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Alexander Skarsgard: Griddle Cafe with Mom & Bro!

Alexander Skarsgard: Griddle Cafe with Mom & Bro!

Alexander Skarsgard stops at the Griddle Cafe for some breakfast on Thursday (February 24) in Hollywood.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor was joined by his mom My and his younger brother Valter, who is also an actor.

Later in the evening, Alexander attended the opening of Tom Ford‘s flagship store, as well as The Hollywood Reporter‘s Nominees Night Party, celebrating, the Academy Awards’ ten Best Picture nominees.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard getting breakfast with his family…

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alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 01
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 02
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 03
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 04
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 05
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 06
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 07
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 08
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 09
alexander skarsgard griddle cafe mom and brother 10

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  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Im more handsome than he

  • S

    His brother needs a haircut, I thought that was his mum looking quite youthful, before I saw her on the other side.

  • kitty

    alas he has learnt the ways of the famewhore

  • Nikki

    hopefully he dumped that dreadful famewhore. he’s so much better off without her. i love how he always makes time for family…it must be a hard arrangement with them living in sweden.

  • Kiki

    Nice arms! I wanna lick them.

  • Kiki

    Nice arms under that shirt. I wanna lick them.

  • Little French

    oh oh 2posts in one days … k

  • Askars rocks

    Bring it on JJ… that’s eye candy we just love to see round the clock! Let’s hope he’ll attend another Oscar party in a flashy suit smiling all over again.

  • Finally

    Beigeless and beautiful!

  • S is Bitter!


    We all can’t be as perfect as you!

  • Peanut Gallery

    Good to see.

  • Tanter

    Valter has done some acting but mostly he’s in high school at the moment.

    Nice seeing Alex with his family. I wonder if Sam and thier sister will visit him at some time.

  • Me

    Valter is going to be as tall as Alex.

  • so nice

    I’ts really great to see him out with his family, looking good, not his uncomfortable look of the past year. He looks best with his friends and family – relaxed, happy. And so gorgeous in a suit too.

  • Own it

    No so happy about the paparazzi… well, that’s the new Alex, in one year, we found out he’s a famewhore, his family isn’t.



    I’d like to see what you look like after raising 6 kids on a working actor’s salary. AS mentioned that they never really had lots of money growing. Not to mention this woman earned a medical degree while raising six kids.

  • grandma

    why is he so grumpy?

  • lopy

    oh that’s a guy?

  • luce

    he looks so hot in that jacket!!

  • whatever

    Alex and Kate are still together silly fangurls

  • Kelly

    He looks great here, seems more content than usual. Maybe because his family is in or is it because blonde bobble head is gone?

  • ?

    While bones is away Mama comes out to play….. uhh?

  • Fame Wh*re

    Alexander + Kate = Alex must be really SUPERFICIAL to be with Kate Bosworthlessness!!!!

  • oh M GEeeeee

    @whatever: we know that Hans, but she is not in this pic, thats the point. Fat boy


    Cute, how uncomfortable Alex’s mom looks and little brother too. I think My is ashamed, looking away, hiding the face… lovely.

  • WOS

    wHY is world of skarsgard cropping off and bluring these same pics weird!

  • Annie

    @kitty: “alas he has learnt the ways of the famewhore”
    @Nikki: “hopefully he dumped that dreadful famewhore. he’s so much better off without her. i love how he always makes time for family…”
    Yeah, always blame the woman, THEY are famewhores. And don’t you see how “happy” is her mom and bro??

  • @Annie

    I agree with you. I’m sick and tired of girls blaming the women for being famewhores! I get that they’re silly jealous fangirls but I’ll be happy when they mature and stop attacking their own gender. It’s hard enough for women in this world – we don’t need other women bringing us down! Needless to say, neither KB nor AS are famewhores, call paps, etc. I see Orlando Bloom all the time at JJ – riding his bike in the mountains, eating lunch with friends, at the baby doc, etc. and girls aren’t calling him a famewhore. Good thing, because he isn’t. The paps have huge networks in major cities throughout the world and they find celebs. Stop attacking and start supporting fellow women! Also, it’s nice to see AS with his family.

  • Fashion is my life

    Have you notice that only Alex, Gustaf and Sam are good looking Skarsgard children?
    They look more like Stellan. My looks very haggard, no wonder her husband left her for a young woman.

  • hippyatheart

    Fashion is my life; you would get on swimmingly with Bos
    Rumour is thats what dear little Katie B said about My behind her boyfriend Alex’s back too. If you think Sweden is a 3rd world country too then you could be besties!! tee hee hee

  • Sunbug

    Why are people being mean about Alex’s mom and little brother? She gave birth to and raised 6 children while her husband was busy doing plays and movies. She also finished Med school at the same time. She seems to have a very calming effect on Alex and all her children are talented and productive. Valter is just a young teenager and really shouldn’t be pictured on these sites. She is a normal, hardworking woman and should be respected not criticised for not looking like a movie star. I’d like to see KB pop out even one kid and we’d see what a whimp she is. Give Alex’s momma her due.



    Seriously, I know you’re probably in your 50s but choose to act like a juvenile middle school person using other people’s monikers. Not brain
    cells to think of your own?

    How low are you to bring his mother into this petty bullsh*t?


    @Fashion is my life:

    What a truly ugly person you are. What comfort does it give you to attack Alex’s mother and siblings?


    @Fashion is my life:

    Btw, My probably sh*tted out more intelligent and attractive things than came out of your mother’s womb.

  • Nikki

    @Annie: Kate Bosworth is KNOWN for famewhoring and that is all. She is not a good actress and her jewelry line is shit. She notoriously calls the paparazzi on herself. Alex never has done that. Most of the paparazzi photos are of him and her because SHE tipped them off. We go weeks without seeing pictures of Alex and then there are a couple of posts over a few days time then we go weeks again without hearing about him, UNLESS he’s with her…but KB gets post after post of her doing meaningless shit because she has to pay for her publicity. That’s what washed up actors do…they pay to be talked about because we all know that it’s better to be talked bad about than not to be talked about at all…and trust me, Kate knows that she isn’t an A-list star and she knows she doesn’t have many fans. Why do you think Alex has been going to parties solo? Because KB was not invited and all of a sudden a big event (in this case the Oscars) is in a few days and where is Kate? Off the radar…we had post after post of her at the beginning of the week and now nothing. She wants us to think she’s doing something important in another country when in reality she’s just skipping town because she wasn’t invited to any events. So in this case, it is not Alex’s fault. It’s blatantly obvious that he hates the papz and she loves them.

  • video footage

    Check out at 01:14

  • http://viking65 mforman

    what is wrong with you, that you would say such things regarding a mother of 6 six children, which she basically raised herself while her husband was filming, received a medical degree and has maintained an extremely close relationsip to all children.

    i am not blaming the the female in this thing that you like to call a relationship (nobody knows what the heck it is), bit in all of HW she is known as a world class man stealing, famewhore. you know the paps are on speed dial, because how else would they know about post office visits, going to the vets, the hair salon and the best yet the office of her female doctor.

    she is such a no talent that on her own Wki page, when they are discussing the few parts she has done, they state she ruined the movie with her performance, if you can call it that even killing off Superman in the one remake in which she played Lois Lane.

  • like twilightfans


    All this animosity is just a True Blood feud. I know there are some silly obsessed askarslooneys here but mostly Moyer’s and Manganiello’s fans take advangage of Alex’s divided fandom. They like stir the sh1t. This same phenomenon happen on several True Blood related fan pages and on some gossip sites too. Only Alex’s and Kate’s badmouthing is allowed and even if you slighltly criticize moyer, paquin or manganiello for example, you’ll get immediately censored and banned. Admins must be paid of that. This “twitardesque” behaviour amongst the ADULT fandom has alienated me from the show. I only check some Eric/Pam/Jessica -scenes on Utube from now on.

    Btw, I find it extremely hilarious when some idiots call Alex an famewh0re. Is it double standards here or are the some tb fans just that stupid? My bet is on the latter.

  • Fashion is my life

    1. MERRICK@Fashion is my life: : What a truly ugly person you are. What comfort does it give you to attack Alex’s mother and siblings?

    2. MERRICK@Fashion is my life: : Btw, My probably sh*tted out more intelligent and attractive things than came out of your mother’s womb.

    - – - -
    1. Why am I an ugly person? they are on a gossip site! I can comment if I want to. Just like you.
    2. That’s just silly. YOU are an ugly person. :)

  • BigEasy

    Kate is in Paris in meetings with a director and that’s why she’s not going to any of the Oscar hoopla. If she were in LA and going to the parties, you’d be calling her a fame*hore. She’s in Paris at this time because she could tie the trip into fashion week in Europe. Obviously it’s much easier than flying back and forth. As for AS, clearly he doesn’t want his private life invaded. Whether it’s Kate or his mum and brother, he doesn’t like it! He’ll smile for the cameras on a legit red carpet but that’s about it. I think his entire family is lovely and shame on those of you who are unkind to others. You need to do some serious soul searching and figure out why you have a need to be nasty.

  • Danielik25

    In video no YT Alexander Skarsgard at Tom Ford opening he is with some blackhaired girl, look carefully 0:43 – 0:45. Who is she?

  • LooLoo

    Kate Bosworth will wanna shelf her plans and be back in town. Cant let her latest man accessory be without her for too long incase he develops a brain cell n wants to get rid then she will be stuffed. Then theres the Oscar party n Skasgard family paptime OMGZ how can she miss that when Europe dont care bout her much. If she misses it she will be dyin inside but girls good at putting on a show n will work it the way she works puppet man & his homies. Baby must be in a spin right now but its ok coz her man aint smart so shes safe. Just missing oscar n fam pap time will sadden her. Girlz gonna do an Arnie and be back for pappy party time.

  • On route

    Beigeho will be back sucking his soul, shine and **** soon enough, prob boarding flight rite now. Hes her blanky cant be without blanky unless somethin better around that can get Beige more fame

  • Jamie

    Dont blame Blahsworth! He is a manchild! Total brat! Man lost himself the minute he couldnt see K Blahsworth for what she is. He knew what he was getting but wanted it neways! Little boy from the outback wantin to look like a star so he dont need go back there but just looks like a first class plonker and male escort. Least his family look more real than him. His brother is super super talented actor but Bratty Skars is like man for rent.

    Bratty Skar needs brought down a peg or ten but Blahsworth will finish that job and when she does she will be the idol of women everywhere cos love her or hate her she knows how to play a man and make sh*t happen for herself without caring how low she need go. She will leave the coupling rosey and he will still be a sucker with a new famewh*re hes that desperate. Hes like what 40? shes still young and can do better

  • Get a hobby!

    People need to get a new hobby. Fans are just p*ssed that their perfect viking has pulled the wool over all theyre eyes hahaha!
    They want to blame Kate cause its better thsan believing they had him all wrong.

  • http://JMForever Silly

    Whatever you think of Kate at Least Kate can play long-ball, your Skarsguard is just unravelling as he can’t play the game no more for fan’s, nothing to do with him and Kate who are alike and you cannot hack it. He does’nt care your crying over him showin real him or his secret fiance’ and yah I did say that! Man just want’s to show himself now and Kate help’s him do it. She is an icon and he is nothing and he know’s it! He should be happy she want’s to be seen with him and that family! He had to get friend’s and family to come from Europe all cos of crazy fans’ upsetting them both!

    Most of the neg rating’s and post’s will be from one those skarsgard site’s. The one everyone know’s is ran by crazy old fan lady who just hates Kate cos she lurvvvvvvessss the viking. Kate and Skarsguard are 2 peas in a pod deal with it! Its not going to be over when that movie is out TRUST ME, everyone inside know’s what’s gonna happen and viking fan lady should start stockpiling tissues as she’s gunna need them.

  • mforman

    #42 I do not know who she is, but he is lookng for her very strongly and then takes her hand in his. so I guess he doesn’t mind showing PDA, when it is someone that isn’t disgusting and a famewhore. I also loved how he laughed when that lady screamed in the street when she saw him.

    It is so nice to have this AS back, now if we can just keep the creature away, all will be well with the world.

    Thank you for bringing the You Tube to our attention.

  • Askarluv

    He looks better with TRUE family & friends.
    Bonesworth needs to stay away and maybe he will get the spleen to ditch her and the attitude he has developed. They both look haggard due to their relationship anyways and not from passion. She will do better single if she wants to make a true career for herself finally and well he will be better and maybe get a proper career himself once he gets his life force back :lol. TB and its hype aint gonna live forever.
    Askars is too good to waste his talent on a famewhore and her games.

  • truebloodmaniac

    His mom and brother are so cute. Stop making fun of them, its not fair.
    This is his mum and brother they aint playing fame games no matter what you think of him and his woman. Cant wait for new season of TB, he looks way better than last.