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Alexander Skarsgard: Tom Ford Flagship Opening!

Alexander Skarsgard: Tom Ford Flagship Opening!

Alexander Skarsgard suits up for the opening of the Tom Ford Flagship Store on Rodeo Drive on Thursday (February 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor also attended The Hollywood Reporter‘s celebration of the Academy Awards’ ten Best Picture nominees at the Getty House that evening.

Earlier this month, Alexander attended a celebration of Best Picture nominee The King’s Speech with his dad Stellan and brother Bill.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at the Tom Ford opening…

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alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 01
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 02
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 03
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 04
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 05
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 06
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 07
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 08
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 09
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 10
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 11
alexander skarsgard tom ford flagship opening 12

Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, FayesVision/WENN
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  • Amy

    He’s looking amazing. He has a lovely smile.

  • Sad reality

    I liked more his real smile…
    Mimbo and Bimbo are perfect for each other.

  • Peanut Gallery

    I don’t get all the negatives.

    Billsbabes, is that your doing?

    Love the suit, wears it really well, the smile is a nice change too.

  • why??

    what’s with all the thumb down post”s carn’t pple stand a smiling and happy and sexy alexander????????????????????? JJ also has another post on alexander having breakfast with his mom My and brother valter awwwww cute it’s so great his family is with him

  • Ella

    Alex looks great as always. Yummy.

    I find it funny how some of you people think you know how he feels and what he thinks. Do you know him personally?

  • Mia

    I guess some haters cant stand to see him happy. They want him to be with KB so they can rip him apart.

  • Joans’s

    Maybe mamma My brought back Alex’s ball, like only a mother can do.

  • Nicole

    Where is Joel?

  • Joans’s

    Maybe mamma My brought back Alex’s *balls*, like only a mother can do.

  • Sunbug

    Looks like someone has been playing with the thumbs up and down.
    All the posts that high postives are now negatives. Sorry if us thinking Alex looks great upsets some of you. We happen to be his fans and we’re happy to see him smiling and looking healthy and happy. Nothing brings out a man’s smile like a beige free world.

  • vy

    How do you know?

  • oh M GEeeeee

    @Really?: I don’t care if the phlucking Pope and a Rabbi made him smile. I am glad to see that he is smiling. Why would that make us dumbazzes apparently the joke is on you, dumbazz!!!

  • oh M GEeeeee

    Oh I guess the Kate lovers, mainly that stupid Skarsgard site, are in here giving us thumbs down. You are only hurting your own , you dumb fangurls. No one is obligated to like Kate, even though she is riding his coattails, she does receive more posts than he does. So I guessed it works. Still, no one likes her.

  • He is so adorable

    He is so good looking and looks great in a tux. Cannot wait for TB new season. I hope he makes more movies after the filming of TB is over. He is a talented actor with lots of work to be done. Just hope he stays focused on his career, and not get sucked up by the Hollyweirdness and the ones that hang onto the coattails. .

  • truman

    @61: Mforman doesn’t know anything! Mforman is a fangirl who is very strange and sickly obsessed with Kate. A bit scary I’d say. Needless to say, she’s obsessed with Alex too. If she were a true fan, she’d simply want him to be happy and not judge him in any way.

  • Kate Who?

    I find it interesting that all posts with positive comments about ASkars have an excessive amount of negative comment ratings. Are all you famewhore fans upset that he only seems to smile when he’s away from her?

  • Nikki

    haha, i came back to check out the comments and all of the ones that had high ratings earlier, now all have negative ratings…it’s definitely the stephen moyer fans…grow up. all of you are probably twice my age (18) and act like infatuated preteens. this has nothing to do with true blood so leave the eric vs. bill debacle for another post. this is about alex. just because stephen doesn’t get the same publicity/recognition that alex does, doesn’t mean you do childish things like vote down positive comments. alex is an ACTOR he plays a character and just because you don’t like his character doesn’t mean that you disrespect alex. he’s obviously happy and those of you that can’t appreciate that fact need to leave him alone.

    i’m off my soap box.

  • P

    Yes celebs get paid to go to these events thus he has to smile. But he really hasn’t been at other events for quite awhile. This is the pre-Bosworth AS we know. Yes a bit too tanned, tired and looking a bit off, he aged a lot this past year. Hope we will see more of this smiley AS from now and no more Bosworth PLEASE!!!! She’s so last year!

  • BB?

    Thumbs down because the BB are sooo annoyed that CH finally did confirm she planned a great death scene for Bill?

  • http://viking6p mforman

    #61, i know because KB and her paid for friends love to plant stories about her, especially when things aren’t going the way she likes and she isn’t getting enough attention. i mean she has to be on the cover of a thrid rate magazine, dressed like a 12 yr old hooker, because AS looks so happy in all the photos, since she is not around.
    #65, what is your problem, the moment someone says something negative about the famewhore, they are a crazy fangirl, believe me I am far from crazy or fat (which is KB’s favorite things to calls us). What I see are photos of AS with what has been missing the sparkle in his eyes that is now back and a smile on someone, that shows just how happy he is without the stage 5 clinger hanging around, i do want him to be happy that is why the photos from Sundance, New York, London a probably Paris, of her hanging on different men, in her usual wasted condition have me as a fan of AS’s upset, why would she embarass and humiliate him. if things have finally come to an end, she wants to be the one that makes it look like she has ended it, to me that is crazy.
    just let AS enjoy his time with his mother and brother, his various working projects and the fact that no one wears a Tom Ford like him. see not a crazy fan girl, just a fan girl.

  • http://viking6p mforman

    #64, you are right, no one can wear a Tom Ford tux like AS, if you want to see one of his really great roles, purchase PUSS, the only bad thing is you have to order it from Sweden, so it takes a while to receive it, but it is worth the wait.

    #66 you make an excellent point, what will JJ do when the posting money dries up, maybe he will sell crapmint on the sidewalks of LA.

  • Cjd

    Amazing how much more relaxed and happy he seems without that anorexic parasite attached to him… Sad we don’t see this Alex more often.

  • Viv

    Really? My post gets -7 negativity for saying that I thought he looks nice? What’s wrong with him looking nice, he looks very handsome that’s all. Are people seriously going through all the posts and doing a thumbs down for all nice posts. Who’s doing it, Bosworth or Moyer fans? It’s a tv show, albeit a very good one, but a show all the less. They are both excellent and handsome actors.
    I am very happy to see a lovely man like Alex, smiling for once in his own company. People have been moaning of late about how he never smiles, he looking for fame, he’s with Kate and he’s dull, but here he is on his own, happy, smiling, gorgeous and interesting and suddenly nobody wants to hear it!? He looks amazing.

  • @ Viv


    All this animosity is just a True Blood feud. I know there are some silly obsessed askarslooneys here but mostly Moyer’s and Manganiello’s fans take advangage of Alex’s divided fandom. They like stir the pot. This same phenomenon happen on several True Blood related fan pages and on some gossip sites too. Only Alex’s and Kate’s badmouthing is allowed and even if you slighltly criticize moyer, paquin or manganiello, you’ll get immediately censored and banned. Admins must be paid of that. This “twitardesque” behaviour amongst the ADULT fandom has alienated me from the show. I only check some Eric/Pam/Jessica -scenes on Utube from now on.

    Btw, I find it extremely hilarious when some idiots call Alex a famewh0re. Is it double standards here or are the some tb fans just that blind, illiterate and stupid? My bet is on the latter

    And yes he looks extremely good and gorgeous as always, little worried about a sunburn though. He should be more careful in sun.

  • Conspiracies!!!

    @@ Viv:

    Don’t go for gurl-fans-conspiracies. You gurls blame everyone, has it cross your mind that Alex is not perfect?

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Open letter to Alex:

    Dear Alex you do nothing for me I am a Michael Jackson/ Orlando Bloom/ Johnny Deep fanatic those are the men I would do in a heart beat but given that I love your father and I know how the fame HO you got involved with operates and seeing you face (like you just saw someone being run over) when you are with her I took pity on you and I have a soft spot for you now.
    know that you “dating” her is a mix of (after watching the now infamous video) you wanting to hide to the public you like to play both fields and you wanting to promote the movie the two of you made.
    But Alex :
    1.Your fans I am sure won’t care right now I am sure they would actually prefer you dating a hot stud LOL you achieved that by the showmance congratulations .
    2.The movie is a useless remake NO ONE will care about that one either .
    So do yourself a favor change your phone number , your email , go out of town when she comes back to hunt you a restraining order will come handy trust me I know this won’t be easy as I said I know how she operates but be strong you can pull this off trust me.
    Yours a fan of your fathers .

  • Natalie

    @Mjforever: …crazy

  • @ conspiracy gurl


    Truth hurts, doesn’t it? It is you who seems to be in denial. All the Alex fans, me included know that Alex is NOT perfect (we don’t even except that, he’s much more interesting that way;) whereas Stephen, Anna and St Joe sure are all Saints lol. I’ve never seen their fans been harsh on them. They NEVER critcize them. If you don’t believe me, open your eyes and just read other pages than JJ.

  • @ mjpervert
  • Nikki

    @Viv: It’s obviously Moyer fans, KB doesn’t have any…especially on JJ.

  • Viv

    I didn’t say he wasn’t perfect, no one is, I’m just saying that he looks kinda handsome, the guy hasn’t done nothing!! He seems like a nice guy, always pleasant in interviews and when he meets fans. I’m pretty shocked by the amount of hate he gets.
    Maybe it ain’t fan-gurls but it’s pretty hard to think that people who aren’t interested in the show or ASkars would care to come on here and put a thumbs down to every nice comment on here about him looking nice.

  • Viv

    I know, it is most likely to be fan gurls, maybe and more likely, of Moyer’s. I didn’t say, oh here’s a conspiracy, it’s 100% Moyer or Bosworth fans, all I said was it most probably is, I cannot think of anyone else.
    @conspriacy_gurl Thanks.
    I ain’t in denial, I don’t think he is perfect, he’s just lookin’ good here.

    Oh and to the person who replied @Viv, I don’t get why people call him a famewhore either. I often look at gossip sites when I am bored and this is the only one that he is really on.
    Man, this is crazy!!!!

  • @ Nikki


    That’s true and unfortunately some JM fans are pretty rude too even on HBO’s tb fan page untill admins denied all the private life gossips on their page but they continue their BS on the other pages (wos=world of s**t and tPF=the p00p forum are the most vicious ones). However, ASkars obsessive fan gurls are the worst IMO. They give Alex and his fans a bad name. I’m not a fan of KB but not a hater either. Alex could do much better but it’s his business ffs and there must be smthng good in her because Alex has been with her a year and half now. Secondly, I have not heard anything bad about her from any reliable source. TedC, JJ’s message board, Celebitches, gossip mags, discussion boards, tb forums, moyer/manganiello fanpages are NOT reliable sources but they seem to be encyclopedies for retards, just sayin’ no offece lmao

  • Danielik25

    In YT video Alexander Skarsgard at Tom Ford opening he is with some blackhaired girl, look carefully 0:43-0:45. Who is she?

  • Nikki

    Holy smile: Yummy!

  • Nikki
  • mforman

    JJ what are you a 10 year old, all the posts that have positive things to say about AS are all given negative numbers, how stupid you seem, like your paid for friend. you should now see why we dislike her so much, becuase this is her behavoir, spoiled rotten and for no reason at all.

    you should try and grow up, maybe real, talented celebrities would start to want to be on you site. if not you are going the way of KB, posing on a 3rd rate magazine dressed up like an underage hooker and thinking you look amazing and that you deserve everything that you are getting.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @ 79 Will you learn some freaking English before answering my letter to Alex ? And what has a legend anything to do with what we are talking about you moron? Come back when you became at least 18 until then leave adults talk about Kate BosHO and her misdeeds and last time I checked the opinion of someone who worships a never been skeleton is even less important than the opinion of someone who likes actual celebrities .

  • Jessica M

    his crazy fan sites always take over in here. Kate is about to get the last laugh on you all but to stay on topic he does look handsome for a change.

  • Cjd

    @Jessica M: …and how would she do that? By marrying him? Getting knocked up? How is that getting the last laugh? If that happens I’ll be laughing at both of them! Poor Alex…

  • beard

    hes gay neways everyone know it BEARD BEARD BEARD BEARD

  • Minnie Minx

    she found out he is smiling so looking for an anchor to take home and weigh him down again lol

  • Huh?

    @Minnie Minx: funny! too true…

  • @ mjpervert


    Hehe and your talks is very “mature” indeed, grumpy old sack. It’s funnay that ppl in your age are raging on gossip boards and writing hatemale and then you have a nerve to lecture others lmao It’s only a tv show ffs, you shouldn’t take it so seriously but then again if you have not life of your own…