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Christian Dior Fires John Galliano For 'Odious Behavior'

Christian Dior Fires John Galliano For 'Odious Behavior'

John Galliano has been fired from his position as head designer at Christian Dior.

The 50-year-old British designer was recently seen making anti-Semitic rants in videos posted online. Natalie Portman, who is the face of Miss Dior Cherie, condemned John‘s remarks yesterday.

“I condemn most firmly the statements made by John Galliano which are a total contradiction with the essential values that have always been defended by the House of Christian Dior,” Sidney Toledano, Dior’s president and chief executive officer, said in a statement (via WWD).

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  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    How this man like awful

  • Jim

    Do gay dress designers ever go into rehab?

  • liz

    career suicide damn

  • Abigail

    It’s the way it should be done. Now he can continue loving Hitler. Eww.

  • Erika
  • bilyana

    i have to say that i am actually surprised that they fired him because he has been working for them for so long.however, what he said was truly awful but i guess natalie’s comment in a way prompted the firing

  • gd

    Im not saying anything he said was right but have any of you been around drunk people????? which he clearly was in that video. They ALWAYS say/do off the wall things and many times say offensive stuff. I don’t know living around alcoholics I just know how they are and they need help more than anything, not to be ostracized.

  • Madison

    Alcoholic or not, those are horrible things to say and I’d fire him too if he was an employee of mine. Just because you have a disease doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be held accountable. If he didn’t believe those things at all, they wouldn’t even occur to him to say. And I have several alcoholics in my family, including an uncle who also idolizes Hitler. I have nothing to do with him.

  • Zoe

    @gd, sometimes alcohol makes people feel free to say how they really feel. I understand why he was fired. He has a Jewish woman as the face of their fragrance and I am sure there are many Jewish women who buy Dior clothing. Whether he was drinking or not it was terrible what he said. There is no excuse in this day and age to be saying such things.

  • Lalalove

    Oh wow. Is this excessive? What do you guys think?

  • From Paris with Love

    He was suspended on Thursday 24th, so a few days before he was officially fired.

  • kara

    What he said was truly disgusting and inexcusable. However if you’ve seen the video, it clearly shows that those people provoked him. If you push someone hard enough, in this case a very drunk person, it’s only a matter of time before they explode and that’s exactly what happened.

  • From Paris with Love

    Since the day of his suspension, it is said in the media that colleagues and co-workers have came up with more accusations. It seems this kind of behavior is not a first. I don’t know…

  • Hammer

    I would fire him for that mustache and outfit alone.

  • Sun

    old news. boring………

  • girlfriend


    yeah I think its sad those girls were provoking him as such and giggling. I don’t know I dont agree with him but it seems all blown out of proportion. you dont provoke a drunk in the first place and if you do, prepare to hear it or get a punch. Drunk people are worse than any pot head and can be just as bad as people on heavy drugs.

  • PLgdf

    Funny thing is; is a lot of people feel the same way John does, lol. They just aren’t being filmed because they aren’t famous. Every drunk guy I know cusses like s sailor and says obscene things about gays,blacks,women,w/e. It still exists.

  • Sihaam

    If you have seen the video you would know that he was attacking a woman for no reason at all. To top it all his racist rant was because she was Italian and appeared to look like Jew. How hateful is this man…I was beyond shocked that anyone would bring themselves to wish death on someone’s forefathers.

  • SJC

    @gd: I’ve found that drunk people say what they really feel when they’re drunk.

  • Cat

    @ke$haluv Don’t worry, the Muslims are next. The world is getting tired of you.
    Muslims have contributed to the world nothing but hatred and terror, and your comment shows exactly that.

  • kina

    well he didn’t kill anyone…

  • kina

    he just said her opinion….but in a very bad way, insulting is not the right way.
    BUT….why the other people filmed him??? maybe he was provocated
    many questions, and nothing so bad happened nobody kill…
    I thing he was jut drink and realize what he did
    anyway he is a genius

  • Alaia

    To be fair, he hadn’t made any decent collections for quite a while.

  • Camera

    There is a difference between voicing your opinion and insulting others

  • Bezo

    ofc natalie just sing contract with dior on last month.

  • Rocky


    Very true.

  • Zedly

    @SJC: This is especially true of drunk, white people.

    Get a white persond drunk, and the hatred comes out.

  • David

    People try to blame the alcohol, but the bottom line is that he’s a scam bag.

  • Adele


    I think he should have been put on some type of probation and MADE to go into rehab if he has a drinking problem. I think Natalie being Jewish pushed it. If she were not with Dior, he would not have been fired. I remember Pink saying she wasn’t upset with Mel Gibson’s remarks because he was drunk and she still liked him. I guess Natalie takes her religion a bit more serious than Pink.

    He’ll pick up his shears and head to the next big company that doesn’t have a Jewish woman as spokes person.

  • Adele


    STOP!!! ROTF!!!!

  • Jill

    This freak is totally gross. What he said was reflective of the views he harbors. I think he (or anyone else in a prominent position such as his) should have been fired REGARDLESS of whether his rant was about blacks, jews, pink or purple people. Any way you slice it, it’s hatred. And it affects company branding. He’d have a fit if someone had a homosexual rant, yes? BTW — Hitler would’ve gassed *him*. We’ll hear he took some pills and put himself out of his misery. He’s done for now.

  • Rosales

    Hitler hated and killed Gays the same as he killed Jews.

  • nono

    Natalie Portman is jewish, what do u want her to say?

  • my

    What he said, was totally wrong but i wonder would he be fired if he had insulted mulsims, black etc.

    Are jewish supposed to be better then others?

  • JJ


    No, it wouldn’t have mattered if natalie was jewish or not, after those remarks he still would have been fired.
    there are certain things you just cannot say and certain people you just cannot offend.
    Jewish people are very powerful today and you can’t say anti semitic remarks because unlike if you offend Black people, you can’t just say “i’m sorry” and go to a rehab for a year and then come back like nothing happened…no, with jewish people, one anti semitic remark and your career is over.

  • shay

    Agree with my

    If he would have insulted a Muslim, offended Muslims, he would not have been fired, I’m sure! If he would have insulted a person by insulting negro, he would not have been fired

    The Jews control the world and we can not say anything about them, the slightest remark even if it’s not racist

    He was wrong but it’s double standards

  • @my

    He would have been fired if he had made racist comments towards any minority.
    And he didn’t just make racist comments, he justified a genocide, it’s a little bit different.

  • lol

    funniest part of it all, is you guys are attacking him for what he said, but I have seen people voicing their opinions calling him a freak,fa*g*t,etc…LOL contradictory much?

  • Celine

    He’s a public figure so he should be a little more responsible and choose his words wisely.Morality is not a fairy tale.

  • hellohypocrisy

    If anybody else called him out on this bigoted behavior OK.

    But for a woman who signed a petition for a child rapist to get freed, for someone like that to start moralizing and telling people to reflect on prejudice is just wrong on so many levels.

  • lady like

    It’s all political blablabla.. Why is it almost like murder when they talk about Jews, why not talking about Muslims? Because they’re terrorist? That is what they want you to believe ;)
    Jews are great
    the rest is Evil not?

  • Lelada

    Ok so if we go by logic, he was fired because he gave the brand a bad name, by being racist and supporting Hitler.

    So shouldn’t she be fired as well? Because she supports child rape and pedophilia by signing a petition for Polanski to be freed? Do they want to be associated with that as well?

    It just shows you how hypocritical and biased all this is. Racism is not ok, but rape is.

    Ridiculous. If he’s going to lose his job, she should as well.

    But we all know it doesn’t run like that.

  • jean

    he’s facked! NOBODY can touch the Jews! You can’t say anything against them, even if it’s true!

  • Marco


    Oh I sure hope they’d have fired him if his comments were anti Muslim. The Muslims have contributed so much to the Arts, Science, world peace. You name it. Quality people those Muslims and I for one sleep easier at night knowing they are out there breeding like rabbits and spreading their good word. They are just very peaceful.

  • LMAO

    @Marco: PEACE Muslims ? Huho , i’m not going on that field i don’t wanna be fired too . LOL .

  • SupaDupaFly


    Cat @ 03/01/2011 at 12:22 pm
    “@ke$haluv Don’t worry, the Muslims are next. The world is getting tired of you.
    Muslims have contributed to the world nothing but hatred and terror, and your comment shows exactly that.”

    Your comment show how ignorant you are and proves that you’re no better than Galliano!
    They are plenty of Muslims who go to universities, are lawyers, doctors, teachers, good parents, and model citizens! Don’t attack 1.5 billion innocent people for Al-Qaeda= Al-CIAda.

  • LMAO


  • LMAO

    @SupaDupaFly: I agree with you , attacking 1.5 Billion people is wrong . BUT , let’s face it ! I don’t know where you live but i do live in France and like 50% of thiefs , terrorisms , killers or whatever are Muslim so yeah , this is cliché but also true . I also agree that not all of them are bad people .

  • Noli

    @gd: Dior has ZERO-TOLERANCE towards anti-Semitism and racism- What did you miss¿?
    Plus, When people are drunk they really say what they think!!
    He maybe should have known that Hitler would send him to the death camps for being gay….
    What a tool.

  • Mia

    @SupaDupaFly: just love what you said..
    As if everyone in the world lives in holes.
    So sad that they think We are nothing more than stupid poor terrorist.
    America loves the muslims, but undercover ;)