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Alex Pettyfer: Morning After House Fire

Alex Pettyfer: Morning After House Fire

Alex Pettyfer takes a stroll around his neighborhood on Friday (February 25) in Los Angeles.

The night before, the 20-year-old British actor attended the premiere of his new film, Beastly, even after part of his house caught on fire!

The blaze erupted in the garage, which is a separate part of the home, but was contained in less than 30 minutes by 27 firefighters, according to a local report.

After signing autographs for fans and walking the red carpet at the premiere to do interviews, Alex went back home to deal with the damage.

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  • marianna

    1st ha!

    oh geez he’s so sexy

  • lauren

    Evidently Karma’s a real Bitch.

  • Lexy

    AWW poor baby Alex. You look so cute. I feel so bad about your house. It will all be ok Love you Alex.

  • i don’t like feet

    How much are you getting paid by his PR team to keep writing rubbish about this nobody?

  • justina

    WHo is he?

  • Jodi

    He looks pissed, and with a reason, in one week:
    1) Girlfriend dumps him
    2) gossip of his controlling ways (reason girlfriend left him)
    3) Every news about him says Alex is a psycho
    4)House on fire
    5) People magazine put another article (today) about his behavior and bad reputation.
    I would be pissed too.

  • Karen


    Careful Lauren – karma will be coming right back at you.

  • Karen


    Careful with Karma Lauren.

  • Karen


    Careful wih Karma Lauren.

  • Kari

    Oh! I remember him in STORMBREAKER with Damian Lewis, he has grown up!

  • Lilakoi Moon

    He looks ugly here

  • candice

    I’m sorry, 27 firefighters? Really?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    People take this boy not james gay franco

  • maxwell

    Maybe he should stop being such a c*nt.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!!

    Take to yor house

  • h

    he’s got bad karma. Over doing what exactly? I can name 10 people today that had all kinds of things happened them and you want to call it bad karma.

    who really cares who dumped who by this point. point is they have ended and that’s the best news I’ve heard this year. glad dianna finally found it in her rotted pea sized brain that she was never a match for him to begin with. I can’t believe people are a fan of her not only did they use each other for publicity but she lied all along saying nice little things she felt about him when really she felt nothing. He’s better off without that kind of gal.

  • Abigail

    Karma for mistreating a lady. What goes around comes around Alex.

  • badtidings

    Word on the street is that his ex is the psycho, that she has been spreading lies about him and that she is the one who torched his house. Any truth to that?

  • Ant

    A reporter (very clueless) ask him in the red carpet last night If the rumors are true that he is engaged to Dianna, he looks like WHAT? and answers: I’m very happy with my personal life, and then GO speedy .
    He couldn’t have a worst night.
    And I’m glad Dianna left him, because I been reading about his douche and arrogant behavior for some time, even I read some time ago (when he was dating Dianna) a waitress telling the story how he only wanted another waitress prettier than her to attend him in a cafe in NY, and even send her his phone number..At first I thought what a imagination but now not so much.

  • lisa

    I have a question what is that white thing wrapped around his arm, he had it on in another interview.

  • jean

    MORE a$$kissing from Jared!!!! Srsly man, you’re making me hate you!

  • jamie

    They said his home address on the news report over the fire. Isn’t that crazy? Celebrity or not, I’ve never heard the news reporting the exact address of a fire location. I’ve only heard town or, since I live in a city suburb, the general location of the fire (Chelsea, Upper East Side, etc.). I feel like any of his fans can go stalk him now.

  • http://none juddyy

    and now alex and vanessa should dating each other lol
    both of them is single

  • Karen


    First of all your name is Ant ..second…I live in NYC and never heard this latest lie. I would love it if you could provide a link…. waiting…

  • Karen


    Abigail – innocent until proven guilty — ever heard of it? And Dianna Agron at this point is hardly a lady.

  • LOL

    Methinks the ex-girlfriend is the crazy one…….she’s WAY too “stepford” for me. TOO poised, too ice queen, too everything. She’s the one who bugs the hell out of me.

  • what

    I’m just confused about WHY he’s so in demand? what exactly has he done to garner all this attention? His latest film I am #4 is flopping at the box office. Beastly looks like it will do even worse.

    Plus all these rumors about his shitty attitude just confuses me about why all these studios want him in their films. he’s not exactly a great actor either and there are tons of guys who look like him.

    hollywood should move onto another young star that would actually be grateful for having all these opportunities

  • kASSIE

    This is sick! It sounds so malicious! I hope the ass that did this is caught. No matter what he is or isn’t this is inhumane.

  • ?

    Ryan Phillippe Reject! lol

  • biscuitb1980

    You gilrs may be fighting over wether he’s an angel or a devil, but Diana isn’t the only one seeing his wrath. It’s becoming a known thing in Hollywood that this guy’s a jerk. After seeing that his castmates were getting paid more for “I Am Number 4″ he demand he get paid more. That’s nice if you’re a proven hit maker, but him, he’s not quit a household name yet. Even after he made that “Beastly” movie, which looks like it’s going to be true to it’s name, Beastly, he hasn’t learned what life would be like if he didn’t have that pretty little face of his. Hopefully his flame will be put out before it can even be lit. Let’s make a spot for some true, appreciative talent. Not this narcistic-anger-management- ridden excuse for an actor.

  • samuel

    his career is going up in flames

  • jean

    @jamie: don’t worry, next to nobody knows him; maybe the Glee fans.



  • kASSIE

    With all the rumors (if I believe them) he reminds me of Mel Gibson. We know he has a temper but we still want to watch his movies.

  • lerner

    As far as the “rumors” who is to blame about the asking for more money? Is it his agent or Alex? Who asked? We don’t know the truth about the details.

  • Troy

    Alex and Dianna are not exactly starting out their careers in a positive way by saying all these negative things about each other in the press. Why do actors today feel they have to be trashy and scandalous to get attention?

  • JJ

    Wasn’t he at home ALONE when the fire started INSIDE his garage on the night of his premiere? I think someone named Alex wants attention.

  • Ella

    He doesn’t look like a friendly or welcoming person in any photo he takes. quite scary bad boy actually

  • thomasd5

    Actually, I didn’t read about Dianna or Alex saying anything bad about each other. They always quote “Sources close to them” without mentioning any names.
    Some decades ago journalists were reporting news. Nowadays reporters and wannebees invent their own news about people.

  • Kara

    @Karen: You seem dead set on painting Dianna to be the bad guy. Personally I believe the ‘relationship’ was all PR and I’m glad its over. Alex isn’t all that special in a few years his star will burn out. Just like Justin Beiber.