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Angelina Jolie: Engraved Diamond Pendant for Brad Pitt!

Angelina Jolie: Engraved Diamond Pendant for Brad Pitt!

Angelina Jolie has commissioned jewelry designer Robert Procop to create a special diamond pendant for her partner Brad Pitt.

The 35-year-old actress is designing a jewelry line with Procop and also frequently wears his designs on the red carpet.

The pendant, which is worth six figures, has an engraved message for Brad and is styled after Ancient Egyptian amulets that contained hidden messages.

“The hidden message is lasered on,” Procop told the Daily Mail. “I can’t tell you what it says, and you would need a microscope to read it!”

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  • laverdadduele

    Well, that’s a nicer gift that all the STD’s she must’ve given him.

  • Nadyazz

    Wow so romantic .. love the jolie pitts

  • Julie

    I love them.

  • ilia

    And, so?

  • Lara

    Awww what a loving and romantic gift for Angie for her husband. They are such a devoted couple, love them.

  • Im-Anistoned

    @1 Look who’s talking….your idol Ticky obviously got the disease Loonifer. Let me mention a few of those men VV, JM, PS, GB, BC and the others whose name fail to register. Whoaa, and the Chandler too!!

  • Im-Anistoned

    And tell your Loonifer Goddess she should quit puckering her lips – she looks like a CHIM PAN ZEE!

  • Alice

    They are so in love.

  • John

    Angelina is still a heroine addict and brad pitt is just desperate

  • Where in the world is…

    I think the media got it wrong and the gift is for one of her lady friends. Diamond pendant for her male lover? Oh please! Give me a break!

  • luvangie4ever

    I’m having Angie withdrawal symptoms, would love to see some new pictures of her. Although I’m really curious what the message says, it’s all the more special to Brad for the very reason that it’s private.

  • 000000000

    still a HOMEWRECKER

  • garter belt fetish

    What an incredibly beautiful couple!!
    I just can’t get enough of them.
    Truly soul mates too!

  • Where in the world is…

    @laverdadduele: google brad herpes. He’s Been rumored to have it way before he met la jolie. Where is she anyway? ? Hmm.

  • Lurker

    romantic. I wanna see the necklace.

  • BIA

    those poor kids. their mother is a SLUT

  • Where in the world is…

    @John: o please! As well as being desperate the Old man is an alcoholic and addicted to nicotine. Sheesh! Get it right.

  • BIA


  • laverdadduele

    @Im-Anistoned: You’re wrong, I don’t have any idols, much less Jennifer Aninston, as a matter of fact, I find her pretty pathetic, depressing, and annoying. She an awful “actress” and her movies suck. She should find a man an go away already. I have no sympathy for her, but at least she’s not a home-wrecker.

  • awwww

    Angelina loves Brad so much. SWOON.

  • Mrs Smith

    it just dawned on me that Aniston, may finally is starting to realize that Pitt ain’t coming back (sorry jenny-poo). How long has it beeen 6 years???

    Like the say, when you change your hairstyle and start “uncluttering your life” like selling the house and moving to another state…stuff like that…signals a change in your life. Hopefully, she’ll also now try to date men who are not ‘act-ors’ or trying to be.

    Also, too bad about having to give up on waiting for Bradley to come back (the waiting must have taken its toll on you honey). Brad is in a very happy place right now. Everyone knows it including just move the hell on. love, Mrs Smith



  • —–

    where are the DOWNS kids?

  • Where in the world is…

    just another clue that Jolie has a secret girlfriend. Ho hum!

  • Where in the world is…

    Btw the cigs and booze have really taken a large crapola right on Brad putz face! Lol

  • Some Bunny

    I love Angelina Jolie’s style! What a precious jewel Brad Pitt is and what a way for the “Love of his life” to express how rare and exclusive her love is to her man!
    Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and fans!

  • Sun

    nice romantic gift for her boyfriend. but its too expensive. she could save lots of children in africa with that money

  • NAN

    Ålzheimer Bitter Biitch Barren Cow Ex can’t Move On.

    Norman’s friends are still B Å R K I N G for their Ålzheimer boss,

    He he he,Norman’s friends get angry that Ho humniston can have only Husbians and Norman’s hotdog for 6+ yrs b/c Ho humniston’s Easy Easy Poosey can’t keep any man longer than 3 months ,just asking VV,RK,MIKE,BRIAN,BC,JM,JM,GB;JS…ect

    Poor S L U T Ho humniston huh? only Norman’s hotdog+plastic’s hotdogs from Mandy + AAC …ect,he ha he ha ha ha,

  • QQQQ

    Daily lying Mail couldn’t even get the name of the collection correct, so the possibility of them making up a quote from Robert P about this alleged gift is extremely high.

  • mary`

    Where in the world is.. @ 02/25/2011 at 5:45

    sorry to break this to you but the paps here in LA have established the pendant is for Brad. happy now??

  • That’s No Gray in his Beard

    Some one turn on the lights so the cockroaches will scury on back to their troth.. Ha haha FFers are alone with no Man on a Friday night just like their loser idol! Admit all you bb!tches hate on Angelina because she is so much skiner and sexxier than you fat wh0es!

  • lynn

    LOL Angie owns the Loonifers (jen hens to some). They are first on her threads and follow her every move. Poor Loonifer with fans like this how will she ever be out of Angie and Brad’s shadow and continue to look pathetic. No wonder X drinks so much.

  • truth is

    @Where in the world is…: Honey, you got it wrong. It’s your idol Jen who has a female lover just asks Chelsea H. how many times they muff each others muffin with vodka and margarita in the other side and she muffs Courtney C. muffin too that was the reason why David A. went to rehab. Jen is the real bull dike that’s why until now she still don’t have a man ’cause what she wants to taste is a woman’s muffin.

  • to laverdadduele

    You don’t have any money, , as a matter of fact, I find you pretty pathetic, depressing, and annoying. You’re an awful “person” and your postings suck. You should find a man an go away already. I have no sympathy for you, but at least you’re not cancer infested, at least not yet.

  • thats_right

    Angelina one of a kind, no wonder Brad goes crazy for her, he can’t live without his Angie :) and Angie loves Brad :)

    Love them soooooooooooooo much together.

  • teri

    OMG YAY I’ve missed hearing about Angelina. Love them.

  • WOW!

    This reflects Angelina’s real inner self, a very loving and generous person.

  • necklace

    Brought over from previous Brad thread but edited with Brad’a actual quote

    #411- I kind of doubt the necklace story — sounds very similar to an old story which both brad & Angie said was false that was circulating around the time of the LA Ocean’s 13 premiere. “Someone” said Brad had gotten Angie an expensive necklace for her brithday and it was in the shape of a tiny envelope with a pull-out love letter. When asked at the premiere, Angie said it was “absolutely” not true and seemed surprised at the question. Brad when asked by another reporter laughed and declared, “It’s not true. I got something else,” he said. “They got it wrong. I don’t know where these stories come from. I’m much better than that. I’m much smoother than that.” We later learned he had tattoed her birthday in Khumar on his stomach!!! Pix of the supposed “Love Letter” necklace gift:

  • teri

    Jennay call your assclowns off.

  • tazzy

    @John: @laverdadduele:

    Yeah and you are still insane, nothing changes.

  • anustin

    oi…faniston…keep on watchin JGWI. help out her azz.

  • what’swrong??

    guess brad isn’t a fan of blood vials. or he didn’t like her idea of wearing locks of hair necklaces. or cutting off a finger and wearing it as a ring. whatevs. or maybe that’s not the style anymore among freaks. but i’m sure your bro would love some of that, jolie.

  • Where in the world is…

    U guys are very angry at me for telling it how it is. The reporter probably asked the guy,”so what was the most recent thing you’ve created with ms jolie?” and he responded with,”a diamond pendant with a secret message .” the media then ran with the idea that the womanly diamond pendant necklace is for brad . Bwah. Don’t hate me with your red thumbs. Everyone with _gossip_ eyes knows about Angie’s girlfriends. _rolling my eyes_

  • NAN

    He he he,Ålzheimer Ho humniston’s dogs hide behide the computer huh? HuvseyBotoxNajimy.

  • t.m.delafonda

    I don’t know whether to believe this story or not. But, I do know that this is couple which really loves each other. Because….there is NO WAY that they would have been able to stay together, children or none, with the hatred and lies that have been thrown at them, if they weren’t in love. For that reason alone the trolls should just acknowledge the truth. x is part of his ( Brad ) past, his family is his present and future. Live your own lives and let the JP’s live theirs.

  • Cookie-Cutter

    @Mrs Smith:

    Who wants a man with that much baggage carrying 6 kids..Brad sold his soul to the devil and JA is better of w/o him laughing how he lost his b*lls thinking grass was greener on the other side..bahahaha

  • anustin

    faniston are insane!!!! go watch rivers and her daughter slamming Maniston.

  • Alissa

    Hidden message reads:

    ‘Tick Tock’


  • NAN

    6+ yrs gone by Ålzheimer Bitter Biitch Barren Cow Ex still paid for Norman’s friends to talking about 100 years Divorced,
    JFWI is Floppy + Bomb** by S L U T Ho humniston,
    The Lonely Vaj & 1 Night Ho of HW.

  • t.m.delafonda

    Then why are YOU here?!?!