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Jennifer Hudson: 'Where You At' Video Premiere!

Jennifer Hudson: 'Where You At' Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Jennifer Hudson‘s video for “Where You At“!

The video was directed by Anthony Mandler and sees Jennifer making a return to her hometown of Chicago.

“Got the final track listing for the album listening to it now! It feels good” Jennifer tweeted.

This is the first single off her new album, I Remember Me, due out March 22nd!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Hudson’s “Where You At” video?

Jennifer Hudson – Where You At
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  • black mamba

    nice ugly azz weave

  • anon

    This song is a joke. It is so beneath Jennifer and does not fit her image at all.

  • Charles


  • Allie

    Can we talk about how much I love this woman? Her voice is amazing!

  • Ginger

    The melody and music is so pretty and sad. The ending was not good of her screaming. I had to hold my ears. Beyonce’s voice even Rihanna’s would’ve made their voice go with the music and made me feel their pain… With Jennifer’s at the end, I just wanted to knock her down to shut her up!!
    Why do all these black women always sing about their man not having a job or not having their own car?

  • norma

    Yes, we can Allie: I also love myself some Jhud. Her voice is both amazing and incredible!

  • LMAO

    That Naomi Campbell weaves is so not for her!
    I love Jennifer but that song oh boy , it’s not for her to ! I mean from the beggining ( which remind me Alicia Keys If i ain’t got you) i just wanted her to WOOW ME ! But she didn’t it was low for a first single , hope the album is waay better !
    She looks gorgeous & healthy though !

  • kate

    So many haters on here i mean what’s not to like abut J.hud

  • hater

    I hate her so much

    I dream of her being gone from my sight

  • pricetag

    Love That girl, Dont love That song but its not the worst. Screaming at end is ummmmm, not needed, why Jen ?… Not being negative just being honest.

  • nikikustos

    shes gorgeous

  • mrd2

    I think she needs a grammar lesson.

  • Swag

    When they “HATE” like this, you have stept into the big time! You go Jenny!

  • Swag

    When they “HATE” like this,you have stept into the bigtime! You keep doin’it Jenny!

  • Leyla

    What’s to hate about JHud?

    She may oversing at times but at least she’s not a bish.
    Get it girl. :)

  • J

    J HUD ! I’m lovin this song I just downloaded it
    I’ve been playing it all day! “I Remember Me” 3/22 I can’t wait !

  • hmm

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! she’s great! big beautiful voice

  • Ravynwolfe

    Where “you” at..should be Where are you? Why do so many people support bad english? Tired of it. It’s the dumbing down of America.

  • Cotten Kandi

    Jennifer looks so beautiful in her new music video for “Where You At” so happy she was able to comeback from the tragic murders in her family a couple years ago,

  • jule

    go Jen, love her, she looks amazing from head to toe, sings the mess outta this song, golden,.. i like the meaning, everyone should relate in one way or another. some people are jealous.

  • Dante’

    You are such a nice person and have an amazing voice. The video should not have started with images of you & then you sing. What was the editor thinking? Other images should have appeared 1st and then you, when you started singing.

  • david k.

    If anyone is wondering, male model lead is Miles Davis Moody!

  • mello56

    It is really sad when people hate on others. I have read some of the comments and it is just terrible the way some of you guys are talking and I know everyone has a right to their own opinion. Well, I am going to give mines. Beyonce screams to the top of her lungs with every song that she sings and does not sound very good at all and she does not have a very good voice. Her albums sells because like everyone says sex sells, she is half naked with every thing she does . Rihanna voice is ok but I have never heard her it a high note since she has been singing and I like her and have brought her albums and she is also half naked with everything she does also. Maybe I am just old school and believe that you dont have to be naked to sale yourself, you can let your great voice do that. I love Jennifer voice and wishes her all the best. Someone even spoke about the name of the song when there are rappers out there that never speak correct English. There is nothing wrong with the title of the song. Leave the girl alone, she has been thru enough. Some of you are even complaining about the weave. I don’t see where Beyonce’s weave is any better, guess you have to find something to complain about. I know I will get plaster from some of u and its ok.

  • Tony

    So good to hear a big voice singer sing a big voice song. Not many people can sing a song like this. Listen for the tone of notes, the length of holding notes, the range. For those of you who can’t hear the uniqueness and quality in the song, well try and if you still can’t then sad for you.

  • http://mozilla Gladys

    I think the video and Jennifer’s voice is fantastic!!! Through the words “where you at” is not correct grammar, a lot of people still use it, it’s not dumbing down America it’s just how some people express themselves. I hope the rest of the CD is as good or better. Welcome Back Jennifer!!! Your voice is still amazing and you look great!

  • Patty

    Ginger… Neither Beyonce nor Rihanna could EVER sing this song. Nice job Jennifer!!! Love it!

  • Mr, Truth

    @david k.:

    But NO ONE is wondering. We all know who that flamer is! HOWYOUDOIN’?

  • Stacy

    Well let me just say, Jennifer has an amazing voice and I already have her CD. I respect that she isn’t singing a sexually explicit song and shaking her half naked body suggestively like so many others do today. Although Where You At may be grammatically incorrect, this is exactly how many many girls talk, whether you like it or not. And if you truly listen to this song, the message and the melody are stunningly beautiful. Keep singing and being classy Jennifer. Much love & continued success 2 u. You don’t have to get naked or be vulgar to sell CDs.

  • http://FB Stacy

    Jennifer Hudson is amazing. She looks great and sings fantastically. I already have gone out & bought her CD. She has my respect because she is not singing a sexually explicit song nor parading around half naked like Rihanna, Gaga, etc. And whether u like it or not, some people say WHERE YOU AT – ok? If you listen to the message and the melody of this song, it is stunningly beautiful. Keep being a classy act Jennifer. I get it and wish u much love & continued success.

  • http://facebook MZ.BOMB BODY

    i love this song but i think someone else should have song it. it doesnt fit her at all…And omg has she lost weight or what???????

  • http://facebook MZ.BOMB BODY
  • http://facebook deyanna

    anyway thats that hater stuff and so what black ppl can sing all they want and white ppl music dont even make sense all yall want to do is rock so go sit yaself down somewhere and o yu r a serious hater

  • http://facebook deyanna

    anyway thats that hater stuff and so what black ppl can sing all they want and white ppl music dont even make sense all yall want to do is rock so go sit yaself down somewhere and o yu r a serious hater

  • http://facebook deyanna

    @LMAO: o

  • http://facebook deyanna

    @LMAO: o

  • MMM

    Yes it is dumbing down America!!!
    That is what kids listen too.
    Shame on you Jennifer!

  • MMM

    Bad grammar is not classy!