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Kerry Washington & Annette Bening - Spirit Awards 2011

Kerry Washington & Annette Bening - Spirit Awards 2011

Kerry Washington and her Mother and Child co-star Annette Bening attend the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach on Saturday (February 26) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Kerry, 33, went floral in a Dolce & Gabbana dress paired with Sergio Rossi shoes, Roger Vivier clutch, and Le Vian rings.

Annette, 50, was all smiles as she hit the carpet with her husband Warren Beatty.

10+ pictures of Kerry Washington and Annette Bening at the 2011 Spirit Awards…

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kerry washington annette bening spirit awards 01
kerry washington annette bening spirit awards 02
kerry washington annette bening spirit awards 03
kerry washington annette bening spirit awards 04
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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • Hannah pie

    Oh look Kerry Washington. In the same pos as white people. Now u cant hate on Jared anymore.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    No katy perry there?

  • boston61

    So ironic that Warren Beatty who used and abused a thousand women ends up with a wife who ages in dog years and a transexual daughter. LOL. Poor Annette.

  • jadewalker

    Kerry Washington is so beautiful

  • Trey

    Kerry Washington looks so thin, tall, sophisticated! Lovely dress. Stunning. I love how she got her flat ironed weave incredibly shiny straight and her makeup’s impeccable! Can you swim in a weave or run a fine tooth comb through it?

    Annette Bening is a timeless beauty. Classic, and love this understated suit. Beautiful beautiful woman.

  • Kate

    Kerry is stunning! and she’s not Jewish. Love her!

  • Kate


    you’re stupid. Annette looks like a dog, pitbull, to be more specific. Kerry is a stunner, no matter what she wears on her head.

  • Trey


    What’s your problem? Cool down. Obvious you don’t like Annette. You’r eentitled to your opinion,but it’s not necessary to call name. That’s immature..

    And yes, Kerry is stunning, she looks like a model…beautiful, tall, thin, elegant. And her weave and makeup are topnotch as always. If I had any critique on her outfit, it would be her shoes. They look way too small for her feet. That’s all folks……PeaceOut

  • Weber from Brazil

    Honestly, I absolutely love Kerry’s style
    she always looks chic, classy, and girlie at the same time *-*
    her lips are to die for…
    but these bangs have to go…I’d rather her curly hair…

  • Truthfully

    @Weber from Brazil:

    Truthfully, I think Naomi Campbell and Kerry as beautiful as they are (who could be twins at times) over-do the weave-thing, which causes the hairline to recede.

    Both Naomi Campbell and Kerry have similar foreheads, wear bangs to cover or highlight their beautiful eyes. It would be nice to see Kerry without the makeup, fashion, and weave. She’s a gorgeous woman who doesn’t need to diet so much or do botox (I hope she’s not doing that . . .). Just be yourself, that’s what makes people sexy, and what made her sexy and fresh some time ago.

  • Dougie

    btw… I looked at some other photographs of this event. Has Kerry lost all of her ??? Her boootie is F-L-A-T. There are white girls with rounder behinds.

  • Shutup


    You might call her No Booty Kerry , Flat Booty Kerry, but she’s still one pretty tall lady.

  • deke

    Annette did not age well.

  • Lisa

    Kerry is so ugly

  • Ehm

    Well I think they’re beautiful but both of them made bad clothing choices. I can’t believe Anette’s 50, I think she has a youthful looking face.

  • George

    Annette is gorgeous and aging gracefully!

  • George


    Do people really call her No Booty Kerry, Flat Booty Kerry? Unreal, even if you’re booty is a pancake or flat, doesn’t seem fair.

  • Gabby

    Annette Benning seems to be of the mistaken notion that in order to be considered a serious actress you have to look like a dog. Well done, Annette, mission accomplished.

  • NoStandards


    Flat Booty Kerry??? !!!!!

    She looks tall, beautiful, thin like a model. If she’s not packing a Brazilian Booty , What’s wrong with that? A lot of women have flat booooties!!!!!

  • Jen

    Annette is 52. She looks sad underneath that forced smile and has looked this way for sometime.

    Gotta be hard having a daughter who wants a sex change. I also hear that her marriage to that hound dog Beatty may be on the rocks and that they are only sticking together through the awards seasons.

  • joejoe


    She went on a diet, and hit the treadmill to be a STAR. That’s where her booty went.

  • cynthia


    Wow, I thought the comments about Kerry losing her booty to flatness were mean.

    How can you say such awful things. You must have ALOT of TIME.

  • boston61

    Annette looks MUCH older than 52. Hence the underlying sadness.

  • Ms Barleo Brad Pitt Fan

    Must be convenient being at home on a computer hating on a FLAWLESS woman like Kerry and a timeless beauty like Annette. Haha. They are on the red carpet and you are not. Get over it. Two beauties. End of story.

  • Ms Barleo Brad Pitt Fan

    Funny, when the racists are faced with a perfect looking black woman who they find nothing to attack, then they go for the old weave trick as if Britney, Aguilera and Pam Anderson don’t have weaves. Then when faced with a more mature beauty like Annette, they attack the age as a way to demean her. So sexist. Two perfect women. End of story. Show your faces losers!

  • Collin

    @Ms Barleo Brad Pitt Fan:

    Here, here. I’m a African American man and I don’t find Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears, or Ms Washington attractive. Your argument’s lost on me. It’s nothing against Kerry, she’s pretty but a pretty face isn’t all that.

    I thought she was sexy in the day, but the girl aint got no -ss. It doesn’t have to be big or large, just firm & round & fit.

    Kerry’s become some type of role model for fashion chic. And I prefer real skin ,no makeup; real hair, sick of the weaves on any Black woman, not just Kerry.

    If that’s what you like, fine. But don’t call someone a racist because they’re not attracted to what you like. Everyone has different taste.

  • tellaB

    Annette Bening has never done botox and that hater is saying she looks old. Same hater who attacks women who do use botox and look smooth faced.

  • Collin’s Right

    Collin’s right. I’m not attracted to most black women like Kerry, not because they’re black or Kerry’s flat squarish bottom is inherited from some White grandmother. But because I don’t enjoy touching hair that isn’t authentic, kissing a face caked in foundation & eyeshadow , and making love to a body that only looks good when a tight designer dress is squeezing those bits.

    Does that make me a racist? No, I’m a white male who has dated black women, most of them being of mixed heritage with natural curly wavy hair and flavor to their style. For me & a large percentage of men (of all races ), Natural = Sexy . Preference does not equal Prejudice.

  • noweavegirl

    There’s a reason for the hair style. It’s not just about fashion. It’s the Naomi Campbell, let’s-cover-up what a weave does to my hairline …with bangs. Makes your hairline, hair fall out.

    So she lost her back, her flat chubby butt went to a flat no butt, so what? That’s not an issue.

    The weave issue is a lot worse because it damages one’s body. Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell, and stars like Beyonce should be more responsible to their fan base that wants to look like them and wear the same hair styles.

  • Doubtful


    Ya, but in the following link, you have to admit she’s looking older and flatter in the behind area. Seriously, something’s wrong, she’s not like she was “back n the day”… This image doesnt’ say “healthy” to me (and that’s what she claims . . ., highly doubtful):

  • Doubtful

    You forgot to add this link, illustrating the hairloss. It looks unbelievably horrible. Kerry should quit hiding behind props , fashion, posing because the hair is 100% receding like Naomi Campbell’s forehead:

  • LetsBeReal
  • Ivan Kiryushin