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Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody suit up for Harvey Weinstein and Dior‘s Oscar Dinner, held at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud will star opposite Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel in Playing the Field, according to Variety.

Gerry will play “a former pro soccer player who finds himself dodging romantic advances from soccer moms after he agrees to coach his son’s youth team in an attempt to bond with the boy,” Variety reports. Jessica will play Gerry‘s ex-wife in the film and Uma will play a fellow parent!

Bigger pic inside…

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: WireImage
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440 Responses to “Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!”

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  1. 76
    stupidfans Says:

    @Me: You mean self-respecting woman. There aren’t a lot of those in his circles-or the general population for that matter.

    @kelly: Exhibit A.

    @just curious: Gerry loves models. Take what you will from that.

    @Aqua: Exhibit B.

    @Crackle Jacked: It would be more impressive if you knew a woman who hadn’t.

    @Tara: “green weeno” This is easily the most accurate and amusing comment here.

    @Skidmark Butler: If you’re a 29 year old male, I’m a 98 year old astronaut who moonlights as an underwear model for Calvin Klein.

  2. 77
    stupidfans Says:

    @teresa: Well his nose looks like a poblano chile. That’s a start.

  3. 78
    Observation Says:


    “If you’re a 29 year old male, I’m a 98 year old astronaut who moonlights as an underwear model for Calvin Klein”

    Now you tell us!

  4. 79
    laruj Says:


    Yes……Alan was there.

  5. 80
    stupidfans Says:

    Love Lainey’s thoughts:

    Jessica Biel is currently working on New Year’s Eve in New York and it looks like her next project will also be in a supporting role in a silly romantic comedy about a children’s soccer coach played by Gerard Butler who has to ward off the advances of all the horny cougar moms. Gripping. Shelfy will play Spittle’s ex-wife. Uma Thurman is expected to be his new love interest. (Source)

    So we’re talking about the quality of The Bounty Hunter with the combined box office records of Biel and Uma Thurman? Last year, Thurman put out a movie called Motherhood that made $150. That’s not a typo. In other words, what are your expectations of Playing the Field?

    The title alone should give it away.

  6. 81
    stupidfans Says:

    @Observation: My CK thong is up for auction on Ebay. It’s public knowledge. It’s been to space. It’s been autographed by my colon.

  7. 82
    Amy R Says:


    Yes Alan was in Berlin with Gerry.They flew to Berlin early on the Monday morning…they were at the BAFTA’S the night before.

  8. 83
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    The article is mistitled. The one I saw with that title was just signing autographs for fans in Berlin. Give it a rest, and try not to make things up. I suspect GB does not sleep around nearly as much as people think (or as much as he would like to!)

  9. 84
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    Strangely enough, he often looks better with “normal” cameras rather than photographers cameras, with all their lights. Gerry is outgoing, and likes people, but he has not had a drink, per many, many, many interviews, for close to 15 years; same for Craig Ferguson. GB also gave up smoking, after a long struggle.

    I suspect we all look older under some of these lights. Women can usually hide it with make up for a while.

  10. 85
    CorBlimey Says:

    It’s been autographed by my colon.
    *chokes on her cup of tea* LOL
    Jeepers, that’s a vivid image for this time of the morning.. :D

  11. 86
    Mass Debate Says:

    @Skidmark Butler:
    All I read was shallow meathead on steroids with a shrunken peen. Most women don’t like meatheads FYI. Not a very sexy, masculine look. And btw I work out, am fit and also have curves for what it’s worth. Despite your opinion on healthy women, I actually get complimented for my curves. But I will agree with you on to Jessica Biel.

  12. 87
    Skidmark Butler Says:

    what in the fkkk is this chick on?
    wy do women like these message boards over tmz?
    more wimmens here but more m/f both on other sites.
    only reason im a butler follower is bc half the girls i know wanted every guy to look like this guy in ’300′. am i lying? he made every mans life hell for at least 2 years.
    he doesnt do much flexing nowadys.
    no i dont do roids. do women even know how expensive that **** is anyway?

  13. 88
    Observation Says:



  14. 89
    Mass Debate Says:

    @Skidmark Butler:
    I prefer the RocknRolla Gerry over Leonidas if that makes you feel better.

  15. 90
    Hemm Says:

    @Skidmark Butler: stay around. we need some male perspective to balance off the flood of estrogen.

  16. 91
    Mass Debate Says:

    @Hemm: estrogen or a deficiency in Seratonin?

  17. 92
    just curious Says:

    @Skidmark Butler:
    Hahahahahaha, I’m going to get lots and lots of thumbs down for this post but I don’t care; I have to say it like it is. And I like provoking from time to time, though I could also be very nice to peeps that deserve it; respectful peeps who want to engage in conversation, not fighting.
    OK, here goes:

    You’re right; unfortunately, curvy has become synonymous with FAT. That’s why I’m careful when using it. When I say curvy, I mean a girl with tight azz, size 34-C b00bs that are not saggy, nice thighs absent of cellulite, toned sexy core, toned arms, and long shapely legs.
    Yes, again, I agree; Jessica Biel is the perfect curvy woman. On the other hand, Sofia V. I don’t consider curvy. I consider her FAT, or cellulite laden lol.

    I never consider FAT women as curvy, because it’s not the curvy I mean. But, I guess, peeps read this and think I mean Sofia-V curvy, so I have to be a little more specific about what I mean.

    But she is a big hit around here, I suspect because she has the same body style as many here, and I can’t blame them for liking her for that reason. Just as long as they don’t say that Butler has to like her and criticize him for not, or because she isn’t his type.
    I agree that a lot of men are afraid when they hear curvy woman because of what she’ll look like at age 45. However, even the straight-bodied model could look horrible when middle age strikes. I have seen many of them put on weight, have cellulite, and are size 14, not size 4 anymore. A lot of it has to do with being too tall and big boned, as opposed to a woman 5 ft 6 inches tall, who is more dainty and feminine. Just look at Malin Ackermann as an example. She is only 32 and she is beginning to lose that shapely figure.
    So being modelesque is no guarantee a woman will still be sexy or even slim in middle age.
    That said, looking youthful in middle age has more to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your life, like limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun, not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, watching what you eat, and working out regularly. It’s a problem; some women just don’t care how they look once they get married. They don’t bother wearing sexy clothes or going to the gym to maintain a sexy figure that looks good in sexy clothes.

    Let’s face it, if you wear sweatshirts and sweatpants all day long you tend to pig out. So make sure your woman understands it’s unacceptable for her to wear unfaltering cloth if you want to keep her slim and the passion alive.
    BTW, I don’t think Biel had a nose job. Her nose looks the same as it was when she was younger
    Stick around. Give the ladies here a taste of how men really think. They need a jolt of reality. They seem to think that men should take whatever leftovers a woman might throw his way. They don’t realize why men dump women that think that way, Alfa males at least do.

  18. 93
    Manny Says:

    ROTLMAO. I’m speechless. :)))

  19. 94
    Aardvark Says:

    The answer to the Jeopardy question is “Who is designer Rachael Roy?”

    Gerard Butler’s dinner partner last night.

    Chew on that for a while!

  20. 95
    just curious Says:

    A very interesting article about Oscar night.
    Gerry’s new project is mentioned about halfway down

  21. 96
    just curious Says:
    Please, I hope Gerry doesn’t consider a remake of “The Bodyguard.”
    It’s been done, and not so long ago, that it should be made again so soon.
    However, wasn’t he an extra in that movie? I think I heard that somewhere.

  22. 97
    ugh Says:

    why don’t just curious and skidmark exchange email accounts and sod off ……….neither of you are wanted here after those cra.ppy comments..

  23. 98
    ugh Says:

    yeah okay thumb me down but I still wish you’d take your sexist cr.ap somewhere else, you both are not even interesting, just vile, placing so much interest on the phyisical nature of people, you are both vapid and disgusting.

  24. 99
    PsychoB Says:

    @Aardvark: It’s good to see him actually take someone somewhere other than the bedroom.
    @just curious: Until True Grit I didn’t think a remake could be made that was worth sh/t. The Bodyguard remake would be a career killer. It worked in the 90s. It wouldn’t work now.

  25. 100
    opinion Says:

    @ugh: As someone once said about another supposed male poster: Skidmark is probably a fat housewife from Peoria having a bit of a joke on JJ. Curious got sucked in.

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