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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Holding Hands at Oscar Party!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Holding Hands at Oscar Party!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez walk the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party held at the Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunday (February 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The rumored couple were holding hands as they arrived to walk the red carpet and stayed close to each other the entire evening.

Stylist Basia Richard chose a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana dress for Selena, along with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, Brian Atwood shoes, and a Judith Leiber clutch.

Justin‘s movie Never Say Never just released a Director’s Cut version for a one week engagement, which helped the film stay in the top ten at the weekend’s box office.

FYI: Justin suited up in Dolce & Gabbana and accessorized with BaubleBar “Pop” bracelets.

10+ pictures inside of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the party…

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selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 01
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 02
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 03
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 04
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 05
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 06
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 07
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 08
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 09
selena gomez justin bieber holding hands 10

Credit: Kevin Mazur, Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: WireImage, Getty
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142 Responses to “Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Holding Hands at Oscar Party!”

  1. 1
    kASSIE Says:

    So cute!!!

  2. 2
    Micah Says:

    Awww looks like Prom Nite! these kids are too cute.

  3. 3
    andrea Says:

    “We’re just friends.” Just friends, my ass!

  4. 4
    Nikki Says:

    Adorbs <3

  5. 5
    Yvie Says:

    Awww, what a cute young couple they are.

  6. 6
    Danielle Says:

    He is absolutely adorable!

  7. 7
    Jacklyn Says:

    She is super cute – great dress and makeup too!

  8. 8
    Kandy Says:

    She’s so darn cute. Run, Selena, run!

  9. 9
    jace Says:

    f u justin, she is too hot for you. damn it!!!!

  10. 10
    Mmmbop Says:

    Selena looks beautiful. They’re pretty gross as a couple though. Look at your life, look at your choices Selena. You deserve better.

  11. 11
    javi Says:

    man these two look to ccute together i love it.

  12. 12
    nic Says:

    he looks like hillary swank from boys don’t cry, not hating love the biebs, but u have to admit….

  13. 13
    javi Says:

    i also hope that they enjoy them selfs tonight cause its work work work for him to bad he’s got some ungratefull fans.

  14. 14
    jp6464 Says:

    This is the most gorgeous, perfect couple. An item forever.

  15. 15
    Ash Says:

    It’s about time they pose together. Cute.

  16. 16
    yup Says:

    @nic: Word!

  17. 17
    Abby Says:

    Selena your a f*cking adult stop dating a little boy. I’m sorry but this is just gross. Selena’s going to have to like make sure she has him back home before his curfew so his mommy doesn’t get upset.

    Sorry this is just all around gross.

  18. 18
    Tia Says:

    Poor girl is getting death threats on twitter. Them Bieber fans are crazzzyyyyy.

  19. 19
    malash Says:

    just friends!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s like my brother!!!!!! NONSENSE!!!! HE’S YOUR BEAU U LIARS!!!!!!!ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    Jokergurl Says:

    @Abby, really gross? They’re still both teenagers genius it’s like a senior dating a sophomore, only two years apart, she’s not even twenty yet. When you’re 18, NO you’re not an adult yet, you might think you are but you’re not, probably why the drinking age is 21. @ Tia She gets death threats? That’s ridiculous, poor girl, some of his fans are pretty loony, they both seem grounded and they’re not out getting drunk or taking drugs so there’s a bonus. Nice kids.

  21. 21
    Girlleader1 Says:

    OMGOSSHH!! YAYY :D soooo cutee <3 they are probably the cutest couple out there right noww! theyy soo deserve each other and with her being sooo gorgeous and him soo finee, and both of them sooo down to earth, it cant get any better!!! love themm sooo muchh!! SOO GLADD THEY FINALLY DECIDED TO WALK THE RED CARPERT TOEGTHERR <3

  22. 22
    Abby Says:

    @Jokergurl: Yes you are an adult when your 18. She makes legal decisions for herself and is able to spend her money as she wants. Therefore YES she is an adult. Thats why people always say 18 is “coming of age.” She IS a legal adult. So if you think 21 means your an adult what does it mean when your 20?
    I think its VERY sad she is getting death threats. Thats just sad because Selena seems like a sweet heart. But WTF is she doing with him? Everyone always says she’s so mature for her age yet he seems SUPER immature for his age.

  23. 23
    javi Says:

    @abby cmon he’s going to be 17 soon and he’s going to be on tour for his crazy fans let them enjoy themselfs or they already did enjoy themselfs who knows but he’s going to be ocupado for his tour let them be happy.

  24. 24
    Savvyde Says:

    Wait is this what he wore to the Oscars? Jeeze he could have at least worn dress pants instead of jeans and dress shoes instead of cons…

  25. 25
    Magali Says:


  26. 26
    marimadness Says:

    @abby seriously u need to get a book full of laws. Not one law says you cant date anyone under 16. Stop being rude. I for one think she had a downgrade since nick jonas and her dated. I mean seriously, BIEBER after NICK? I thought i needed glasses. But i cant wait to see how many bieber fans send death threats cuz THIS is kind of like a confirmation of the relationship…bieber looks like a sprouse twin i do not like his hair one bit. Just humble opinion. Peace love no hate- mari

  27. 27
    graciewacie Says:

    awwwe super cute young love!

  28. 28
    maahem Says:

    someones babysitting again tonight. I love Selena but she can do better. And seriously, shes 18, she should dress a little more fun! All she keeps wearing is these fancy dresses. Mix it up!

  29. 29
    Abby Says:

    @marimadness: WOWWWWWWWW where did I say it was a LAW????? NEVER once said that. I just think its gross. Everyone always is like “Selena is so mature for her age” yet here she is dating a 16 year old boy who IMO seems super immature. Thats ALL!

    I agree with you in the whole Nick Jonas thing. Now Nick was someone who seems to be mature for his age. I have to wonder what went wrong with the two of them. Anyone know?

  30. 30
    ramona Says:

    adorable! i wish i had that..

  31. 31
    Abby Says:

    @maahem: But its the Vanity Fair party. She is going to be around all people who did attend the Oscars who are all dressed to the 9′s. What did you want her to wear?

    I think she looks very pretty here.

  32. 32
    Marie Says:

    eww she could do so much better wth??? :/

  33. 33
    Sean Says:

    When did Selena come out of the closet?

  34. 34
    lovelydee Says:

    They look cute together.

  35. 35
    Robert Says:

    Why are they even there? They aren’t actors and they definitely not nominated.

  36. 36
    Quivox Says:


    What is a “Chester?”

  37. 37
    alice Says:

    no offense but what the hell is JB doing at an OSCAR party ?

  38. 38
    javi Says:

    @alice: i think the people who makes vanity fair are the ones who produce the party and they are the ones who choose the guests they invite singers or actors and hollywood excecutives.

  39. 39
    jade Says:

    I like these two together.

  40. 40
    **** Says:

    Why is this little turrd at the Oscar’s in the first place? Oh and also, his new hairstyle makes him look even more like a lesbian than ever before.

  41. 41
    maahem Says:

    @Abby: hmm you have a point! But look at Taylor Swift. She looked like fun at least.

  42. 42
    Bec Says:

    I dont think you need to call them a rumored couple anymore haha

  43. 43
    as Says:

    She went from the Twilight wolf to Bieber? HAAHAHA

  44. 44
    Giselle Says:

    Selena says it nonstop, that she’s a kid at heart. Justin is so muchfun to be around. U can never be sad around that kid. PLUS he’s gonna be seventeen tomorrow okay? U can sit the f*** down now.

  45. 45
    kloie Says:

    shes only with him for the publicity. think about it, she dated nick jonas when the jonas brothers were mega famous, then taylor lautner when he was the it man and know that justin beiber is huge shes with him, she just dates the it guy so that people talk about her!

  46. 46
    Razia Says:

    They make a cute couple :) x

  47. 47
    Sligo lambert ^___^ cute Says:


  48. 48
    olivia Says:

    i agree!

  49. 49
    Hannah Says:


    So true! I like Selena but it’s obvious she’s either a fame ***** or has serious power issues. Nick – Taylor – now Justin, the next male teen idol better watch out, Selena’s about!

  50. 50
    LMAO Says:

    ‘ We’re friends ‘ Yeahh kiss my ass ! Why do he always feels the need to wear sneakers and jeans ? I mean this is the Vanity Fair Party , not a Usher concert buddy make a move next time !

  51. 51
    Jenna Says:


    Oscars afterparty. NOt the Oscars.

  52. 52
    Stephanie Says:

    @Abby: hello they 1 year apart in age and seem mature wend he speak leave them alone I remember wend I was there age

  53. 53
    Vanessa Says:

    They are so cute together!!

  54. 54
    lily Says:

    They’re very cute together. I wish Justin would not wear sneakers tho and get your pants tailored kid! They’re friends w/ benefits haha! Some girls got pics & video of them checking out of the St. Regis!! — SCANDALOUS!!

  55. 55
    lily Says:

    They’re very cute together. I wish Justin would not wear sneakers tho and get your pants tailored kid! They’re friends w/ benefits haha! Some girls got pics & youtube of them checking out of the St. Regis!! — SCANDALOUS!! — Justin Bieber at St. Regis

  56. 56
    hilary Says:

    Aww first love is the best!! I’m happy for em!

  57. 57
    DarkEmpress Says:

    It’s so cute. They r like teens on prom night bc he is even trying to match her with the pocket square!!

  58. 58
    Danny Says:

    Selena can do better, but if she’s happy, im too!

  59. 59
    katie-elle Says:

    sorry but they look like a lesbian couple.

  60. 60
    lelit Says:

    Both of them are cute, but Justin, with all the money in the world I’m sure you can afford to have you pant altered, you’re wayyy too wrinkled down there. Your stylish may have gotten you a designer’s outfit but failed you. You looked so WRINKLED DOWN THERE.

  61. 61
    ti chic Says:

    this is OBVIOUSLY a staged couple. come on people, if you were a publicist, who would you match your money maker with?

  62. 62
    Danny Says:

    Ok, so Selena doesn’t want to admit because of the f**ckyng stupid Bieber fans that send her stupid death treats because she fall in love! And because the stupid little deluded girls that think someday they will date, and Selena ruin it! As a fan, u should support ur artist, Justin is happy, don’t u should be happy for him? I DON’T LIKE JUSTIN, but i see how Selena is, she is laughing all the time, i can see that she is happy, and im totally happy for her,

  63. 63
    Han Says:

    I love Justin & Selena Face Photos very!

  64. 64
    Tamy Says:

    Love the couple/ friendship or whatever they have. Justin and Selena can do whatever they want with their PERSONAL lifes, just saying!

  65. 65
    mia Says:

    Ahhh teenyboppers invading justjared. Dang why can’t you just be happy for them? I don’t think it’s staged. Selena looks beautiful and I am so sick of people calling Justin immature. If they are happy together than just let it be. They are only a year and a little apart, not that big of a deal…. What makes it gross? When I was in high school there were kids dating those younger.

  66. 66
    asdfghhjk Says:

    What the F is she even doing there? She’s very pretty but a god awful actress!

    Love her anyways….

  67. 67
    julie Says:

    Justine is 17 years old as of today. Selena is 18 1/2 years old. I really don’t see this as a problem. They do make a cute couple and yes it does look like senior prom night. Too cute.

  68. 68
    lili Says:

    WHen people say she looks like a lesbian… they are’t kidding =_=||||

  69. 69
    tinsky Says:

    i didn’t know selena is into little girls!

  70. 70
    julie Says:

    He was invited. You were not. Jealous much.

  71. 71
    julie Says:

    He was invited. You were not. Jealous much.

  72. 72
    julie Says:

    He was invited. You were not. Jealous much.

  73. 73
    Angel Cullen Says:

    i totally agree !!!

  74. 74
    David Says:

    She can do so much better!

  75. 75
    viv Says:



  76. 76
    Me Says:

    She’s such a liar and she is too old for him. Disgusting I say.

  77. 77
    Skid Says:

    LOL at all th haters.

    I dont get why people get so mad its HOLLYWOOD relationships end less than 2 months, just wait and see they will broken up and moving on to the next.

    There onlty young not like they will be getting married now!

  78. 78
    Daniel Says:

    you looked stunning its done is perfect! i love Selena Gomez!

  79. 79
    Jocasta Says:

    Selena Gomez your dress is perfect!

  80. 80
    Fernanda Says:

    Selena love you!

  81. 81
    Arcachnar Says:


    That’s bullshit, and you know it. When Selena dated Nick, the Jonas Brothers were not even that famous anymore. (Selena was even more famous at 2010.) Nick tried at that time a solo career, but that did not work out that well.

    Taylor was not that famous. He was only known for one movie, Twitlight. Now he is famous, because of his Razzie nominations. That means that he is even that good as an actor. Conclusion: Selena does not need anyone to become famous. I think it is other way around. Nick dated Miley, Selena, and perhaps some others that I don’t know of.

  82. 82
    Arcachnar Says:

    Sorry, for the double post. But I meant ‘That means that he is even not that good as an actor.’

  83. 83
    RA Says:

    I wonder how many death threats ms gomez has recieved after his fans saw these pictures. Poor girl. And for u saying she’s too old for him they are what a year and half a part maybe two years I dont think that’s to old

  84. 84
    Samuel Says:

    Love Selena!!!

  85. 85
    Emily Says:

    Selena very beautiful!

  86. 86
    mileycyrusfan Says:

    i hate jelena they are fu**ing awful i loved J1B but now

  87. 87
    Reality Bites Says:

    She is two years older then him. Chill out children! Good lord you make it sound like she is a pedophile which is absolutely irrational. You are embarrassing yourself. Stop it. Grow up. Get over it.

    Sandra Bullock was 39 when she dated a 22 year old Ryan Gosling
    Tom Cruise is 16 years older then Katie Holmes
    Jay Z is 12 year older then Beyonce
    Demi Moore is 15 tears older the Ashton Kutcher
    Micheal Douglas is 25 years older then Catherine Zeta Jones
    Harrison Ford is 22 years older then Calista Flockhart
    Brad Pitt is 12 years older then Angelina Jolie
    Brad was 26 when he dated Juliette Lewis who was 17 years old.

  88. 88
    jjski Says:

    she definitely waited until he grew some inches and finally is taller than her to go out with him.

  89. 89
    lelit Says:

    Dulce Gabbana or not, Justin’s stylish failed him on this one, he need his pant altered, as in shorten it so don’t look WRINKLED DOWN THERE, (his pant)

  90. 90
    Kid look! Says:

    Sorry he looks like a KID next to her… she appears older in her choices of dress too. He just looks so young, he can pass for 14-15!
    thank God he fixed that god awful little boy hair though. Wonder how look he’ll last after the tweens are grown up.

  91. 91
    18-16 Says:

    Oh please, what’s this kid doing at the oscars? he looks like her little brother, she looks older, way older then 18. And he’s 16, ewwww. She can’t be serious. She should be with her own age or a 20 yr old, not 16!
    He’s a kid……………………… They don’t look ‘cute’ at all. I like at the Grammys, his face was like “whhhhat I lossst?? yep JB you sure did.. twice. Enough of this kid already…and can’t understand when they match him with adults in awards, makes no sense.

  92. 92
    Share With Me Says:

    Selena girl, these chick are gonna hunt you down!

  93. 93
    lol Says:

    i agree with andrea (y)

  94. 94
    Caroline Says:

    I only wish Justin was a true christain and wouldn’t lie and say he’s not dating her.

  95. 95
    Caroline Says:

    @Share With Me:

    in some states, the fans tried to sue her because there was an age difference. I hope they do.

  96. 96
    maha Says:

    @Mmmbop: yeah, selena deserves much better, she need to take another look at what she is doing before she destroys her life forever…

  97. 97
    reuben Says:

    @Magali: she’s has the biebs! what do you have?

  98. 98
    camille Says:

    I don’t care if they’re dating. It’s just that i don’t understand how you can date Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner and then Justin Bieber. It’s not about being 2 years older or younger, it’s just that they don’t have anything to do w/ each other physically speaking.

  99. 99
    reuben Says:

    @magali – she has the biebs! what do you have?

  100. 100
    lame Says:

    They look like they’re at the middle school prom and his mom is going to come rolling up in her minivan to take them home. I can’t imagine this kid as boyfiend material. He looks like he should be home playing XBOX.

  101. 101
    She Wolf Says:

    Wow, Selena, I had HIGH hopes for you. You completely RUINED all respect I have for you. He’s 16 years old! You’re 18, you could find WAY better, and more mature. But apparently, your as mature as a 16 year old. And why couldn’t you come out MONTHS ago when these rumors started?
    Ugh! Disney needs to start choosing their actors/actresses better. Because as of late, you all are immature brats!

  102. 102
    kelly Says:

    she is sooooooooooooooo ugly and she is 18 he is only 16
    what is he thinking???????????????????

  103. 103
    She Wolf Says:

    @She Wolf:
    And I can say FROM EXPERIENCE dating a 16 year old when I was 18, it’s GROSS! They care about losing their virginity to “an older woman”. They act VERY immature, and it’s just WEIRD!
    While you are 18, looking for a job, place to move out to, start college, he’s still effing around in high school and trying to keep his grades together. I don’t care if they are two years apart, it’s just that they have NOTHING in common, and it will be awkward for them for the next two years.

  104. 104
    Brenda Says:

    i agree, but she even said he was “her little brother”. thats even more weird :/

  105. 105
    nkenk Says:

    @Abby: it’s TWO years difference. There are people with bigger age differences. Get over it.

  106. 106
    Lisa Says:

    Aren’t there laws against an adult dating a minor?

  107. 107
    Alicia Says:

    Well I hope they are happy together! I am a huge fan of Selena, but I’m not really into Justin Beiber. I can’t believe Selena is getting threats! Justin Beiber fans just CHILL ! I mean come on people! Justin is aloud to date whoever he wants and so is Selena. Though I do agree, I don’t think they are the best couple out there, but it is their choice. Leave them alone! They have enough to deal with already!

  108. 108
    Fernanda Says:

    Selena very beautiful!

  109. 109
    Marieme Says:

    Triple awwwwww! They’re both so sweet & adorable. All the best. (But have you seen those death threats on twitter? Tweeners are scary!)

  110. 110
    Amy Says:

    That ***** dates whosever popular at the time! like seriously its not that hard to miss!! Nick jonas during their tour and when they were big, taylor lautner during new moon, she was caught flirting with cory monteith when glee was big, and now justin bieber when hes big!! every Sel Gomez fan needs to open their eyes because right now their letting her get away with what she is so OBVIOUSLY doing! and im not a “belieber” or anything but i dont want to see justin heartbroken after she DITCHES him for someone more famous

  111. 111
    Daniel Says:

    is so Obvious that their “Relationship” is because their career!
    Is like Penelope Cruz & Tom Cruise! is so Obvious!

  112. 112
    hyoid Says:

    awww how absolutely adorable are these 2?!!!! Selena is just stunning! she’s gorgeous and that dress suits her perfectly :) cute kids

  113. 113
    alli Says:

    i love them together there so cute but the haters
    need to stop i mean like they say you cant help who
    you love but please stop i mean if u love justin or if u love
    selena for them i would stop i mean but i love them together
    so please stop but anyways i love u selena and justin and that
    all that matters to me and it should u to

  114. 114
    Leya Says:

    kinda cute, but this is kinda true: she dated nick jonas when the jo bros were in, taylor lautner when he was popular for new moon or whatever & now justin bieber because he’s the most popular celeb. to me it’s just puppy love, it won’t last.. sorry “Jelena” fans

  115. 115
    rokerchick Says:

    shut the hell up all you selena haters!!!! she can date who she wants i say when you turn 20 you are an adult and when you are 18 there is still teen in it so your a teenager and he is turning 17 and she is turning 19 this year so they will always be two years apart and two years isnt even a big age difference! i know people that are 5 years 6 years and 7 years apart!!!!!

  116. 116
    Arcachnar Says:

    There is no any problem with their age differences! If there was an age difference of 10, 15 years, then I would say it was a problem. But there is none.

    Like I said. She is not dating with anyone, because they are famous!

    When she was dating Nick in the year 2008, the Jonas Brothers started to become famous. Selena had already awards for her series, and for herself.

    Taylor L was not even that famous. He was only known for his role in Twitlight.

  117. 117
    Dayanne Silva Says:

    By Deisher, they are happy

  118. 118
    Megan Says:

    they are not a cute couple. selena gomez is taller, uglier, and has darker hair. nothing about them works. selena is just going to get jealous of JUSTIN BIEBER<3 because he is more popular and he is better at everything then her. and she is probs just going out with him becuase she wants publicity becuase her career is going down the toliet. plus no one watchs her show or listens to her music so she is going to be gone really soon. they are not going to be together for a long time. and if she and JUSTIN BIEBER<3 come out and say they are dating (which they so are even though they say there not. even a blind person could tell that) selena gomez will be known as a california sex affender becuase she is 18 and he is 17. also she will get fined for a ton of money and her career will go down the toliet to so no matter what she does her career will basically end. i think and i bet im not alone that selena should get away from justin bieber and learn that nothing good will come from this relationship. and i hope she and/or JUSTIN BIEBER<3

  119. 119
    emily Says:

    i dont usually pay attention to him but he looks soo much better with this haircut! he looks a lot older. cute couple:)

  120. 120
    meeemo Says:

    They are very beautiful with each other and selena is very Attractive so as gustin and theu are cutest couple aver

  121. 121
    meeemo Says:

    they are sooooo cute and It does not matter the Difference of age and I hope they stay together

  122. 122
    Rachel Says:

    Yea im one of those loony bieber fans!!!!!!i agree with abby altho der age difference aint so big i dont think they shud b together…..selena is just trying to make Nick Jonas jelous n Justin jus doesnt get that n hes too polite to say anythin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE THE BIEBS”!!!!!!!<3 <3 <3 XXXXX

  123. 123
    andie Says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWW! they r soooo hot!!

  124. 124
    MuffinBabe Says:

    they look good seperate just not as a couple.

  125. 125
    Kelly-Kris Says:


    Rachel, why do you think Selena’s trying to make Nick jealous? Frankly, I don’t think he gives a damn. And if she really was using Justin, don’t you think he’d be able to see right through her? And what makes you think Justin is a perfect little angel?

  126. 126
    sara Says:


  127. 127
    april Says:

    no smile selena gomez:(

  128. 128
    Leaf Says:

    Really.. all this flack. let them do what they want. Jeez.. they’ve been friends for years, just because no one knew and now everyone wants to make a big deal of it.. WTF.. how come no one is calling Fez from that 70′s show a pedo for dating Demi Lovato ?

  129. 129
    kai Says:

    Selena Gomez’s a bad influence for him. Jasmine V’s more better off with Justin Bieber.

  130. 130
    tasha martinez Says:

    wow selena ans justin are so cute together yuhhs maynot beleive but i went out with him when i wuz 12 lol im from california but he forgot all about me but its kool

  131. 131
    tasha martinez Says:

    yuhh maynot beleive it but i went out with alexis his name is alexis his middle name is alexis weell when i wuz 12 but he forgot about me when ur famous thts wat happens i live in LA CALIFORNIA

  132. 132
    sakurakinz_dengelj2k711 Says:

    @Mmmbop: its the other way around actually…. :)

  133. 133
    sakurakinz_dengelj2k711 Says:

    @Mmmbop: @Mmmbop: justin deserves someone better too…. :P

  134. 134
    Shannen Says:

    I have to admit, Selena looks beautiful, but I’m not going to lie, I wish that was me. I’m jelous of their lifestyle, not them.

  135. 135
    selena marie gomez Says:

    thank all my fans I love them all

  136. 136
    guess who Says:

    Selena you are just using justin justin please open your eyes and see what she is doing to you sooner or later it will be tooo late. she is going to dump you like she dumps all the other guys. But selena i still love u but stop using justin. date guys that is your age iits even ilegal for you guys to date. why isnt anybody doing something about it.

  137. 137
    seleena Says:

    very cute

  138. 138
    seriyye seferov Says:

    justin hello

  139. 139
    kalpana k.c Says:

    hi justin i am kalpana . i live in lazimpat kathmandu . i love you so much i love you songs

  140. 140
    Virlonda Brown Says:

    oww my god they look so beatiful togeather. there the best couple in the holl wide world. they both look goarges

  141. 141
    gogo Says:

    @Abby: τι λεσ μορι γαμιολα!!! οτι 8ελει 8α κανει η κοπελα δεν 8α κα8εται να ακουει τιν κα8ε πουτανα!επειδη ζηλευεισ 8α πεισ οτι τον αποπλανει κι ολασ!!lol!!!αι γαμισου πια!!!

  142. 142
    sabrina Says:

    hey i like sleana gomez dress

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