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Gerard Butler - Vanity Fair Oscar Party!

Gerard Butler - Vanity Fair Oscar Party!

Gerard Butler hangs out with Jason Bateman at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday (February 27) at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, Calif.

Gerry wore head to toe Ferragamo for the soiree, which was hosted by the magazine’s editor, Graydon Carter.

The day before, the 41-year-old Scottish actor attended the Film Independent Spirit Awards Voter Party and met up with his P.S. I Love You co-star Hilary Swank.

He then hit the Montblanc cocktail party later in the evening.

FYI: Gerard also sported a Calibre de Cartier black dial automatic watch with black alligator strap by Cartier.

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Credit: Jeff Vespa; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Swansong

    The Vanity Fair Oscar party is a close as this bozo Butler will ever get to the Oscars. His saturday shower must still holding be up or Bateman would not be smiling right now.

  • mwannirs
  • Swansong


  • CorBlimey

    Such bitterness.. lol
    I think that, if the next two movies are as good as reviews have been so far, then he may possibly get a nod in the supporting actor category next year – and even if not for next year, this far better career direction should lead him to some notable roles in years to come, Oscar or not. If you really don’t like him, why do you care anyway? Don’t worry, be happy.. like the good song says.. :D

  • Virginia

    I have a question: There is a poster in some of the other threads who more than once has said that there are pictures of Gerard and Hilary Rowland together. Apparently he’s supposed to be “all over her” in the pics. Do these pictures really exist? If so, does anyone know where I can find them? Would love to see them. :)

  • @Corblimey

    I think you are going to be disappointed if you think he will get a supporting actor nod for either of his next two movies. No review of Coriolanus thus far has indicated that his performance has been worthy of an Oscar. In fact, most haven’t really commented much at all about Gerry – not in any detail. One review even stated that he doesn’t get far beyond brooding and growling. I think that is reflective of the role that he is playing.
    The comments about Machine Gun Preacher have been mixed. Some say he overacts (which I kind of expected, because of the persona that he is playing ) and others have said he is good, but not the type of performance that many think of as Oscar worthy. These comments were by fans on a fansite.
    I hope he does well in both movies. And I hope both movies are good movies. I am interested in seeing both. But I hightly doubt that either will be “Oscar worthy”. If I am wrong, then I will be pleasantly surprised and happy for him.
    I just wish he wasn’t following them up with the cringeworthy sounding Playing The Field. The surfer mentor movie sounds bad too.

  • ScadiAngel

    I knew Gerry would go to the Vanity Fair party, LOL.
    BTW, is it true that he has a cousin (a girl?) that is acting too? I think I read something about this but I can’t remember where.

  • Cora

    @@Corblimey (post # 6): I co-sign most of your post. I doubt there will be any awards for Gerry for “Coriolanus” or MGP, but there may be some good buzz generated and, as CorBlimey wrote, I do think that could lead to better scripts for Gerry, and send his career on a more interesting trajectory. PTF sounds awful to me, but I’m still keeping an open mind about “Mavericks”. I think it has real potential, especially because it will showcase Gerry in a more mature light, much like HTTYD did. There was a maturity in HTTYD that we got to enjoy and it really worked, imo.

  • CorBlimey

    I agree about following those two up with Playing the Field being not the best idea he’s ever had, but he will stick to that idea of not being pigeon-holed into a genre. Silly boy. I think the surfer movie has the potential to be a good movie, so we’ll wait and see.
    I was more making the point that C and MGP are opportunities for him to be seen as an actor, rather than just someone who occassionally acts – if you get my drift. The kind of actors that may or may not get nominated. If he doesn’t ever get nominated, that’s okay too. I just don’t get some of the nastiness, like he’s been written off already – it’s a bit like my step-Grandma patting me on the hand when I was 24 and saying that it was such a pity that I’d wasted my life (all because I didn’t go on to become the high flying advertising exec that she could brag about – bl00dy ridiculous).
    No disappointment here – just unassailing hope.. :D

  • Jessica

    There’s his “ex-wife” Jessica Biel next to him in one pic – is she talking to Alan? Looks like his wierd hair.
    I wonder if Gerry will try to corner Justin Timberlake into singing karaoke with him.

  • oscar
  • fyi

    Graydon Carter has the hots for Gerry. That’s how he got invited to the party. Graydon loves him some Gerry.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    He need more to be clean

  • MH

    Is that a guy?

  • Hmm……

    Where are the thumbs? *thumb down to JJ for taking away the thumbs* ;)

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • vanity fair oscar
  • cristiano R vanity fair oscar
  • Vanity Fair Party

    Yes, there are quite a few pictures of Jessica with Justin Timberlake at Getty Images and WireImage. I have to say, Justin was really looking good tonight. I thought they had broken up but I guess not. :)

  • Holy s***!!!

    It’s a miracle! Gerry and Alan went to separate events tonight! siegel
    Is the blonde guy Alan’s boyfriend? He seems to be his date for the evening.

  • Holy s***!!!

    I think you have to copy and paste the link I posted. It doesn’t seem to work otherwise.

  • Nonfamous

    @cristiano R vanity fair oscar: Who the fook is that?

  • Cora

    @Holy s***!!!: The blond is Alan’s husband, David Meister. :)

  • oy

    Oscar recap

    Colin Firth – DEELISH!
    Ann Hathaway’s red dress – Only Miss Ellen’s portieres would be jealous.
    Hailee Steinfeld – Ethereal and age appropriate. Perfection. The best Oscar dress of the evening.
    Gwyneth Paltrow – a dress you can wear and then wrap a roast in.
    Heidi Klum – Looked like a DIY mosaic project, hubby shows more cleavage than Kim Kardashian
    Natalie Portman – Boring, but at least she didn’t go with the “look at my baby bump” skin tight trend
    Halle Berry- Dropped the “dress like a ho” theme this year with great success.
    Melissa Leo – Was attacked by a Scherenschnitte class. Too bad they didn’t cut her tongue too.
    Mila Kunis – Stole Easter Barbie’s dress
    Penelope Cruz- She’s one month post-baby, so we’ll forgive her for stealing a dress from Stayin’ Alive.
    Nicoke Kidman-wore a dress made of fondant from the Martha Stewart cake decorating line
    Amy Adams-Another actress who raided the Joan Crawford estate sale.
    Michelle Williams-Kill your stylist. There’s nothing more that can be advised here.
    The Bridges Women-Got a bulk deal at a Norma Kamali trunk sale.
    Scarlett Johansson-When did Barney start designing nightgowns?
    Annette Benning-Wore a screen door. Warren looks more and more like a game show host each year.
    Helena Bonham Carter-If Cher had been born in the 18th century…
    Cate Blanchett-Wore a dress designed by George Lucas.
    Reese Witherspoon-Wore a stocking from 1940.
    Camila Alves – Fabulously elegant dress. Poor choice in accessories. By that, I mean her husband.
    Hilary Swank – Second best gown at the Oscars.
    Jesse Eisenberg-Should stop modeling his look after Gerard Butler.
    Gerard Butler-Nice tux. An improvement from the velvet jacket he stole from Ellen’s Oscar appearance a few years ago.
    Jennifer Hudson-Her pumpkins were smashing.
    Justin Timberlake -Great from the neck down.
    Jennifer Lawrence-Would someone give this girl a necklace?
    Hugh Jackman and spouse-Hugh, shave and stop getting your hair cut by a hacksaw. Deborah, did you have to kill an ostrich to prove you’re from Australia?
    Mandy Moore – Third favorite dress of the Oscars. Ethereal.
    Julia Ormond-Lie and tell eveyrone you’re Juliette Binoche so she’ll take the blame.
    Sharon Stone-The Queen of Cougartown.
    Marissa Tomei-Channeled Rita Hayworth, got Ruta Lee.
    Celine Dion-Managed to make silk boring.
    Russell Brand-Huey Lewis wants his suit back.
    Virginia Madsen-Your stylist hates you.
    James Franco-Your manager is a genius, given how little they have to work with.
    Rosario Dawson-Bright bathrobe
    Cameron Diaz-Has officially entered the Jennifer Aniston desperate dressing zone.
    Gayle King-Is starting to look like Oprah.
    Juliette Lewis-Looked normal. Looked elegant. This is confusing.
    Eli Wallach-Why didn’t you kick Kirk Douglas off the stage and take over?
    Claire Danes-Did a drag queen cab driver give her a dress on the way to the event?
    Madonna-The goth Miss Havisham
    Erin Andrews-Auditioning for Isis
    Eva Mendes-The casting for Black Swan is over. If there’s a sequel, you won’t get cast with that butt.
    Helen Mirren-Silver Fox
    Jon Hamm and wife-Jon, why do you punish us with your perfection? Wifey, why did you steal a dress from Pride and Prejudice?
    Sandra Bullock-Looking better than ever, but someone needed to give the woman some decent earrings.

  • Georgia*

    @Aardvark (from last thread)
    “Vanity Fair”
    …we both guessed right.

    @amanda (from last thread)
    yep he’ll be at Carnival….unless something important comes up with
    Playing The Field.

    @swansong (above)
    He’ll be at the Oscars next year…..not just as a guest.
    Both Coriolanus and MGP are GREAT MOVIES.

  • @Virginia

    I don’t think they exist. Anyone know for sure?

  • angelsrock


    My goodness; you spent a lot of time and effort there, girl!!
    I fell asleep about half way through the program. I thought it was one of the worst Oscar programs ever. Anne was way way over the top and James seemed to be almost comatose. Really bad hosts.

    How did James Franco get this gig?

  • SophieH

    Does anyone here read the celeb blog Well, I do and there’s one thing I noticed and that is that the writer Michael K (he writes all the posts himself) always, and I mean ALWAYS, refers to Gerry as a major manw*hore. And yes, I know that GB is known as a s/lut, whether it’s true or not I don’t know, but on it’s almost too much.
    Michael K constantly mentions Gerry’s name if someone has been w/horing around (“he did a Gerard Butler”) or if someone has been doing something really kinky he writes things like “welcome to my world, says Gerard Butler”. A while ago he wrote a post about a couple who had sex right at the side of a motorway and of course he had to bring Gerry and his supposed promiscuous behaviour into it. “That’s nothing. This is what it looks like every night outside Gerard Butler’s house”.
    He also calls him Gerard Slutler and calls Warren Beatty “Gerard Butler’s biggest hero” since Beatty is a well known womanizer. It just goes on and on and on.
    I was reading his live blogging during the Oscars and yep, he managed to squezze Gerry into that one too. Someone who won an award was named Pfister or something like that (pronounced Fist-er) and MK wrote “Fist ‘er? I hardly know her! That’s something that Gerard Butler would never say!”. What he meant, in a very crude way, was that GB would ‘fist’ a girl without knowing her. Gross, I know, even if it was a joke.
    I think it’s a bit over the top and I was just wondering if someone else here follows this blog and has noticed it too.

  • @Holy s***!!!

    @Holy s***!!!: Jeez….Alan has certainly had a lot of plastic surgery. :(

  • yep

    @SophieH: love mk, post there too…, but he has a huge man crush on gerry and wishes he were gay.

    i think gerry swings for the fences alot but rarely hits home. unfortunately his rep as a womenizer is getting old, he should cool it a bit, he’s milking it alot these days to get leading man roles or swoon female producers…………part of HW …….

  • gossiphound

    @CorBlimey: Yes Cor he insists on not being pigeoned holed into one genre but you know James Franco doesn’t let himself be pigeoned holed either – you can pick different interesting scripts and get award noms too. The key is interesting scripts. The only sane reason one can think of following up 2 serious movies with a romcom is he didn’t have anything else on his plate and he hasn’t got the patience to wait to find or get offered something better. If PTF is more of a true comedy and hits the mark, great, one can hope, but the casting so far, what we’ve heard of the script so far via audition tapes, the people who are financing this, it all reeks of a romcom under the guise of “soccer comedy” and then the only question is will it be a superior romcom at least or dreckitude. Unless we hear more casting announcements in respect to some true comedic talent being employed.

    Wonder if the script is floating out there in cyberspace. I remember that The Bounty Hunter was picked up by the script sites early and they tore it apart before anyone was attached to it. Now it may only be a first draft but I think it will give a good indication. A really funny script has you laughing out loud just reading it.

  • Whatdoyouthink

    @SophieH: Other than on-screen, I do not care for Gerry’s off the cuff ways. He is getting too old for it and his insecurities are not appealing. I know somebody like his personality and it is not pleasant. Some see him as an angel. The people who really know him can say has issues and can be very crass because he is so caught up in himself. Kind to fans, mean to the disposable, but never to the broken….for he has a lot of mending also.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Jared pleas bring back the red and green arrows

  • marie

    jason b is so funny.

  • Tweety

    “but he has a huge man crush on gerry and wishes he were gay.”
    MK also has a huge man crush on Anderson Cooper! I love it that he calls him Mah Boo, I laugh every time I read it. Luckily for MK Cooper is gay. :) Love that site.

  • A Fan (maybe)

    I hear GB suffers from both tinnitus, insomnia and a bad back. Poor guy.

  • stella

    @fyi: Graydon Carter has been married twice, and he and his present wife have a little daughter. I don’t think he’s got the hots for Gerry.

  • stella
  • Georgia*

    @Holy S*** !!!

    Yes..Alan and David were at Elton John’s Oscar Dinner earlier in the evening (minus Gerry)….but Gerry arrived at Vanity Fair After-Party with Alan.

  • stella
  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • niknoks


    Might just be me but it looks like Gerry’s flies are undone in that photo….

  • Georgia*

    @: : : :

    That must be when they got out of the car….they walked in to the party together.

    On another note (PTF) ….i think Jessica Biel will do a good job…i’ve never seen any of her previous movies…but i like her in person…i don’t think PTF will be as bad as i first thought.

  • @Georgia

    we’re you at the parties last night?

  • GFW

    He’s the sweetest man, when he wants to be, on earth. He’s a heart of pure gold too. He’s a very caring man. I know stuff. LOL Glad to see he got off the sofa after watching the show to made his way out and about to join in the fun and good vibes. He looks fit, happy, relaxed and handsome. Love the bow-tie!!

  • dmp

    Well since GB is starring in it of course it won’t be bad. :) Let’s just hope there are more scenes with him and the boy . . . and that they are just as touching as the scenes in “Dear Frankie” . . . he even had good chemistry with Emily Mortimer in that movie. I really enjoyed it. BTW, what’s with the “*”. Does it mean something?

  • stella
  • re: carnival

    @Georgia*: He may go but it’ll be a short trip. Remember, he and Haggis are hosting that fundraiser for Sudan/Darfur charity on March 9.

  • oldbutnotdead


    never heard of him, seems like he has a one joke schtick, so why bother?
    He knows how people search the internet, so if he mentions GB a lot, someone may come across his sloppy writing.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Sligo lambert ^___^ cute:

    You need more to have an IQ, and learn English…