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Dr. Dre & Eminem: 'I Need A Doctor' Video Premiere!

Dr. Dre & Eminem: 'I Need A Doctor' Video Premiere!

Check out the just released video for Dr. Dre‘s song “I Need A Doctor” featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey!

Dr. Dre and Eminem performed the song alongside Rihanna at the Grammy Awards earlier this month.

Eminem just surpassed Lady Gaga to become the most “liked” living artist on Facebook.

Eminem has over 28,986,000 fans while Lady Gaga has around 28,933,000. Michael Jackson reigns over both of them with over 29 million fans on Facebook.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the “I Need A Doctor” video?

Dr. Dre featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey: “I Need A Doctor”
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58 Responses to “Dr. Dre & Eminem: 'I Need A Doctor' Video Premiere!”

  1. 1
    Chin Says:

    Eminem & Dr. Dre both look cool
    but tht girl with a beautiful voice looks weird

  2. 2
    Chin Says:

    Both Em & Dre look cool
    but that girl who sing the chorus look weird

  3. 3
    Sligo lambert ^___^ cute Says:

    Hehehehehe nice

  4. 4
    Kaz simply Amaazingg!!!!!!!! Says:

    Where dr?

  5. 5
    cc Says:

    He needs to bleach his hair. Back to trashy blond.

  6. 6
    ALLIE Says:


  7. 7
    ALLIE Says:


  8. 8
    The Comedian Says:

    Dre has taken too much weight..I guess it’s better than getting fat…but still, he looks ..weird like that

    Sad for his son though

  9. 9
    V Says:

    That girl’s voice is so damn gorgeous…

  10. 10
    Please See Says:

    Rihanna did not sing “I Need A Doctor” with Eminem, that was Skylar Grey! and Skylar sounded great!

  11. 11
    Kristina g Says:

    I LOVE this song!!! and the videos really good! i liked how they used old clips of em and dre….but i agree dre is tooo built but eminem looks good!! and i love skyler’s voice!!

  12. 12
    Snoop Says:

    I don’t care how talented Eminem is. Homophobes and women-haters/beaters do not deserve to have fans.

  13. 13
    damn.. Says:

    @Sligo lambert ^___^ cute: FINALLY YOU HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY LOL

  14. 14
    Please See Says:

    Rihanna did not sing “I Need A Doctor” with Eminem, that was Skylar Grey! and Skylar sounded great!
    Sylar you ROck!

  15. 15
    kroketa Says:

    mantouli mou to eides?

    Em is amazing as always and Dre is a legend.
    I get what they were trying to do with the video but it’s not quite to the point.

  16. 16
    jule Says:

    love it, it’s inspiring, i get the point, very well put together, they are telling a story, i been in that whole situation, where you have that one true friend when everything and everyone else disappear, then you need his help to pull you up. it’s golden.

  17. 17
    You Says:

    The singer is not in the video its a Canadian actress Estella Warren

  18. 18
    Music fan Says:


    His fans like him for his music, they would never know him well enough to like him as a “person”. A good musician deserves appreciation for his talents and should be judged (by those who don’t know him) solely on that.

  19. 19
    XYZ Says:


    True, its Skylar’s voice and Estella’s lipsynching.

  20. 20
    Laur Says:

    Dr. Dre, much respect to you, one of the best video’s I’ve seen in a long time! Eminem & Skylar Grey just add the magic touch to this video…. Bravo, well made, brought chills & tears to my eyes…. A different way of looking at hip hop music, more sophisticated, I think.
    Thank you for this…..

  21. 21
    Supertramp Says:

    I watched this whole thing, but only because I am insanely high right now. And even then, I still paused to take an intermission. **** be long.

  22. 22
    lovelydee Says:

    I love this song so much.
    two of the best rappers,
    and I love Skylar’s voice.

  23. 23
    liya Says:

    y’all better agree

  24. 24
    Tom Says:

    Skylar Grey sang the song with them at the grammys

  25. 25
    Sarah Says:

    Is that Skylar Grey making a cameo at 2:22? In the white lab coat? Amazing video.

  26. 26
    Jedi Says:

    What a bunch of f@gs. Dre and Eminem suck. That was the $hittest video I’ve ever seen.

  27. 27
    Jamie Says:

    dre is such a talent.. love him!!

  28. 28
    Danielle Says:

    Omg, I’m so glad to see Dre back! Rappers take note because this is a true legend right here. Very meaningful video and love the tribute to Easy E at the end and the whole montage of Dre’s work as an artist, producer, and mentor. Music has been so $hittified lately, it’s nice to hear some realness to a song that’s not backed up by autotune and an electro pop/dance beat. Not that I don’t like it, it’s just too much of it has taken over the radio stations. Just bought Adele’s new CD and it is so refreshing. Can’t wait to get this one as well.

  29. 29
    Matthew Says:

    Just noticed that SKYLAR GREY is the Female Doctor with Eyeglasses on.

  30. 30
    horne556 Says:

    Sorry, just not feeling it. Considering he’s been away for like 10 years he should of come back harder. Album track at best.

  31. 31
    Ronda Says:

    I love Dr. Dre and Em indiviudally and together. Whatever they do is fire..It’s refreshing to hear something new, hopefully others will follow suit.

    Bravo, well done

  32. 32
    Charlie Says:

    @Snoop: i think you are getting too hard on him, thats not a fair judgement and i dont know why every body does that, i know he uses words against women and homos but hey, thats hip hop, who doesnt ?? but when it comes to action i didnt hear that he did any harm to anybody under those categories..

  33. 33
    pup Says:

    RIP Eazy E.

  34. 34
    frida Says:

    enimen is the best!! love it!

  35. 35
    it's over Says:

    this is the worst piece of ish i have ever seen. RIP Dr. Dre

  36. 36
    jessie Says:




  37. 37
    george Says:

    Best song ever …

  38. 38
    Kathleen Says:

    @Snoop: amen. I was all like, WOW, AMAZING VIDEoh wait, he just said ******.

  39. 39
    curtis Says:

    eminem rocks

  40. 40
    my name Says:

    i love the product placement lol… but i never knew dr dre was so freaking built

  41. 41
    YoungKomando Says:

    Is dre dead

  42. 42
    YoungKomando Says:

    Is dre dead

  43. 43
    nenny Says:

    the song is kind of cool.skylers voice is magnificient.eminem looks realy cool in his outfit,nd dr dre..i think he gained so much weight.

  44. 44
    anand kumar Says:

    i love ths song somuch ilove eminem

  45. 45
    anand kumar Says:

    i love ths song so much i love eminem he like my bro

  46. 46
    Leah Says:

    @Sarah: I think it is. I looked at it again and that looks like her… she is in it a few times… The female doctor with the glasses.

  47. 47
    michael Says:

    to all u hater out the eminem is not . Homophobe thats why he team up with sir elton jhon in stan on his curtan call album and he is not a women beatter just becus love the way u lie made it look like it dont mean it true he was the victem in that relationship and as far as it goes he is the beast wight rapper out thereall is song have a story be hind them and ur just mad becuse he made some thing with is life and u cant so back off and find some thing els to ***** about ur the best eminem iam behind u all the way good luck man

  48. 48
    michael Says:

    eminem is the best he put all he have in to his song and it good to see him back and he is not a . Homophobe thats why he teamed up with sir elton jhon in stan so back off him ur the best eminem and iam be hind u all the way no matter what ball u hater say peace

  49. 49
    marilene Says:


  50. 50
    Bobby Fontaine Says:

    EminEm and Charlie Sheen need to check this out if they plan on keeping up with Lady Gaga, it is NOT a spoof,, Lady Gaga says she is going to run for president, read it with your tigers eyes wide open, the 2012 presidential election is going to be all about Hollywood

  51. 51
    JODY Says:

    yea i like the video myself and was woundering when does this cd come out in store i wanna get it,it my fav

  52. 52
    erolemodel Says:

    This song is yet another home run by Dr. Dre.

    Eminem spoke from the heart, and I for one am happy to see the OLD Eminem back.

    Dre. is ripped, and as bad ass as ever.

    Skylar Grey’s voice is just beautiful. Where Dre finds these incredible artists is beyond me.

    I have to admit, the girl dancing in the sheets doesn’t look anything like Skylar does in her photo’s, anyone know if it;s her or not? If not, who is she?

    Loved seeing old Eazy-E & NWA clips, as well as his home video’s.

    Overall thoughts are, Dre stated it’s his last album, but I sure as hell hope that’s not the case. He still needs to have an NWA Reunion, and an album with his son “Hood Surgeon” called “Pass the Scalpel”…
    Imagine it, Dre on the cover passing the scalpel to his son Hood Surgeon, with the real meaning being Dre passing the torch, or in this case, the mic.

    No need to tell me, I know, I’m brilliant!!!

    Your RoleModel

  53. 53
    Daja Says:

    People at the grammys Rihanna performed it !

  54. 54
    gholty Says:

    i think its scary :P

  55. 55
    Dirty Money Fan 11 Says:

    If I’m correct Skylar is in dirty money if you like her search up dirty money. ^_^

  56. 56
    Hooligan Says:

    @Daja: Uh hello! Skylark performed this song on the Grammys with Dre and Em. Rihanna performed Love The Way You Lie with Eminem on the Grammys.

  57. 57
    cale Says:

    Estella Warren and skylar grey ruleszzzz.

  58. 58
    Diego M Says:

    @Chin: The girl is not skylar gray. The one who sings it appears at 2:22 but yeah the actress “singing” does look odd lol

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