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Jessica Simpson: Working Out Before Her Wedding

Jessica Simpson: Working Out Before Her Wedding

Jessica Simpson carries a Louis Vuitton purse as she leaves the gym on Monday (February 21) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old entertainer and fashionista has been working out for her upcoming wedding to fiance Eric Johnson!

Jess has been doing 75-minute workouts four days a week with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson, Us Weekly reports.

“She’s seeing results,” a friend tells the mag. “She really loves it.”

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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Wedding why?

  • http://- Duckling

    wasn’t she SHOUTING everywhere that she feels beautiful – just like she is (with a few extra pounds)???
    if she had been honest she wouldn’t try to slim down now!!
    f****** desperate hypocrite

  • Chika kaliente

    Do you know that many couple want but can’t afford to have a wedding that’s so sad

  • sharon velazquez

    GO natural instead of using those fake hair extensions. Every time i someone uses hair extensions you can tell and it doesn’t look natural.

  • oh

    She looks good

  • Kami

    good news I’m happy for her

  • Kami

    good news I’m happy for her

  • lexy hates bilson

    I have to agree. I thought her and her sister were shouting from the rooftops about how there’s nothing wrong with Jessica, she’s fine the way she is, she’s a REAL woman…her idiot sister went as far as to pretend she knew something about politics and say she couldn’t believe people were talking about sister dear’s weight when the economy is so bad. NOW suddenly she needs to work out for almost an hour and a 1/2 4 days a week and is on a diet??

  • Sun

    old pictures

  • Tina

    she’ll tub up even more hen the workouts stop

  • Sian

    What about her fiancee, is he working out for the wedding, too? Just sayin.

  • Bob

    Britney again

  • Ann

    @Bob: but she’s has sexy body and not fat just has a totally look like

  • me2

    and on the other 3 days she pigs out…………..

  • cara

    Jessica and her idiotic extra-large purses she always carries around like a security blanket. WTH does she need in such a large purse when she’s at the gym???

  • Harlow

    75 min does not seem to be working

  • jessicow

    cara…jessica carries all her margarita fixins in her giant purse. She gets thirsty during her workouts and her trainer advises her to keep hydrated. Plus the alcohol takes the sting out of seeing all the pretty girls with great figures in the gym while jessica is a big drunk man- faced cow.

  • M

    It’s about time she got her fat @ss back in the gym. She should keep it up even after the wedding; she’s looked like a piglet for some time now.

  • Stop Hating

    LMAO! I’d like all of you to take a minute and read WTF you all are writing. you are all a bunch of haters, obviously you care enough about Jessica to take time from your day (most likely because none of you have a life) to bash Jessica and make comments as if she has somehow affected you negatively. WHAT A BUNCH OF SIMPLE PATHETIC B*T**ES!!

  • carey

    let the girl feel good about herself. working out doesn’t mean you are looking to lose weight!!!!!!!!! LOL Its also a stress reliever and makes you feel better about yourself! stfu!!!! (great for the skin too) Some people are so ignorant and so quick to point the fingers.

  • hypocrite

    Wow “Stop Hating”, you took the time out of your day to comment on a bunch of strangers commenting about another stranger on a blog. You are like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • mm

    Jessica stores her snacks in her giant purse and hangs it around her neck like a feedbag when she’s at the gym. That way, she has the opportunity for hands-free snacking while she works out.

  • Stop Hating

    To Hypocrite – again i say “Simple B*T**ES…I read about Jessica because I am a Fan of hers. If there was a blog about a celebrity I do not like, ie; Lindsay Lohan, i wouldnt waste my time writing negative things about the girl. Read carefully what I wrote. This is a blog about Jessica, so if you dont like her, what is the point of you even being on here saying childish things about her if you do not even like her. I’m guessing you are a child in your teens, if not, you are even more pathetic than i thought. you and the rest of the “Haters” on here make me laugh. save your stupidity for Oprah baby! and i doubt even she would entertain your dumb A**

  • hypocrite

    Pointing out the downside of Jessica Simpson here is no different than a home owners association commenting on the eyesore in the neighborhood. Jessica Simpson is the eyesore in the neighborhood of celebrity gossip.

  • verne troyer

    Is somebody in that gym going to try to stretch her short stubby legs into something more in proportion to her body? Even if she manages to lose weight, she’ll still look odd because her legs are too short in comparison to the rest of her.

  • john

    Stop Hating is Jessica’s paid escort, Eric Johnson, earing some of that $10,000 a month Jessica pays him to pretend to be her boyfriend. I know a man who pays for sex is called a “John”. I don’t know what the term is for a female who pays for sex is, but since Jessica is tranny, I guess we can just use “John” in this case too.

  • grand

    I hope she loses weight because her beauty deteriorated dramatically when she gained weight. Puffy faces and stuffed mushroom bodies are never cute. Good for her! I hope she loses 20 lbs. She hasn’t aged bad just the weight makes her look so old. If she lost some weight she would look like the Hot Jessica Simpson from back in the day.

  • brit

    Really? To all the idiots, im sorry, that left negative comments. She did say she felt good about herself and she thinks beautiful is from within, but that doesnt mean shes never gonna work out in her life. Are u guys kidding me? Are u like 2 year olds? Seriously. Save yourself time and dont say stupid things. Working out isnt always about losing weight, its about shaping up and being healthy. It really is unhealthy to NOT work out. So why dont u guys just shut up please, i think the girl has had enough. Thank you, and don’t bother writing back to me, cussing me out, cuz i am not coming back to see what you guys think. Good bye

  • You’re kidding

    @Stop Hating:
    Please f**k off and get a life.
    This is not a blog about Jessica, it is about celebrities in general.
    If you don’t accept other’s opinions, fine, but don’t then insist on shoving yours down our throats.
    Hypocrite, much?
    Go away. M’kay? Thanks.