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Katie Holmes: Canadian Coffee Run

Katie Holmes: Canadian Coffee Run

Katie Holmes makes a Starbucks run on Monday (February 28) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 32-year-old actress is back in Vancouver, where hubby Tom Cruise is working on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - late last week, Katie took a quick trip to Milan, Italy.

Katie and her mom, Kathleen, sat front row next to Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani at the Max Mara fashion presentation during Milan Fashion Week.

FYI: Katie is wearing a HoodieBuddie with HB3 Technology.

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • bia

    i like her. she’s cute


    The paps stalk this poor girl daily

  • Susie#1

    This is the face of the future??? Save us all. Holmes is looking grubby again, and her hair is awful.

  • ————

    I think Katie Holmes has a beautiful face. and i love her hair

  • it’s robo-bride

    I must admit that she has an unique talent of being able to make almost any set of exercise clothes look totally awful.
    The only person that looks worse today is Natalie Portman (previous thread)–she gets the WTF is she wearing award today. Katie gets the ho hum humdrum as usual award.

  • ummm

    the paps stalk her because there are some people obsessed with her. perfect example post #5. this woman is always in katie jolmes posts. she’s obsessed with her. it’s quite creepy. and she’s always one of the first posters. she must google holmes’ name every five minutes. what a sad life

  • annie

    I think she looks very cute and natural here. Very pretty for someone without a stitch of makeup, and although sometimes I havn’t always liked some of her excercise gear, I like this on her.

    @ robobride
    Looks like Katie was the Kamiseta girl…..have you seen the pics?

  • lucy2

    Hi robo-bride!! Looks like the cult members have made it to the site. Next we’ll see Romeo and 3 minutes later annie’s post will show up.
    fyi, I’m giving Natalie a pass today, being pregnant, post Oscar night, and all.

  • Ginny

    I’m confused. Is this 1999? What numb-nuts would call Katie a girl, or “face of the future”? She’s 32. “Social laughing stock” is a better label.

  • danielle


    On the contrary, JJ is my guilty pleasure. I look at him several times a day — so of course when there is a new thread I post. And unlike many who post on KH threads–I generally stick with the clothes. She is such a poseur. I also post on many other threads, but they don’t yank my chain like Katie the Zombie.

  • Marta

    you’re “giving natalie a pass”?? hahah that’s hilarious. the woman is an oscar winner, talented, beautiful. she doesn’t care about your ‘pass”. wow some people are really delusional. they actually think their stupid opinions matter

  • angie is a goddess

    KATIE is beautiful. nobody looks glamorous in the morning. i wanna see suri

  • annie

    @lucy 2
    lucy let’s get a couple of things straight here…
    Firstly I’m not into Scie, secondly I don’ t hold it against people who are(even tho maybe I don’t quite understand the need to be in it)…….and most importantly I’ve been a Katie fan , since Dawsons Creek.
    As for Romeo, he/she is a fan , and sticks up for them, nothing wrong in that. I gather you have noticed that things can get a bit nasty around here, if people can be that awful, then I see nothing wrong in Romeo defending the celebs he/she likes.

  • lucy2

    1) Obviously YOU care about my opinion.
    2) Quite frankly, even though I like Natalie as an actress, the reality for her is that she got knocked up via a movie set romance. I’ll take bets that the relationship doesn’t make it to the baby’s first birthday. I’m not wishing for that to happen but it most likely will.
    3)What’s your excuse for Katie looking like crap every day? She IS a fashion icon after all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No Oscar For You!

    She looks clinically depressed.

  • Unemployed

    No acting jobs and banned from the Oscars. I look like crap too. At least she has a passionate marriage.

  • Finished!!!

    A smirk is worth a thousand words.

  • Sunshine

    @No Oscar For You!:
    Tom wouldn’t let Katie go to the Oscars or any parties because mean Anne Hathaway made fun of Katie.
    It was funny that ScarJo was hanging around with Jeremy Renner. Maybe they were comparing stories about what a freak Tom is.

  • riri

    posters 15,16,17 are the same person. hahahha please, try to be a little more subtle next time

  • LALA

    “Passionate marriage”. You almost made me pee in my pants ;-0

  • Marta @ stupid lucy

    hey stupid. your opinion doesn’t matter TO Natalie. it sounded funny how you said you’re giving her a pass. i just wanted to call you out on your stupidity. please don’t be so dense. portman has life, unlike you and me. at least i’m bedridden. what’s your excuse?

  • Romeo

    She’s not unemployed and wasn’t banned from any place, #16.

    Prove it or shut up, #18.

  • katarina

    You’d think Max Mara would be a little more discriminating about who they pick for their face of the future. I think it’s more about the famous last name (Cruise, I mean) than the face.

  • Sunshine

    uh-oh! Looks like I upset Romeo. Don’t cry Romeo. This is an ENTERTAINMENT BLOG and not ABC World News Tonight.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Nicole Kidman was nominated for another Oscar last night.
    She looked great,
    Michelle Williams was nominated for an Oscar and looked great.

    Just saying,that all.

  • Sam23

    It’s funny that ever since the FBI been investigating Tom and his cult Katie been staying in Canada a lot.

  • Allison

    I hate this woman, and I’m so glad she looks awful all the time. photoshop magazine spreads don’t count, so don’t bother telling me she looks good sometimes.

    I just can’t wait till Tom moves onto the next wife and we get to see his PDA pashing with Suri in the back ground, yeah Katie never going to forget those vomit faces on Coner and Bella when you and Tom got together ya mole.

  • cruiz2

    Fresh my Ass! The only thing fresh is the outfit. You can see the creases, brand spanking new. She still has red polish from that Euro-fashion trip. A make her feel good photo op!!!

  • annie

    For some of you who carry on about photo spreads a photoshopping , head over to Zimbo and see the pics of Katie in Milan over there, the pics are always big over there.
    Max Mara knew exactly why he chose Katie, same with Ann Taylor and Kimiseta, and whatever else will come…. not only is she beautiful, but it’s her simplicity, minimal jewellery beautiful makeup, and even tho that haistyle on somebody else pprobably wouldn’t have done them any favours, on her it looked classy.
    And there is 1 pic there, where she’s giving a really toothy happy katie smile.
    You can only knock her so much , before starting to sound silly!
    And by the looks of things (according to her) she is going to do that Broadway show.

  • Romeo

    She’s not in a competition, #25.

    Cruise is FILMING a movie in Canada and they’re not being investigated, #26.

    How can you hate someone you’ve never met and never did anything, #27?

  • Sunshine

    Talk about sounding silly! annie, your constant blathering on about how beautiful and classy she is only makes you sound sad, lonely, and medicinally deprived.
    Of course she was smiling in Milan, she wasn’t with Tom, and actually got to spend time with her mom. Europeans and Asians like Tom and Katie, so bully for them if they put her in ad campaigns. Everything she does in North America like movies, plays, and her ridiculous dancing is laughed at. We would really be pleased if Tom and Katie would take their love fest (haha) and move overseas.

  • julie

    M O N S T E R !!!!

  • annie

    @ sunshine
    darn … secret is out…….I’m sad, lonely , and best of all medicinally deprived.
    well there you go-is this really me? If Sunshine says so, then it must be true!

  • Ravynwolfe

    I have to laugh ….photos of coffeeshop places daily. It’s either her or Suri getting her hot chocolate. I guess the paps know where to hang out but everyday the same pictures gets kinda lame.

  • phool


  • nini

    poor katie is not happy being stalked by the paps for some pics to be plastered worldwide when she walks up in the morning . i mean my goodness i just can’t imagine trading personal privacy in return being a famous celeb .
    I would rather not be a celeb just for this reason alone ….

  • Tommy Davis

    @CARLA: she asked for it by marrying an alien scientology dwarf

  • carlissa

    Kate so beautiful even without makeup