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Katie Holmes: Starbucks Stroll with Suri!

Katie Holmes: Starbucks Stroll with Suri!

Katie Holmes enjoys some one on one time with her adorable daughter Suri on Sunday (February 27) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 32-year-old actress treated Suri, 4, to some Starbucks and also dropped by a cupcake store before heading back to their hotel.

This was Suri‘s fourth trip to the coffee store in less than a week!

On Thursday, Katie and her mom, Kathleen, sat in the front row at the Max Mara show during Fashion Week in Milan, Italy.

FYI: Katie is wearing Ann Taylor‘s Leopard Print Scarf and a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri! She carried a Max Mara “Margaux” tote.

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51 Responses to “Katie Holmes: Starbucks Stroll with Suri!”

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  1. 26
    Disco Woman Says:

    Question: Has anyone ever seen a 4-5 year old out at Starbucks, or anywhere for that matter in a thin nightgown in the winter?? Except, Suri, of course.

  2. 27
    lane Says:

    1. Messy, stringy hair…Check!
    2. Nightgown…Check!
    3. Cupcakes and Hot Chocolate…Check!
    4. Clueless Mother…Check!
    5. Yet another expensive designer jacket…Check!
    6. Suri: “I don’t care if I’m cold! I will freeze for fashion! You better buy me that hot chocolate and I need more cup cakes!”…Check!
    8. Katie: “What ever you want, Suri! Your so magical, awesome and have such great taste! Don’t worry, the huge blankets, baby bottle and pull-ups will be in the car”…CHECK!

  3. 28
    Bear Says:

    (Suri) “You have to buy all the cupcakes I want and you better not eat any of them! There only for me and my imaginary friends!!!”

  4. 29
    Bear Says:

  5. 30
    Lavito Says:

    Same crazy ass Mommy at her best, PJs, open jacket in near freezing temperature and sucking on hot chocolate or coffee, hair for the brat. And, same crazy ass **** coming from Romeo, the know it all, stalker Cruise family. Go away Romeo, somewhere that people value what you have to say cause it’s not JJ site. Katie and the brat are getting to be pros whoring for the pap cameras.

  6. 31
    Ann Says:


    Wow very eloquent words…I hope you note the sarcasm.

  7. 32
    Taylor Says:

    #27….Hilarious!!!! They look like a total discheveled mess.

  8. 33
    ?? Says:

    She’s wearing a nightgown b/c she can…they (the whole family) have this attitude as is the rules do NOT apply to them… constantly doing things that us “normal-people” would consider self- entitled and/or “bratty”. I’m so sick of seeing Katie everywhere rubbing her wealth and her “magical” child in our faces w/ the blankets, nightgowns, bottles, cupcakes, and outrageously expensive handbags. Their hype is at its peak, and from here on in it will be just old and a joke. Is there some reason Katie Holmes needs to put herself out there so much? Negative or positive attention, she NEEDS it constantly.. ick.

  9. 34
    Lou Says:

    @Margo: I live in Vancouver. Although we do have one of the warmest climates in Canada, it is nevertheless cold here. I’m 19 and am still cold when wearing a mid-thigh length wool coat, tights, boots and a scarf. The least that could be done is a pair of tights on Suri. You can clearly tell it’s cold by the guy in the background. Also, coming from California, the change in temperature makes it much colder when you’re used to basically a year of summer.

  10. 35
    You can't deny Says:

    @She’s Ok…:
    Apples and oranges honey. Don’t try to change the subject with another kid controversy, it’s pathetic.
    First of all, you’re lying, Shiloh was dressed like a girl until she was a toddler when, I guess, she started to want to mimic her brothers. Google it up, she wore the cutest dresses. I’d rather see her in girly clothes too, like her sisters but as long as it’s WEATHER appropriate it’s fine, no big deal. Cher dressed her daughter Chastity like a little princess all the time, see the result huh? Whether she is dressed like a tomboy or in gender neutral clothes with one fun piece, which is most of the times, she bundles up when needed, like in Paris.
    Even Gwen Stefani’s boys who are super fashionable and all are dressed according to the weather. Suri is the only kid who is never dressed appropriately, admit it. Even the celeb kids in warm L.A. wrap up more than Suri. And I’m not talking about one or two exceptions during the year, those could happen, I’m talking about a daily basis.

  11. 36
    Deedz Says:

    Great Parenting Kate. There’s snow on the ground and you’ve got your kid dressed for spring.

  12. 37
    dani Says:

    @She’s Ok…:

    What do you mean never a word is said about Shiloh? Have you ever read the comments on threads JJ posts or any other blog? The poor kid, her parents and her siblings are absolutely blasted. Here, people criticize Suri’s dress for the most part with a minority calling her bratty. With Shiloh the comments are much more personal and cruel.

    And why do you always feel the need to bring up other children on a thread devoted to Suri?

  13. 38
    already a celeb? Says:

    i wonder that they dont get another child. I mean we all know Tom would love to have another… i think for Suri it would be REALLY REALLY good to have a subling.. i think for every kid a subling is good and especially celeb kids need to learn to share..

  14. 39
    tps reports Says:

    No, she’s dressed for bed. Suri is wearing a nightgown. As soon as she hits the car she will take off her coat and Ugg’s (we all remember the numerous barefoot escapades). As stated be #27, surely Suri has her blankets, bottles and pull-ups in the car.

  15. 40
    LOL Says:

    @already a celeb?:

    Oh please! Tom is no better then Katie! Both are seriously delinquent parents!

  16. 41
    dani Says:

    I see on TMZ that Katie is suing the Star for $50 million for implying she is addicted to drugs. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

  17. 42
    Wonder Says:

    She needs more $$$ for Suri’s wardrobe!

  18. 43
    Romeo Says:

    Or they could go OUTSIDE, #5. When or where would they be able to go outside without being accused of mugging for the cameras?

    Get a life and mind your own kids, #6.

    She never seems cold, #8.

    Right, #10.

    I wish all mothers were as ‘bad’ aas Holmes then, #14.

    You’re complaining about cip sizes now, #15?

    Quit comparing kids and beating a dead horse, #17.

    Call the police up and listen to them laugh at you, #18.

    Quit comparing kids, #19.

    You’re an idiot, #20.

    It’s huge double standard, #22. Everyone should mind their own kids.

    After YEARS of whining, TomKat obviously doesn’t care what other people think of their parenting, #23. So shut up already. TomKat doesn’t force you to comment.

    She needs whatever her PARENTS feel she needs, #25. Leave it alone.

    Don’t call the kid a brat, #30. You don’t know her.

    It’s crazy that Holmes not doing anything to anyone at all haas you so angry, #33.

    They don’t care, #34.

    So she’s dressed like that on a daily basis, #35. Either do something about it or shut up because your complaints are fallong on deaf ears.

    It annoys me when people say that Brangelina gets it worse than TomKat, #37.

    They’ll give her a younger sibling when they have the time but there’s nothing to suggest she’ll end up being raised terribly without one, #38.

  19. 44
    go away Says:

    Romeo –its totally disgusting how you support these despicable human beings. (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) Put your energy into something positive… please!

  20. 45
    kuper Says:

    Are the people complaining about the cold American? In Canada, we use Celsius. It’s about 10°C right now in Vancouver – that’s not cold. I wore a t-shirt and walked to work today. Toronto, on the other hand, is -10. That’s when you should be dressing warmly.

  21. 46
    Reni Says:

    She is fine, suri so cute

  22. 47
    lucas Says:

    @It’s cold there!:

    1. actually yes you can get sick from being out in the cold. It’s called hypothermia

    2. We aren’t following them every second so we don’t know if they had just gotten out of a car, are at a hotel a block away etc.

    3. to those saying ‘just make it at home’ why should they. why should celebrities have to volunteer to be prisoners in their homes.

  23. 48
    lucas Says:


    Starbucks serves more than coffee. She could be having warm milk for all we know

    and yes some parents do let their 4 year olds pick out their own clothes.

    and she’s not your kid so stop acting like you have a right to say anything about how she is raised. if you don’t like it, don’t read the articles or call child services and report that you think they should investigate.

  24. 49
    cyclist 36 Says:

    i dont know mutch about katie. i live in va and i see it all the time when temps are in the 50s and colder. people that take there kids from wal-mart to the car that wont stop to zip up there kids coat b f heading out the door. i see kids playing in the snow with there coats unzipped ive seen small kids walking to and from school that dont have the coats zipped. etc i dont have kids butt if i did there coats would be ZIPPED UP NO EXECPTIONS. I GOT ZIPPED UP WHEN I WAS LITTLE AND I THINK THAT PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP AND ZIP UP THERE KIDS COATS i want to say something often butt i have to hold my toung. what do u think

  25. 50
    anoymis Says:


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