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Madonna & Lourdes Leon - Vanity Fair Oscars Party!

Madonna & Lourdes Leon - Vanity Fair Oscars Party!

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes Leon arrive in style at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party held at the Sunset Tower Hotel on Sunday (February 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 52-year-old entertainer is rumored to be hosting her own post-Oscars party, which will boast a royal theme and music from DJs Paul Oakenfold and Zen Freeman.

Madonna is no stranger to the Academy Awards. She has performed at the award show multiple times in past years.

FYI: Madonna wore a white rose cut diamond ring by Loree Rodkin. Lourdes is wearing an AllSaints Aztec Dress Mini (available in March) and AllSaints Ovid Shoes!

10+ pictures inside of Madonna and Lourdes Leon arriving at the party…

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madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 01
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 02
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 03
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 04
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 05
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 06
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 07
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 08
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 09
madonna lourdes leon vanity fair oscar party 10

Credit: Kevin Mazur; Photos: WireImage
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  • Cher

    Madonna is on her way to becoming the next Joan Rivers! yaaaay

  • Jay T

    @Cher: …What a stupid comment from someone called CHER… Idiot!

  • bae


    Um look at the side profile of M and Lola walking her mouth is completely shut lol. Nice try though. She looks hawt

  • Jay T

    Deni… Who on earth are you? Do you dress up as a Star Wars clone on your days off? You must as you are obviously into Sci-Fi for leaving a comment like that? Sucks the life out of people? Thats just idiotic and wierd! The people she worked with who were little known UNTIL she worked with them…You dont hear much from them now as they have made a HUGE amount of money BECAUSE of the union with her..Also, people tear them to shreds with criticism BECAUSE they are narrow minded and heinious…JUST LIKE YOU…Get a dictionary and look up the word `FOOL`…Sums you up!

  • Jay T


  • Jay T

    Oh and Boston61…. Would that be the brother that she gave work to since Holiday? Is that the brother who became hugely paid to be her creative director on projects such as her tours? The brother she helped and showed immense love in trying to help him get off drugs and drink and hedonistic lifestyles? The poor brother who turned up off his face, hurling abuse and aggressive towards everyone…Who stole from her and then wrote a pathetic book about her..Which, incidentally had nothing bad to say apart from, she never paid me for some art i got for her!! Um, because he was ripping her off… Empathy? What a load of Tosh..Am sure too many people are quick to judge or give an opinion on matters that they know nothing about! But, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself..Are you perfect? Are you jealous? And, if you can memorise this phrase..`Dont say anything if you cannot say something good…` Live by it!!

  • Memaw

    Really now Jay T, so Justin Timberlake was little known before he worked with Madonna? And now his music career is basically at a stand still. And Timberlake was little known? And his album after her basically flopped. And Britney Spears was little known? After kissing Madonna, she basically had a nervous breakdown. Oh also love your assumption that all the people who worked with Madonna but are no longer in the limelight are “narrow minded and heinous.” Nice projection there. No, the reason why they’re no longer in the spotlight is because she is a curse to other artists, whether you want to admit that or not. Didn’t Taylor Momsen recently do a campaign for Madonna, and just as quickly she loses her job at Gossip Girl. Madonna uses and discards. That’s how she got to the top. Didn’t William Orbit say how working with Madonna was “stressful” and how he took a hiatus after working with her. Didn’t David Lachapelle say how he refuses to work with Madonna because she’s nasty and how she’s cruel to the people who work for her? Get back to reality, she is not a saint.

  • DittoSuzy

    Didn’t her brother say how she refused to pay for her grandmother’s care, which involved like paying 200 or 300 dollars a month? That’s chump change to her. She spends that much probably on one of her creams, and she can’t help her grandmother out. Come on, let’s be serious. The woman has 0 empathy for other people, and she’s selfish and greedy. Kind of like a modern day Scrooge who wears see through clothes that show half her backside at age 52. So much for Kabbalah water and strings. Those people taught her nothing. But after all, those people aren’t therapists and they can’t reverse a personality disorder. They can just feed into her ego even more, which is what they do, by telling her she’s getting closer to the “light” while they’re pocketing the donations she gives them.

  • Britneyfan11

    WOW! Madonna looks truly amazing! Of course she is wearing something most women over 40 would never do, but it’s Madonna! So it’s all good. And Loa is getting more stunning by the year! Hottest mother-daughter duo in Hollywood. Go Madonna!!!!

  • wm


    You’ve got to be kidding. Madonna looks slu**y as always.

  • junior

    To all the Madonna haters.. F*KC OFF!!!!

  • rut

    que guapas

  • lalal

    Madonna is getting more beautiful. There are many people who envy his eternal youth, those who criticize them both will be there as age 52. Without words, she is beautiful. Prepare GAGAAAAAAAAA!

  • nasty

    you people are idiots..who cares what this nasty skank looks like? It’s about what you have for a soul, not how good of a plastic surgeon you can find to keep your sex appeal alive. What are you gonna do with your sex appeal at 52? sleep with your 1000th man? Ya’ll are very shallow.

  • Joenna

    Lourdes looks like Kim Kardashian.

  • Tami

    Madonna looks ammmmaaazing!!!! and her daugther looks like a teenage Kim Kardashian.

  • MsLttl40

    You know I am from the oldschool and I am not jealous, but this outfit that Madonna has on looks ridiculous in a bad way. What example are you setting for this child but to be a slut in training. Poor poor madonna she’s turning more and more into MJ. MJ had to whiten up his skin to apologize for his success as a black entertainer, and because this youth obsessed young slut culture we live in Madonna is doing the same thing. When they take pictures of her in sweat pants and no make-up all of a sudden she is old and ragedy and Britney and GAGA is younger and better. First of all they are both clones and Gaga looks like a drag queen and now Madonna has stooped to the lowest level since the sex book. That poor girl Lourdes have to go the school with her friends and they will be talking about her cougar hoochie mother. If Madonna would have just covered the butt part of that disastress outfit it would have not been that bad just typical lacy madonna, who designed that monstrosity anyway.

  • LOL : ))

    Madonna is a nasty, ego driven biaatch who will stop at nothing to remain in the spotlight. She does not look good She has frog legs and a senile face. She is so done, I am sure the “ego boosting” comments in here come from her paid PR and her Kabala money hungry Klan. What an idiot this cow is, She fools no one

  • Madrona Putt’ona

    Poor old woman trying to hard to look young to no avail….it’s sickening how this old hag is so deluded into thinking that lace dress will make her look younger LMAO, hehehe

  • Jay T

    HaHa You all wish you looked that good at 52! Old hag? Jeez, what a moronic comment! Oh, and `Narrow minded and Heinious` was about the person commenting, not the people she has worked with, who, ALL did very well financially through the collaboration! I can truly say that there is a big difference between being nasty to people and being focussed! A BIG difference. The woman was kind and proffessional to all around her..It was just the media who hype up the persona..No element of truth whatsoever! She was writing chck after check to her brother, who was quite frankly falsifying money needs and using the money for himself… Really people, you need to be in the KNOW before you comment on someone you know nothing about and can only go on media hacks scribblings in tabloids! Madonna gives a small fortune to a whole list of charities and i wish, just wish that the people who are leaving such spiteful comments knew the real deal, because you would certainly be shocked at how very kind and down to earth she is… Such a shame also that 52 is classed as old…Whats that about? Although, i love the fact that the gormless, uneducated masses hustle to leave a comment about someone they think they know and who they hate…Such a waste of your time in typing comments….Do something decent instead!

  • Jay T

    memaw…read posts correctly and in context then you will see the `Nice projection` and Nasty…your comments are about your soul, not what you look like…Then you must be really soulless and NASTY, just like your post name… If you dont care why comment..Hypocritical heretic!!!!

  • Rocky



    I like ‘Born this Way’ and I like Gaga. Madonna’s time has past. It’s now someone else’s turn. Never cared m uch for Madonna anyway. Lourdes is a pretty girl, but that black eye makeup has got to go.

  • Adele

    What the hell is Madonna wearing? She looks like she’s ready for ‘customers’ at some strip joint.

  • Rocky


    ROTF! I don’t think Madonna is going to like growing old gracefully.

  • Paul

    Damn Madonna looks f*ckin HOT! I’m 21 and I’d bang her.

  • me

    first, Madonna looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! bottom line. the face, the body, the outfit and especially the legs…INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! how can her legs look a mile long when she is only 5ft 4in?? Second, if you are dumb enough to let Madonna or anyone else “steal your soul” then you are an idiot and your soul should be stolen. What star isnt ego driven?? She’s never hidden that fact. But her ego hasnt surpassed Charlie Sheen’s so she’s still good. Lastly, Gag Gag owes EVERYTHING to Madonna. I hate Gag Gag and she will fall victim to the sophomore jinx. If Madonna never has another hit again, she will still be the Queen of Pop, an ICON and one of the baddest MF’er to hit the concert stage. ROCK ON Madonna with your bad, bad a$$ self. I have spoken!!! Madonna is THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan S

    Just found the aztec dress on all saints thats Lourdes is wearing :D

  • Ariana

    Lourdes look so ugly

  • hazem

    Madonna !!! how can I describe my passion about this amazing woman ? , great dress great look and great hair , I just want her next album , she amazes me everytime

  • emilio rivadeneira

    Ahi Caray…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://facebook emilio rivadeneira

    Ahi Caray…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zhenzhen516

    Madonna and her daughter are extra beatiful in this picture.