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Alexander Skarsgard: Burberry for Pre-Oscar Party!

Alexander Skarsgard: Burberry for Pre-Oscar Party!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps dry in a chic Burberry trench at the Montblanc Cocktail Party held at West Hollywood’s Soho House on Saturday (February 26).

The 34-year-old True Blood actor later hit up the star-studded William Morris Endeavor party held at a private bungalow inside the exclusive Chateau Marmont.

Also spotted at the big WME bash: James Marsden chatting up Vanessa Hudgens, Leighton Meester talking up Country Strong co-star Garrett Hedlund, Riley Keough meeting Teresa Palmer and Brooklyn Decker, Beau Garrett reminiscing with Joshua LeBar, Glee stars Chord Overstreet and Harry Shum Jr. downing bottles of water, Kevin Spacey, rumored G.I. Joe 2 director Jon Chu, Ginnifer Goodwin (with fiance Joey Kern), Mia Wasikowska, Russell Brand, Ryan Phillippe (with on-and-off-again girlfriend Amanda Seyfried), Liam Hemsworth, Thomas Dekker catching up with Haley Bennett, Dakota Johnson (with musician boyfriend Noah Gersh), Armie Hammer (with wife Elizabeth Chambers), Zoe Kravitz (with mom Lisa Bonet), and Colton Haynes.

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Credit: John Shearer, Christopher Polk; Photos: Wireimage, Getty
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  • megan fox 2
  • Peanut Gallery

    They both look good!

  • TrueBlade

    He looks great! Nice that he’s attending all the good Oscar parties looking sharp and happy..

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    He wait oscar?


    ^^^^Oops! forgot I was on different account with old moniker.

    He looks great! Nice that he’s attending all the good Oscar parties looking sharp and happy..

  • NRich

    they look great, love their style. alex’s complexion looks better in these pictures than the ones from the other day, maybe it’s the absence of scruff.

  • Sara

    Leighton meester is still dating Garrett Hedlund?

  • Ash

    I want to see pics of Leighton, Garrett and the rest of them.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    They both look incredible.

  • Jack

    It’ll be nice to see James and Alex together in Straw Dogs. Hotness overload.

  • damn

    alex looks hot and happy is his missus still OS??

  • Just an opinion

    He looks fantastic! And love that he is out & about lately SMILING!

  • Taylor

    I would have lol’d if it said ‘Vanessa chatting it up with Teresa Palmer’

  • http://j cf10

    james and vanessa! i want a pic

  • Lis

    @Sara: I hope so! Those two are hotness!

  • what

    omg are leighton and garrett really together?

  • peggy


    Palmer would be out of her league – it would be like a minor league player (Palmer) meeting Babe Ruth (Hudgens).

    I’m sure V ignored her.

  • so nice

    Good gracious that man is smokin’ hot. So nice to see him looking happy and I love that coat. He should wear it more often. Marsden looks good too…

  • jamie

    i want to see pictures of leighton and garrett together!!! are they still together???

  • Mia


    must be if theyre at the party

  • Kelly

    I want to see Alexander wearing nothing but that coat.

  • Margie

    Forget Alexander, James looks GORGEOUS!

  • Burberry bitch

    Montblanc Cocktail Party
    party at Chateau Marmont
    Enjoy your 15 minutes, Alex.

  • Hmm

    @24 – not sure why you’d diss him. He looks great, Marsen looks good, can’t we just focus on how nice the pics are? He’s hot, he’s a good actor, lovely to watch…

  • MadAboutTheBoy

    He’s had a lot more than 15 minutes of fame, and his talent will ensure that he gets even more, regardless of Kate.

  • heather

    Leave Kate alone. They’re a gorgeous couple and they’re both so nice. James Marsden is looking good too.

  • Ugg

    Kate’s a homwrecking tw@t.

  • JewelC*nt

    A couple? When did he ever say she was his gf?

  • MadAboutTheBoy

    Amazing fact: webmistresses post anti-Alexander comments to stir up their OWN sites. I’m pointing at u, World of Sycophants.

  • The Myths

    Myths about alexander skarsgard:
    “he’s talented” but doesn’t get roles in movies and his Eric is more about looks. Peaked with Generation Kill (playing a marine–> he was a marine in Sweden)
    “he looks better with age” because he has work done, like teeth fixed, work out (he’s slim), he has more money to “Ken up”
    “Kate Bosworthless mystery” there’s no mistery, they’re alike. His family probably doesn’t like their show. Period.
    “He’s so handsome” yes, he’s tall, have an accent and (thanks to gym) is hunky. But he’s a butterface, or butterhead in this case. His face is cute if you like seahorses

  • Give it a reat

    @30 WOS is a closed forum. All any of us want is for Alex to be happy and have a successful career. Nothing we say is anti- Alexander. Anti Kate? You betcha! She’s a stage 5 clinger who will dig her claws into him and suck his soul out until there is nothing left. Plus she has awful fashion sense, wears ugly ass boots and sells crappy jewelry. What’s not to dislike?

  • Claire

    Alex is running for an Oscar? He deserves it, I hope he wins!!!!

  • Claire

    And. I like James Marsden, but people only notice his look and don’t pay much attention at his good acting.

  • ehcoes of tPF and wos


    She’s prolly one of Alex’s obsessive ex-fan girl or Stephen Moyer’s fan? Both groups hate him with passion, Alex’s “ex-fans” for Kate and moyerists because of True Blood. They think Alex is a threat to their man lol. Still both groups laugh @ Twilight fans lmao

    btw, jj has removed thumbs up/down options? How sad…for the haters ;)

  • @ Myth

    @The Myths:

    Someone sounds very bitter there. I’ve heard that same old song hundreds of times…from Stephen Moyer’s fans. Bitter old sacks, but I find it funny that they know so much about Alexander Skarsgård, his family and his private life. Obsessive much. And FYI all I repeat: ALL the True Blood men goes to gym and Manganiello reportedly lives in gym or do you really believe that he and other hunks were born that way. You should stop this childish TB feud.

    Btw, just checked the newest Anna and Stephen thread. ZERO negative comments! Alex’s fans are so much cooler and smarter lol

  • danielik25

    Two handsome men!

  • Give it a real

    @Give it a reat:

    C’mon you can’t be that naïve! Of course your kbhatred affects directly to Alex and his fandom and I’ve seen some very disrespectful stuff on your front page too, which is OPEN to all. Having fans like you who needs the haters or maybe you only promote other Skarsgårds at Alex’s expence? God help the struggling actors from ”fans” like you and the p00p ladies.

    And do you really I mean REALLY know Kate Bosworht in person? I haven’t read anything bad about her from any reliable sources. All those nasty rumours are based on the shady gossip pages on and discussion boards on internet. And what if she isn’t an good actress? Should he dump Kate for some Oscar winner? That wouldn’t be opportunist famewh0ring at all?


    @Give it a real:

    Have you heard anything good about KB from any reliable sources? Links please. Regarding so called rumor even the thickest rose colored glasses can see she went from good pals with Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney( Gwyneth’s friends) at the 2009 Met Gala:

    To them not even speaking to her at the 2010 Met Gala. No one cuts people off for unsubstantiated rumors. She screwed around with Chris Martin, Gwyneth’s husband. Period.

    The fact that Liv Tyler, whom she knew through Orlando Bloom (they worked on Lord of the Rings together), is no longer her friend is very telling. They were friends for years, why wouldn’t Liv stand by her friend? Unless she knew the Chris Martin was true.

  • Carla Nelson

    Alexander is an okay looking man but he aint no cutie by a long shot. The reason why people don’t say much negative comments about Anna and Bill is they don’t try to be seen like Alex and Kate. Every now and then you will see a paped picture of them but not like everyday with A and K. Which sends signals that you are trying to hard or maybe calling them yourselves to get photographed a lot. You can run out with your fans by being over exposed so much. People will start to think that the photo coverage is fake. Now I can even go for a Tb star being seen once in a while. Then you might say it is legitimate to catch someone off gard with a photo but when it is every day and every second when you are being paped one would start to wonder that they these people must have your daily schedule of your outings were you will be to get a picture.

  • @ carla nelson

    @Carla Nelson:

    You moyerists are such jealous hypocrites. Moyer not so handsome but average looking old man and Paquin “I’m bi-sexual, isn’t that exiting” are papped even more and they share way too much their private life information to media. They try so hard to get attention that it is pathetic. It must be painful for them that almost all the other actors in TB are more popular among the fans.

  • Nobody

    In case anyone’s interested there’s a video here: of Alex after this party arriving at the WME bash at the Chateau Marmont. And for those of you curious folk the woman he greets at the beginning is his publicist Robin Baum, she introduces him to one of her “friends” coworker Erica Gray who was in from Slate’s NY division for the Oscars. Notice the warmth/affection and awkwardness between Robin and Alex. Oh and of course she mentions Bjorne because anyone (especially a gifted manipulator) knows the way to Askars heart is thru his loved ones, Bjorne being truly one of his most cherished closest friends (and no not in a sexual way). There’s so much dirt I could dish if not for fear of unemployment -let’s just say it’s all very seedy and hopefully someone else can one day uncover the truth.

  • oh really?

    @The Myths:

    Hey that goes with Moyer and Manganiello too, except Moyer isn’t tall. He’s a wee little man ;D

  • Cold Play


    Your links prove nothing. Do you have any photos or links where they actually kiss? And what about Chris Martin then? I haven’t seen anyone blaming him and he is the MARRIED one. Maybe Chris Martin is pathologic cheater as the rockers and musicians usually are and that’s why Gwyneth can’t trust them with her heart. Poor Kate has to take all the quilty, resentment and hatred. Double standards strike again.

  • Sarah

    leighton & garrett?? together again didnt think i would hear about them again

  • Somebody, someday

    @Nobody if you want to dish let me know, make up an email and send it to me and i will get the word out. Plus I would love to hear the dish on this dirty love pot.


    @Cold Play:

    We were talking about KB not CM. The married one should always get the most blame. They’re the selfish, self centered piece of sh*t that made an oath to be loyal to their spouse. The other person is just an immoral opportunist that doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone but themselves.

    Bottomline…since we haven”t seen her kissing(not including cheek or hand) Alex I’ll assume that they’re not involved either. Or is there a double standard on that story? I guess you can read those pictures of him pretending not to be with her in the US as true love. I guess his refusal to state she’s his gf is a definite confirmation of great love story in your mind.

    I love that KB told Nylon that she went to Mexico with a few core friends…not 20 something Swedes that probably really didn’t know her that well/at all or care that it was her birthday. Very romantic….seems she always tries to tell different stories despite public knowledge of the actual occurrence.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    #21 and #22 Kelly, you cracked me up, because I have had those same thoughts whenever i see him wearing that trench.

    #38 even before the CM incident, KB’s reputation in HW was the worst possible one it could be, i think she loves to have people talk negative about her because she does nothing good. she does nothing with charities(even in secrect as some celebrities do), on the set of “21″, she wouldn’t leave her costar Jim S alone, even knowing he had a long time girlfriend. she has been in this business for at least 10 years and doesn’t have one friend that isn’t on her payroll, what does that say to you. when she gets a part in a film (usually) a bit part, she is known to be very difficult to work with, she feels like she should be treated like an A lister when she is lucky if she is considered a Z lister, and if in one more interview she says she is a blue blood, i will scream, because i don’t think she knows that it doesn’t mean the world owes her everything because she has a smug, know it all face.

    Merrick, as always, thank you for showing someone the truth. Friends do not drop you over a tabloid rumor, they drop you because of the truth, that they know about, that is why nobody needed pictures, they just had to know and see the aftermath and her being her usual drunken self at the Met is better than a picture.

    AS i have been a fan of yours since all your great work in Sweden, thinking that PUSS, was by far the best. You need to be as happy as you have looked in the last couple of weeks, I think this nonesense needs to end and from that ackward video of Robin the publicist whore trying to grab and keep your attention, everyone can tell the end isn’t too far off.

    Good luck in all you do becuase there are very few actors that deserve it and you only improve with each role.

  • nylon magazine quote

    @ merrick
    I love that KB told Nylon that she went to Mexico with a few core friends

    that made me laugh!!!!!!. did kate actually forget to mention that alexander skarsgard was also with her in mexico you know her “BOYFRIEND” oh I guess kate does not actually have the GIRLFRIEND status to mention alexander as her BOYFRIEND. so she uses FRIENDS.

  • @42

    I didn’t notice any awkwardness. So what are you saying, Robin’s hot for AS or they got together? I doubt it. I think she said say hi to Bjorn because he walked in just ahead of Alex. You sound like someone who maybe once worked for Robin. A disgruntled employee. How dramatic – you know the seedy truth.

  • One myth

    @@ Myth:

    Is so much fun trolling Alexander’s diehard fans! You get so mad.
    I’m just saying what you don’t want to see about him.
    Is there such a thing call “moyerist”? Because the true blood cast? moyer, paquin and mang…something, I don’t care. I’m not interested in soap operas about vampires…
    Finally, use your imagination to write whatever you want about us. You don’t see.
    I use my eyes to read and see what is on these sites. And I see crazy girls over a creepy, so, WHY DON’T PICK ON THEM? :)