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Natalie Portman: Post-Oscar Breakfast with Benjamin Millepied!

Natalie Portman: Post-Oscar Breakfast with Benjamin Millepied!

Natalie Portman steps out for a post-Oscar breakfast with her fiance and Black Swan co-star, Benjamin Millepied, on Monday (February 28) in Hollywood.

The 29-year-old pregnant actress won her first Academy Award last night! Nat wore a gorgeous violet silk chiffon draped gown by Rodarte on the red carpet.

Nat thanked her entire team, the cast and crew of Black Swan, her friends and her love during her speech.

FYI: Nat and Benjamin also brought along her beloved pup, Whiz, for breakfast.

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  • RebeccaS

    ugh, pregnant belly shot! what is she wearing?!

  • Alias

    Now that she’s got the Best Actress Oscar, I wonder if she’ll get the relationship curse that comes with it LOL Kate, Halle, Sandra, Hilary, Charlize, Reese, am I missing anyone?

  • rhonda

    I like Natalie Portman as an actress but when she speaks she sounds about 12!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    I dont like her

  • Fandango

    Looks like she just wants to be comfortable very hard to do when your ready to have a baby like in a month or so. At this point in her pregnancy who cares what she wears she is having a kid so really the look doesn’t matter much.

  • French girl


    maybe nicole kidman ? but bette davis (won in 1939 and divorced after). Julia Roberts (won in 200 and split to Benjamin Bratt after).

  • Strawberry Jam

    She so deserved her Oscar for her performance in Black Swan !!
    I saw the movie last week and she moved me to tears. It was really worth my overpriced cinema ticket.
    I wonder if she pinches herself every day to check if her life is a dream or reality :
    -she’s the queen of Hollywood
    -she’s in love and will have her first baby when turning 30 which is the perfect age nowadays
    -she’s got millions in the bank to secure her future and cherish people she loves
    Oh dear, she must have one of best lives in this world.

  • nasty

    fat skank

  • Just wondering

    Am I the only one who thinks she might have fillers in her lips ?
    On many red carpets during this year’s awards season, I noticed that she pouts a lot which is something she didn’t use to do before.
    Her upper lip looks especially fuller.

  • emma

    I’m so glad she won! Now she can focus on being a good person, good mom, and good Jew. Had she lost, she might have kept working in order to win an award instead of living a true, real, much better life. A real, full life, lived to the fullest, lived in truth, is much better than any award. Good luck to Natalie, who is so much bigger and better than 100 little statues.

  • David

    I love her but WTF with those clothes it’s look like she’s wearing pajamas

  • Just asking

    # 10
    Could you please enlighten us about what being a “good Jew” means ?

  • hmm

    did not deserve to win. michelle williams was sooo much better

  • kika

    i agree with @hmm

  • nnn


  • remi

    I laughed when she was flustered after being asked about Dior. Her publicist shut that down.

  • 22

    wtf is this girl wearing

  • 22

    @remi: i caught that too…she shouldve answered.

  • David

    @✡ JEWLYWOOD ✡: that such a pile of BS, you miss to mention that the Jews have a plan to secretly dominate the world. Get over yourself

  • lettii

    She definately has fillers in her lips. Not hating at all, it is her body.

  • AbbeyLee

    @David: LOL that is the most honest post ever. It is true, hollywood is run by jews. Has a Muslim ever won an Oscar? Hell no. Its a racist community, dont deny it.

  • IHeard

    I wonder if she’ll beg to be dropped from her contract with Dior?

  • Susie#1


    Please get rid of the anti-Jewish comments. It’s frightening how many immature bigots are running around.

  • David

    @Susie#1: Sad but true, people love conspiracy theories and love to hate the jew, I know because I experience that hate more than one time.

  • emma

    @Just asking
    I meant she can just focus on who she is as a human being, without any distractions, without thinking she has to keep on doing something forever just to get to a certain pinnacle (getting an award), as some people do, so now, in case she ever wanted to chase after this award and ignore real life around her, she won’t. She can just be herself and focus on things in life that really matter, without getting caught in a meaningless game. I think she has a lot more to offer than playing fictional characters, as well as she sometimes does it.

  • MangerBouger

    @AbbeyLee: A.R. Rahman is muslim…

    Anyway, what interests me the most is whether N. Portman knows that ‘her fashion Icon’ John Galliano, who represents Dior, is being sued for antisemetism or not. His case is nearly signed and sealed after the Sun has made public a video of his anti-jewish slurs (pretty horrible ones) . Soon after, many people working in the Dior House revealed that antisemetism was familiar from him and people who are working with him.

    That’s why you do not associate your image to any brands, so my question is; what made Portman change her mind?!!!

    The day she allowed Dior to associate her face to the brand, I was completely flabbergasted because I thought she was not that type of a personality to do such a move… I guess I was wrong.

    But the most important thing is that I loved Black Swan and that she deserves the recognition. But she will be pissed by the Dior news.

  • MangerBouger

    @remi: Just read your post!!! Can’t believe this … I thought she was different but she is is not.

  • Helena

    and Julia Roberts too, Remember she was engaged to Benjamin Bratt I believe and that didn’t work out

  • Helena

    Pretty bad outfit, I mean even a 4 year old could pick better clothes, like Suri

  • Pandora

    @✡ JEWLYWOOD ✡:

    Buddy, you are a one trick pony. Jew this, and Jew that. Like a broken record. It’s all you ever post. If it was my site, I’d ban your assinine comments. Your affilliation is obvious. You’re pathetic.

  • Pandora


    Has a Muslim ever earned an Oscar? And is this a fricking site to isolate people by religious affilliation? You just want to spread the hate.

  • lcomment

    Nobody here is anti-Jewish, but everyone IS pointing out the truth. The Jewish powerhouse that is Hollywood is extremely racist. The same would be said had they been latin, indian, asian, black, white.

  • lcomment

    Nobody here is anti-Jewish, but everyone IS pointing out the truth. The Jewish powerhouse that is Hollywood is extremely racist. The same would be said had they been latin, indian, asian, black, white.

  • Pandora


    Susie, Jared doesn’t get rid of them because controversy converts into more hits which helps his page rank/Alexa Rating/acquisition of more sponsors. So he leaves the racist crap and the juvenile crap and all the other crap. Isn’t that right, Jared?

  • Pandora


    I like her a lot too, but the “um” s after each word when she gave her speech were a bit irksome, yes! She looked so pretty and I think, deserving of it. I wasn’t expecting to like the movie, but I did.

  • Mia

    Guys all your Idols are in the GAME
    Let’s play a love game do you want love or do you want fame?
    Does it sound familiar.. Look on youtube about Beyoncé Rihanna Lady Gaga Michael Jackson, Jay’z and many many many others..
    Maybe you just find out some thruth because obviously everyone is brainwashed.. from the teens to the adults.. it’s just sick
    They brainwash the younger with movies an music and the older with politics and stupid things they SHOULD care about..
    Lookt it up! Maybe you won’t see everything BLACK AND WHITE
    (just like the Oscars are only for Jews and followers) we KNOW it’s all politics but noone admits it!
    We know that America rules the world with Israel but that doesn’t mean others can have fair chances.. that the REAL POOR can’t make enough to even sleep because they go to bed hungry.. there are MILLIONS of these kids out there but all we care about is which jewelry who waired and how much make up she had on..
    This is what the media want you to do.. play stupid.. be stupid.. and stay stupid so the can do what the want
    They can give money and weapons to dictators and then when hell breaks loose they can say it wasn’t US.. it wasn’t ME
    It were the muslims, it were the africans it were the spanish it were the russians the chinese.. blablabla
    Everyone is in it.. look it up please guys look it up you WHOLE world will me so so much clearer..
    It begins with our childhood.. Disney even! check it out

  • Mia

    (sorry for the incorrect grammar i was ticking too fast)

    @lcomment: true everyone knows this

  • MangerBouger

    @lcomment: That is called zionism. I thought that the zionism powerhouse in USA was the Republican Party. I liked to think that Obama wasn’t, but I guess zionists are very powerful in the politicall environment. But one shall not think that every jew is a zionist, and vice versa.

    @✡ JEWLYWOOD ✡: He is right from a non-racist point of view, it is a looby and a network like every other extremist views of any other religion out there. But I don’t know whether it is true in Hollywood or not.


    I’m not anti-Semitic at all.
    I’m very interested in Jewish culture and actually fancy Jewish guys.
    I’m simply stating a FACT: Hollywood = Jewlywood.
    Fortunately some people don’t try to distort what I’m saying because they are clever enough and not biased.
    I understand that a Jewish person reading my comments could be offended even though she knows it’s true.
    The Jewish community is extremely powerful in the USA and Hollywood is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Good on them for their success and I’d be probably very proud of being Jewish if I was one.
    But as a non-Jew I only feel that Hollywood is like a private Jewish club and I find it discriminating.
    Would Natalie Portman have been offered the part of Nina by Aronofsky if she was just as talented but non-Jew ? I doubt it .


    You’re absolutely right and your comment is very interesting.
    Oscars, Hollywood can also been as some alternative diplomacy.
    Giving the Oscar to an Israeli actress is a gesture from the US towards Israel to say “hey guys, we’re by your side and in the same team”.

  • shy

    I’m Muslim, from Indonesia. Do you know what they told me in my acting classes and when I tried to get into the business? I was born in New York, raised here and I’m treated like crap because of my religion. The business is racist. They will tolerate black, while, latin but you have to be Jewish. Christianity is okay too. Muslim? Not a chance to pursure your dream.


    Your story is sad but true : because of America and Hollywood, Islam is now considered by the western world as an enemy.
    Muslim people in Hollywood movies are always depicted as terrorists so that the naive and ignorant viewers will be brainwashed and see the world through their lens.
    Once again and always, Hollywood is not just an innocent entertainment business: it’s almost as powerful as Wall Street and is strongly linked to politics in the way it tries to shape people’s minds and opinions.

  • jellybean

    ugly fat cow needs to learn how to dress..she always looks so messy and unkempt. She also got lip injections or something. What a pathetic little Jew!

  • hanna

    no fillers, is just the pregancy. is normal..

  • hanna

    no fillers, is just the pregancy.

  • deke

    What’s with the Jew comments? What does that have to do with anything?

  • Maggie

    you can’t blame this bad outfit on her pregnancy, she wears **** like this all the time. in serious need of a stylist

  • vanessa

    I like Natalie but i think Michelle Williams should of won!

  • boston61

    I almost feel bad for him . If he wasn’t such an obvious star f*cker. If he didn’t screw over his other girlfriend. Natalie is a super high maintenance judgemental b*tch. Good luck fella. Look what she just did to poor Mr. Dior. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones Natalie.

  • boston61

    @✡ JEWLYWOOD ✡:

    Yep. And it is also the land of nepotism. Hollywood is the most UnAmerican place in the USA. Portman is a hater. She loves to find a reason to hate. Her hate is justified. Your’s is not. Get it. Joke is on her because this guy she is with is using her ass.