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Suri Cruise: Pink Lady at Starbucks!

Suri Cruise: Pink Lady at Starbucks!

Suri Cruise gets her daily cup of hot chocolate with her nanny on Thursday (February 24) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 4-year-old cutie has been a constant customer at Starbucks while she has been in Vancouver, where her dad Tom Cruise is hard at work filming Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Suri‘s mom Katie Holmes and grandma Kathleen are currently in Milan, Italy where they took in the Max Mara fashion show.

FYI: Suri is wearing däv Kids Cowboy Bronco rain boots and carrying Dolce & Gabbana‘s mini Miss Sicily handbag.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise getting hot chocolate…

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suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 01
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 02
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 03
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 04
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 05
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 06
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 07
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 08
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 09
suri cruise pink lady at starbucks 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • thats_right

    enough of this spoil brat, a little girl going to starbucks everyday? and dressed like its summer? I feel so sad for the kid for having brainless idiot parents who don’t give a damn abou her, she has no manners, no discipline, wait untill she grows up, her parents will regret that they created a monster like SURI.

  • mwannirs
  • ————


  • mwannirs
  • Pandora

    While I’m sure this kiddie will be screwed up (given her parents and their Scientology affiliation), she no longer irks me. She doesn’t look miserable these days, actually wears a coat now (imagine that!), and when they’re not carring her around w/ her blankie, I think she’s a real cutie. I notice they’ve even lost the high heels lately. Progress!

  • mimi

    i think your mom regrets not having an abortion…

  • KC

    It is silly to post photos of this child purchasing a cup of hot chocolate. Once again she has nothing on her little legs to help keep her warm! At least she is wearing a coat and boots this time. I’ll give her nanny credit for that!

  • Is Suri Autistic?

    Why isn’t she in school or having home school lessons? She spends her weekdays full of nonsense. As of nine days ago, she was still using a baby bottle even though she can obviously drink from a regular cup when directed. She is often still in diapers, which is why she doesn’t wear pants or stockings. Until this photo-op birthday week, she ALWAYS has her blankie and endless stuffed animals with her….

    Something is OFF with this child. She is slow and her parents don’t care to help.

  • Iffy Miffy

    Bare legs againm summer dress … I just don’t get these people.

  • D

    Cute kid…but sometimes she has this sinister look, lol…like Damien..

  • An

    Fascinat beautiful little lady

  • Q


  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • nicole


    It’s probably directed at scary man that keeps following her around and taking pictures.

    Jared this child is being stalked. Just because you don’t say anything nasty about celebrities, you are paying a man for stalking a 4 year old.

  • Sun
  • nicole

    I meant to say, Jared, in many ways you are just as bad as Perez Hilton. You are essentially have the photog do your stalking of this child.

  • Good Luck Katie!

    Hope you win an Oscar this weekend!

  • i agree

    something is off with suri. hope she gets help.

  • ?

    all I ever see this kid ingesting is either hot chocolate or ice cream (extreme temperatures). Nothing to EAT. Ever! And she already has the dissociated stare… Good job dada!

  • Lulu

    please, jared stop buying pics of celeb kids without their parents. wtf…are you a pedophile??????// stop it’s dirty work!! i’m starting to hate you for it!!!

  • ?


    yea, it’s called ‘dissociative’ stare.. google it

  • cara

    That a very long chin she has…very Jay Leno-ish. No matter how cute the dress or whatever, she always looks messy, her hair looks a mess, looks like she could use a bath and she looks unkept.

    It’s like she’s posing for the cameras now staring right at them. Unlike most 4 year olds, most of them are not that self-aware of that kind of “grown up” thing. I’ve always thought she is older than they say, by at least a few months.

  • Disco Woman

    Pink Lady??? How is she a lady JJ?

    Didn’t she wear that same dress the other day?

    Of course, she would pick boots with heels! UGH!

  • Huh?

    @Good Luck Katie!:
    How the hell can she win an Oscar???? She is not nominated! Wackjob Holmes!!!!

  • Wasteful Stupid People!!

    Check this out!!!!!!

    MAJOR Spoiled BRAT! Pathetic, stupid parents!

  • jessemosslover

    Why are the stalkerazzi following around a child? She’s not even with her parents they are just following around her now. Its sick. Also shame on you Jared for continuing to put up these “stories” basically just showing this child out doing stuff.

  • shucks

    Who cares about her boots? Stop flooding us with advertising, Jared.

  • ck of a 4yr old w/out her parents go in JJ.
    And celebs like Zac Efron & Michelle Pfeiffer go in JJ Jr.

    Makes sense.

  • Sunshine

    Maybe Tom can buy some type of honorary award for Katie being a quadruple threat…can’t sing, can’t dance, (she thinks) she’s a fashion icon, and can no longer act.
    That’s got to be worthy of an Oscar, right? I’m sure that Tom and Katie think so, and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see Katie in another outfit that Suri picked out: how about cowboy boots and lederhosen?

  • Suri Jackson
  • Lavito

    For you out there that hopes Katie wins an Oscar, she’s not nominated, do you live under a rock? Besides she and Tom are not going the awards ceremony because their panties are in knot over that sweet Anne Hathaway’s Katie skit on SNL. I’ll bet right now that Katie will never in her life time even be nominated for an Oscar. I can’t believe this kid is still drinking from a bottle. The video of her and the nanny at Starbucks a few days ago, you can see Suri putting her hands up next to her mouth as she whispers her to Nanny looking at another table. She is a spoiled rotten kid with no manners. This child and her parents just irk the shit out of me.

  • Lauriane

    I wonder how this little girl will be in 10 years.She has no limits, she can wear what she wants and do what she wants.We are in winter and she is wearing a dress for summer,that’s a shame.Plus I think she is too thin for a 4 year old child.

  • Sam23

    Katie is not nominated for anything let alone an Oscar, she never won anything and she never will she can’t act; Tom can buy her into a movie but he can’t buy her an award or talent.

  • eliza

    Suri has looked neater lately. I hope she gets to play with others her age and isn’t in the company of adults all the time.

  • bety

    What is the matter with you people saying such nasty things about a little four year old.Are you proud of yourself

  • Rainforest

    She looks soooo much like Tom in this picture! Suri Jackson, you pathetic loser, you can go to hell. A father is not someone who donated his sperm, a father is someone who raises you, reads to you, plays with you, is there for you. And that person clearly is Tom.

  • tps reports


    I saw that video too! The Nanny looks completely fed up! Suri’s Nanny (or Nanny’s) should demand big bucks for putting up with her spoiled behavior! No wonder Katie looks like she is ready to snap when she’s with Suri !!!!!

  • girl

    Oh Please! Suri looks absolutely NOTHING like pathetic Tom! BTW, how do you know he does all those things with her? It seems that he is away like 90% of the time working on his lame movies to feed is HUGE ego!

  • tellaB

    Tom only did the photo Op with suri at the library to get the photo out there to make people think he’s a hands on father. Suri has been with nannys ever since katie left. Tom is gone most of the time. I wonder if katie has been kicked out of the family.

  • lucy2

    JJ didn’t “donate sperm”. He was in a consenting relationship with Katie- albeit “friends with benefits”. Obviously Tom did not want JJ or anyone else to know the truth behind Suri’s origin considering the enormous cover-up that he oversaw to shift the public timeline of Katie’s pregnancy.
    When the truth hits the mainstream media, it’s Tom’s career that will be over, not Josh’s. This was not the same situation as Liv Tyler where Todd Rundgren raised her as his own because Steve Tyler was an addict – from everything I have read, Tyler understands why Liv’s mom made the decisions that were made when Liv was born.
    Tom is a psycho who needs to stop being embarrased by his sexual orientation. We already know the truth.

  • tan

    For the love of all that is holy STOP POSTING PICS OF CHILDREN. How totally creepy.

    Anyone posting negative comments about her is even more creepy!!!!!!!!

  • tan

    @i agree: You are an idiot.

  • dani

    I do not understand why her parents drag this child everywhere for the paps to photograph. Don’t they have any common sense? How can a child this young be used as prop by two people who should know better. Unbelievable.

  • Danie

    This isn’t PC to say, but, my God, she looks so much more like Josh Hartnett every time I look at her.
    Very, very pretty girl.

  • anna

    here in Brazil people can’t take pictures of kids, their faces have to be blurred, I heard they do the same in the UK. They should have the same law in the US. Poor kids..they shouldn’t be subjected to these awful people who criticize them online

  • anna

    here in Brazil people can’t take pictures of kids, their faces have to be blurred, I heard they do the same in the UK. They should have the same law in the US. Poor kids..they shouldn’t be subjected to these awful people who criticize them online

  • ginny

    but if we had that law here in the US, then how would Tom and Katie exploit Suri? I guess they could leak photos and stories to the networks and magazines.

  • Sick Haters Again


    What a Sick comment! She has a COAT on, notice? Boots? Notice? And I am sure she steps out of a car and into this store. What a horrible thing to say about a child! Feel better now?
    I’d be MORE concerned about the 4 yr old who is dressed to be a BOY!!!!!!!! That’s concern!!! Suri looks as she should! And YOU should be disgraced!

  • Carry this!


    Like the Jolie Pitts who STILL CARRY SIX YR OLD ZAHARA? And Shiloh, the little boy? Yes. your right …then.

  • danielle

    @Carry this!:

    Guess you need to be reminded this is a Suri thread. Or are you confused about where to spew your venom? There is a JP thread going you know.

    However, we see far far far less of the JP kids than we do this one. And Brad has said they carry the kids if the paps are swarming and they feel they are in danger. And Shiloh is a character, not a diva like this one. Probably the nicer of the two.