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Glee: Original Songs Debut!

Glee: Original Songs Debut!

The original songs from the Regionals episode of Glee have arrived!

“Loser Like Me,” which was written by Max Martin, is a “Gleek anthem. It’s a very uptempo, kind-of-summery hit,” according Glee‘s music producer Adam Anders.

“Get It Right” was written by Adam, his writing partner, and his wife as a ballad for Lea Michele.

Lea‘s storyline kind of inspired that song for me,” Adam told EW. “Basically, you try to do everything right and you have good motivations with everything you’re doing but everything ends up going wrong. How many times will it take for me to get it right?”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Glee’s original songs?

Glee Cast: “Loser Like Me”

Lea Michele: “Get It Right”
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  • Juliana

    Ew. Not great songs at all.

  • S

    This is such a stupid idea. I don’t need to hear Finn and Rachel sing anymore than they already do as leads, and these songs are just awful. The first one is typical teeny-bopper bubblegum pop, and wow, Lea/Rachel singing another “woe is me” ballad? No thanks.

    Part of the reason the show works so well is because they take well-established songs and put their own twist on them, making them different from the originals. There was no need for them to come up with their own songs, especially when they’re so rubbish.

  • ant

    @S i agree with you but other people say theyre getting famous off other peoples songs…. but what they fail to see is that its a show about a high school glee club! so of course theyre gonna sing covers.

  • gleekforever

    OMG these are amazing<3 idk what you guys are talking about finn and rachel havent had a duet in so long and they have the duet bc they are the best and strongest singers! and if you guys hate t so much why do u write on this website and watch! give them a chance its there first origional song and I think Get It Right explains Rachel barrys character perfectly<33 I love it and will always support glee no matta what! and for all you OLD PEOPLE who though blame it on the alcohol was terrible IT WAS AMAZING AND BEST EP YET<33 it was pure comedy and taught a good lesson!<3 go glee glee yay<3 gleekforever<3 cant wait till glee live hope they sing these!

  • gleek

    Actualy “A loser like me” is a very good song if you listen to the words!!
    the other one is just very plain.. but all in all glee is awesome!!

  • Juliana

    I’m a Glee fan, but I still have a OPINION. And btw, in the comment box says COMMENT AND SHARE! not COMMENT ONLY IF YOU THINK THE SONG IS AWESOME!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Get It Right is fantastic and Lea sings it so well! Am not a fan of the other one but it could have been worse.

  • hannah

    Loser Like Me is pretty catchy…until the rap part came :/ cheesy much? but I’m assuming this is how new directions is going to win regionals b/c of the original songs

  • emily

    loser like me sounds like something that would be on radio disney but i might like it better when it’s actually in an episode.
    i like get it right though. it’ll give me goosebumps when lea sings it at regionals haha.

  • allison

    I love Glee, but Loser Like Me is so high school musical-esque which is not a compliment for Glee.

    And Lea, of course, sings great. I think it’s kind of a boring song though. It will be better when it’s acted out though.

  • http://SparkOfInsanity lizzie


    I found no problem with the original songs, they seem fine…and ditto about the covers comment…A former show choir member myself, that’s all we ever did…I’m hoping that the show does not do “Takin’ Care of Business” though because I didn’t really like it so much after we had to it in show choir and it was our trouble shoot song

  • Dana

    Wow. These are just awful.

  • kaya

    they’re soooo AMAZING!!!
    haters suck!

  • mandy

    I kind of like Get It Right but I hate Rachel, so I give it an eh all together. It reminds me of something Celine Dion would sing though. And @Allison is right, Loser Like Me does sound like it jumped out of High School Musical.

  • Mary

    If you actually watch the show, “Loser Like Me” fits perfectly with Glee. Meanwhile, “Get It Right” also fits perfectly with Lea Michele’s character, Rachel.

    So, just stop being ignorant.

  • J.B.

    @Mary: We don’t have to be ignorant to think the songs are nothing special. Just because these songs are appropriate for the characters doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been much less cheesy.

  • Kasey

    You gotta think of it this way guys…

    this is the first couple of songs “Rachel” has written. Of course he’s going to be cheesy. Don’t you remember “My headband?”. Of course it’s going to side like a high school musical, they are IN HIGH SCHOOL.

    You gotta go by the show. For the show the songs are awesome. It fits the characters very well.

    I personally love Get it Right, though I can’t seem to like Loser Like Me. I understand why it’s sung like that (because the characters are in high school), and I like the lyrics, but the music is just soo…common. I’ll get to like it though. It’s one of those songs you gotta listen to all the time to start liking. Pretty much like any Britney Spears song. (She was the one who wrote it for Glee).

  • tanzia

    I liked Looser Like Me. Don’t think it’s any worse then a Pink song and I sure as hell don’t find her Disney. It’s all about perception baby.

    But I have to say Get It Right reminds me of just another “Rachel Solo” I’m sick of her, I pray one of her “dads” get a new job in Istanbul or some far away place and she’s transfered. I don’t like her character, I don’t like her singing style and while her voice is good, can’t denied that, I spend EVERY SOLO and 98% of EVERY duet she has WAITING FOR IT TO END.

    Someone send her back to broadway or a Bab’s Tv special.

    I want to see the other cast members come into their own and have Rachel take more of a backseat for a bit, Finn too come to think of it.
    So dull…so…obvious.

  • Ceci

    are they or will they play on the radio?? Can anybody buy this song. Talking about “get it right”. Love this song and love the words.

  • nih

    dont like it? so do it better!