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Gerard Butler: Spirit Awards Voter Party!

Gerard Butler: Spirit Awards Voter Party!

Gerard Butler suits up for the Film Independent Spirit Awards Voter Party, held at Santa Monica Place on Saturday (February 26) in Santa Monica, California.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor chatted with his P.S. I Love You co-star, Hilary Swank, at the LG Cinema 3D HDTV lounge.

Later that evening, Gerry dropped by the Montblanc cocktail party hosted by Harvey and Bob Weinstein, where he was spotted spending time with Adrien Brody!

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gerard butler hilary swank lg independent spirit awards voter party 01
gerard butler hilary swank lg independent spirit awards voter party 02
gerard butler hilary swank lg independent spirit awards voter party 03
gerard butler hilary swank lg independent spirit awards voter party 04

Credit: David Livingston/John Sciulli; Photos: WireImage
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108 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Spirit Awards Voter Party!”

  1. 1
    Manny Says:

    Looking better Mr. Butler. :)

  2. 2
    Goren Says:

    They would make a cute couple..

  3. 3
    casey Says:

    Too bad she has a boyfriend. They look so good together.

  4. 4
    heidi Says:


  5. 5
    beth Says:

    He has changed so in looks since PSILY. Still very handsome, but so different.

  6. 6
    megan fox Says:

  7. 7
    megan fox 2 Says:

  8. 8
    Sligo lambert ^___^ cute Says:

    He like dirty heheh

  9. 9
    angelsrock Says:


    He changes quiet a bit from movie to movie. I love that.

  10. 10
    Manny Says:

    @megan fox 2:
    I see the personal ads are rolling out again……. LMAO!

  11. 11
    oldfurniture Says:

    I’m waiting for the first poster to say that he looks like he smells.

  12. 12
    Request...... Says:

    ……another movie together please. Great chemistry.

  13. 13
    karen Says:

    Thank goodness he didn’t drag Ronnie to this. I hope we’ve seen the last of Madra for a long while.

    I’m wondering why he did the hair. Maybe he’s going to have some task at the Oscar’s? Or just wants to look good at the after parties.

  14. 14
    hair Says:

    Looks like he dyed the hair again, and maybe got a trim. Too bad, I like his color natural. The hair looks better shaped though – more neat and less “Barry Gibb.”

  15. 15
    someinfo Says:

    He’s known Madra since 2004…

  16. 16
    Manny Says:

    Oh please dear God NOOOOOOO! Now Lena Headley would be awesome, that was orgasmic chemistry IMO. Just the smoldering looks between Lena and Gerry would heat a city. :)
    Honestly I don’t see it. Butler was sexy as hell in PSILY but the chemistry Hilary put out with him wouldn’t light a candle IMO. I also got the impression from the body language of some of their interviews that Hilary was not feeling the Butler. When cameras are rolling they are all smiles, but what happens when the cameras walk away? They don’t even seem to have a friendship. Too bad for her. :)

  17. 17
    stella Says:

    This guy spoke too soon:

  18. 18
    Georgia* Says:

    Re The Hair…it’s only a wash in / wash out …he’ll be back to his natural grey sexy self by Carnival next week.

    He look’s happy though, don’t you think?.

  19. 19
    angelsrock Says:


    Yep! Can’t keep up with Butler. Kind of like technology. Just when you buy into him, it changes!! Keep us guessing, Gerry.

  20. 20
    kate Says:

    @Georgia*: He looks happy because he’s living the high life that he loves. Each rung of the social ladder he climbs, the happier he is. I’m not knocking it. Good for him, he got what he always wanted.

  21. 21
    stella Says:

    Is that Marge or a lookalike in the background?

  22. 22
    stella Says:

    Cute photo:

  23. 23
    karen Says:

    @kate: Haha. I have long thought the same thing. Along those lines, I think that’s part of the reason he’s never settled down with the Biancas or the Kristies in his life. He’s looking for bigger fish.

  24. 24
    angelsrock Says:


    What do you think he just said to her?? Really cute, I agree!

  25. 25
    yes, yes, yes Says:

    @casey: To bad he has a boyfriend too!

  26. 26
    Manny Says:

    Holy freaking stalker….. it looks like Frammie there front and center again. Maybe Butler wasn’t kidding about thinking she would follow him to the loo…

  27. 27
    themask Says:


    …to¡let paper, G….towel ? lolololololol

  28. 28
    @Manny Says:


    If you look behind Gerry that is an East Coast US fan. Blonde bobbed hair Judy, i think her screen name is Emily Bronte. Someone thought Marg was there but that’s not Marg beside her. Judy has done alot more “stalking” as you call it than Frammie but doesn’t broadcast so IMO looks more stalkerish when she is spotted in pix that surface. I recall a few threads back when the Berlin press conference pix surfaced and Frammie was in a pix getting slagged off for being there a German fan posted to say she was there with some US fans and Gerry was great to them.

  29. 29
    Swansong Says:

    He looks clean because Saturday is his bath day. He took a shower and combed his hair. He still smells though because he didn’t wash his junk, just rinsed it.


  30. 30
    themask Says:

    @@Manny: “…Gerry was great to them….”

    …he’s an actor, right? …and a good one sometimes.

  31. 31
    Swansong Says:

    @Manny: Frammie is a very unattractive woman. She has no choice but to stalk a man.

  32. 32
    Manny Says:

    I’m sure Gerry was lovely to all of them. He always is. It is scary to think that there are others now stalking around the world following him. Poor bloke. :(
    As for East Coast fans…..So do we have clans of fans now? Do they meet at the phannievention to make sure everyone knows what clan they belong to? Sorry but all these GALS, WOs, etc. is just beyond my need to know… *shaking head in total disbelief*

  33. 33
    Manny Says:

    Sorry but you crossed a line with that comment. I don’t agree with Frammie’s behavior but I NEVER EVER comment on her appearance just her behavior. Try to have at least a little class…

  34. 34
    @Manny Says:


    The more you slag certain areas of his fandom just continually proves to everyone; especially newcomers; that jealousy is alive, well and thriving on JJ. None of you are fooling anyone.

  35. 35
    @Manny Says:


    The more you slag certain areas of his fandom just continually proves to everyone; especially newcomers; that jealousy is alive, well and thriving on JJ. None of you are fooling anyone.

  36. 36
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @karen: Filming for his next movie starts very shortly, so that is likely why.

  37. 37
    Manny Says:

    Well at least I don’t stutter. :)

  38. 38
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @yes, yes, yes:


  39. 39
    Swansong Says:

    @Manny: Do you disagree that she is ugly? I see that you don’t. GB is a s-lut but even he could not stomach her.

  40. 40
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    Just moved your likely age up from about 14 to nearly 16 with this sophisticated, insightful comment.

  41. 41
    Manny Says:

    GB probably doesn’t appreciate her behavior. I know I don’t. :)

  42. 42
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    I just moved your probably age from 14 to nearly 16 with that insightful, intelligent comment.

  43. 43
    Jewelrymaker Says:

    Trying to catch up a bit on the threads. Kinda sorry considering some of the hate. Waiting for the Oscars and typing on a tiny borrowed pc-mine needs repair. Hi to all. Sorry to see some have left. Hope we can focus on the Butler and not hate on each other so much. Happy Sunday and Oscar night from here in L.A.

  44. 44
    gossiphound Says:

    @karen: Apparently that has a name, the Bigger Better Deal Syndrome – you can’t commit to any one person because you always think something better is around the corner.

  45. 45
    just curious Says:

    LOL, maybe he dragged Madra to this one too, we just don’t know. I saw Alan in some of the pix, sipping what I assume is champagne. Hard to believe Madra is in town but stayed behind at home or hotel room, unless of course, he had his own better planes. However, somehow, I doubt it; there is no way he will not join GB at these pre-Oscar parties unless he had something much better to do.
    I’m with Manny on this one. I don’t like seeing Gerry with Hilary Swank; they had ZERO chemistry together. I didn’t feel the great love her character lost when his character died, which left me feeling frustrated most of the movie. She got a little bit better toward the end of the movie, and I could see she started to relate better to her character, but like her character, it was too much too late. For most of the movie, I didn’t find her believable.
    In addition, and I know people are going to hate me for saying it because she is another big hit around here, but I don’t care, so I’m going to say it anyway, I don’t think she is pretty. She is not ugly, but she is not pretty either. She is very average, and I would like to see Gerry with someone much prettier, of course someone with a great personality too. But based on looks alone, I don’t like seeing him with her.
    One last thing, in the last thread some posters mentioned that she is a no-nonsense type of person and might be able to handle Gerry. For starters, she can’t live without her agent. He is her eyes, ears, and brain. She is very dependent on him; can’t make a move without him Okaying it.
    Unfortunately, her agent turned her into someone totally dependent on him. Ffirst it was her husband she was very dependent on, before it become apparent she was the bigger star and he wasn’t able to handle her success, and now her agent took what used to be his place. She started having a relationship with her agent years ago, longer than 4 years. Well, maybe that’s why she can’t see what we see in Gerry. Anyway, I think people need to cool it with the idea of Gerry and Hilary Swank being an item.
    On the other, and if you noticed it, he was very tender and friendly to her, both in the movie and now, whenever he sees her. Here is an example of what I mean.
    I have to say, though, she was a bit more responsive to him last night than on other occasions.

  46. 46
    Grapevine Says:

    GB looks in love with Jessica chatmain, what’s up with that?
    Is GB with Jessica? Does someone know?

  47. 47
    Rudy Says:

    One can be attractive without being beautiful. Some of the most attractive people are not beautiful.

    What he feels for HS?
    It’s called respect and friendship.

  48. 48
    Dorothy Says:

    Hilary Swank is not even attractive.
    I agree with Curious, she is just average looking.

  49. 49
    GerardButler Says:

    Oh no! There is a fat ugly woman with glasses following me around everywhere! Its the same woman that followed me to London, Berlin, Toronto, Glasgow, Los Angeles…… Should I call the police?
    Wait….false alarm. It was just Alan.

  50. 50
    redOctober Says:

    …oh my…are the almighty thumbs gone? *O*

  51. 51
    Dorothy Says:

    don’t worry these idiotic things would be back soon enough.

  52. 52
    redOctober Says:


    …wait…wait..he’s signing a decree right now …”Thumbs are not allowed to come back ” ; D

  53. 53
    CorBlimey Says:

    Oi. Poster 379. Bvgger off and steal someone else’s moniker. I would never say that. What is it with this place and trying to cause sh*t for other people? Grow up.
    Wasn’t me. Ignore the troll please.
    Sorry to bring this into the new thread, but I just wanted to clarify..

  54. 54
    just curious Says:

    for anyone who wants to follow the red carpet on the Internet
    BTW, I don’t thnk G will be there but he will probably hit some of the ater parties late tonigt.

  55. 55
    Tintagel Says:

    @Manny: I NEVER EVER comment on her appearance
    No? You comment on other women’s appearance.
    Heaven help any girl Gerry may be dating; the first thing you do is comment on her looks. Even his co-stars aren’t immune – Hilary Swank’s teeth are a favorite target of yours.
    You recently proclaimed to be superior because you don’t objectify men the way men objectify women. In truth, you are exactly like these men because you objectify women too.

  56. 56
    Manny Says:

    I have never commented on Frammie’s appearance and will not be brought into it.
    As for actresses that sell their appearance and PR/fame wh*res doing the same thing, they are open game the same as Butler is for critique.
    BTW – show me the last time I commented on someone Gerry was dating? LC was a PR stunt, JA was a PR stunt. Martina was a famewh*re. Beatriz was a famewh*re. I have never commented negatively about any woman that has been a girlfriend.
    Grow up a little and try contributing to the thread rather than trying to get banned again troll. :)
    For my girlies – Captain Underpants is open for the Oscars. :)))

  57. 57
    Manny Says:

    Hellothere… invite sent. :)

  58. 58
    a thought Says:

    She always calls his women horse face and she called you a troll. Everyone is a troll if they give her a piece of their minds hahaha

  59. 59
    I'll Bite Says:

    @@Manny: @Manny – didn’t you just ‘slag’ by writing:
    The more you slag certain areas of his fandom just continually proves to everyone; especially newcomers; that jealousy is alive, well and thriving on JJ. None of you are fooling anyone
    You don’t have any true idea who the scary, stalker fans are. These women are harmless. There are ones out there that have restraining orders out against them, who write scary diary entries and who write this absolute sh**t about others..

    Read more:

  60. 60
    mailey Says:

    um hello, they look cute together! like.
    they were so great tog in p.s. i love you.

  61. 61
    Thoughts Says:

    I wonder if Gerry showers every day. I mean even when he’s not working. He just seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t. LOL.

  62. 62
    *clears throat* Says:

    Umm…is this really Gerard’s naked a/ss or is it someone else’s?

  63. 63
    Manny Says:

    @*clears throat*:
    That would be Gerard James Butler’s ass… cellulite and all. :)

  64. 64
    CorBlimey Says:

    What is it with everyone’s preoccupation with Gerard’s showering habits? It’s in every single thread. Very, very odd.. :D

  65. 65
    Question? Says:

    Do you have cellulite?

  66. 66
    Swansong Says:

    @*clears throat*: Those are his cheeks and it looks like he wants more than donuts inserted between them this time. Would a straight man pull down his pants and bend over in front of a group of men?

  67. 67
    To Georgia Says:

    Please say what you want to say here if you have any news .

  68. 68
    Just Guessing Says:

    @Swansong: Bet Ronnie has seen that view a lot.

  69. 69
    CorBlammo cr@p Says:

    Manny hates all of the G-man’s ladies. One by one, she criticizes them all. If he ever gets a new girlfriend, Manny will disparage her to no end. So immature and such low self-esteem.

  70. 70
    CorBlimey Says:

    Uh, yeah.. they do.. :D

  71. 71
    CorBlimey Says:

    Oops.. just read Swansong’s comment again – I was referring to the fact that straight guys do flash their ar*ses at their buddies (and not the insinuation that he wants something other than donuts between his bvtt cheeks).. Thought I’d better straighten that out.. :D

  72. 72
    stella Says:

    OMG. I think I’ve been thumbasized. I was reading a few comments just now that made be cringe, and I automatically reached for a down thumb. And there was nothing there. I’ve been a big complainer about them in the past, and now I feel so cheap. LOL.

    Speaking of Alan and David, here’s look into their home:

    I love gray.

  73. 73
    ally Says:

    I’m on the side of Hillary and Gerry looking great together. But then, I’m also a huge fan of PSILY. I thought they were both terrific. Hillary/Holly was supposed to have turned into a rather cold, conflicted b’tch when their marriage and their jobs didn’t progress the way she had dreamed. Then she had to face her mistakes, reality and regrets when he died. If she hadn’t been distant near the end of their relationship before he got sick, the story couldn’t have been what it was. I thought they both were spot on.

  74. 74
    oldbutnotdead Says:


    I do not know what planet you live on, but men do it to one another more than they do it to women. GB is pretty silly, and uninhibited, and has also done it to the make up women on occasion, per one interview.

    I like his vulgar silliness. But then I am an old lady, and he just makes me laugh.

  75. 75
    pooh Says:

    @stella: The house that David’s designing talent and Gerry’s money made possible.

  76. 76
    thumbs, come back Says:

    Fake Swansong. Shut up. You can give as many explanations as you want for stealing someone’s name. You use it because you think it’s funny. Schoolyard bully.

  77. 77
    Aqua Says:

    @ stella noticed it too but it sure is easier to get onto JJ without them.

  78. 78
    she Says:

    wow swansong – you are kind of a jerk!!!

  79. 79
    asSsbag > @karen Says:

    By the way “karen/kristi – we know you are that “kristi” and for the record?
    no one even thought past YOU calling the paprazzi to try and get 15 mins of fame.
    so you can sit down and keep “writing.”
    ~ Love, The Forum

  80. 80
    stella Says:

    Tweet: “normaapril Next year get a threesome to host the Oscars. Craig Ferguson, Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler. That’s a winner.”

    I can’t comment on this year’s show, because I stayed way away from it. I hate all the back slapping. You’d think they found a cure for cancer.

    The only way I’d watch is if G was there.

  81. 81
    Swansong Says:

    @thumbs, come back: Stick your thumbs up your ar$e Paisley Swan. This name is mine!

  82. 82
    Georgia* Says:

    Instyle or Vanity Fair??????

  83. 83
    huh? Says:

    @asSsbag > @karen: Give us a break. Karen is sure not Kristie. What are you talking about? I’ve read silly on here, but this takes the cake.

  84. 84
    dåarden Says:


  85. 85
    Missing Says:

    the boogar poster.

  86. 86
    I just Says:

    @Swansong: think you are a real creep. We know the difference. Creepy idiot vs. fan. I got a shivver down my spine just thinking about you.

  87. 87
    karen Says:

    @asSsbag > @karen: Me? Kristie? I wish. That arcade kiss was bliss. LOL. How could anyone misconstrue my postings into this? Me? A grannie in the noreast is now a hottie in southern calif.? This is about as stupid as this place can go.

  88. 88
    Interesting Says:

    “I hate all the back slapping. You’d think they found a cure for cancer.
    The only way I’d watch is if G was there.”
    So true. best comment of the night.

  89. 89
    CorBlimey Says:

    Jeepers Creepers – speaking of, uh, people flashing their buns of steel in public..
    JMHO, but that isn’t at all sexy. Just so you know.

  90. 90
    Joan Says:

    They are really sweet together and I loved the film Gerry’s new one with Rafe Feinnes ‘Coriolanus’ is getting loads of praise so lots of good wishes for that one. He is also far better looking up close and has loads of charisma. Real Man this one, But we all saw his ‘potential ‘in ‘Mrs Brown’ when he ran naked into the sea with Billy Connely, No wonder he wears his kilt with pride.


    Joan xxxx(HUG)

  91. 91
    stella Says:

    @karen: LOL. Now, come on, tell us all about your hot nights with G. Just kidding. Don’t we all wish.

  92. 92
    Missing Says:

    JUst shut up. None (one, lol) of you are funny OR fooling anyone.

  93. 93
    she Says:

    More interesting is why daarden thinks gerard would even faart at this chick.
    shes blonde = fail, shes short = fail, and she’s not attractive = fail.
    ??? EXPLAIN.

  94. 94
    stella Says:

    @Missing: What?

  95. 95
    Interesting Says:

    So there are no pictures or anything, and we don’t even know what party or parties he attended tonight. so dry around here.

  96. 96
    Aardvark Says:

    Vanity Fair.

  97. 97
    amanda Says:

    do you think GB will be going to Carnival next week?

  98. 98
    stella Says:

    I don’t want to get upset, but all i try to do is bring Gerry stuff to his fans here. Why would anyone attack me? I don’t engage in any nonsense. And I’ll keep it that way. I did have a joke with Karen because it was so dumb. She’s always just on the level and sure isn’t Kristie. That was bizarre. Now I’m a target?

  99. 99
    hope Says:

    @amanda: If he goes to carnival, it’ll be a quickie. He’s hosting that fund-raiser for Sudan with Paul on March 9. Last day of carnaval.

  100. 100
    nynylasvegas Says:

    It’s all smoke and mirrors with Mr. B.

  101. 101
    CorBlimey Says:

    Try not to worry about it Stella. I am too, for reasons unknown. It seems that some people can’t handle either an intelligent conversation or some lighthearted humour. I find that the best approach is to confront them directly, but calmly and with logic. They usually disappear and come back under a different moniker. After the first three or so attempts they tend to give up when they can’t get a rise out of you. The rest of us know not to listen to them. Okay? :D

  102. 102
    and I thought Says:

    the Oscars were dull.

  103. 103
    Cora Says:

    New Thread!

  104. 104
    angelsrock Says:


    All the time. My hubby coaches and my sons play high school football. And mooning is lame compared to other antics.

  105. 105
    Pure Acai Select Says:

    they looking very nice, and such a nice couple.

  106. 106
    angelsrock Says:


    All the time. My hubby coaches and my sons play high school football. And mooning is lame compared to other antics. @stella:

    I watched the first half and Anne was pretty good, but @CorBlimey:

    I don’t think anyone including Gerry thinks it’s sexy. That ‘s the point of mooning.

  107. 107
    angelsrock Says:


    I meant to say that James Franco was horrible.

  108. 108
    Tintagel Says:

    @Manny: LC was a PR stunt, JA was a PR stunt. Martina was a famewh*re. Beatriz was a famewh*re
    So they were asking for it? Once again you sound like a rogue male making excuses for your bad behaviour.

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