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Brad Pitt: Leather LAX Landing

Brad Pitt: Leather LAX Landing

Brad Pitt keeps it cool in a pair of David Yurman DY620 Sunglasses and a leather jacket while arriving at LAX International Airport on Saturday (February 26) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actor, who left Southern California earlier this week, is back in L.A. after a quick trip out of town.

Brad‘s partner, Angelina Jolie, is reportedly designing a special diamond pendant for him with jeweler Robert Procop!

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt landing at LAX

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brad pitt lax arrival 01
brad pitt lax arrival 02
brad pitt lax arrival 03
brad pitt lax arrival 04
brad pitt lax arrival 05
brad pitt lax arrival 06
brad pitt lax arrival 07
brad pitt lax arrival 08
brad pitt lax arrival 09
brad pitt lax arrival 10

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  • ———-

    too much botox

  • http://AOL Pat

    So do you think he will be at the Oscars?

  • http://JustJared Katie

    Wait Till Monday???

  • lynn

    Daddy’s home.

  • angel aka lurker

    poor thing i guess you may have to hang yourself since brad is back home to his family after taking care of the renovations of their home
    trolls never learn
    by the way he looks mighty fine

  • lynx

    Those glasses are so seen. But Brad makes them look cooler. Now this is the cool Brad.

  • angel aka lurker

    donot think so

  • busted

    At the fool.. Brad looks great.. and the only reason you nuts scream Botox is because you see how hot and sexy he is.. I could name a few celebrity males much younger who don’t look half this good.

    Yeah hate all you want. It will not change a thing

    He is Still one of the Sexiest Men Alive.. Always will be..

  • angel aka lurker

    pathetic katie i hope they pay you well for your services

  • gracie

    Brad you look hot. Haters eat your hearts out. He looks happy and relaxed, he’s all loved up.

  • Caity

    Oh my god, does he live at LAX now?!

  • Lara

    Wow, he looks so gorgeous and overjoyed to be back. No prizes for guessing why, he and Angie must have missed each other so much, and the kids will be so happy too.
    Hi Neleh ((hugs)) and blessings to you lovely lady. I’ve just been having a fun Saturday, and you’re right life is too short so make you sure you also enjoy your day.
    IAWY about fans using multiple names here and some also have yet another name on JJB, beats me when their posting style and posting times gives them away.
    Anyway lovely to see Brad back and we’ll see Angie in Tokyo on Thursday, hopefully Brad may be able to join her, yay for both of them and their lovely children.

  • No Oscars

    They won’t be going to the Oscars- Neither Brad or Angie are nominated this time. Unlike some other celebrities, the JPs don’t show up to red carpets just so they can dress-up & be seen. Of course, being who they are, they ALWAYS have a standing invitation. I think it is nice they don’t hog those tickets so that friends & relatives of actual nominees can attend.

  • Passing Through

    # 214 Tom @ 02/26/2011 at 5:16 pm
    Ticky’s laughing all the way to the bank with hen money – and that’s it because nobody else goes to see her solo flix. If Ticky’s “one of the best comedy actresses” then that certainly explains the sad state of her box office numbers (don’t make me go to BOM and get those numbers for misManagement), her double Razzie nomination, Just Go With It being 25% off Adam Sandler’s usual box office returns and the death of the romcom in general. Thanks for proving my point, moron.

  • Abby

    I miss seeing him with ange! He’s a gorgeous man! He and Angelina belong to each other! beautiful couple.

  • wow

    Welcome home papa Pitt
    We love you
    Hope you are at the Oscars tomorrow or it will be a snooz fest.

  • karmaback

    OH boy.. Daddy is back home.. bet the kids are jumping for joy.

    Why are the fans so snide about other fans. really don’t understand that at all.

    A fan is a fan is a fan..

  • ellen

    Hello handsome, welcome home.

  • Lara

    Being in love really suits he and Angie so well. Those happy smiles and looks of real love are priceless, no $42m property, gaggle of enablers or black heart will ever buy you that.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Hot and Gorgeous!
    God bless the jolie-pitts

  • kate


  • Tiffany

    People should leave Jennifer when there are worse celebrities out there with many scandals who are not given much attention.

  • Jen

    Welcome home Pappa Pitt. I know Angie cannot wait to throw her loving arms around you and squeeze you and kiss you to pieces.
    Looks like you are RUSHING to get home to mamma Angie and the kiddies.
    This is the MOST beautiful couple in this world.

  • hag

    DADDY’S HOME!!!!! Angie’s gonna get some good loving tonight!!!!!

  • pussyJen

    I applaud Brad & Angie. They must be the only good people in universe.

  • AJJA

    Daddy’s home! Won’t the kids and wifey be happy!

  • Duh

    @Passing Through:

    Why don’t you get out of Jennifer Aniston’s ass, you stupid fatass dyke. And Pitt looks like shitt as usual. You stupid dykes wouldn’t know what do with a man, even if he pulled out his dyck and showed it to you. You bunch of dumb cunts.

  • anustin

    and here comes poppa pitt,back to his favourite vajj.

  • vida

    @Lara: ITA Money can NOT buy happiness, especially Love. No matter how perfect physically you may be, if the inside of you is rotten, you will still look ugly and smelly. Ticky, this is who you are.

  • hag

    the hags get extra vicious when evidence that brad loves angie so much. they love each other and are a solid family.

    it just shows the contrast to jennypoo. no man, no love, no childrden, no real relationship with family(mother, father,sister, brother, nieces, nephews, cousins) but hags celebrate her “hollywood” family (#1 gay publicist, manager, acting coach, yoga girlfriend, acting coach girlfriend, goddess circle which has recently crashed and burned) also her numerous fruck partners. wow manny seems more like a woman in the midst of a mid live crisis.

  • vida

    @Tiffany: Ticky and Handler should not have done what they did to Angie. The Evil Twins!!!.

  • anustin

    he looks delicious!!!yum

  • vida

    @Duh: Are you talking about Butler’s finger inside Aniston’s ass?

  • busted


    Honey when you get that really need to check yourself.

    You have a problem. If the sight of Brad gets you that upset..or the fact that PT is telling the truth.. head to another celeb topic..

    Brad looks so fcukable.. sorry that upsets you so much.. but a man that is happy always looks that way..

    rothflmao.. at you IDIOT.. too funny..

  • anustin

    …and the faniston in deadshi.t!encore!

  • busted

    I’m watching Hustle and Flow..

    Didn’t this song win the Oscar for Best Song..

  • Katy

    I loveeeeee you brad

  • TDKRises

    What glasses is he wearing!??

  • http://deleted LAURA

    TO Duh :

  • GP

    @No Oscars:
    Did you give up your religion for these two geniuses?


    UUMMMM maybe s/he should talk about real men like Ray J and Urinator with a KKK d*ck pissing and/or shedding their solid dejections on their women as foreplay or affterplay,…depends on their mood or if the bootey call is napalm or not.
    Between Kardashian Buttgirl and Maniston Teddybear who both passed the test, don’t know who’s the biggest loser for letting skatmen degrading them to such extent.

  • busted

    It looks like the lone idiot is just sitting here thumbing down the comments. Sad that they are really trying so hard to make a dent.

    I guess you nuts are really mad. Brad is back home to his family.. looking like a man very excited to his woman and their children. Quick trip and then he is back home.


    snap crackle..crunch.. that is the sound of all you fool’s nasty wishes burning up.

    Leave the man and his family alone. He is happy.. enough said..

  • anustin

    honey im home!

  • Love brad

    He older but so handsom like young boy

  • tazzy


    Settle down Jen. Jealousy is very unbecoming.

  • anustin

    ….nothin attractive and yet ur here stalkin his azz.

  • Katy

    @Love brad: your used nickname like boring

  • Cute Adam

    In her people MOREEEEEEEE Jealousy if you dont like brad go a way

  • Ann

    Just Slut fake Dumb

  • Love brad

    @Katy: coz brad is my favr actor