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Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler: 'Playing the Field' with Jessica Biel!

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody suit up for Harvey Weinstein and Dior‘s Oscar Dinner, held at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud will star opposite Uma Thurman and Jessica Biel in Playing the Field, according to Variety.

Gerry will play “a former pro soccer player who finds himself dodging romantic advances from soccer moms after he agrees to coach his son’s youth team in an attempt to bond with the boy,” Variety reports. Jessica will play Gerry‘s ex-wife in the film and Uma will play a fellow parent!

Bigger pic inside…

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: WireImage
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  • chad

    wait gerard wait like the children of the morrow on a GORY night – like the children olimorrow dreamy ween…they dreamy green weeno chains…woo woo wooooooo
    everyday is a nudee im thinkin of every breath we take like nothing smells like shiiii
    like shiiii

  • she

    @Merlin: I’m sorry that you are leaving us and that their are posters who are being nasty to you. Thank you for trying to organize us in a more sane place and puting effort in to it. ♥♥♥

  • cad

    @chad: Words of a man with a small di ck.

  • New Black Panther Party

    i just sharted

  • But…

    @just curious: …Biel isn’t pretty.

  • Cora

    This was posted at WO. A tab is reporting that Gerry and Olivier got into a fight (verbal) at the Dior event and Halle was caught in the middle. I don’t believe this story. I think it’s tabloid garbage, but here it is, judge for yourself:

  • So….

    @just curious: …What is the reason for YOUR useless posts, all of them, where you’re promoting Biel like you’re her fecking p/imp?
    Nobody likes you here. Why don’t you just go away? You and all your socks have already driven Merlin away.

  • Mina

    And yet here you are as well. Ironic, isn’t it?
    I bet you have absolutely no idea what his type is. You know nothing, nothing at all.

  • Ivory Pride

    Awww….you’re upset because someone said something bad about a black girl’s wide nose? Couldn’t take it? Because wide noses are soooo attractive. Bohooo! And Rihanna’s alien forehead turns every guy on, as well as her thunder thighs. Oh yes. Loser.

  • she

    @Cora: When will Gerry learn that not everybody understand his humor? Sometimes he doesn’t think before he speaks.

  • Miss J

    Well, if what is written in the article is true then GB is the one to blame (unfortunately). It seems he was acting very immature. Very immature indeed. :(

  • @she

    well, it is not his fault that OM doesn’t have a sense of humor….or GB did touch a sore spot lol!

  • hmm….

    It doesn’t seem to me that Martinez did anything wrong. Gerry was tacky and someone said, immature, talking like that and saying what he said to Martinez’ girlfriend (Halle). I’m a Gerry fan but if it’s true then I think he was acting very rude. I don’t think Gerry would accept that someone was talking like that about Scotsmen and asking his gf – if he ever had one – if she knew what she was missing.

  • she

    @@she: I would expect this kind of jokes from a teenager or someone in his early twenties, it could be forgiven. But when it comes from a 41 year old man it doesn’t make good impression. His reactions are not appropriate to his age. I believe Gerry goes to these events to promote himself and his company and remarks like this harm him.
    I hope he learns from it something and move on. I’m sure that Gerry doesn’t want to get attention from the prees in this way. The only thing that I can say now is something that once an actor tald me: “if I read bad critique about me on the newspaper I tell myself that tomorrow this paper will be used to wrap fishes with it”. Cheer up G it happens to everyone once in a while

  • CorBlimey

    I’m inclined to agree with you. For starters, the “party mole” said that Halle, Olivier and Gerard were having a conversation at a table – so unless they were yelling at each other (which I highly doubt), how was the conversation heard over everyone else talking in the room?
    Perhaps Gerard did push a few buttons, but I doubt that it was anywhere near like what they described in that article. I understand that Gerard’s a bit of a joker, but would he keep going and going to the point of making someone angry? I know he aint perfect, but I really don’t think so. JMHO.

  • @she


    thank you for writing my exact thoughts…this party mole has a wild imagination

  • CorBlimey

    A wild imagination.. and probably a cash bonus for getting extra traffic to their dodgy little tabloid page.
    This reminds me of that time he and Lindsay Lohan happened to be at the same event, and suddenly there were sources at the party claiming that Lindsay told them all that Gerard was hot, and that he was hers (or something to that effect). You just have to wonder how these people sleep at night, just making up random sh*t about people like it doesn’t have any consequences. The worst part is that a lot of the general public listen to these idiots.
    I have no idea how you would deal with people constantly making up lies about you – which makes me wonder at Gerard because he is still so nice to fans, etc. Not saying he’s perfect, but I reckon it takes a certain type of person to tackle all the negativity being thrown at you and still wear a smile on your face…

  • niknoks


    I think this is the same Daily Mirror ‘party mole’, that in December, said that Gerry was ‘cozying up’ to Jennifer Aniston at a party at her house, the same day he was actually pictured in Miami at a Fashion Show. Although they were actually sitting together, my bet is, it never happened.

  • she

    @CorBlimey: I agree with you but when Gerry will wake up he will read this and it doesn’t matter what’s the truth, what matter is what poeple will read. The common poeple don’t start asking themself if it’s true or how much of it is true.

  • @she


    well I tend to think that even common people have brains…or I rather hope they do…

  • she

    @@she: Common poeple have brains but they read a lot of stuff in the same newspaper and they tend to accept what’s written their and Gerry is known for his big mouth so it does make sense. When I read it I can’t say that it looks like science fiction.

  • Latina Lovely

    @Ivory Pride:
    No one will miss you.
    You are a waste as a human being. U are nothing. Your family is nothing – your kids are uneducated TRASH just like you are.
    You have accomplished nothing and probably make 35k a year. If that.
    Like I said – you are WHITE INBRED TRASH.
    The stuff the rest of the world LAUGHS AT – and yes evem your own people you c*cksucker.

  • ????

    I think all of you lead nothing lives – that’s just the end of the story.
    It’s one thing to read and be interested – its another thing to be OBSESSED like so many of you are – tracking his life, STALKING HIS FRIENDS.
    He should call the police on all of you and get restraining orders. Just a disgusting display of losers on this forum.
    I won’t be returning – so don’t bother answering me with some dumb ill-thought high school GED educated reply.

  • Cora

    @CorBlimey: And didn’t they say Gerry and Lindsay rode off into the sunset in a golf cart? LOL!
    @niknoks: Exactly! I was thinking of the bogus party at Jen’s house too!
    But we had better get used to this. We might be on the receiving end of a lot of tabloid trickery once PTF starts shooting a month from now. They are not going to be able to resist spinning stories about sexcapades and love triangles with all those celeb women and Gerry on set. I have a feeling the Gerry threads are going to be jumping with gossip in the coming weeks. Put your crash helmets on, ladies (and don’t forget to laugh)! :D


    THIS THREAD IS NOW DEAD AND GONE ****************************

  • christina mcculley

    You are really dumb. And ugly.
    And you smell like a donkey’s a&&


    ************************DEAD THREAD***********************

  • Thought before bed….

    Gerard refers to all of you as “his stalkers.” It’s really…quite “cute.”

  • she

    @christina mcculley: No she isn’t and I resent the way you speak to her!

  • Merlin wizard in love

    Princess, you’ve been around a long time and you still enjoy this place and GB, don’t know how you can do it, but I admire you for it.
    Despite what your idiotic detractors say, you’re the JJ board. The day you don’t post anymore here all these threads will be abandoned by the sane posters.
    I’ll miss you too, RedO. But real life became far more important than following a movie star I don’t know anything about. I’ll go to see Gerard movies anyway, when they’re worth the price of the ticket of course! (not playing the field, LOL)
    I’m not leaving the chats, of course. How could I? So if you want to find me, you know where my kingdom is ;) And you’ve my email address too.
    Like for RedO, you’re in my FB page and the chat, we’ll find a way to keep in touch anyway ;) I just felt the need to post something on JJ for all the people who aren’t in the chats.
    @Ballylough: You should be one of the Italian Gerry fans. They’re still mourning kyriem LOL and they identify her with all the Scottish posters LOL Not so special as her I think, she was a fighter while I get bored easily ;)
    The notion that nasty posters can drive someone away is basically nonsense. Thanks for your post anyway, but like my last moniker says, I also found a special Gerry to take care of in my RL. Mainly I got bored about Gerard. Though this place hasn’t been fun in the last 6 months… all the threads are taken over by idiots like Laurie 3 and her socks… probably “just curious” being one.
    So, thanks to all the JJers who commented and read my posts. Big *poof* and have fun following Gerry’s antics!!
    *retires to Merlindom, sipping a good ale*

  • Ivory Pride

    I just ate a handful of my own diarrhea.

  • CorBlimey

    @Thought before bed….:
    Well.. my apologies to Gerard if he thinks I’m stalking him. Not my intention at all. I daresay I wouldn’t find him half so interesting if there were any decent men where I live, but the Australian outback is full of rocks and dirt, and the men here seem to be either p*ss-pots or have both the afore-mentioned items between their ears.. :D

  • Ivory Pride

    Though this place hasn’t been fun in the last 6 months… all the threads are taken over by idiots like Laurie 3 and her socks… probably “just curious” being one.

    @Merlin wizard in love:

    Hon its probably your fault these threads have been sucking

  • London Girl~~~

    @Ivory Pride:
    Would you just go away whatever you are JEEEZ!!! Are you 16?
    You are obviously an idiot like another poster said —
    Sod off!!!

  • London Girl~~~

    I am over this thread ~ I’ll be back when another goes up!
    Too many complete idiots in one place – not where I want to be…

  • Ivory Pride

    I enjoy thunderstorms, moonlit walks on the beach and playing in handfuls of my own feces.

  • CorBlimey

    Uh, thanks Ivory. I think that’s my cue to leave as well..
    Have a good night everyone.

  • A Note to the Imbecile

    @Latina Lovely: @????:
    You two are the same poster. Painfully obvious.
    Ouch, did IP touch a sore spot? Are you black? You must be, you wouldn’t react the way you did otherwise. Such strong emotions for such a small mind. Are you OK? You do know that white women can have wide noses as well? You should take a Xanax or something because it seems you’re about to have an anxiety attack.
    And please don’t embarrass yourself and talk about education. Do you read your own posts before you submit them? You write like someone in third grade, a r/etarded someone in third grade, that is.
    I highly doubt you are a man, but if you are I think you should go and j/erk off to Rihanna’s mile wide nose and tenhead. It might calm you down. Bye bye now. :)

  • Cora

    @she: Thank you, she! ♥♥♥
    Hopefully we’ll get some new pictures soon so we can get back to a bit of fun! :)

  • Someone is a name stealer

    The posts by Ivory Pride written on this page were not written by the original Ivory Pride. They’re written by Latina Lover and ???? who are the same poster and p/issed at Ivory Pride for thinking Rihanna is ugly. Ridiculous, I know.

  • Gerry’s pinkie nail :)

    @Someone is a name stealer:
    Umm…yes, I think most people figured that out already. ;)

  • Gerry’s pinkie nail :)

    @Thought before bed….:
    No, he doesn’t, just Framolamdu.

  • Gerry’s Cherry

    @Someone is a name stealer:
    Oh Dear God when will it end?
    Ivory Pride, Latina Lover or Lovely whatever and ???? are probably the same person, stirring shiit (and with such enthusiasm apparently) and someone who takes what’s written here threads way too personally.
    @Thought before bed….:
    Who on earth has the time to stalk him? He really is up himself isn’t he?

  • Sharp


    “@YBF: It was not in an interview with a reporter. It was on a talk show. I don’t remember which one. He was asked something like what would he like to do next and his reply was Halle Berry.”

    No, actually it was in response to a fan question at WonderCon.

  • she

    @Cora: Today it’s you, tomorrow it could be me. You are welcome.

  • sukar

    Seriously, he’s lost his looks. Still a nice guy though!

  • angelsrock


    Well, there was only one way to end that argument. Whip ‘em out fellas and let the bigger man win. Don’t believe even a little about that article.

  • http://justjared lolita

    OMG…I know Gerry suffers from foot in mouth disease sometimes..but this story from a mole is horse hockey. He wouldn’t be invited to these events if everytime he showed up he was rude and crude. He has been getting good press lately for Corialanus…so the negative has to show up to offset it. As silly has he acts sometimes…I’m sure he has been to enough of these events to size up the people to know what to say. If he is there to make connections for his business ventures…he is not going to make a fool of himself to offend potential investors. This story would have been posted on highway billboards for the world to see.
    @Merlin, a heart full of love is priceless…enjoy your life♥♥

  • Ivory Pride

    @Gerry’s Cherry:
    I can assure you I am not Latina Lovely or ????.

  • Ivory Pride

    @A Note to the Imbecile:
    LOL!!!! Thank you!