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Vanessa Hudgens: Spirit Awards with Malin Akerman!

Vanessa Hudgens: Spirit Awards with Malin Akerman!

Just Jared has been part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Force this Oscar weekend. We just came from the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards, spotting the best celebrity style on Saturday (February 26).

Malin Akerman and fellow bedazzled actress Vanessa Hudgens put on their 3-D glasses to experience the epic LG Cinema 3D HDTV lounge backstage at California’s Santa Monica Beach.

Vanessa, who wore a cute Free People dress, was seen swiping a Altoids mint tin and sticking it into her purse. She literally danced her way through the lounge and mingled with 90210‘s Trevor Donovan. Before hitting the ceremony, Vanessa stopped by the Elle lounge and chatted with creative director Joe Zee.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Turquoise Ring by Herndon Heald and an evil eye necklace by Kara Ackerman.

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Credit: Charley Gallay, John Sciulli; Photos: Wireimage
Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz
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84 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Spirit Awards with Malin Akerman!”

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  1. 51
    ES7 Says:

    i love vanessa hudgens so much..she’s very pretty with a long dress!!!i can’t wait 4 her 2 latest movies beastly and sucker punch!!!!go go v!!!!

  2. 52
    hoitytoitytoity Says:

    She looks happy. Good for her.

  3. 53
    ryanmurphy Says:

    @Marisol: Of course you wouldn’t think Vanessa’s pretty. Your local actresses look pasty with all the whitening products they put on their body just to look fair and white and all-American.
    And all Filipinos I know are besotted with those and make themselves ”white’ too. I tell them they should be happy they original skin color is not white. They can go out in the sun and not worry so much about looking like a lobster or worry about skin cancer.

  4. 54
    tinker Says:

    @cassidy: Yes he did cheat. But its ok, just show Zac how much you looooooooooooooooooove him, he’ll do you too against the wall.

  5. 55
    bella Says:

    No one knows Zac or Vanessa 's status. The fans especially

    Saying that you know for a fact that they're together or apart is invalid

  6. 56
    vhei Says:

    @lola: there are actually several solutions to your problem. someone must write (or better yet, someone has already written) a very good screenplay that will cast her. (anyways, i’ve heard a lot of very good writers considering her – known and even those amateurs) she’s actually critically acclaimed for bandslam, fyi, if you haven’t read it yet. ace torres wanted her in wishing well. she was rumored to play spiderwoman and in dead@17. if she won’t go far in hollywood, then why does she have three upcoming movies this year alone? suckerpunch is an action film. she plays blondie. do you think that’s a ‘cute teenage role’? journey 2 is an adventure movie. she plays kailani. do you still think that’s a ‘cute teenage role’? yes, she’s short. so what do you call other pinay actresses and even some white actresses? six footers? yes, she’s asian. so why do a lot of asians are in hollywood?

  7. 57
    maeli Says:


  8. 58
    lslsharon Says:

    vanessa looks so gorgeous

  9. 59
    Lovely Says:

    @Marisol: @lola: Oh lawd! Here comes the CRAB brigade!
    I swear CRAB MENTALITY is like the worst Filipino trait i have ever been associated with. Shame on you, Filipino people, why can’t you be proud of anyone of your heritage to be successful in life?

  10. 60
    go sox Says:

    Looking gorgeous, Vanessa!! LOVE the new hair length….can’t wait to see her style it all different ways!! There are also some VERY cute pics of her with Josh Hutcherson at their table. I think they all had a great time filming Journey in Hawaii AND North Carolina with Michael Caine and the Rock.

  11. 61
    hannah pie Says:

    @Lovely: it’s called them opting to have more objectivity. they’re not supporting someone for the sole fact that they’re the same ethnicity as them.
    that’s like voting for someone just because they are female and you are female. that’s dumb.
    get a clue.

  12. 62
    Lovely Says:

    @ryanmurphy: I think I agree, though you can’t blame Filipinos for wanting to be ‘white’. it would make the actresses more glamorous looking besides the brown skinned Filipina.

    @hannah pie: It wasn’t an objectivity claim. It was a rude gesture of piting Filipino actresses to Vanessa who looks more Filipino than the Euroasian and mestiza actresses Lola was saying. Judging from pictures of Filipino actresses, Filipino producers, they don’t really care much for brown-skinned ones do they?

  13. 63
    yets Says:

    nice to see her smiling.

  14. 64
    Jo Says:

    Sorry if this link doesn’t work but if so, do you think this is true? Sorry to bring this up…

  15. 65
    Jo Says:

    Plus, this link i just posted i highly doubt is true. Like they say, don’t believe the things you read online. I just want to know what all of you think of this. I think it sounds like they’re over-reacting about the whole situation. The zac and theresa thing was a lie, so this might be just as fictional.

  16. 66
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I wouldn’t read anything into that story. Hollywoodlife is one of the most unreliable gossip rags out there. In my experience a majority of what they write about any celebrity is complete bull$hit. Plus Josh was not even at the beastly premiere so I got no ideas where they got that info from.

  17. 67
    Allie Says:

    It’s whats going to happen. Either of them stand beside someone of the opposite sex and they’ll be linked. Besides, isn’t Josh like 18. If Zac and Vanessa don’t work it out, I’m sure she’ll date somone older. She may only be 22 but having been in a relationship for a long time, she should be more emotionally mature than other girls her age.

    Anyway, that dress makes her look much taller. Malin Akerman should never have all her hair back. It looks terrible. If you’ve got a large forehead, need to have some bangs.

  18. 68
    Susan Says:

    How do you guys think Beastly will do opening weekend?

    Here are some opening weekend numbers (per screen averages) for a few of Zac and Vanessa’s films:

    High School Musical 3 $11,600
    Hairspray $8,800
    17 Again $7,300
    Charlie St. Cloud $4,600
    Bandslam $1,000

  19. 69
    go sox Says:

    @Susan: Yeah, we get that your main goal in life is to smash Vanessa’s face into the ground. Actually, Bandslam was a far better movie critically than CSC or HSM, and Vanessa has great reviews for it. And she already received a ShoWest Star of Tomorrow award last year for her role in Beastly, as did Alex. I think Beastly will do fine, because of word-of-mouth, and better promo than Bandslam did. Please go find something else worthwhile to do with your life, than to purposely try to degrade others for no reason.

  20. 70
    BrittanySnowFan Says:

    lol no

  21. 71
    go sox Says:

    @Jo: How stupid. Just because they are friends, and just finished months of filming together, does not mean they are dating. She described him as a younger brother, for heaven’s sake. The maturity of a 22 yr old woman is far beyond that of an 18 yr old BOY. That’s just the dumbest thing ever. They are friends. End of story.

  22. 72
    Sun Says:

    vanessa is a lesbian

  23. 73
    RA Says:

    holy crap my BS meter nearly exploded after reading that story

  24. 74
    cf10 Says:

    vanessa is so beautiful

  25. 75
    BARBARA Says:

    @ JO, that story is nothing but a lie,First off Vanessa was a director, and josh was there because his movie was nominated, I sure they didn’t know very many people there, and because they know each other, and they think of each other as brother and sister, so when you know someone ,you feel more comfortable with, Zac does the same thing, he always hangs out with the people he knows, then they makeup storys about them,i don’t care who it is. Hollwood life tells the bigest storys, and makes them up. @ KAREN, said as soon as Vanessa, gets back to LA, they are going to makeup storys, about her as they about Zac,Zac said do not believe anything you read unless he tells you. @ KAREN I MISS YOUR GREAT COMMENTS, I WISH YOU WERE BACK YOU HAVE JUST A GREAT VISION, OF LIFE IT SELF, AND ABOUT Z&V.

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