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Christina Aguilera Arrested

Christina Aguilera Arrested

Christina Aguilera and her boyfriend, Matt Rutler, were arrested at 2:45 on Tuesday morning (March 1) in West Hollywood.

The 30-year-old singer and Burlesque actress was charged with public intoxication, while Matt, 25, was arrested for driving under the influence. has exclusively learned that Christina was not booked and no court date has been set, as law enforcement officials stated that they have no intention to prosecute her.

Christina was polite and cooperative with authorities, who confirmed that she was not belligerent in any way whatsoever – she was let go at about 7:30 a.m. and is currently at home.

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# 1
i n f a m o u s l y c o o l @ 03/01/2011 at 9:51 am


# 2
i n f a m o u s l y c o o l @ 03/01/2011 at 9:52 am

…another fcuking fail! …ahahahahahahaha …the new guy’s obviously a winner.

# 4

This girl is just looking for attention.

# 5

She needs to go to rehab asap , before ending like Britney 2.0 !

# 6

This Matt guy is so stupid!! He has a very bad influance on Christina!!
Get together yourself, girl, people support you, and want to see a great new album.

# 7

Go to the diapers haters!! Xtina is awesome. Everyone gets drunk!!

# 8

At least I hope it’s a wake up call for her and she realize that this guy is no good for her and she will be alright and back in shape.

# 9

@DD: Sure, ALMOST everyone gets drunk, but not everyone wanders around in public unable to take care of themselves like a total loser. Besides she’s 30 years old and a mum, this is very declasse and destructive behavior.

Dubya Bush @ 03/01/2011 at 10:04 am

I saw this coming! Oh, Christina why? Maybe now she’ll get help. This is just sad.

Lately she has been looking bloated, so Iam not surprised, I hope she gets her life straight.

@10 some f*cking fa*g*got here using my name ,yo love me?

Hopefully, now Jordan sues her for FULL custody and wins….

incredible that she somehow is a Mom

what a mess

floptina’s flopiness strikes again!

To bad all celeb ****

God, these people are so low-rent. Money and security can’t buy you class and smarts, I guess. Nice example for your kid, mom.

from germany @ 03/01/2011 at 10:27 am

-.- why xtina ???
go in a rehab (i´m a fan ) i dont want that is that and of your caarer
go out of your ego and realse a amazing comeback album like britney or lady gaga and not that **** of bionic hate the album
make a new like stripped or something like that -.-
just sad …

from germany @ 03/01/2011 at 10:27 am

-.- why xtina ???
go in a rehab (i´m a fan ) i dont want that is that and of your caarer
go out of your ego and realse a amazing comeback album like britney or lady gaga and not that **** of bionic hate the album
make a new like stripped or something like that -.-
just sad …

Adam lambert @ 03/01/2011 at 10:31 am

They bad personal

what happened to her ??? why she is such a mess now??? poor little max

Most celebrities should never have children. All they want is constant attention, partying, drugs and alcohol and ******** around. Their poor children ultimately pay the price for such poor role models who haven’t a clue what it means to make sacrifices in order to properly care and nurture the children they bring into this world.

She had a wonderful husband and then she dumps him picks up this drunken douche and ends up becoming a drunk. Very good. Does she forget she has a son?

If this were anyone other than a celebrity it would have never been reported. Epic hype by the media and nosing into the lives of others.

duhhhh gtfo haters!!!!

I am so sick of Christina Aguilera. You’re a mother, for crying out loud. Start acting like one.

funny how this happens the day of burlesque dvd release.
publicity stunt?

She’s gross

WOW…Is all this karma….First she messes up the anthem, then she falls on stage, now this?

Kudos to the police for not letting her call someone to come get her. They did not let it get swept under a rug and allow her to continue with a downward spiral. If everyone makes all the people abusing themselves with alcohol and drugs face the error of their ways from the start, maybe the cure will arrive without a death of themselves or others.

Too old for this.

She has been on a downward spirall since her break up with Jordan. I hope for the sake of her son, she dropped this loser who obviously is not a good influence and get herself together and be the mother her son deserves.

@LMAO: I thought Miley was Britney 2.0.

She obviously has a problem which isn’t a laughing matter. I pray for her well being and that she leaves her boyfriend because he isnt doing anything to help her in any way. Her son I hope is being taken care of and I pray she gets herself together. Shes extremely talented and its sad to see her go down a spiral in the worse way and to people laughing and taunting her, I pray that you get the hate out of yourself towards her. If she gets help I fully support her.

Her poor son!
Christna is 30 years old & a mother, it’s not all about HER like she thinks!
She needs to focus on her child!
What a piece of Trash!

@Adam: Neither Miley or Xtina will ever be able to accomplish what GODNEY accomplished sad ! you people are still stuck in 2007


Ewwwwww! That Homewrecker & her boytoy deserve eachother!!
She is disgusting!
I hope her Jordan has custody of their poor son.

At least Miley is an 18 year old having fun!
Christina is a 30 year Old woman with a child.
How pathetic

Julio Cesar @ 03/01/2011 at 12:58 pm


I can give her all my attention… lol

Now you can call her a “hot mess!”

@Lynn: Lynn, yu’re stuck in 2004. You still believe Sh^tney is this hot young thing, rather than see her for what she is, an old-looking, crotch-bearing, ugly, no-talent, NON-SEXY, brain dead HAG.

The poster was discussing Sh*tney’s CROTCH BEARING EPISODE.

Sh*tney has no talent. Christina is miles and miles ahead of Sh&tney in talent and LOOKS.

@Zedly: Should we talk about FLOPTINA’S CROTCH BEARING EPISODE?? ( much much LESS famous)
Xtina does it and NOBODY cares!
Google it!!!!
Christina is a low class pop tart

Bloated, clown faced drunk with zero class! I hope Jordan wins total custody of Maxx because this frog legged clown is a disgrace.

She is mentally ill and an alcoholic. She was beaten nearly to death while growing up by her father and it is well known that she is crazy and filled with self-hate and insecurities. She wears twenty pounds of white circus makeup to hide behind but she is nuts. She cruised the bars for gay sex breaking her marriage vows and ending her marriage. Now she stays out all night drinking rather than to spend time with her poor. Autistic son.

@Zedly: Oh well in my eyes she’s way better now ! She’s a great mother with a mature boyfriend and when she goes outside her house she doesn’t wear any makeup she is very secure about herself and she is very confident now she doesn’t care what people say about her ! And if you watch britney for the record you’ll see what this woman’s been through ! Last year she made 64 million $ out of sleeping and she clearly loves what she does because if it was for the money she would still sleep and make 64 million every year ! Plus I don’t think a woman who MJ took on tour with him or a woman who Madonna took with her on tour ( and nobody took Chrisina ) ,and talked about her when she was asked about the kiss and ignoring Christina, is TALENTLESS ?? And Britney sold more than the double of Christina’s records !

Embarrassing! She seems to be in a premature middle-life crisis or something. Her new guy seems like an opportunist.

Lessons to learn, kids:

- don’t be in a rush to get married and have children (bc as you can see, with her drunkenness and irresponsible behavior have shown us that she’s apparently skipped her 20′s..)

- hanging around with toxic and bad people puts you in troubling situations (“bird of a feather…”)

let it be @ 03/01/2011 at 2:24 pm

still love you Xtina<3333

Gosh, Many Gaga fans predicted the downfall of Christina Aguilera but I had not idea it would get this bad. Christina Aguilera’s album tanked, her movie sucked and is on dvd and her marriage ended. Akon was right when he said Christina lost her self and the Christina fans said he was wrong and laughed. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW!! AND ONE BY ONE THEY ALL FALL TO GAGA. BRITNEY TRAILER PARK TRASH SPEARS IS NEXT. WE LIVE IN GAGA’S WORLD NOW!! WE ALL KNOW BRITNEY SPEARS CAN’T SING, HER CUTE FACTOR IS GONE, AND SHE DANCES IN SLOW MOTION NOW. THIS ONE WILL BE REALLY EASY FOR GAGA TO DEFEAT. HAHAHAHA

I think her marriage problems and then it ending has hit her harder then she has said, and clearly this new guy is not helping. She needs to drop him and get herself back.

lovelydee @ 03/01/2011 at 2:58 pm

I feel so bad for max.
Christina needs help.

Speak Now @ 03/01/2011 at 2:59 pm

I wish Infamously Cool could get arrested for all the stupid comments he makes. Christina isn’t a failure, Infamously Cool is!

Gaga, Christina and Britney = pieces of **** in the same bag


jeremy Renner @ 03/01/2011 at 3:43 pm

A sloppy drunk train wreck.

Christina what went wrong? She had such a wonderful husband, and she left him for this guy? I don’t know what to say, but boo mama. You need some help, get this guy out of your life.

What is goingon with her since she and her husband split she have lost it. she is so talented hope she gets it together before she ends up like Britney and Lohan. She has a beautiful son. She need to reconcile with her husband and dumb this douche that she is with.

thankfully she has a son not a daughter. i would hate to have a daughter raised by a woman like that…
her ex husband wasn’t a supermodel and people couldn’t understand how “she settled for him”
it is clear he isbetter off and she is the unfit one

Her big ass is NOT 100lbs

Total trailer trash!
Take your long boobs & go home to your child !!
What a shame for her son to have a woman like this for a “mother”

Christina, Charlie & Lindsay can hold hands & jump off a building for all I care

100 pounds?????

This little sl u t b i tch is getting fatter and uglier every day…look at the bloated face and body. The guy looks like a real slimebag. She should’ve stayed with her husband, but it’s obvious she doesn’t want to grow up.

Matthew hate both major fault it all is his, he does not know love Xtina in a healthy way? that only makes things wrong?! he knows nothing! I pray for Xtina ,she’ll be fine, max need her!

@Lynn: Lynn, Madonna used sh&tney when she was in her prime and moved on–what Madonna does.

Michael also worked with Nsync and the Backstreet Boys, enough said.

How many respected music legends respect Sh&tney?

The legends from Aretha to Etta, to Jon Bon Jovi, to Herbie Hancock have all praised Christina’s talent.

Don’t care how many albums she sells. Twilight is also popular despite lacking substance.

Lunatics like you have poor taste if you think Sh%tney, with ZERO singing, dancing talent is good.

Get an effing brain and stop wasting your money on this ugly, dead horse that’s a puppet on a string.

PS. The media ignored Christina’s crotch because she’s famous for her talent, unlike Sh%tney who’s famous for gimmicks and being a joke.

she is above the law

christinalover @ 03/01/2011 at 7:21 pm

christina you are so beautiful no matter what they say

Jokergurl @ 03/01/2011 at 9:06 pm

You are a mor on, no matter what they say,
Words just con fus e you no,no,
You are a mor on in every single way,
Forget you have a child… No, no, no
You are mor or or ron
I am done, now it’s no fun, to get arrested drunk
And smellin’ like a skunk, new boyfriend in a funk
Wanna get, stinkay, get right up and so dome hurlin’
Wanna get sh”"tfaced, get in a car and drive a-w-yay
Wanna get arrested, spend the night up in a small cell
My brain powers totally gone to hell… Yeah, yeah, oooooooo
Not a smart move Christina. Sorry bored.

dudes eyebrows look hella weird

It’s past time for Christina to grow up and become a MOM and be a GOOD example….. She left her husband and son for this…… What is up with these hollywood Moms. They never seem to be happy with what they have!! What a total shame

Her X husband was busted up UGLY! Yuck, knew that wouldnt last!

Julie C. @ 03/01/2011 at 11:22 pm Her X husband was busted up UGLY! Yuck, knew that wouldnt last!

What a stupid remark! Marriage is not just about looks – she married him for love and he seems to be a decent and loving man.

As for her, I hope she will take a step back and start making more adult decisions about her life. If you drink too much then take a taxi home. It’s a miracle that they didn’t kill someone.

I hope that she will listen to her family/management and do what’s necessary to get back on track. Her son needs her.

lilia mazunina @ 03/02/2011 at 5:26 am


what is public intoxication?

@Zeldley: You’re wrong again troll ! Floptina is the attention ***** I love her but even when it comes to talent she lackes it now , she sucked on american idol , X factor and of course the superbawll ! At least the woman you call “shitney” tries her best to avoid the paps unlike floptina who wears makeup to go to macdonald ! Madonna brought Brit on tour in early 2008 when she was falling down so she clearly cares about her ! Floptina can never touch Godney man her last album didn’t even go gold OUCH !

it’s insane how anyone but celebrities can have
personal issues.
if justin bieber got arrested, every single one of his fans
would be crying and protesting.
so what if she got arrested. that’s her personal problem.
don’t be hating on her. she’s human.
the woman has gone through a lot.
it’s pretty clear that idiots that hate on celebrites just because
they had a slight arrest or a meltdown, DO NOT HAVE LIVES or

Whoamitojudge @ 03/10/2011 at 4:59 pm

Really , wow how fast people are to slam people I couldn’t tell you one song she sings since the something in a bottle, she is a person, not someone you know. She like brittney murphey or the other young stars making mistakes but I can’t judge cuz I sure wouldn’t want anyone going through my life cuz I am a mess. My point is you don’t know what kind of mom she is so she got drunk and gained some wieght let’s get her how dare her get chubby, I think she looks good with some extra butt. She will be fine just lay off. She will get the ship right after she gets the pain figured out .

You people suck. Almost everyone who made a comment has nothing nice to say or to support Christina. She got drunk. Big deal…
It must suck to be a star with mean people like you around blabbing everything you can think of to cause pain and annoyance. If any of you could possibly be a star or have such fame you probably wouldn’t have made it because your focus is outward instead of inward. I suppose it is entertainment to shoot amazing people down who have a whole lot of better stuff going on than you do huh…

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