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Charlie Sheen: My Motto Is To Enjoy Every Moment

Charlie Sheen: My Motto Is To Enjoy Every Moment

Charlie Sheen leaves the CNN building after an interview on CNN on Monday (February 28) in Los Angeles.

“My motto is to enjoy every moment,” the 45-year-old actor told CNN‘s Piers Morgan. “I don’t think I would trade any of it because I’m still alive, which is pretty cool.”

Last week, CBS and Warner Bros decided to halt production on Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season. On Monday night they agreed to pay the crew of Two and a Half Men for half of the eight episodes, although Sheen says he will not rest until everybody is paid for all eight episodes.

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  • boston61

    Go get a freaking HIGH SCHOOL education and stop sponging of your daddies tit you scumbag. And that goes for the rest of the entitled Hollywood spawn.

  • seconD

    Self centered arrogant greedy joke

  • Buzzy

    Sure he looks like death warmed over and, yes, he is utterly insane, but on the upside … er, …

  • yep

    this is really sad ALL of the media! needs to stop! charlie needs HELP! he is close to death – he has taken enough drugs or a drug that has taken his mind and he needs some meds to help like he is on a bipolar high. the news and tabloids are exploiting him. charlie, himself, can’t and doesn’t realize it! so please stop! before he dies! he has a family that loves him! please leave him alone! help him get help not abuse and continue to exploit him. thanks.

  • Tanya750

    This man is doing what he wants to do and there isn’t anything that is going to make him stop until he wants to.


    Brain damage – it happens. It can’t be undone.

  • ka-blamo

    Charlie Sheen death watch. All those who think he has a year or less to live check in.

  • busted

    How in the world does he still have those babies.. Where is there mother how is she able to let this nut and his girlfriends raise her children.

    I just don’t understand that. When Brittany S. was having problems there was all this concern about her boys. What about Charlie.. and Why is no one asking about the well being of these boys.. that Brooke seems to be just fine with them living with the nutjob.

    But I guess men get a free pass. Sick..

  • Zoe

    Even if he is sober he has done irreversible brain damage. He will never be the same. What a shame.

  • http://Tj Kaz zimply Aaaaaamezing!!!!

    He so handsome!!!

  • KC

    YEP #4 – very, very well stated. Charlie is obviously suffering from mental illness please give the man a break and stop exploiting him! God bless his family, especially the children.

  • Anna

    His motto is to “enjoy every moment” but his father makes excuses for him and compares this arrogance and self-indulgence to cancer. Has he ever been in a cancer ward? Charlie Sheen addiction is NOT like cancer. It is a selfish, overpaid, undereducated person who has too much and not enough brain to do anything with it.

  • someone

    I think his mental illness being compared to cancer is ridiculous, people with cancer don’t have a choice..charlie on the other hand has chosen his crazy lifestyle, and is happy as lark, because he has lost his mind…

  • Mikado

    He is not from this world anymore.
    And “enjoying” is not for much longer. He will meet his own devils soon. That man is crazy as hell.
    Poor kids, to have such a father.

  • Camera


  • Cayenne

    You all are missing the point! He needs treatment. I am so frightened for Charlie! He needs help. I hope that Dr. Drew steers him in the right direction even if it’s in small steps. People, move on from you sarcastic comments and look at what’s really happening here…it’s beyond your rants about Charlie. He needs help.

  • Frida

    Wow he really looks crazy and sick. Can anyone help him before it’s too late?

  • reality

    People in H’WOOD don’t help each other when you fall off the wagon.They secretly laugh at you and could care less ! If you want help do it by yourself or find real people who are really concerned and really care. They don’t live in lala land.

  • http://JustJared Jan

    This is the result of paying a loser a fortune. Without his money his lifestyle would be living under a bridge using needles. He is such an angry ranting fool looking for that adrenalin rush he gets by going too far, living on the edge, too much of everything. The man hates himself and hates us even more for thinking he’s a star and believing anything he says. He thinks the world and everybody in it is one big joke…one con job after another, eh Charlie?

  • Marv

    This douche b need to OD already. Feel sorry for those kids hope they don’t find any of his drugs and take it. Please take his two boys.

  • LynzCatastrophe

    This man currently has a God complex going on, he thinks he is the king of the world which i guess is what happens when you make lots of money for doing something easy. So far Charlies only friends seem to be blond porn stars that are the same age as my younger sister. So of course he thinks he rocks, he has lots of money and young hot chicks half his age are flocking to him like a shark to blood, not seeing that they just use him for money and fame. The man needs to be slapped upside the head and to realize he isn’t the center of the universe, its ok to be confident, but he’s gone way beyond cocky and vain. In all seriousness though, he needs help, he looks terrible. I dont just believe its the drugs, although they are a large contributing factor……but doesn’t he look like he has a true illness? Not just a drug addiction but a real physical illness? Like cancer? Could he be secretly dying and not saying a word? Just living his life the way he has always wanted and not hold anything back? But regardless he is still a child in a grown mans body, thank Gods Denise has custody of her girls, Brooke, get your ass in gear, what judge would allow those 2 year old baby boys to be looked after by girls old enough to be their big sisters? And the media needs to stop, we are giving him exactly what he wants and that is as much fame as he can get. Which is why i’ll end on that note.

  • Len

    Charlie has been talking about winning. He lost his wife, he lost his job, and last night he lost his 2 boys. Sheen is a loser with a capital L!!

  • Jokergurl

    @reality: Actually yes they do help,at least Mel Gibson does. (Before you start a rant about Mel, I remember first he was the many people who tried to help Robert Downey Jr before he went to prison and the first one to offer support when he got out. I bring up Robert Downey Jr. because in years past these two were always mentioned in the same sentence of a punchline on Leno or Letterman or Entertainment Tonight (they even had the SAME judge sentence them at one point) because both were always raising hell. Downey wound up two years in state prison because he always got caught with the worst of it and Sheen wound up with community service. Luckily Downey FINALLY got straightened out. Gibson was the one who helped Downey Jr, who was fresh out of prison get the ONLY job he could get in The Singing Detective (because insurance companies would not insure Downey) in fact Gibson gave up his own money and financed it through his production company Icon pictures. Charlie Sheen may have partied and did whatever else but he always SHOWED UP for work fine, and knew his lines, did his work. This time it’s different, he’s actually sabotaging himself, not normal behavior for a sound mind. Personally I think Charlie Sheen might be bi-polar (Robert Downey Jr is, so is Carrie Fisher both past drug users) which fits his behavior (only made worse with substance abuse of course) but this man has had periods of calm and then periods of absolute self sabotaging irratic behavior, which I think he’s in a MANIC episode right now. He acts MANIC. Sheen is denying anything is wrong that’s all part of the MANIA aspect. The weird rants, the fervent energy, fits this. These episodes are only made worse with drug use, and they can last for weeks or months if not treated, maybe years then there’s the drug psychosis depending on what he’s been on. Anyway, I’ve been a Charlie Sheen fan ever since I saw him in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Platoon. He’s got range, say what you want but he’s a great actor. Remember he’s already overdosed TWICE in years past, and still hasn’t pulled out of it. He hasn’t hit bottom yet, which is scary. Martin Sheen had him arrested at one point just to keep him from fatally overdosing and in detox. I feel for his family and his children. Bottom line though Charlie Sheen NEEDS HELP.

  • jaye

    Why doesn’t HE pay everyone. The 2 million it will take is what he makes in ONE episode. He can’t be doing THAT much alcohol, drugs and h*ookers. Or could he? lol. Even allowing for taxes, he can afford it.
    This man is delusional. He’s no d*amn Highlander, he can’t live forever. I say let him live his life as he pleases, he obviously doesn’t care if he dies tomorrow; back that up, he doesn’t think he will die from his addictions. It’ll take a lot for this guy to hit bottom, so let him. Some people have a higher tolerance than others, but it eventually catches up with all of them. Charlie is going to find that out as he gets older.
    His ex-wives better keep working; I know Denise is, I don’t know what the other one is doing except going to rehab. I’d hate to see his kids suffer, but people can’t keep pandering to this guy.
    As for Robert Downey Jr. He said that he loved the drugs; he got sober when he decided he wanted to be sober more. He said that it wasn’t hard being sober, it was hard deciding that he WANTED to be sober. I don’t think Downey felt he was bullet proof like Sheen.
    Downey knew what road he was traveling, but he loved the drug so much he was willing to travel it. He said it was like having the barrel of a loaded gun in his mouth and his finger was on the trigger. Charlie Sheen doesn’t even know he has a gun in his hand.

  • Jokergurl

    @jaye: Charlie Sheen doesn’t know what town he’s either because he’s on a MANIC EPISODE/STREAK, exacerbated by drug use. Of course Sheen thinks he’s invincible, anyone who is on manic streak thinks this way. (I know people with bipolar disorder and they act nutty) You may have forgotten that Downey was given his first joint at 8 years old. He didn’t really have a drug problem until he did LESS THAN ZERO. Then after that it was drugs all the time. Robert Downey Jr, has said that what saved him was NOT rehab or jail or PRISON but the LOVE of Susan Levin (aka Susan Downey). Downey didn’t know half the time what town he was in. Remember when I went into the wrong house and fell asleep in this kids’ bedroom because he thought he was in his own house? Or when he was in a drug fueled psychosis driving naked down PCH and speeding over 100 mph throwing imaginary rats out of his porsche? (He got arrested for that one) Downey DID feel he was bulletproof until he got to PRISON. (He actually had to get plastic surgery for a fight he was in) Robert Downey Jr. is BIPOLAR (takes medication/treatment) and I’m willing to bet so is Charlie Sheen (but he doesn’t want help) it’s sad. Sorry huge encyclopedia about Downey here always been a fan. :)