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Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler: San Diego Duo

Christina Aguilera & Matthew Rutler: San Diego Duo

Christina Aguilera and boyfriend Matthew Rutler enjoy a recent weekend getaway together with her son Max in San Diego, Calif.

The couple enjoyed some R&R at the Hard Rock Hotel, where they stayed in one of the luxury suites and dined at Nobu.

The 29-year-old singer also treated Max to some heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast before taking him to some surrounding theme parks.

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  • alison


  • laverdadduele

    The sl*t and the freeloader.

  • Nj

    Jj just fyi She is 30 not 29.

  • Angelina

    they are so cute

  • Pinkrose

    Walked out of her marriage after 3 years and straight into the arms of the freeloader, without a thought to her son. Now, THAT’S A HOMEWRECKER.

  • Angelina

    @ pinkrose do you know how to read?? JJ posted that she went WITH HER SON. now SHUT UP.

  • Angelina

    @ pinkrose she WENT WITH HER SON. SHUT UP hater

  • estele

    heart shaped pancakes? awwww

  • Kio


  • too cute

    She looks great . she is such a storng girl, she will comeback better and stronger than ever. Her little boy is such a cutie and he is her world.

  • gagagaga

    christina awesomelera

  • Xtina_Amazinglera

    Christina Aguilera, the most incredible vocalist champion! The most talented and marvelous singer!

    I can’t wait for the new album! :)

    Christina Voicelera ALWAYS WINS. You can’t bring that kind of epicness down, no matter how hard you try, haters. Christina remains great, as usual.

    Christina Amazinglera!

    I’m now listening to her “Stripped” and “Burlesque” albums!! :D

  • Lynn

    she is delusional…

  • Xtina_Amazinglera

    Christina Aguilera : the most incredible vocalist, a huge talent of epic proportions!

    I can’t wait for the new album!!

    I am listening to the “Stripped” and “Burlesque” albums, now! :)

    Christina Aguilera always wins! She remains fantastic! The haters are so angry and constantly feel threatened by Christina. The haters are nervous about Christina 24/7, even when Christina is “irrelevant” and “flopping”. WHY? Because they know that as long as she keeps making music and doesn’t retire… Christina will keep making all of the haters’ favorites artists look and sound like pure sh*t, in comparison!

    The haters know Christina always wins by default, just because of her amazing voice. This makes them incredibly bitter. So, they will resort to the spread of any kind of stupidity and lies in an attempt to bring Christina down and maybe make her go nuts.

    Well, you fail haters. Christina is too d@mn smart and epic for you. She’s got the thickest skin ever. You haters freaking fail, epically.

    Christina Voicelera wins.

  • Xtina_Amazinglera

    Christina Amazinglera owns all of you wack idiotic haters! Her voice automatically destroys all of your favorite artists, no matter what position they are in the charts!

    Hahahahaha! No wonder Christina has so many haters! She wins even if she falls after a performance at the Grammys!

    She sounds amazing, even when she doesn’t sing the correct lyrics!!! Who else? :D

    Christina Voicelera always wins and is always epic! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Xtina_Amazinglera

    Christina Aguilera : a versatile vocalist!

    The new album will be fantastic! Can could do anything, next!! Rock??
    Electro??? Soul??? Techno??? Heavy metal??? Jazz? R&B??? Pop??? Opera?????

    Whatever she does, it will sound aaaammaaaaaaziiiinnnng!!!!

  • Lol

    Christinb Crazy sluty

  • Katy

    Fake love slut

  • Xtina_Amazinglera

    LOL The haters do not know what kind of insult to come up with!!

    “Crazy”??? How is Christina crazy? Christina is a very sane, talented epic singer. LMAO!!

    Poor haters and their wack gibberish. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Christina Amazinglera is the best, most talented singer of the generation!!!!!!!!!!!

    You wish your favorite artist sang like Christina Amazinglera! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! :)

  • Rob


  • Rob

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  • 143

    Her son is so cute. I hope he got her talent.

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    People think this ant beautiful?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    We know She’s fake but still looklike cher

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    She with her son where they go?

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    hope Jordan sues and wins primary custody

  • Xtina

    Beautiful people

  • http://alexmirand alex

    Brasil love you very much
    burlesque is the best
    I love christina

  • Sagittarian25

    I love her. She is so underrated and talented.

  • mea

    oh so happy for them..they looks so cute:)

  • http://Hotmail Xtina is a pop icon!!

    She is the best voice on this planet !!! Her voice is just incredeble she deserve to be happy like everybody alse she is a music superstar she work hard to have werever she wants cuzz she is CHRISTINA AGUILERA ( XTINA) a 55.000.000 albums sold and 3 sold out world tours 49.000.000)(118.000.000)(102.000.000) her movie burlesque will pass the 100.000.000 in the WW box office her 5th album is coming soon !!! Haters stay madddddd stay presse;(

  • Nj

    I love that on the day of gagas video release everyone is taking about Xtina!