if they are not gay, that’s the fascination he has for Modra. The guy is his p!mp lol.

  363. 363
    karen Says:

    @just curious: I think it’s a case of birds of a feather. I remember reading at one time that Madra is pretty much a womanizer. So I don’t think he’s gay either. You may be right. He’s one of Gerry’s herders! LOL.

    A blurb about Madra from a few years back:

  364. 364
    Sharp Says:


    Oops, I stand corrected. i was thinking it was the Wonder Con panel for 300 (the one where he kept fussing over a piece of hair sticking up and he called his beard “a squirrel f*cking”) LOL

  365. 365
    karen Says:

    This made the rounds awhile back, but check out who Madra was hitting on when the fight started. I wonder if she knows Madra is one of Gerry’s bfs.;jsessionid=F6D36CCCB0B69FA4958ADDC7FB958735

  366. 366
    Someone who knows Says:

    Modra is bisexual. Don’t know about Gerry.

  367. 367
    just curious Says:

    LOL, who the fuuck cares about this nobody wanting to settle down or not? Who would settle down with him anyway? I don’t think he has any takers, despite all the models frequenting his club, which he pretends he is dating. Actually, a lot of them have been introduced to GB.
    But honestly, does having a friend like GB encourage you to settle down? Of course not.
    And, with friends like Madra and Nick, do you think GB could ever settle down? Of course not.
    These guys feed on each other.
    If GB settles down, they won’t be accompanying him to events and trips anymore lol, it will be his lady. A big loss for them. I assume they never let him get serious about any woman.
    To ensure her success, any woman wanting to settle down with GB better promise he can allow his buddies to accompany them on the honeymoon lol.

  368. 368
    ????? Says:

    @Someone who knows: If you are so in the know, you’d know it’s Madra, not Modra.

  369. 369
    karen Says:

    @just curious: I think in post 367, you hit the nail on the head. “They feed on each other.”

  370. 370
    fallingrocks Says:

    LOL. someone said Madra seems always to stick to G’s a*ss. It does show in quite a few pictures he stands very close behind G and he is always on the look out for something or somebody passing by with this keen look on his face. I agree with just curious. Not sure about Madra. Just a gut call.

  371. 371
    fallingrocks Says:

    Talking about male buddies, what’s with the love with Andrien Brody? How many time G and Brody had pictures taken together and splashed all over JJ and other sites? I dont’ remember he has had any pictures taken with any other actors other than the ones at some functions for obligatory reasons (like Ralph, Crowe, Jackman). Seriously does G have any Hollywood close male friends at all? He has hangers on but no weights like Clooney, Damon, etc.

  372. 372
    Georgia* Says:

    Elew’s been hired for weinstein’s oscar party at soho house .

  373. 373
    Gerry's got a Crush Says:

    @Georgia*: Gerry’s seems to have crush on Elew.
    If I see pics of Elew on a vacation with Gerry, I will ROTFL. I think old Gerry has open relationships……but not with women. I wish him happiness!

    I agree when someone said that there is no room in Gerry’s world for a woman. With all of the buddies he’s constantly around, they would run her off – Gerry belongs to his male friends and they’re not moving for any woman.

  374. 374
    VeryMentallyIllFatWomen Says:

    …are posting here on a REGULAR basis.

  375. 375
    Manny Says:

    Gals is Healthier??? That’s like saying posting at IMDb is a nice experience. :P

  376. 376
    Nuts Says:

    Here’s a strange bit on Facebook tonight. The guy is in Los Angeles, works for a doctor and studies at USC.

    Fernando Galazpi
    I’m about to walk gerard butler
    about an hour ago via BlackBerry

    Then, in response to his friends’ comments:

    Fernando Galazpi I escorted him to the market.. Haha
    40 minutes ago

  377. 377
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    I dont think anyone in the Kennedy family or the Shriver family can be heckled. He did it in partnership with someone else as well. No, I did not think it was appropriate necessarily, but I do not feel he was harassing or heckling anyone who could not handle it.

    If he were my kid, I would probably be on the phone all the time: “Gerard! What were you thinking?” “Do you ever think?” as it is I just shake my head and smile most of the time.

  378. 378
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @laruj: I know he has interests in at least one other restaurant, Chins or Shins or something like that.

    I suspect he owns interests in Scotland as well. He is a canny Scotsman.

  379. 379
    CorBlimey Says:

    I am the only person with any sense in this entire forum.

  380. 380
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Someone who knows: I doubt you know, and this is still boring….yawn…

  381. 381
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @Gerry’s got a Crush: oh my word….silly, immature, yawn…

  382. 382
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Yes, I remember the Wonder Con and 300 panel..I was there..sat right across from Gerry and..yes…I remember the cowlick in the back of his head sticking straight up..quite funny…but I loved seeing the clips of the movie…If anyone is interested in seeing celebrities up close…those panels aren’t bad at all…You get some insights on the movie they are plugging at the time and steal some never before clips before the flick ever hits the theaters,,

  383. 383
    Nuts Says:

    From twitter:

    At Indy Spirit Awards party. The hors d’ouvres are delightful. Gerard Butler seems more interested in talking to @JenAshleyWright than me 8 minutes ago via Echofon

  384. 384
    Nuts Says:

    More from Twitter:
    Just met Gerard Butler, he is very excited about Coriolanus. He’s very nice, I had no idea who he was. 2 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

  385. 385
    I Know Says:

    Jen is a producer – and she is nice. Gerard is a very nice and authentic person. Get off his nuts, will ya?

  386. 386
    lolita Says:

    No Razzi’s for Gerry, Jen or TBH.

  387. 387
    C from IMDb (MN) Says:

    “Talking about male buddies, what’s with the love with Andrien Brody? How many time G and Brody had pictures taken together and splashed all over JJ and other sites?”
    I just have a good memory.
    BUT I DO remember that girl that trains him, the fitness trainer girl “tweeting” that she was at some event with one Adrien Brody — it was going back a few months ago. Adrien is prob just a client, too.
    Maybe she introduced Gerard to him and they click?
    Theory, just theory. It just seems weird, like you said, that all of a sudden G and A are Hollywood swinging butt-buddies.
    Gerard needs more guys in his life, but is Adrien a stable choice is the question…
    Is Adrien dating anyone right now, or is he single like Gerard???

  388. 388
    Question Says:

    Wow, really? gee.

  389. 389
    Cora Says:

    Gerry and Adrien were in “Harrison’s Flowers” together in 2000. :)

  390. 390
    stella Says:

    Thank gawd, he dodged the Razzie bullet. Gerry, let this a lesson to you!

  391. 391
    flower Says:

    Yep. Show the international money. What plays in the states doesn’t make or break a film’s take. The final $ line is what it’s all about, and you in the states aren’t so importent anymore.

  392. 392
    flower Says:

    Glad Kutcher got the worst actor award. He’s been scheaching the same lines, in the same tone since way back to the 70′s show. One note. And Jessica? She’s pretty. But she cannot act. What was she doing at the BAFTAs?

  393. 393
    katrina Says:

    Butler is a seriously nice person. He has happily posed for photos with Lohan and with Alba at recent events. One of the reasons I like him.

  394. 394
    shhhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    @flower: don’t mention the name Jessica, or you know who will come back all confused and defend her for hours on end thinking its Biel your talking about, all the while calling everyone a fat cow and of course spouting how fashionable sexy and slim she is working in the fashion * puke* industry…

  395. 395
    newbee Says:

    Love them together.

  396. 396
    @katrina Says:

    like seriously? I totally get that he’s awesome.

  397. 397
    newbee Says:

    That’s him and Hillary. Dream couple.

  398. 398
    grandma Says:

    If wishes were horses. Dam’n he and Swank are perfect together. She’s so serious and he’s such a nut. They balance each other. We get it, why don’t they?

  399. 399
    she Says:

    @newbee: Gerry doesn’t look so good

  400. 400
    karen Says:

    @grandma: They would be the perfect Hollywood couple. Guess I’ll go and watch PSILY.

  401. 401
    FatPig Says:

    But does it change the fact that you’re jealous of any woman he’s with, which means whats her name is right about your fat pig status?

  402. 402
    karen Says:

    The hair is dif.

  403. 403
    huh? Says:

    @karen: What are those pics from? He’s just gorgeous no matter what, when or where.

  404. 404
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    Yes, on another site, he is with Hillary Swank, and his hair and beard are a nice chestnut brown, and somewhat trimmed. Looking good.

    Must be getting ready to film.

  405. 405
    Dream Couple Says:

    They look great together but I think she is dating her agent, is she?
    Hey, I’m a makeup artist, which technically puts me in the fashion industry, why are you calling my industry puke?
    Do some of you hate everyone Gerry talks to? What do you do for a living? Work at Wal Mart

  406. 406
    @huh Says:

    can’t you read? its called captions, titles…. english seriously.

  407. 407
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    Believe it or not, many of us are happy to see that, too! Always happy when an American movie makes money internationally, and when a good international film, like The King’s Speech, gets notice in the US.; it is a new world and much more connected world we live in , and we should get used to it.

  408. 408
    esmerlda Says:

    May be you are all in for a big surprise. Hillary may be more than an Oscar winner.

  409. 409
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @I Know: How could a producer in Hollywood not know who he was? Confusing…

    Or did she mean she just did not recognize him?

  410. 410
    what is this? Says:

  411. 411
    Corslimmy Says:

    @Dream Couple:
    No, she only hates hot women.

    It’s called the “impossible dream” – they dream about being with Gerry, he says it’s impossible: “No fat cows with cellulite for me. I’ll take only size 4 long-legged models with rock hard buns. No fat old hags for me.”

    His buddy Ronnie knows what kind of fresh hot blood to bring for him. Ronnie is one of his best friends – they share women.

    Do any of you fat cows recognize yourselves in this picture?
    He’s nice to your type but can’t wait to send you on your merry lill way. The poor guy what he has to go through because the fat cows have it in their head that they can sleep with him.

    OMG I can’t see this I’m going to puke

  412. 412
    shhhhhhhhhhhi/t Says:

    its baaaaaaaaaaack

  413. 413
    white trash Says:

    MANNY is that you?

  414. 414
    shhhhhhhhhhhi/t Says:

    @white trash: no

  415. 415
    rose Says:

    @Corslimmy: I wish. Jerk.

  416. 416
    @white trash Says:

    @white trash:
    yeah, it’s got to be manny, cause merlin is too stupid to pull this off.

  417. 417
    rose Says:

    It’s just not me wishing.

  418. 418
    out of the blue Says:

    I lurked here a while ago and remember some posters talking about Celtic Thunder. So I’ll jump in and ask: Can Keith Harkin do an American accent? He’s a real surfer. He’s gorgeous. He could be Jay in Mavericks.

  419. 419
    Cora Says:

    Hilary Swank is in a very serious relationship with John Campisi, her agent. They’ve been romantically involved for over four years and are still going strong.

  420. 420
    trashiola Says:

    Gerry has some fat b!tches for fans, they’re fans of B&J ice cream more than his fans lol
    I hope he is still seeing Hilary Rowland – that girl is a gorgeous Canadian model. They have pictures together where he is all over her more than he was all over Krisi.

  421. 421
    Ignore Says:

    The rash of crazy posters…we know who THEY are…

  422. 422
    white Says:

    i grew up in a trailer park that doesnt make me trash.

  423. 423
    Fools Parade Says:

    HILLARY AND KRISI. Two nobodies who tried to get the world to talk about them.
    Sadly enough, as you can tell (HI HILLARY!)…NO ONE CARES.
    So sod off, HIllary. Don’t you have some “modeling” to do…?

  424. 424
    ;;;; Says:


  425. 425
    mila Says:

    @oldbutnotdead: I thought the exact same thing…isn’t a bit unprofessional of her to not know him? Weird…

  426. 426
    she Says:

    what a viper pit this place has become.
    disgusting display of behavior all around.
    Cor – whatever you are today – take your meds.

  427. 427
    she Says:

    @she: Hello my twin – virtual sister. Why don’t you choose another moniker.

  428. 428
    Georgia* Says:

    @ ; ; ; ;
    That was the second party of the night….keep up LOL
    who needs sleep …not Mr Butler.
    Which party will he hit tonight….vanity fair….Elton’s….Madonna’s…probs all 3 .

  429. 429
    angelsrock Says:


    Lots of pics with Hillary.

    Uh oh!!!! Look out Hillary!

  430. 430
    Manny Says:

    I see the looney bin gave hall passes out last night.
    LMAO at this picture… what a ham… I bet half the world’s phannies have change this to their desktop picture on their computers…
    Cora – thanks for reminding us of the Harrison’s Flowers connection between Brody and Butler. These two are peas in a pod, both are notorious lotharios. Brody is actually capitalizing on it currently with his series of TV commercials currently running. Not surprised to see them spending time together…

  431. 431
    she Says:

    @Manny: Hi manny, well they do look great together.

  432. 432
    stella Says:

    Everyone has the same idea. LOL

  433. 433
    stella Says:

    Everyone has the same idea. LOL

  434. 434
    Manny Says:

    Honestly I don’t see it. Butler was sexy as hell in PSILY but the chemistry Hilary put out with him wouldn’t light a candle IMO. I also got the impression from the body language of some of their interviews that Hilary was not feeling the Butler. Too bad for her. :)

  435. 435
    merlinsdistantcousin Says:

    @Corslimmy: Is Ronnie friend or parasite? For a smart guy Gerry seems to have a lot of leeches stuck to him.

    Will Rowland stop posting about herself, honey you are too for the Butler and when was the last time you actually modelled.

  436. 436
    stella Says:

    New thread with him and Hillary.

  437. 437
    CorBlimey Says:

    Oi. Poster 379. Bvgger off and steal someone else’s moniker. I would never say that. What is it with this place and trying to cause sh*t for other people? Grow up.
    Wasn’t me. Ignore the troll please.

  438. 438
    Mina Says:

    @just curious:
    You are a seriously vile, horrible person. Probably really ugly, too. I bet no one likes you in real life either, they definitely don’t seem to like you here. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a Biel stalker. Just like someone else said, your obsession with her is crazy. *shudder*
    You are seriously demented. I hope you seek help. Very soon.

  439. 439
    @Manny Says:

    You’re absolutely right. As usual JC has no idea what she’s talking about. I think she must be very young, like 15 lol.

  440. 440
    Magazin online Sofia Says:

    He’s in pretty damn good shape for his age, and there’s still many men who want to be him young and old. I like Hefner, I hope it goes well.

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