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Halle Berry: Dior Dinner with Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry: Dior Dinner with Olivier Martinez

Halle Berry stays close with beau Olivier Martinez as they attend Harvey Weinstein and Dior‘s Oscar Dinner, held at Chateau Marmont on Wednesday (February 23) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old actress stepped out in Elie Saab earlier in the week for the Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills, where she was awarded the Lacoste Spotlight Award!

Halle has also returned to the cast of New Year’s Eve after she and former flame Gabriel Aubry agreed on custody terms for their daughter, Nahla.

FYI: Halle is wearing Irit Design oxidized sterling silver and rose cut diamond earrings

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Credit: Jeff Vespa/The Media Circuit, Andreas Branch; Photos: WireImage/WENN, Patrick McMullan
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  • iza

    What does she see in him?

  • Taylynn21

    iza I must agree with you!!! This is not working!

  • jam


  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    :crap: they new couple

  • cara

    Can’t stand her, think she is a real B. She tried to bring down her child’s father with lies and she seems to end all her relationships on an EXTREMELY bad note, says alot about her. She looks sheepish lately, like she knows we all know now for sure she’s a crazy B, she knows her fakeness has been exposed.

  • Nat

    Gabriel is way much hotter and fresher than Olivier

  • Sun

    frankie and alice sucks. hahahahahaha halle is a bad actress

  • Pandora

    This woman needs to seek psychiatric help, not media attention. She has recently flaunted all that ails her mentally. She’s a complete nutbar, a liar, and any man who is with her or considering being with her, needs to run. My opinion of her has been reduced to basement level. I feel sorry for the child, and for Aubry, too, after this psycho’s smear campaign on him. Of course she has zero cred now, so I doubt anyone actually believed her ramblings.

  • VK

    Cara, I agree

    Halle is looking worn down lately. I am sure this custody situation is getting to her.
    People always say how beautiful she is etc….Not taking anything away from her looks but there is something DEEPER going on with her. Looks don’t solve problems. So people stop saying how gorgeous she is everytime you mention her. She seems to have a lot mentally going on. Similar to the character in her new movie with the multiple personalities?!!!!!

  • gg

    He was SOOO HOT in Unfaithful days, what happened to him? he doesn’t look healthy :(

    Unfaithful was not that long ago. geez.

  • Nebila

    Hello Halle Berry Haters!!! She looks stunning, she is an amazing actress, and I am sure Gabriel does not need your petty. Please stop insulting him by making him sound such a loser, that you pathetic people could relate to. He dated Halle Berry I think he has done well for him self. Hate her or not nothing changes in her life you don’t exist in her life. She will remain beautiful, amazing and rich….now go hang yourself.

  • Zoe

    She does not belong in a relationship! She says that every man she is with is abusive. If her claims are true then why should we believe that this guy is any different. She doesn’t miss a beat to get into a new relationship. She doesn’t take the time to reflect. If her claims are false then she is sick. Either way she is the common denominator.

  • Nora

    Halle Berry es muy bonita, pero aun mas loco y un mentiroso habitual. Que necesita para obtener alguna ayuda seria muy pronto. me siento realmente mal por ella y su hijo.

  • Nebila=CrazyBerry

    Oh, look everyone! Crazy Berry or her damage control peeps are posting! Too late! Too late! She’s already shown herself to be a lunatic. A has been. Played the race card. Played the victim card. She’s all played out and just plain stupid. Face it. Claimed black men were no good so went on to white men. Now she’ll claim white men are no good instead of taking ownership for the fact that she’s a crazy, crazy bish.

  • Lee Brown

    Halle Berry is as only good as we accept her. She is rich, yes but how long does that last when supporter is becoming less and less interested in her as a celebrity. When the people stop supporting her, the bucks stops as well. I’ve had enough of her, I never go to the movies to see her act. I do not watch her movies when they are on cable. The iconic Berry is over, the media has won because of her exposing herself with all these men. The dignity is no longer there, and the good looks are dissapeared into the fire of confusion. Just look at this blog and you can see that the majority of people no longer will support Halle Berry. Move on to the next young black actress. Strike three you’re out Berry. Get some help!!!

  • vfvv

    Halle always picks some handsome men.

  • In The Know

    He looks like a vampire that always needs a shower and a shampoo.
    Man he gets gorgeous women!

    I think because women aren’t intimidated by the small French p_enis.

  • ewww

    she looks sickly and yeah MENTAL SICK

  • Cammie

    I used to feel that she was very racist, in her comments, and her never acknowleding or accepting her mother, and now she has gone full-blown , just mean, hateful, manipulative, disgusting. I really feel sad and sorry for her child and for the crap Gabriel must have gone through, and what he is stuck with for his whole life.

  • Gigi

    Olivier was so handsome. He doesn’t even look like the same person. Halle looks lovely as always.

  • jaye

    Actually her ex-husband’s friends had a name for her Scary Halle or Scary Berry, I can’t remember which one. Apparently she goes ballistic when she doesn’t have her way. When asked by TMZ her ex wouldn’t confirm it, just said he didn’t want to get into old history. After the bad relationships, that SHE chose btw, she now has attitude and bitterness as her constant companions, except when it suits her to show her nicer side.
    Beauty doesn’t compensate for a nasty attitude and being a liar. Better to be with an average looking woman who is honest and loving with a pleasing disposition than a pretty one who’s bitter and vindictive.

  • Bored Olly

    Pale Olly looks bored sh^^less and doesn’t look much into her, figuratively and literally. Thank God, he was OT while the mudslinging was going on. Who knows how much longer their fake relationship will last.

  • sunseeker

    I think he was shocked by how Halle came at him,” continues the friend, referring to the racist allegations and such. “He’s just not that way, [and] the whole thing really took him by surprise.”

    From an article on Eonline

  • Awards season

    @Marie: funny article. I am sure they won’t together much longer after Halle’s latest outburst. It wouldn’t surprise me if other than what he’s been obligated to do during Oscar/other award season and how Frankie & Alice did in its semi release. It’s true he left the country right after their fake beach picture and came back after the slinging stopped. He may be trying to salvage what’s left of his so-called career with hopes their movie doesn’t go straight to dvd. No release date yet. Could be around until if released.

  • bogus article

    Bogus article. Babs and Jimbo (James Brolin) aren’t getting a divorce. She’s been putting her properties in his name because of tax purposes.
    Back on the topic, like people actually thought Halle and OM were going to last?

  • Ava

    He better watch out the minute he dumps her, he’s going to be called a racist.

    The black guys she’s dated and married were all cheaters and abusive, the the white guys were all closet racist… that’s this chicks M.O once the relationship is finished she try’s to destroy the guy’s reputation and she poor Hally is the victim and the public along with the media campaign for her
    ” isn’t sad such a beautiful girl can’t find the right guy”, celebrities are just like us, let’s go and watch Hally Berry’s latest movie”.

  • Regi

    I believe she is a Wicked Witch !!

  • thighmegatampon

    how the hell does he score gorgeous women?? i really liked him with kylie minogue.

  • KATE


  • kayla

    Omg! What’s wrong with Halle, she looks malnourished you guys, really look closely her face is thin. She does not look well and Olivier looks old and used up! I’m sorry but Halle has been looking awfully thin since she’s been with this guy, something’s wrong. However it’s said that French men like women to be very thin, but this is not healthy looking. Also she looks sad, look I don’t like her but something isn’t right she looks very unhappy and very thin.

  • Mike

    Men change and they can become vindictive, crazy, evil, hateful and
    jealous. Some men are also emotionally or physically abusive. No
    on calls them CRAZY and why not? No one says these type of men
    COULD NOT KEEP A WOMAN and why not? If women find themselves
    with these type of men they should leave-quick. You trash Halle and make her totally responsible for her relationships but you NEVER take
    into account or judge the behavior and actions of the men nor do you hold them responsible for their sh** and mistreatement of Halle. It is a fact that Halle has been with men that did not mean her an ounce of good. Her child’s father was fine until Halle moved on. No one really knows what kind of man he really is. Just because he is a model, white and considered attracitve does not mean he does not have some issues he needs to work on. He is NOT pure and holy or without sin.

  • tykell

    oli looks like he needs some sun and a good shower, never heard of this guy before. He do not like to dress, or shop u can tell. but maybe he is a nice guy who knows. wish them welll.