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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Caught Kissing!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Caught Kissing!

Justin Bieber plants a quick kiss on Selena Gomez outside the Vanity Fair Oscars Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

PopCandies TV caught the two sharing the sweet moment on camera while they left the star-studded bash.

Selena, 18, and Justin, who turns 17 on Tuesday (March 1), held hands as they arrived at the party and stayed close to each other the entire evening.

DO YOU THINK Selena and Justin make a cute couple?

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Kiss Outside Oscar Party
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  • Emma


  • xmileyfan89x

    rofl.. can’t believe selena is 18 she looks 12..

  • Sun

    lmfao hahahhahhahahsahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Yas

    That fool is looking right into the camera! LOL! Kids these days…

  • Cindy

    It looks like Justin was looking at the camera as he was kissing her.
    Like he knew the kiss would be filmed.

  • Samm

    aw! i love them together! they are adorable! Love that they came out!

  • kiloren

    Hes looking at the camera and she is looking around hoping the paps are watching. So sad. Her show is over and now shes desperate.

  • kiloren

    LOL look at her looking around for paps all desperate.

  • Aly

    You can do so much better than this Selena. :(

  • itman

    it’s such a fake couple soooooo fake you can tell that they just needed each other to buzz the net then maybe within 3 months maximum it’s over !!! justin is looking over the cam when he kisses her and then selena (bad actress) fake like she’s surprised but i can tell that all of it is act

  • http://Bratsville Nikki

    I wonder if selena’s ex from the jonas brothers feels bad about being replaced by justin bieber

  • Willow

    ew just ew lol not cute at all

  • Willow

    ew just ew lol not cute at all

  • http://haleybieber Haley Bieber

    I think i’m gonna cry… i have a broken heart besides selena is not even look good with him!!!!!!What ever,i just hope justin cares about his fans more than her!!!

  • Trish

    Quit hating, they are ADORABLE!!!!!

  • Dani Bieber

    awww :)

  • http://haleybieber Haley Bieber

    Justin,even though u did kiss her i could tell u did it on purposes,and she is 18.

  • manal


  • Haters Suck!

    Selena I fear for your saftey his fans are about to go ape $hit. Im joking…..I think.

  • http://haleybieber Haley Bieber

    Well i ain’t no hater, but if Justin’s happy then i’m happy, i still hope he loves me:) lol

  • j54

    That is so staged.

  • zzzzzz

    you this isn’t Just Jared Jr. movie yo teener bopper azz over to that site because I can’t stand all these millions of girls who think he’d end up with any of you…GET REAL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://haleybieber Haley Bieber

    @Haters Suck!:
    No, your probably right.

  • http://j cf10

    ew, he looks like an 8 year old, FUGLY

  • http://haleybieber Haley Bieber

    Well he does really love us, and guess what….. i and millions of other freakin girls can still dream, no haters!!!

  • http://haleybieber Haley Bieber

    No haters!!!! He’s better than u haters!!

  • Oliviaaa ;D

    Wowww look at that, she honestly only wants the attention. bc first of all she dates nick jonas when the jonas brothers were in the spotlight, then taylor lautner when twilight was really big, and now justin when everyone has the “bieber fever”!! like does she honestly want everyone to hate her?!! SHE IS 18 AND NEEDS TO DATE SOMEONE WHO IS ALSO 18!!! i honestly know deep down inside that selena is not the right one for justin. give them about 4 more months, they will be over by then and justin will be on to the next one like he was with jasmine villegas. And i am suchh a big fan of justin bieber so im not trying to hate on them…i just dont like that Slutelena Homez. I will always support his decisions thoughh :)

  • Blossom


    Jealousy is… so ugly.

  • http://http// Neyha

    Oh No :’[

  • aron michelle

    i think they make a cute couple yes….but ignoreing ur fans for her at the hotel? who does that? maybe he isnt who everyone wants him to be. maybe he just cant take the famous life and should just be a normal kid i mean im a huge fan of both selena and justin. but when i hear how he is changing because of all the fame. it sometimes makes me wonder…who knows?:/…us beliebers just want the old justin back thats it!…..come on justin ur better then this

  • Frida

    Honestly I couldn’t care less.

  • Mia

    Guys all your Idols are in the GAME
    Let’s play a love game do you want love or do you want fame?
    Does it sound familiar.. Look on youtube about Beyoncé Rihanna Lady Gaga Michael Jackson, Jay’z and many many many others.. from Leonardo diCaprio to Angelina Jolie to Johnny Depp to Bush to everyone.. everyone is it every in Europe they rule the whole continent.. be aware people be really aware.. we know everyone lives int heir comfort zone.. but when times will get hard, I hope noone says they didn’t know or see it coming
    Maybe you just find out some thruth because obviously everyone is brainwashed.. from the teens to the adults.. it’s just sick
    They brainwash the younger with movies and music and the older with politics and stupid things they SHOULD care about..
    Like the Oscars are only for Jews and followers.
    We KNOW it’s all politics but noone admits it!
    We know that America rules the world with Israel but that doesn’t mean others can have fair chances.. Right?
    That the REAL POOR can’t make enough to even sleep because they go to bed hungry.. there are MILLIONS of these kids out there but all we care about is which jewelry who waired and how much make up she had on..
    This is what the media want you to do.. play stupid.. be stupid.. and stay stupid so the can do what the want
    They can give money and weapons to dictators and then when hell breaks loose they can say it wasn’t US.. it wasn’t ME
    It were the muslims, it were the africans, it were the spanish, it were the russians, the chinese.. blablabla
    Everyone is in it.. look it up please guys look it up you WHOLE world will be so so much clearer..
    It begins with our childhood.. Disney! Just look it up on

  • Ashlee

    Ughh! Hate justin beiber, even tho i have to share my birthday with him!

  • Ashlee

    Ughh! Hate Justin Beiber, even though i share my birthday with him!

  • Tina

    OMG That video editing is hilarious. Like over and over and over again. LMAO

  • pebbles bieber

    omg please dont kiss her no more

  • Julie R.

    lol…that kiss is so staged!He’s looking at the camera.He knows he was being filmed and they staged the kiss.Look at his lips,even the kiss position is
    I knew their relationship was fake,but at least they could give a real kiss.His lips are funny there…and so
    These two are forcing this staged relationship to promote his crappy movie and her weak career…pathetic.We can clearly see they forced the kiss to the camera.His lips clearly shows their relationship is fake and staged.Poor boy…he can’t even pretend a real
    These two are so lame…lol

  • hannah

    :( selena made me cry. :( sad:(

  • JJ

    Look at he top pic, he is looking around. But look at the side profile of gomez her cheek bones and jaw and eyes profile. LOL she is laughing….. fake kiss for the camera or maybe just a friendship kiss cause their ready to leave the building and go their seperate ways for the night.
    And last but not least if I am wrong and their is more here than meet the eyes and they are a real couple/// their personalities want let it last a year. sorry fans it just not going to last/// remember what I’m telling you. So when they split.


    stupid selena gomez i printed out your picture and made you look evil cuz you are but go ahead and date justin bieber just know that your gonna loose ALOT of fans because of this im just saying……

  • http://google. Alicia

    Well I’m not a fan of Justin Beiber, but I am a fan of Selena Gomez! I wish they weren’t together though, I mean I know they can date who ever they want, but to me this relationship just doesn’t seem real at all, but I guess if they are both happy with each other then its cool. Good luck Selena! I hope it lasts!

  • LMAO

    Can you imagine Jake G. hanging around with these kids if he was still with Taylor? YUCK!

  • Monica Phillips

    y’all need to be quiet because he still loves y’all and he can date selena gomez with no judgement because y’all know that god said don’t judge people

  • anna

    this should be on jj junior..

  • http://facebook nellly123

    iknow they look adorable i just hate the peolple who hate on them because they are dating. some fans are just stupid let himm live his life ok it is his if he wants to date her he dates her . people right now are hatin on selena because they are dating . i am of fan of jb and do u se me crying no!!!!!! i love them and i always will they are nice peolple love them i love selena and i am not mad they are dating i think it is adorable and u can tell they really love each other love them forever love u jb ansd selena ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jazz

    she looks uncomfortable after kissing him she is just using him to boost her image!

  • janeille

    just leave selena gomez alone ok you justin bieber fan and you can have him, and get over it

  • Adrian

    haha, get over it you weird JUSTIN fans. Like hes ever going to talk to him geeky fans. Hes so cute with Selena. Let them be. I swear, ya’ll act like hes going to go find you one day. phhss. whatever.
    hahahaha. that was cute btw! : )

    For all you crazy ass little fans, I suggest you get a life. :)

  • alexia_

    I think this looks fake! Justin Bieber was looking directly at the camera !!

  • div

    Say your name 10 times

    Say your mamas name 5 times

    Say your crushes name 3 times

    On Friday your crush will kiss you

    ****if you read this and don’t send it

    To 4 other people Friday will be the worst day of your life****