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Christina Aguilera's Mugshot Revealed

Christina Aguilera's Mugshot Revealed

Christina Aguilera‘s mugshot stemming from her early Tuesday morning (March 1) arrest has hit the web.

The picture, obtained by E! Online, shows the 30-year-old singer with her hair down and wearing a black top.

L.A. Sheriff Department spokesman Steve Whitmore had said the mugshot would not be officially released to the public since authorities do not plan to press charges.

Christina was booked for public intoxication, while her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Law enforcement officials said Christina was “not belligerent in any way whatsoever” and was released at 7:30 a.m.

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Photos: E! Online
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  • Trent


  • Toodles

    Oh come on, Christina. You have a kid, you are an adult. Leave this to the Lindsay’s and be the talented star that you are…there are better ways to get attention.

  • nkenk

    @Toodles: Yo don’t even talk Britney Spears was a complete MESS and she has TWO kids. And besides, she was IN her car when she was arrested which is ridiculous.

  • diva

    Get your sh** together Christina!

    But why are they taking mugshots of her when she’s in the passenger seat?

  • lexy hates bilson

    She needs to sue! All the crime in LA and they are harrassing a woman who was drunk!!! She wasn’t bothering anyone. Just another example of the government wasting tax payer dollars and going after “easy” targets instead of say the mother who is pimping out her 5 year old to get some crack!!
    She’s an adult and she’s of legal age. Regular people get drunk every day while out partying!!

  • DW

    wow. the power of makeup.

  • M

    she need to get her act together. She is not the only woman in teh world who have been through divorce. Tonsof women go through divorce and they don’t shave theri hair, booze or lose their mind. she will lose custody of her son like Brintey if she do not get it together. She need to ditch the gold digging BF.

  • Xtincta


    And Britney rebounded not to mention people actually LIKE Britney so they wanted to see her get better. Xtincta is a hag who everyone in the industry from Mariah to Mary J Blige cant stand!!! Keep on flopping on Floptina! *grabs popcorn*

  • LLL

    This is not a good yar for her!

  • Talal

    she always acts like a bitch but karma is bitcher!

  • Talal

    she always acts like a bitch but karma is bitcher!

  • Cristobal

    NO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =(

  • http://deleted ugh

    With this behavior, her age and immaturity are showing. The mother of a young son should not be doing anything like this. She also should be dating losers who will encourage her in the wrong way. Xtina probably married before she was really ready, and because the marriage went south, now she’d like things to go back to the way it was BEFORE she walked down the aisle. NO CAN DO! A mature woman who is ready for marriage and motherhood would put her child first. The way Xtina ran so quickly to find another man after she split with her husband reminds me of all the young girls who get pregnant and when the baby comes, they start feeling like they are missing out on their youth and they start partying. Stupid behavior.

  • Tj


  • rAY

    What an idiot, She’s a 30 year old mother! This piece of trash needs to start acting like it!

  • XxX


  • Queen B

    Well, Well, Well, Lookie what we got here!
    Thats what Xtina-Stains get!
    Now SIT DOWN!!!!
    At least Britney doesnt have a friggin MUG SHOT!!!
    Christina = Epic Fail

  • jules


  • Speak Now

    @Queen B:

    Christina is still more sane than Britney and still is the better signer.

  • Drunktina

    And the downward spiral continues.
    she is so gross

  • Speak Now

    @lexy hates bilson:

    I SO AGREE. People need to grow up and leave Christina the heck alone. All the ridiculous names that people call her on JJ are so pathetic.

  • Candy

    Lord! That’s an ugly woman! Bleh

  • Gem

    Ewww! And I didnt lke her before

  • Mother of 1

    Floptina strikes (out) again! She just needs to go away and stop begging for attention. Its absolutely disgusting

  • Erika

    Are you sure thats not Alexis Arquette?
    That Mug Shot looks like a Tranny!

  • Sean

    All I see is a big ol’ nose

  • http://@ramillav ramillav

    Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitemore said that the 30-year-old singer was very cooperative, according to the Associated Press. “She was booked, she was fingerprinted and she was put in a cell,” he said. “And then she’s monitored, and as she gets better, she begins to fend for herself, her head clears up and when she passes the sobriety test within the jail facility … that’s why we take them into custody, to protect them as well as other.”

    Read more:

    Read more:

  • LP

    She’ll be a social pariah soon… or maybe she already is.

  • Hollywould

    She is soooooo Done! Just like Whitney, nobody likes her enough to have a “comeback” Cough ‘bionic’ cough cough…..
    Hit the bricks tranny!

  • Julie

    I used to hate her but now I just feel bad for her. The guy she’s with seems like bad news.

  • kat

    omg Xtina what the hell happened to you?????
    am so sad right now


    I no longer want to have sex with that tranny!!!!!

  • ??????

    Do some of you realize that at any drunken point in your lives, some cop could have arrested you for the same thing? She wasn’t driving or in possession of contraband. Most of us have been wasted off our @sses in public but luckily never had our drunken faces published in a mug shot. I’m sure even a drunken Christina looks like Barbie compared to some of the nasty posters.

  • CrisDizzle

    Even Paris Hilton & Lindsey Lohan mugshot had a better mug shot than that! Christina looks like a FUGLY!

  • Lyla Says

    @Xtincta: You’re an effing idiot with bad taste..

    If Christina is a hag, then what does that make Sh%tney? Sh%tney is one of the ugliest, manliest, smelliest piece of crap of the planet.

    Let’s not forget Sh%tney is HEAVILY MEDICATED and controlled by her puppet masters, because she has no fuctioing brain cells.

    Wanna see something funny?

    Take Sh%tney off her med and she’ll probably drive a car over a cliff.

    Sh$tney is worthless, ugly, smelly, no-talent and disgusting.

  • jasmine

    OMG She looks disgusting! Like a troll doll.

  • jasmine

    @??????: Speak for yourself. Not all of us have been ugly drunken skanks, public or private.

  • Marieme

    And WHO didn’t see this coming? All her rabid fans that come here and fight anyone who criticizes their perfect goddess? LMAO! She’s been on a speed train to crazy town for months. What a fcuking loser! Seriously – a mother! Britney had a mental illness – this dumbsh it has NO excuse!

  • Audrey

    I feel so sorry about her….I really love her and I’m so worried!
    I hope it was a wake up call for her and she gets better!

  • melissa asherman

    if you told me one day that Christina Aguilera would be arrested… or in jail for anything.. I would have said your nuts.

  • chic babyyyy


  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! Some of you need to read a REAL newspaper or watch your local news. Stop getting all your “news” from JJ or E!
    So what if Christina has a baby – plenty of women and men leave their children and go out and party. Her son is safe at home and being taken care of. She wasn’t driving drunk in the middle of the day with her son in the car – LIKE MANY MOTHERS ARE.
    Again, there are REAL criminals out there women who have kids and are drunk and beating their kids – THESE are the women the police need to be going after.

  • Meg

    Finally she’s having her “Britney” moment?

  • Amazed

    @diva: @lexy hates bilson: I know right !! She wasn’t driving she was in the passenger seat of a car and she wasn’t hurting anyone.Shes an adult she is allowed to get drunk they should have just called her a cab instead of selling the story to the paps!!!

  • Annie

    Seriously have none of you people ever been drunk? Yeah right. She wasn’t driving and it was past the kid’s bedtime, so it’s OK in my book as long as it’s not what she’s doing every night, in which case she has a problem. Nothing wrong with letting loose every once in a while. If you want to pick on a celeb for always being drunk and out of control try Jessica Simpson.

  • CHO


  • mickey82

    You guys are lame. Christina makes more in her sleep, than do in a year. She’s human, and for the record she is a beautiful woman. One, can’t be glamorous 24/7. Geesh, get a life.

  • LP

    @Annie: She HAS been doing this a lot lately. Crashing into people’s parties drunk. She’s out of control.

  • seduce

    here in germany would sit many people in prison if we had this ridiculous law! – PAH!!! so silly…. really….

    Chrissy i hope the party was worth it :)))) hihi

    another idea is that the police collect mug shots of vips :) ha??? isnĀ“t it true??


  • lexy hates bilson

    She needs to sue LAPD. They need to be out there fighting REAL crimes not harassing celebs!!