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Rachel Bilson: Bangin' Salon Stop

Rachel Bilson: Bangin' Salon Stop

Rachel Bilson leaves a salon with some new bangs on Thursday (February 24) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old actress was seen shopping at Chanel.

On Tuesday, Rachel was all smiles as she pushed a cart full of luggage through LAX airport before hopping into a waiting car.

FYI: Rachel‘s bag is Burberry.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson leaving the salon…

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rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 01
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 02
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 03
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 04
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 05
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 06
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 07
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 08
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 09
rachel bilson west hollywood salon stop 10

Photos: Flynet
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  • ck

    Nobody walks around doing nothing like our gal Rachel.

  • Kendra

    I like her new hairdo. Looks good.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • just saying.

    once again just love the micky take the paps do
    when they see her,

  • Bridie

    Bangs or no bangs, her hair still looks dead and ratty!

  • Audrey

    Can I just say that I’m in love with that Burberry bag!

  • kylo

    Let me us know when is our turn to care about her ! :-)

  • Fandango


    Thanks for the laugh of the day shows how much the press do not really care they were slamming her about the clothing and then she got a parking ticket that was like the cherry on top of the narcissistic, do nothing life of a celebrtiy zero’s. If she went to any salon she needs to get her money back the color is still a ugly as sin.

  • XX

    lmao and watch this one, looking like she’s so “bothered” and so “annoyed” by the paparazzi. she makes me sick.

  • lovely

    she looks amazing as usual, love her new hair, her body looks great shes gorgeous as usual, never looks bad, never ever! the jealous haters are starting to come………wheres ‘BRIGHTSIDE’?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Guess she has to get ready so she can do some fake photoshoot of her pretending she’s on her way to the Oscars. Now is that Jessica Simpson fake hair or Paris Hilton’s brand??

  • twofools

    She is more of a reality star now, then an actress. All she does is go to events.


    stop feeling sorry for yourself you must be a pitiful looking skank, or are you ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ too? mmmmmm well everyone knows already your clan and we just laugh at all of you SYBIL.

  • Fandango

    @ 10 & 13

    You are more or less the same person who is commenting, try to understand if you can, knowone hates Bilson they pity her b/c first off she is incompetent, she can’t act, she can’t design, she more or less is a walking/talking joke of the century. Ppl admire actress’s that have talent and intelligence, there are several who are Bilson’s age that do have talent only Rachel isn’t one of them. Besides the fact you this so called fan can’t handle the honest to god truth and that is the woman is not respected by her peers or anyone besides the OC tweeters who might be the small minority that keep her in existence. If anything those who are speaking the truth make you jealous b/c you know they are right and you try to cover it up by hiding behind RB’s lack of talent as an excuse.

  • Get Yr Money Back Rachel

    However much she paid to get her hair done, it was too much. It still looks lifeless, overprocessed and genuinely awful with the highlights so much lighter and adding nothing. She might be trying to grow it out but it looks bad, has been looking bad for a long time. She’d be better off cutting it all off and going for an Emma Watson or Michelle Williams pixie cut and not hide her rather ordinary features under all that dry damaged hair and insect-like sunglasses. No one is fooled. We all know that she isn’t very pretty, has a body that’s nothing special at all (long thin and flat on top and short and hippy below). I hope that the hairdressers on her new flop tv show do something with that hair. It’s just so bad. Bangs tend to make her features look scrunched up under the fringe and sort of give the Cousin It effect.

  • @14 & 15 AKA same person

    you can say whatever you want about RB meanwhile shes a celeb, and youre banging away on your computer, shes very much a good actress and shes very well liked and FYI if you think shes just walking around doing nothing go check out her website shes got more going on then you do guarantee!

  • tennille

    She’s over-dressed as usual by just doing some errand; does she feel like that she’s in NYC?! But… ooops… I forgot that she just went to Burberry event… so its just about time to show-off the “freebie/s” that she got!

  • Fandango



  • Fandango

    @same person


    If this woman actually had a job full time she would be out working and not shopping, getting her hair and nails done, eating out non stop. You can say what you like but she is NO CELEBRITY doing a few low budget poorly viewed movies, and 1 ex TV series that was cancelled like 3 years or longer back does not make her a celebrity anymore. I’m sure her BFF’s hubby is stroking her ego (among other things) to give her a shot at a possible series. Personally he is putting a lot of time and money up for a woman who can only memorize off a cue card. But keep thinking she is a somebody in HW b/c they sure as hell don’t know her unless someone is fronting her a deal.

  • kaleigh

    @ 16 – shes very much a good actress and shes very well liked…

    Damn too sure that if those producers, directors, writers & casting agents didnt know Josh S. or someone from InStyle from adam.- they wouldnt even think that even a bit.

    So yeah pls wake up coz your having some “nightmare”!

  • jaeger

    CUTE hair!!!
    CUTE glasses!!!
    CUTE scarf!!
    CUTE jacket!!
    CUTE body!!!
    CUTE bag!!!
    CUTE boots!!!
    Did I still leave anything out from her 5 fantards?!

  • @ Kaleigh

    I guess you are one of those few fans she has b/c hate to tell you she isn’t any real actress maybe a want to be one. I think you have the daydream sweetheart b/c this woman is far from anything that people call acting.

  • lexy hates bilson

    We can figure out how many “fans” she has based on her movie results…how much did that movie make??? And at about $10 a ticket…needless to say she’s got a SMALL fan base.
    BTW, I never see Natalie Portman or Angelina Jolie having to pick up their own clothes. Guess they only deliver to A listers!
    Hey Arabian Nights are you going to start with your racial slurs soon?? I guess there’s no Klu Klux Klan meetings today!!

  • aberfitch

    I love the fact RaTchel’s been kissing the azz of these high-end brands like DKNY, Chanel, Burberrry etc. for yearS now ; but getting her as their endorser is still a defaulted “na-ah”! W/ just the way she looks and what she just is in HW – “some hand-out freebies would just fit better”.

    If you read & discern it carefully. imo, #20 is an “Anti”-RaTchel.


    LEXY HATES BILSON AKA AS ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ get over it already RB has more then 5 fans and you are so stinking jealous it reeks from all your pores all over this internet and site everyone knows who you are already so just stop showing your hate and your multiple personalities, and jealousy, dont you love her bag? gorgeous, to bad you cant afford it! love her hair too, jealousy is a terrible thing to have you must be dying inside!

  • Fandango

    @Jealous of Bilson AKA ARABIAN NIGHTS

    Keep it up all your proving is that RB attracts insane fans funny too b/c she used to have a ton of comments now she has barely any in 3 days. Not that ppl really care about her the x17 video proves beyond a shadow of any doubt that not even the paps think much of her when they can raz her about the lame designer clothing and her homeware which is a major joke. Know one is taking her seriously anymore and the only thing she has is Josh S. getting her work if it will even go the distance.

  • observer

    They are on the farm or …
    I was observer for a year. I born my 2-nd child during this year/
    RB is the 1-st girl the same growth as i am, whom i saw to be more or less successful in HW/ (i know portman, but…)
    I am more beauty, than more HW stars. And my husbant reacher than HW stars. It was very intresting to read your comments.
    I m proud that this little sweet b… have this man, because I think – how much can he cost? For one nigt or for all life…
    And I ask you – who are you to tell your opinion about HW stars?
    You is herd. Or your work on JJ – create conflict to maintain interest in this advertising project.

    I m verry sorry, exuse me…
    The only one can sorry you – if you are

  • @27

    Please use a translator when you write bc you are not making one ounce of sense. Trying to pull what you might be saying about RB an HC again ppl base on how they have acting in this what 4+ yrs on and off ordeal they press out to the general public. The twosome just seem board with one either has a good career right now and if clinging to one another is the best they can do then i so pity both of them.

  • @27

    Sorry made a writing error:

    I meant to state that neither one of them has any sort of career going for them, and if the best they can do is cling to one another then all ppl will do is pity them. I would not give them very long if they ever do try to marry each other both are too desperate and RB is self absorbed, futile woman who’s life is nothing but shopping and calling out press when she needs them to fill her ego card.

  • @observer

    An observer who”s simply a plainass retarded moron!

  • observer

    By reading your comments for a year any normal person would a plainass retarded moron!

  • The Truth

    @observer: Don’t think she’s on the farm with him at all. She probably off to another picture shot somewhere. Finding that she will never marry hayden or anyone else at all now. When she look sad that mean things not going well for her and him at all.They should not see each other at all anymore.. Don’t think they ever well again. Since she used him this way in feb for her picture. don’t think they are back together at all. just friends that enjoy each other company.( pathtonic friends). without having sex.

  • @truth

    she was seen in LA santa monica shopping at whole foods market no I don’t think she will be going anywhere considering this TV show is cast and should be ready to shoot like within a month. My guess is eventually HC and RB will go their separate ways eventually. He isn’t working nor does he seem to have anything ready to shoot either. Plus add to to it that RB made some comment in a magazine she is scared to be turning 30 in a few months, gee guess she has to leave the teenage years behind her. Plus she said she might be a mom by the time she is 40. I don’t think she wants to marry anytime soon or be a mother.

  • amy

    The photos of Rachel shopping at Whole Foods seen on another blog recently are from February 15, 2011. Check out the Rachel Bilson Market and Medical Building Stop thread from 2/15/11 here on JJ. Rachel is shopping in Santa Monica wearing the same clothes, boots, and carrying the same bag. She has not been seen for two weeks, neither has Hayden. If she had been in LA for the last two weeks, she would have been papped more than once by now. She will probably turn up soon. They are casting for her pilot, one of the cast announcements said they will film the pilot movie in April in a town in North Carolina.

  • @amy

    It’s not surprising that she isn’t papped with Charlie taking center stage now the press would not bother about a D listed actress at all. I’m fairly sure she is still in LA just b/c you don’t see her doesn’t mean she isn’t in LA. She is far from the A list of ppl the press want to take photo’s of.

  • blairite

    @ 33 – Plus add to to it that RB made some comment in a magazine… I don’t think she wants to marry anytime soon or be a mother….

    But she wants to “elope” back then huh ?!
    Obviously that her showmance w/ her on & off bff had already ran its course in the tabloid hype; so the little chameleon must now change its color.

  • Claire


    I don’t trust one thing that comes out of this woman’s mouth if she could have her own version of a royal wedding she would. And yes her course with her on off, on and off b/f is nearing some sort of closure here. It’s not unusual to not see HC around hell he avoids the press like typhoid. Now RB won’t stay out of the limelight for long my guess is as was said before that other celebrities have taken over the media press right now so knowone cares bout RB or what she is doing. If she is at the local market or shopping who gives a damn. Besides the last time she was video taped the reporter made fun of her and her housware line not to mention the parking ticket she got.

  • blairite

    Methinks that this is much more hilarious among Raschel’s “tabloid babbles”…
    “Wants to quit acting”.

    …even compared to that eloping thing.