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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Dare 2 Care Couple!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Dare 2 Care Couple!

LeAnn Rimes and fiance Eddie Cibrian step out together at Leeza Gibbons‘ Dare 2 Care Benefit at Boa Steakhouse on Thursday (February 24) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 28-year-old singer tweeted, “What a wonderful night! I’m in awe of Jamie Lee Curtis!!!! What a wonderful woman! It was an honor to be apart of Dare 2 Care!”

Jamie was honored with the Caring Heart Award for her continued support of various charitable causes during the event.

LeAnn performed several songs during the evening alongside music producer David Foster, while guests enjoyed signature cocktails by Ultimat Vodka.

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Credit: Brian To, Tiffany Rose; Photos: WireImage, FilmMagic
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  • Elena

    OMG she’s sick! look at her face, so horribly thin, and those legs!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • sad

    she looks anorexic…seriously…she never weighed much and it looks like she’s lost about 10 lbs. scary. This is what LA will do to you.

  • Debra

    this is not what LA will do to you….this is what you do to yourself when your so sick that you try to morph into a man’s ex-wife….but hey, leann tweets that she’s fit and healthy and eats all the time…..right, and if you believe that, ive got a bridge to sell you

  • John

    holy crap! what happened?? shes NOT looking OKAY!!!! anorexic

  • mwannirs
  • Mags

    Oh, look at the crackwh()re with her d-bag. Can’t wait for these two pieces of sh!t to self implode and self destruct in a very public way. Gonna luv it when the kids are old enough and learn about mommy dearest and her gigolo.

  • blah

    she looks rough… she didnt age well.. poor thing… she wass good in northern lights

  • john

    SHE LOOKS SO BAD!!!!!! her face shink in and look hard like rock stone cause she needs food. skinny is not for her at all!!! I would definately put a bag over her face to make love to her. She is the worst lookin celeb, and he left his wife for her, what a douche lol.

  • !

    She is grotesque.

  • blair

    She’s wasting away, maybe that’s what Eddie’s hoping for …lol.

  • John


    so he could steal her money and run off with another honey? lol

  • Brianna

    Oh poor poor Leann.

    THIS is what Leann looks like UP CLOSE and no photo shopping.

  • michelle


  • Fake

    Spot on Debra. This girl is clearly so insecure. This is what Anorexia looks like. Poster Child.

  • elaine

    Eddie is not aging well should do something with those nasty looking eyebrows and extra long face and as for leann there is just nothing she can ever do to keep from looking like a horse wish someone would tie a feed-bag around her neck so she could get more to eat she probably can’t afford a decent meal since all of her money is tied up in taking care of Eddie and his babes

  • charityisme

    What i notice is that Leann has really ugly legs maybe she should wear pantyhose or hose also Mr. Jared like to ask you if celebs have to pay to get stories printed about them really don’t know and have been wondering about that Eddies days of being a leading man have clearly passed him by maybe he looks so bad because he is unhappy with how his life is turning out. wish his parents had smacked him up beside the head when he was treating and sill is treating the woman he chose to be the mother of his kids so bad You chose Brandi to be your wife and MOTHER of your kids Mr Cibrian you should treat her with respect doesn’t matter what your mistress says

  • suze


  • Jessie

    Wow, she’s starting to look like a bobblehead doll. When she was Dean she looked like a confident woman and seemed content with herself. Now that she’s with Eddie, she seems so insecure and desperate. Probably scared he’s going to leave her for another woman like he did his previous relationships. Doesn’t Eddie see how unhealthy she’s looking lately? Oh, well.


    Jesus, she is absolutely fug! Big head, and just not attractive. She must give amazing BJs because there is no explanation as to why Cibrian would leave his wife to sleep with E.T.

  • Racy

    Have been a fan of LeAnn and Eddie since the beginning of their relationship. I am not trying to be critical when I say that I think she looks ill. Don’t believe this is a sign of health. Eddie, tell her to eat.

  • Sofia NpR

    She looks like a horse!!!

  • Diane Hubber

    Is anyone else as sick of these two as I am. Anyone with a camera can find them posing.

  • mia

    I love he voice, but dang what happened to her? She is not very attractive anymore :/

  • joyce

    she looks like that because she has starved herself and had cosmetic procedures and all in the name of trying her darnest to look like EC ex and to try and keep him from straying and he looks so bad because he probably has to stay loaded most of the time because he is extremely disliked and he cannot get a job noone will hire him plus the fact that he has to live with the ugly woman who totally supports him heard he was a friend of Chris Harrison maybe if he left LR he could be the next bachelor the money is pretty good

  • http://justjared sarah

    She looks like an alien,eddie you can do a lot better!

  • Gwen Rocks!

    Leann honey, you are past looking like an anorexic iguana. You have graduated to Anorexic Alley Cat. Is EC REALLY worth starving yourself thin? You will NEVER be or LOOK like Brandi. Not only in your career in the toilet, looks like your health is going down too. See people, this is the perfect example of what jealousy, insecurity, and evil looks like.

  • Speak Now

    @Gwen Rocks!:

    No, evil is what Kate Gosselin looks like.

  • !

    If this isn’t a morality tale, I don’t know what is.

  • charityisme

    saw on the web that Leann is taking Eddie to the Adele concert tonight she’ll probably try to have a meet and greet with her and then try to ride Adeles coattails out on a concert tour think Adele will be too smart for that why would she hitch her wagon to a hasbeen who would be using her to try to arise from the ashes Adele has it going on now and Leann has nothing but Eddie to show for her lying ,cheating adulterous ways

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @Speak Now
    Ok, I have to agree with you. Kate Gosselin IS evil and that’s what evil looks like! My point I was trying to make is that with all this fighting, twitter wars, he said, she said, trying to look like Brandi, insecurities, etc … it’s literally eating Leann away ! As you have read from my posts in the past, I’m NOT an LR and EC fan AT ALL. BUT, I will say that LR needs some serious help. One thing is to be “thin in Hollywood”, but she obviously has other issues at hand. Looks like stress and the above mentioned. Scary thing is, does’nt the camera “add 10lbs”. If that’s true, then LR is seriously on the verge or anorexia.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Gosh!!! If they are so happy and in love its does not show.Eddie appears spaced out just look at his eyes and seems to be aging rapidly his face looks drawn and his trademark dimples are creasing and poor Leann is just wasting away.I guess true love doesn’t agree with everyone.

  • Talkin bout it

    I think she looks beautiful.

  • dpblu

    Ewwww wtf man, she’s way too skinny, and she looks like a man in drag, what does he see in her?

  • yajaira

    what the hell happen to her? she’s so skinny ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww looks gross

  • Brianna

    Look at Brandi at Leann’s age now.

    Look at Leann above at same age. NO CONTEST. She will not age well.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Look whether you like Rimes or not, you have to say, you sure hope she ate a steack,loaded baked potatoad somecheesecake for dessert.She needssome weight on like15 lbs .lbs.
    A lollipop girl…big head, little body.
    Boobs on astikc. Two balls on no body frame to hold them up.
    She looks bad.
    Her faces pulls downward. No fat to hold it up.
    Old looking.
    Lollipop head girls is not a good look for anyone. Boobs on a stick like Tara Reid and ToriSpeliing.

  • Go Ask Alice


    good find. brandi looked way better.

  • Kathy

    Eddie & LeAnn both look tired. LeAnn looks way too skinny. She can afford to gain a few pounds and still look good. She is wilting away and soon there will be nothing left to her. What’s going on here? As for Eddie, his son is sick, maybe he is starting to come down with something. They need to take better care of themselves.

  • Helen

    She looked good about 3 or 4 months ago or so. It’s just recently since the engagement she has been loosing lbs by the minute…Probably for the Spring wedding. Too bad she doesn’t realize that it makes her look much worse

  • Marieme

    She looks like a hideous camel with stringy hair – and silicone breasts of course. How sexy! (NOT)

  • Marieme

    Gwen Rocks! @ 02/25/2011 at 4:18 pm #27

    “Anorexic Iguana” Har! Your description is much funnier than mine!

  • Gwen Rocks!

    @ Marieme
    Camel w/ stringy hair suits her too ! It’s just the eyes, pale, scaling looking skin, slits for lips…Iguana comes to mind. But now that she is losing WAY too much weight, she looks like an anorexic iguana!
    I have a feeling that no matter how much people tell her to gain some lbs, when she looks in the mirror, she probably thinks she looks GOOD. More like SCARY. Again, this is a perfect example of what jealousy, envy, and insecurity looks like.

  • julie

    wonder if she was able to convince Adele to go on tour with her thats what shes angleing for leann is the most obvious tramp out there and she really ought to hide those horrible stick discolored legs

  • Jess

    she definitely looks sick and gross. needs to gain the weight back stat! she was purrrrfect before!

  • mae

    She looks the complete opposite of a content happy person. I have never seen her look so terrible. She isn’t ok with her life and the way she has destroyed people you can tell…she is taking out on herself without even knowing. The good news maybe she is a good person and this all is eating her up. Literally. So heartbreaking. Her career would sky rocket if she own everything and started over fresh without Eddie and all their bad karma!

  • elaine

    think its time for Leann and Eddie to call it off they both look like turds and if this is what being in love does to them ,they both need to get away from each other maybe this is the KARMA everyone has been talking about

  • blair

    @elaine….ITA, Karma is taking it’s toll on them.

  • blair

    @elaine…ITA, karma is taking a toll on them.

  • Shea

    Dare 2 Eat!