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Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody suit up for Harvey Weinstein and Dior‘s Oscar Dinner, held at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud will star opposite Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel in Playing the Field, according to Variety.

Gerry will play “a former pro soccer player who finds himself dodging romantic advances from soccer moms after he agrees to coach his son’s youth team in an attempt to bond with the boy,” Variety reports. Jessica will play Gerry‘s ex-wife in the film and Uma will play a fellow parent!

Bigger pic inside…

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: WireImage
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  • Observation


    “Oh come on! We all have moments of douchiness…..don’t we???”

    Yes … every day right here on JJ.

  • Observation

    I must clarify: Angelsrock … that response was NOT directed at you. You are one of the better posters here and a voice of sense.

  • Amy R

    WOW,some people really try and make something out of nothing.
    yes Gerry and Rachel(Roy) were seated together at the Dior dinner the other evening….Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez were at the same table…doesn’t mean a thing…it was just the way the seating plan went.

  • peacesister
  • Amy R

    So it seems Gerry was out and about in Beverly Hills last night.
    (Tom Ford store opening and The Hollywood Reporter Big 10 party).
    Any pics?

  • Nuts

    @Amy R:

    Gerry must have been in heaven. According to this piece other dinner table partners were Halle Berry and her boyfriend. I wonder if he was able to eat with Halle there…she’s been a conquest fantasy of his…

  • mymymy
  • she

    @stupidfans: you are a real pearl on this thread today.

  • redOctober

    …please Gerry…let this man come back…

  • she

    @redOctober: Nobody can turn the clock back…

  • angelsrock


    Nope, I’m guilty too!!

  • redOctober


    I’m not talking about age…I’m talking about his intensity in those roles.

  • she

    @redOctober: he does have two new movies and the it seem that he has intensity in his roles. @angelsrock: lol

  • redOctober


    We’ll see.

  • she

    @redOctober: Do I hear skepticism in your voice?

  • redOctober


    Those movies have not been released yet, once I get to see them I’ll have a clear view of his acting in both of them.

  • she

    @redOctober:Until the film will be in the theaters let’s write something nice to Melli for the weekend. I will start.
    Dear Melli,
    I belive this has been one of the longest week in your life. I wish you and you family a calm weekend. I know that you will find the strength to rebuild. Take care and if you read here please tell us that you are fine.

  • redOctober


    Well said! …*hugs* and prayers going to Meli and her country.

  • Mandy

    @leslie51: I agree with you about the kid with the panty-remote. But having Mike have a nephew in grade school was fine with me.

  • Same ol same ol

    I guess he doesnt get tired doing these stupid rom coms esp. where he gets hit on by all the women in them. Bored now.

  • Old Berry

    I never bought the Halle Berry interest. Maybe years ago there was some interest in her, but now? Please. Her life is a mess and she has kids. He ain’t going hear that. I’m sure he had no trouble eating. The guy is no amateur when it comes to women.

  • PsychoB

    @redOctober: I agree, I hope Gerry starts caring more about being a good actor. Unfortunately, my take right now is Gerry only ever wanted to be famous and have the girls. Now that he has it why should he put any effort into acting. I hope he proves me wrong.

    And as far as the ‘spirituality’ and ‘his soul’ I think he had moments of self doubt when he truly went inward. Now I think he knows being spiritual helps with the chicks. Hence the whole death stare he gives women now.

  • Sharp

    FYI, G and Rachel Roy have been friends for a long time. (She’s based in NY) and anytime they come within 50 ft of each other the same speculation starts. She is his “type” after all (she said with tongue in cheek) I believe the last time it made the “papers” was in ’09 just after her separation was announced.
    God I need a life *bangs head against the wall in the hopes that some of this useless information will fall out*

  • Dempsey

    That’s interesting – if she “knows” his type it means she is interested in him. He on the other hand wouldn’t be. Unfortunatly, she is another woman deluding herself.

    Anyhow, she only thinks she knows his type based in what she read about him in the gossip media, which is why I think she is interested in him if he would have her. Otherwise, why would she know or care about his type?

    Hilary Rowland is more his type – an ex model, a business woman, no ex, and no children.

    Me think, Rachel Roy needs to calm her hormones lol

  • realitycheck

    @PsychoB Why do we think Gerry doesn’t care about being a good actor? He did very well in Law Abiding Citizen, The Ugly Truth and RocknRolla.

    @Sharp Useless information can be useful sometimes…don’t beat yourself up over it. That hurts.

    @Dempsey Ahhh, I love how everyone knows whom GB should date and not only that, but now we know what Ms. Roy thinks about him. Thanks for that info.

    @Melli…thinking of you and your kinsmen.

  • stella

    Twitter: “Need volunteers 4 star-studded fundraiser in W. Hollywood MARCH 9 raise $ 4 Southers sudan oil drills hosted :Gerry Butler & Marc Forester!”

    Twitter picked up by WO from an organization called Save Darfur LA.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    Hey Sharp!! Reality Check is right sometimes useless information can be useful … Don’t beat yourself up over it.. Just worry about the Celtic game… Look at me.. I’ve been off work for a week because I’ve been sick… It’s snowing here and today’s my Birthday.. Life goes on .. I still can’t wait to see Gerrys next two films.. That’ll be a good b day for me .. Cheers

  • stella


    Must be Rachel you can just see beside him.

  • Merlin

    Hey guys, given the nonsense I keep on reading on here… I’m officially giving up for good.
    Especially, I’m leaving Gerard Butlerdom… I got officially bored by him and, above all, his fans.
    I made many friends here (and also some enemies but who cares, you can’t please everyone in life!), spent wonderful moments posting and chatting with them on JJ, but many stupid posters sucked the fun of any Gerard Butler’s thread.
    It’s just I don’t feel to post on a Gerard Butler board anymore or don’t even feel compelled to talk about him.
    Still enjoying his pics, but like another poster said above…who cares about the comments now.
    It’s probably all the insane speculation about his life who got me bored in the first place.
    So this is my last post on JJ, I’ll leave you alone in conjuring the most absurd theories about Gerard James Butler and his life. For me, he’s now a Scotsman like all the others I meet in my daily life. Just a bit more famous and richer.
    P.S: Hey, I’m auctioning off even the board Gerard Butler Scotland and the twitter account. If someone is interested in replacing me as an admin, please leave a message on JJ.
    P.P.S. Melly, if you read this message, I’m sending tons of hugs your way, darling! Thinking of you and all the kiwis in Christchurch ♥♥
    *mwah to all the sane, funny JJers…Cubie, Oy, GH, Cora, Manny, CJ, CC, Fritz, Nuts, RedOctober, Lolita, Peacesister, Mellifera, Stupidfans, Tonto, Butler did it, PsychoB, Realitycheck, Hellothere, LauraS, Stinkylouise, downlowinfo…(and Spanky, wherever you are! ♥)
    Hope I didn’t forget anyone… I’ll miss you very very much ♥♥♥*

  • stella
  • gossiphound

    @just curious: We like Sofia because she has brains, personality and chutzpah, probably a better comedic actress than Uma or Biel and I love Uma but her comedy chops have been off for many films now. Maybe with a good script but hello this is the guy whose last screenplay that got put into production was So I Married an Axe Murderer though I hear Meyers does a killer Scottish accent?

    And newsflash even tall very skinny women can have cellulite, ever seen Jerry Hall, and I don;t mean now even a few decades ago she had celluite. Didn’t bother Mick enough so he didn’t spawn children with her. And if you think Sofia Vegara is fat, then you must work in the fashion industry because the majority of men and women would disagree.

    But I guess it is best if shallow people mate with each other.

  • stella
  • stella

    From a blogger called Callafornia blogspot:

    KNOW: I’m not supposed to say anything yet, but… Gerard Butler is in my backyard right now. No, I’m not lying. They are using my landlady’s house for PSAs, and Gerry, Sean Penn, and some athlete I don’t know are all there. They are using my parking space. I left my place at 8:30 this morning, and I was hoping against all hope that he would be arriving then. There was a technician waiting for him, but he hadn’t arrived yet, and destiny has deprived me once again. Fickle, Fate! I’m not a fame whore, and I know he’s a bastard, but honestly, there is always the one that you would lose your morals for.

  • Nuts


    :( :( :( :(


  • Merlin

    *mwah back*

  • cubedweller

    @Merlin: So sad – we’ll miss you Merlin! I totally get it. I am in a similar mindset these days. Lurking and posting much less here, and feeling the life has been sucked out. Nothing stays the same. I sincerely wish you the best, and I hope you find great fun in whatever new adventures you seek. ♡♡♡

  • Whatdoyouthink

    @cubedweller: Merlin and you had a monopoly on the butler. Bored or kicked around….it is not healthy to be so obsessive. It is probably better for you to not react so harshly to comments on the Internet. Good luck.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Merlin: God bless you in all you do in the future. Thank you for being so nice to me and responding to my posts. Take care and warm regards always♥♥♥

  • stella
  • Sharp


    “Anyhow, she only thinks she knows his type based in what she read about him in the gossip media, which is why I think she is interested in him if he would have her. Otherwise, why would she know or care about his type?”

    Okay there’s been a misunderstanding. When I wrote “(she said with tongue in cheek)” I meant ME. I was making a joke – or attempting a joke – about his having a “type.” I apologize that I wasn’t clear!

    Happy Birthday to Noise in the Walls!!

  • sandy

    @Merlin: No one is forcing you to leave, so stop with the theatrics please and be gone. Sorry you don’t care for the ‘boring’ discussions about his life. Some here, including myself, find them fun to read.

    So, bye, bye. Go poofy now.

  • Amy R

    CAA …pre-oscar party tonight at a private residence.

  • sloppy seconds

    That shows your IQ, who could find Butler’s useless discussions fun to read. I think she wanted just to say bye to her friends. Funny that pathetic posters whine about someone else being dramatic LOL

  • just curious

    Yes, why do people react so harshly to comments on the internet? These are just people’s opinions based on their perceptions or experiences. There is no need to be upset by that.
    There is always a comment here being perceived by at least one person as an insult. People are overly sensitive to anonymous posters on the internet.

  • The Noise In The Walls

    #190 Sharp..
    Yeah…Gerry has a “type” like these people know who his type is?..How would they know..How would anyone know?..

    It’s like Gerry’s jokes…some people “get it” and others don’t…

    BTW, thanks for the birthday wishes..Looking forward to more Celtic games and the Oscars on Sunday evening!!

  • Aardvark

    To Red O.: That man is still there. To every thing there is a season.

    R.R. is his type and they are friends. She needs someone more serious than G. for boyfriend material. Gorgeous as he is, he’s not every woman’s cup of chai!

  • who cares

    @Merlin: Don’t forget to close the door behind you.

    Sorry not many here appreciate your brand of “humor” alas such is life.

    Bye Bye. Manny probably will cry herself to sleep tonight.

  • just curious

    ” And newsflash even tall very skinny women can have cellulite, ever seen Jerry Hall, and I don;t mean now even a few decades ago she had celluite.”
    Hey, Gossip did you read my post? I said to “Skidmark Butler” exactly what you just said, and I quote:

    “….……… even the straight-bodied model could look horrible when middle age strikes. I have seen many of them put on weight, have cellulite, and are size 14, not size 4 anymore. A lot of it has to do with being too tall and big boned, as opposed to a woman 5 ft 6 inches tall, who is more dainty and feminine. Just look at Malin Ackermann as an example. She is only 32 and she is beginning to lose that shapely figure. So being modelesque is no guarantee a woman will still be sexy or even slim in middle age.”
    I mentioned Malin Ackermann, who is 6 ft and looking cellulited lately, and you mentioned Jerry Hall, who is 6-2, also having cellulite. And, I even added that one has to have a healthy lifestyle to stay youthful through middle age, and that being tall and straight bodied have nothing to do with having a good figure:
    “………………………. looking youthful in middle age has more to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your life, like limiting your skin’s exposure to the sun, not smoking, drinking, or doing drugs, watching what you eat, and working out regularly.”
    So I don’t see where the disagreement between us is???
    In fact, I don’t know why my post touched on so many nerves. It’s as if every female on this board took it so personally because she believes I think she is fat and unattractive.

    What’s wrong with the women here? Low-self esteem much; low-self confidence much? How can a general comment by an anonymous poster generate so much anger?
    Furthermore, I wonder why my previous post, @just curious: , about the male model being passed off as a female, didn’t outrage anyone. Doesn’t it bother anyone that the fashion industry doesn’t care enough about enhancing the female curves through beautiful clothes? Why is the fashion industry trying to pass of androgyny to us as an acceptable lifestyle? Are these the body images we want for our kids?

    No! How some in power manipulate us, didn’t seem to upset anyone on this board.

    LOL, I wonder if there are any women with nice figures posting here, or are most of the women here fat cows that hate any woman who isn’t. I’m sure this is not so, but this is what’s being transmitted by the comments here.
    The poster from last night who got most upset, said that the world is not Gerard Butler or Jessica Biel and I agree, but what’s wrong in trying to look as good as you can? She made it sounds that she looks awful and she knows it, and on top of it she expects men to take her as she is because the world is not Gerard Butler or Jessica Biel, otherwise they’re being sexist. If it makes her feel good fine, but that’s not the way most people with common sense look at it.
    And yes, I do still think Sofia V is fat, and yes I won’t go out with anyone who doesn’t meet my compatibility requirements, as well as at least my lowest standard of good looks. They don’t have to be perfect but I have certain standards and I won’t lower them, and that’s because I always try to look my best.

    If you call that shallow so be it.

    You evaluate like that too subconsciously, but don’t like it when it’s done to you.

  • Manny

    Good luck to Merlin as she is off on her new adventures.
    @sloppy seconds:
    Well said. Merlin has been around a long time and I appreciated her letting us know she was leaving and not stomping off like some here do. :)
    @who cares:
    Your moniker is perfect for what you post… who cares…

  • @who cares

    @who cares:
    Manny might cry but she has someone else in training, CorBlimmy. Did you forget that clown?