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Halle Berry & Nahla Give a Gift

Halle Berry & Nahla Give a Gift

Halle Berry and her cutie pie daughter, Nahla, drop by a friend’s house in Los Angeles on Monday (February 28) with a gift.

The 44-year-old actress and Nahla, who turns 3 later this month, brought an automatic wine opener over as a present.

At last night’s Academy Awards, Halle paid tribute to the late Lena Horne during the star studded ceremony.

Halle wore a Marchesa gown paired with Christian Louboutin heels on the red carpet!

FYI: Halle is wearing the Hudson black cotton jacket.

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Credit: Miguel Aguilar; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • J

    let the hateful comments begin at 3 2 1….

  • bilyana

    one of the cutest little girls

  • Aubry

    She looks so much like her dad with her sandy blond locks and grey eyes. She looks whiter than ellen pompeos daughter.

  • rhonda


  • rhonda


    she did it to herself, can’t blame ANYONE else!

  • Pandora


    Rhonda– Right you are. What’s to like about a Psycho would spews forth lies, tries to rob her child of a father figure, ruin the guy’s career and lie about being the victim of racism (and previously, abuse)? Oh, and, Etc. etc. because her gums are always flapping BS.

  • abby

    Gorgeous kid and mom. She looks like both her parents.@Pandora:
    Do you believe everything you read? Halle never called him racist or abusive.

  • So

    @abby: u got a point there tmz got so much attention for their lies

  • oscar

    neither is cute..

  • jellybean


    um no she doesn’t look white at all. She looks black. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tha, even though I’m sure Halle is disappointed her baby didn’t come out lighter. She did pick the light skin/hair sperm donor in hopes of creating a white baby. Halle is a self-hater, why do you think she only dates white men. She disgusts me.

  • LP

    Quick! Run away from your evil crazy mom, Nahla!

  • Romeo

    Where would you get a dumb idea like that, #10?

  • Dan

    She doesn’t look like any Black person I know or have seen, quite frankly, to call the kid Black is absurd especially when she looks more white than anything else.

  • Tom

    ‘ As a black women”.

    Now that Halle prefaces that statement before answering every question. I wonder if race is so important to Halle why she dates white men and has a child by a white man.

    This chick is so out there I feel so sorry for her daughter, if that child’s heritage does come up Halle will probably say… because you have one drop of black blood your father , his family and my mother and her family has to relevancy to what or who you are, just that one drop of black blood, even though I talk to no one one from the black side of the family, your black and that’s that.

  • Ginger

    Okay, I thought Halle’s ex-husbands were crazy but after reading and hearing their sides and what is going on with her and Gabriel right now, I believe Halle is a Crazy Betch and have always been one!! She has anger issues. She acts pleasant and patient in front of the world but with ther significant other, she tears them down and rips them apart. Cause she is insecure!!! I had to go back and read all these websites about her divorces from David and Eric. kekeke David file for the divorce from her cause he couldn’t stand the fighting with her anymore. And she was going to kill herself because of that!!!!! Halle is crazy!!! Dang! and I use to like her a lot and even respected her. Why, Halle?!?? Why!??!?!

  • Chace


    Well…you haven’t been around very many black people then. My niece has sandy blond hair and green eyes. Most Black people in this country are ‘mixed’. Vanessa Williams is black with light eyes also. BOTH of her parents are black. Get over it, Nahla is Black. I don’t know why some of you have a hard time with that. Perhaps we need to reclassify Black people as mixed now since 99% of them in this country are.

  • HA

    SCARY BERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FSDF

    SCARY BERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @jellybean: R u kidding? Halle has had 2 Black husbands,, how dare u say she doesnt date brothers? Ur statement would be even more offensive if it wasnt so inaccurate


    @Ginger: let me get this right, one of her Halle’s boyfriends beat her to the point that she has lost part of the hearing in one of her ears, the other husband cheated on her over 11 times….but yet people want to villanize her, and make her the crazy one??!!!!????!!! people r so typical

  • Dan is right

    Most African Americans do not have light skin and light eyes, give me a break.
    Most African Americans have the same skin complexion as Michelle Obama and the same facial features as most West Africans.
    Halle Berry’s daughter does not look Black even to other Black people and you know it, heck Halle Berry doesn’t represent the majority of African Americans look wise and she’s Biracial, what is with the obsession many AA’s have with claiming every lighted skinned person as a common look among AA’s, it’s ridiculous and i’m Black myself! We know damn well that look is not common other than in the media where Black people push the lightest brightest star and claim we ALL look like that! the hell we do! Most of us look more West African with brown to darker brown skintones. Be proud of that instead of pretending we all look like halle berry or her daughter lol that’s laughable.

  • Dan is right

    There is a difference between having White ancestry from generations back and having one white parent and one black parent and you know it.
    furthermore, not all African Americans have white ancestry, also, most African Americans do not look like Vanessa Williams.
    Most African Americans have medium brown to dark brown skin complexion and dark brown eyes with black nappy hair and there is nothing wrong with that.
    I don’t know why African Americans are so desperate to claim we all look like Paula Patton or Nahla, come on, it’s ridiculous and actually embarrassing.

  • LP

    @jellybean: Umm ALL the men she dated before this white model dude were BLACK. David justice and that R&B singer. I don’t really follow her so I don’t know who else… but still.

  • Rita

    @Dan is right:

    African Americans come is ALL shades, colors and features INCLUDING that of Nahla and Halle. Not ALL Blacks look like Michelle Obama. Where the heck do you live???

  • Joe

    @Dan is right:

    You’re a dumbbell. I’m white and I know that’s not true lol. Sounds like you have something against lighter skinned blacks.

  • Dan is right

    Did I say ALL African Americans look like michelle obama? I said MOST have the same skin complexion as Michelle Obama and overall facial features.

  • Clay

    This skin colour issue seems like such a stupid drag on things.

  • JJ

    kid looks like her dad, cute.

  • Sihaam

    All racist are out of their closet, this is about a daughter and mother hanging out. Your lame excuse to use Halle for your hateful campaign against women of color is annoying.


    @Dan: I have blue eyes, and natural sandy blond hair and pale skin and freckles. people think that I am white but I am Black… Black people come in all different shades and colors. u should educate yourself #19


    @Dan: I have pale skin, blue eyes, and natural sandy blond hair. I also have freckles. people think that I am white but I am a Black girl. Black people come in all shades. u should educate yourself @Dan #13


    @Dan is right: @Dan Its hilarious when white people tell us what most of us look like…u just have to laugh

  • sunseeker

    To me this is not about colour but about a woman who denies her child to spend time with her father unless she can be in control. Because that is what this is all about. Halle wants control, has made accusations that are false about the father of her child. There is most likely fault on both sides, but Gabriel is the father of her child and has the right to see his daughter without hassle and accusations.



    Your comment is totally absurd and IGNORANT!

  • athena

    @jellybean: you’re wrong on that…she dates black men….and have in the past…she dated recording artist Eric Benet…..and he turned out to cheat on her because he supposedly was a sex addict….

  • kayla

    @Dan is right:
    Hate to disapoint you but I am African American, both of my parents are black. My skin complexion is very light, I have green eyes, freckles, and my hair is dk. brown. My father is brown with grey blue eyes, his parents are black and my mom is fair with dark brown eyes.
    Black and white always ask if they have the nerve to do so what I am in regards to race, so my point is Black people as well as White people don’t know. Nahla looks like the child across the street from me who is black, to me she looks biracial, now the actress Stacey Dash’s daughter looks white. Halle Berry doesn’t look biracial to me but that’s my opinion, anyway what’s important is that we as people overlook the color of our skin, eyes and texture of our hair and learn to accept who we are and be happy, I don’t think Halle Berry is happy and neither will her child if she keeps dwelling on race.

  • athena

    There is a small percent of African in all of us. So there….we can all claim being of African Descent.

  • gmfuhlman

    @Rita: Thank you at least someone on this message board has some sense.

  • gmfuhlman

    @Sihaam: You are so very right.

  • gmfuhlman

    @abby: You are so right so never said that, it people who believe everything that they read.

  • ewww



  • Mish

    she doesnt look black or white. she looks mixed. shutup about it already.

  • louisvega

    i think there both cutie pies, in the right eyes of a real comes in many shades,and thats what makes us all attractive.a very lucky mr.martinez to have a chance with her,and he is latin as myself.and he is so very blessed to have that chance.

  • Brenda

    Halle beautiful baby is biracial please people catch a clue let the ,one drop rule and all that other bs go i am a black women with to biracial children and i classifiy them as black becasue they are not that is why the biracial kids have identiy problems narrow minded people and parents who deny there children there duo races.

  • Soe

    Sorry but I thought having a white mother & black father makes you Biracial not just black & anyone let alone Ms Berry who identifies themselves with only being black has serious denial issues & deep rooted psychological issues if you are only seeing the black in you. Shame really that her daughter will be brought up with the same crazy notion of her not embracing her entire heritage. If that isn’t racist I dunno what is!

  • British Latin American

    Agree with you, Soe!

  • Blacqbody

    “She doesn’t look like any Black person I know or have seen, quite frankly, to call the kid Black is absurd especially when she looks more white than anything else.”

    “She looks so much like her dad with her sandy blond locks and grey eyes. She looks whiter than ellen pompeos daughter.”


    The child looks similiar to a sista that I KNOW that carries the culture of CREOLE in her—same blond-brown hair and light in hue. But BOTH have black FEATURES without a doubt and they WILL become more prominent in the child as she gets older. To call this child anything more than another mixed nutt IS absurb.

    And you can’t stand it…roflol…………..!

  • ss

    nahla is the most beautiful baby girl i ve ever seen