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Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody suit up for Harvey Weinstein and Dior‘s Oscar Dinner, held at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud will star opposite Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel in Playing the Field, according to Variety.

Gerry will play “a former pro soccer player who finds himself dodging romantic advances from soccer moms after he agrees to coach his son’s youth team in an attempt to bond with the boy,” Variety reports. Jessica will play Gerry‘s ex-wife in the film and Uma will play a fellow parent!

Bigger pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler dior party 01

Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: WireImage
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  • ugh

    @opinion: sucked in?, wish they would get sucked outta here by liposuction.

    why don’t they post a picture of them “perfec”t selves, for all us FAT women to critique? or STFU


  • just curious

    hahahahaha, angry much?
    I wonder how you look like to inspire such anger.
    And I’m sure you think Biel is ugh too, right?
    Oh never mind, I think I have a pretty good idea LOL
    Thanks for the laugh.

  • peaches,default,pg.html

    Just because he was her dinner partner doesn’t mean he was her date.

  • Traeceye

    LOL @sod off…wow you are insane. >> @ugh:

  • ugh

    @just curious: glad to make your night, laughing at other people’s looks. aren’t you a hypocrite. and you have no idea what i look like, i just know i don’t put the whole value of a person on how they look. it is how they are as a person and how they treat each other. you are a b/itch just curious, You were as curious, really??? L3 and all you socks.of threads past. Your posts are always the same. You want to pick on the fat and ugly, why not gays and the mentally disabled. anyone else that doesn’t meeet you and your new friends idea of perfectio. NEWSFLASH the world is not jessica or gerry, but normal, just normal. big noses, cellulite(GASP), crooked teeth, freckles etc.
    i despise people like you , you are everything that is wrong with the world. on your high horse telling us all what we should think. look like and worship. like i said vapid and vile. laugh away creepy troll

    signed size 14

  • Question

    You have major issues. Are you ok? A man-hater??
    For the record, my 33 year old brother thinks gerard butler is the shiiiit- but only because he still “sees him” as King Leo…that is a MAN. Lots of guys like Gerard after that…hell, my bf thinks G is the “ultimate man.” What I fail to tell him is that the real Gerard is really nothing like King L.
    IMO?? Poster @Skidmark and my brother and even my bf don’t really know the “new” modern day Gerard…the romcom asssfukk that we know and love.

  • CJ

    The Plug was pulled at 12:04 am…may it rest in peace…

  • KDHT

    I’m in moderation for trying to post a faded youth blog bit and photos on Biel without makeup today and her signing for PTF. A new thread on Jessica coming up? LOL.

    @peaches: Whether she was his date or not, she’s sure you know who’s type.

  • ugh

    @Question: no issue with you and i love men, just not the idea we must all fit 300 or a size 2, this is not about how skidmark sees butler or your bf and brother for that matter. its how SOME POSTERS call everyone fat and ugly that is not at some unachievable level of perfect, set by whom.? ………they who are not perfect themselves….casting stones you see?

  • KDHT

    @just curious: I don’t watch Modern Family, but I happened by it recently and stopped because Sophia was in the segment and I’m not that familiar with her. Fat? Cellulite? She is anything but fat. Her waist is small. The same body style as many on here? Thank you. Because then, we are all great looking women.

  • just curious

    ” The Bodyguard remake would be a career killer. It worked in the 90s. It wouldn’t work now.”
    I totally agree; it will be a career killer for sure. Most people have seen this movie, and it still is pretty popular, so it’s not like there is a need to re-tell it for the benefit of a new generation like say, a famous movie from the 1930s might need to be. And, Gerry will constantly be compared to Kevin Costner. But his choices have been odd lately, taking many roles that might not be the most desirable, so who knows with him.
    LOL, maybe I was sucked in by a housewife from Peoria Illinois (I don’t know why they always choose that poor city to convey mediocrity, wasn’t honest Abe from there?), but either way, I had fun writing that comment. Some people take what posters say on JJ too seriously. I think they need to see a professional to calm down their anger lol.
    and To size 14:
    No one knows you; no one knows who you are, how you look like, or anything about you. I wasn’t speaking about you personally. Just in general. Why take comments so personal? Why ruin your night getting angry about what some anonymous person said. Don’t you think you need some help?

  • ugh

    I agree CJ, rest in peace, this fed up, pudgy,thick thighed, icecream loving phannie is leaving, can you hear the the rumble of my footsteps? I leave you to Butler and all his perfection?

    -there are some very sweet peolpe here but tonight I am just so tired with the hate and slurs and sexism that is JJ on a bad night.

    and don’t worry my is big enough for the door to hit it on the way out.

  • ugh

    @just curious: you need the help curious, you really do, not me , good nite and sod off.

  • orphanannie

    Alan was there-saw him get out of Gerry’s car.

  • remake

    Please, Hollywood. Stop with the predictable remakes. A Star Is Born…with Beyonce? Gag. Bodygard with Rhihanna. Double gag. Cleopatra with Angie. Gag into the stratosphere.

    The only remakes I might tolerate would be updated Streetcar Named Desire or maybe Dial M for Murder. They at least go far back enough that for the present generations they would be new.

    I buy a lot of old movies. I mean really old like 1930s, 40s and 50s. Comedies then were funny. My Man Godfrey is my go to when I want a good laugh and good lord that was made over 70 years ago. Beats anything made today.

  • just curious

    Look, I don’t want to exhaust the issue, but let me make myself clear. First, let’s get straight that I wasn’t speaking about anyone in particular, or was I calling anyone here fat or ugh. So please don’t accuse me of it.
    However, if my comment hit home, it’s not my fault. I was speaking in general terms that indeed many peeps here like Sofia V, because they have a similar body type to her. However, then I added that I don’t blame anyone for liking her for that reason, because it’s understandable that people are sympathetic to someone who is like them.
    In addition, I don’t think that your body has to be perfect. Most women’s bodies are not. However, you can’t possibly convince most people that don’t have Sofia’s body type, that her body is hot, while Jessica Biel’s isn’t. That’s a bit prejudice against Biel, don’t you think?
    BTW, have you seen Sofia in a bathing suit? In clothes she looks good, but undressed she doesn’t. For the record, I agree she has a pretty face, and I absolutely don’t believe she has veneers. To say she has veneers just because she was studying to be a dentist and has some knowledge on teeth is absurd. Those posters that make those comments against her are just immature.

  • Lights Off

    “We are all great looking women here.”
    Keep telling yourself that.
    More cake?

  • KDHT

    @remake: I never have gone there because I didn’t think anyone here would care about old movies. Some of those old thrillers and comedies are so much better than what is churned out today. William Powell, while not handsome by standards, had something. Love My Man Godfrey and the Thin Man films are my all-time favorites.

    Speaking of old time stars, I sometimes put Gerry into the category of Errol Flynn – on screen only. Always put down for his acting, but always the main draw. Not in real life, however. Flynn was a crazy drunk who had tons of legal woes. Gerry is above that junk. Imagine how he would be crucified today if he had a quarter of Flynn’s problems. Same with Robert Mitcham and his doing time for marijuana.

    Also funny about the older films is older actors paired with younger women and never a disparaging word. Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak? He was born in 1908. She was born in 1933. A quarter of a century different in age, yet audiences bought it. Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart. Twenty-one year age difference. Audiences bought it.

    But some are fussy about a 12 year difference between Gerry and Biel? (Don’t forget that’s the difference between Brad and Angelina.)

  • Dorothy

    Where did you hear he was Rachael Roy’s dinner partner?
    Most people here don’t know what you’re referring to, can you elaborate?
    At what function was it?

  • Eddy
  • KDHT

    @Lights Off: I want the piece with lots of frosting.

  • Eddy

    That was for you, clown.

  • Tara

    wait gerard wait while our children for tomorrow on a gory night and our children of the morrow, dreamy ween. They dreamy weeno chains woo woo woooooo…they dreamy green weeno chains.
    no shiiiii
    nooo shiit!

  • Tara

    ok but then do you dreamy green weeno chains …woo wooo wooo

  • Skidmark Butler

    More brooklyn decker and rhianna w see thru clothes and much less this guy jared lol
    your boy butler was prob on roids for 300 speak of the devil.
    adrien was predator re up,which was blasphemic.
    ask any guy what he thinks of predator and what he thought of adrien as predator.
    what does tragic flaccid mean? you have too many inside jokes on this forum

  • glory

    Say what you will about Beautiful Butler and his movies. PS I Love You IS my all-time favorite movie. When you guys want a laugh, put on whatever. When I want a cry over losing the most glorious man ever, I put on PSILY. Thumb me down, I don’t care. I wallow in that film. I can recite almost every line. Wasn’t Kathy Bates great?

  • Kayte

    Choose either Gerard Butler or Adrien Brody??
    That’s like choosing between sh*t or diarrhea. Both stink and neither do you want in your pants.

  • ?

    @Skidmark Butler: Stop drinking now dear. Go to bed. You are making no sense.

  • speak for yourself

    @Kayte: Gerry, I’m here.

  • Carmine

    Bring in the Hearse and haul the dead carcass away. This thread is dead. You’re right CJ. Someone give it the last rights already……

  • karen

    My mother always used to say My Man Godfrey was her favorite movie. So in light of the stuff tonight I checked it out on IMDb. It’s still being talked about right up to today. Wow. A movie made all those years ago is still a topic of discussion. Tomorrow, I’m watching it.

  • remake

    Butler would not work in a remake of My Man Godfrey. Godfrey is too any man. Butler is too…. well just too. Too filled with IT.???

  • heidi

    @glory: PSILY is my favorite movie ever. I own it. I now ff to every scene with Gerry. Some don’t like Hillary. I think they were perfect together.

  • Jen

    some don’t like anyone in Gerry’s life.

  • Jen

    Some don’t like anyone in Gerry’s life. With every woman they have soemthing to say. Hillary is gorgeous and they looked dazzaling together.

  • just curious

    Oh, yes, judging from those pix she is definitely Butler’s type lol.
    Hey, they even call her FAT and say she is “Cellulite Du Jour” lol.
    Honestly, if I looked like that I wouldn’t wear a bathing suit in public. Doesn’t she have any common sense? Apparently, some people don’t. Maybe it’s a cultural thing where she comes from.
    Anyway, expect many thumbs down, many, many, for posting that link lol.
    BTW, I still don’t believe she has veneers.

  • deam world

    Butler – a bad boy? I just was reading about Charlie Sheen. Butler is a saint next to that creep who makes millions. Gerry is so much more. So much a businessman. So much going to impact films. In production and acting. Butler is going to be a force in the film world. Just wait. He’s gorgeous, but that’s the tip of the iceburg. His looks are not the end game for him.

  • Dempsey

    @just curious:
    The reason she was so upset is because you killed any fantasy she had of Butler wanting her, cellulite and all. That’s why she took it so personally. She actually thought her type could attract Butler. Who is she kidding.

  • bell smith

    that dinner partner is so his type. Hate to say type, but she is IT. The guy is salivating. This may be it.?????

  • CJ

    No wonder the women of the world have eating disorders when someone says that Sofia Vergara is fat…my god…as far as I am concerned she has the perfect body..

    If someone likes the skelator look so be it but its not reality..women on the runway starve themselves to look like that…men like to look at that but in the end they don’t want to marry that or have a long term relationship with a woman with body issues…

    What does Gerry like…the only thing I know for sure is that he likes big, full lips on a woman..during a interview Hilarie was doing for PSILY, Gerry said he kept watching her sip her coffee because he liked her full lips..his eyes were glazed over when he was talking about it….G said kissing is everything to him…♥

  • London Girl in Germany

    Hi Hilary. how about you stop promoting yourself on this site?
    Sod off.
    its pathetic and obvious.

  • London Girl in Germany
  • just curious

    @bell smith:
    She is kind of his type.
    Now according to Wiki she is married.
    Wiki mentions Damon Dash as her husband through 2009 so she is divorced.
    According to another source she might also have a baby, but I’m not sure on the baby. I tend to believe she doesn’t have a baby.

  • just curious

    Her FB
    I tend to believe that beside some interesting conversation and heavy duty flirting last night, he won’t pursue this. Biel is probably more his speed.
    I wonder if Rachel has a baby or not?

  • just curious

    @London Girl in Germany:
    LOL, don’t tell me; another jealous hysterical fan taking things too seriously because they read a JJ comment they didn’t like.
    Some of you really think Butler is yours or you own him???
    Now i have to say, that’s pathetic.

  • Whoa

    I have visited this site several times, but never posted. Now, I just can’t hold back. What the heck goes on here?
    Some of the postings are truly despicable – full of put downs, vulgarity, and some that don’t even make sense.
    It truly saddens me that there are people out there full of such depravity that they feel compelled to write some of the things I’ve seen posted here.
    I’ve promised myself to only enjoy the news and the pictures on JJ and not look down at the postings. NOT LOOK DOWN. NOT LOOK DOWN. Too depressing.

  • Gerard and Adrien

    I hate to say it, but both Gerry and Adrien look kind of douch/y in this pic: Gerry with his big wet looking whisp of hair hanging down the side of his face, and Adrien with that ridiculous flavor savorish thing on his chin.
    Blech. Let’s hear it for the douche/bags…..

  • lol

    @just curious,
    read your wiki link
    “Roy has two daughters, Ava born December 7, 1999 and Tallulah born May 14, 2008.”

  • angelsrock


    Please hang around and post from time to time. Don’t let the maniacs take over the asylum!!!

  • angelsrock


    Please hang around and post from time to time. Don’t let the maniacs take over the asylum!!!@Gerard and Adrien:
    Oh come on! We all have moments of douchiness…..don’t we???