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Nicole Kidman: Curly Hair & Uggs for 'Hemingway & Gellhorn'

Nicole Kidman: Curly Hair & Uggs for 'Hemingway & Gellhorn'

Nicole Kidman steps out of her trailer with curled hair, a reflective coat, and Uggs on the set of her new TV movie, Hemingway & Gellhorn, on Tuesday (March 1) in San Francisco, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 43-year-old casually dressed Aussie actress was spotted heading to work.

Nicole‘s next project could be playing Zsa Zsa Gabor in the 94-year-old socialite and actress’ biopic.

“She wants [Nicole] to play her in her life story,” Zsa Zsa‘s husband, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, recently told E! Online.

Nicole made the new Moulin Rouge and Zsa Zsa did the old Moulin Rouge. She always says, ‘Nicole was perfect in Moulin Rouge! She should play me in my life story,’” he added.

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  • What

    Is her six month break from work to be with her newborn over already?

  • rose rose

    Nicole never said in public she will have a rest for six month!!This work has comfirm before we know Faith was born!So Shut Up your stupid mouth!!!
    Nicole never said in public she will have a rest for six month!!This work has comfirm before we knew Faith was born!So Shut Up your stupid mouth!!!

    Nicole’s hairstyle is fantastic!!Looks amazing!!I love it!

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    Nicole looks gorgeous!

    Skeptics why don’t you ask Keith to take a 6 months break!

    Have to tell Sue so she can tell her E buds, Keith didn’t fly to Nashville alone to get away from his family. Rehearsals started today for the new tour. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • So Shut Up Stupid

    Nicole’s hairstyle is fantastic? It is called a wig! Talk about stupid!

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    Is Taralea the go-fer for the skeptics? Between Urban Myths and E she’s everywhere trying to start up a new story the haters can rant about. BAHAHAHAHA!

  • Lily

    Yes Verity. We know. We know. Nic’s hair isn’t curly. It’s a wig.

    I knew why Keith was in Nashville.

  • Yawn

    Nicole as Zsa Zsa – LMAO

    What@What: The press did claim after the latest miracle child arrived that she said she was going to take a break to be home with her young children. Well she has to nannies to take care of the kids and you know playing Gellhorn in a made for TV movie was probably on her bucket list. How could she pass up another dream role.

    I seriously doubt the casting on this – A Brit and an Aussie playing iconic Americans – yep that has award written all over it.

  • boston61

    Why anyone wants to hear her annoying breathy little girl voice is beyond me. Terrible actress. Always wooden. Never real.

  • boston61

    Wigs always destroy movies. Hire and actress who has decent hair. Not pube head.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    Yeah sure. Then why not share it on the neg thread. You’re so hateful to a woman that did noting to you. You were never going to have Keith. 6 month break after H&G. But don’t let the truth get in the way. Another mistaken identity but we always know it’s the 3 or 4 women from E. Trust me when I say this, people are laughing at you not with you.

  • rose rose

    In the movie,you will know how beautiful she is!!!Stupid!!!

  • dani


    You live in a box or something? Almost every actor/actress wears wigs at least part of the time in every movie. And if they don’t–the stylist has extensions and more puffing their hair up.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota

    Stasia no wonder you never made it as a star. So Nicole’s wig looks like pubic hair? This is the kind of stupidity that come out of the skeptics mouths. Stars have it in their contracts if they want a wig or not. Jennifer Aniston often uses wigs. People with bitter sourpuss attitudes just can’t help but try and ruin things for the rest of the world. How much of an impact do you think you’ve had in sabotaging Nicole and Keith’s careers, since you smell an impending derailment, every couple of months! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Lily

    Trust me not buying it. People are laughing at you too.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota


    What you? Couldn’t give a flying eff because you’re people I wouldn’t want to run into on the street let alone know you. You’re sick. Get help.

  • Windy

    Why does she even bother? Here’s her next flop. Is it worth spending all that time away from her new baby?

  • Could you imagine

    Nicole Kidman attempting to sound like Zsa Zsa? What a big mistake!

  • anon

    @Could you imagine, one thing is for sure her attempt at being Zsa Zsa will be trillion times better than robo’s attempt at being Jackie O, better still, its Zsa Zsa nd her hubby chasing Nic… correct me if i’m wrong, didnt the remaining Kenndy clan made sure that 8 mini-series never saw the light of day????? OUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dayton

    Nicole could do a Zsa Zsa biopic but I doubt it would happen. She’s got enough on her plate with her family and the future projects already in the works. I’d consider a compliment if this was from Zsa Zsa’s mouth but this is from her husband who is a crazy old coot who craves media attention. He says this just around the time Nicole is up for an Oscar. Not a coincidence IMO. I hope his money is buying her good care.

    Anon The Kennedys will not air in the US. It will air elsewhere. The History Channel, after viewing it, decided that it wasn’t accurate enough to be shown on their station. Not Katie’s fault. But Katie is all over the map with her projects. If only she could harness whatever it was in Pieces Of April. The last movie she starred in and helped produce was absolutely awful. It’s miles apart from something Nicole said she believed in and put her heart and soul into and worked on for years. Katie admitted her producing credit was mainly in name only.

  • Lynn

    Nicole is gorgeous!

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Miss botox

  • a

    @Not buying it in Minnesota:

    when are you, SKEWER MISTRESS, of the failed SKEWER THE SKEPTICS blog, going to ever let up? Do you not realise how bitter and twisted YOU sound: every thread, under many names, you rant on and on and on about a couple of idiots!!! Don’t you see you are simply feeding them and are no better for being so hateful yourself?? Accept the fact that there are MANY people who don’t care for Nicole’s acting, who don’t appreciate her constant lies to the media; and who are not the handful of ‘old bags’ lusting after Keith?? Grow up!!!! Obviously too much time at E! has made you as sick as those you despise. Mark my words, one day YOU will be eating humble pie!

  • a

    Nicole DID say she was taking a “complete break from work” for 6 months to “totally focus on all things family”. BS!
    She knew a year ago she was having Faith.
    This is why so many people criticize Nicole: she is untruthful. How about the many years of denying using Botox, then admitting she did use it? How about all of those people who abused those who said it was obvious she was using Botox? Nicole’s fans really need to get a reality check. NK can do whatever the hell she wants; just be honest about it; otherwise you ARE going to have people pointing out the incongruencies!

  • Julie2

    All along Nicole did not deny she is not using Botox. What she said is she did not have any plastic surgery. There’s a big difference between using Botox and plastic surgery. Nicole never said she will not be working for 6 months after Faith Margaret was born. It’s the Daily Mail who came out with that news who most of the time 99.9% is very inaccurate – their source – the so called Nicole’s friend (who did not exist) Nicole herself said not to believe what is written, only about 2% is true. The HBO film she is doing now has been on the work, so she knows that can start anytime. Why do you think Keith scheduled his tour starting in June except the 12 days in Australia which is April? They tried to schedule their work so that they will not be apart that long. Keith had mentioned in his interview that would be the longest they will be apart this year, just because Australia is at the other side of the world. By the way she brings her kids with her in San Francisco. There are several pictures that shows that. For those who does not like Nicole, why on earth you keep on posting on her thread, why bother if you have not any other motives?

  • moh123

    so beautiful as usual i liove you nicole

  • Wrong

    Kidman said her face was all-natural. Injecting Botox into your face isn’t natural. She had lip implants (in her first trimester) put in for her appearance over in Asia. Lip implants aren’t natural either – unless you think reusing dead body parts from another person is natural just to make your lips bigger. Continued lip injections is not natural.

  • Jeanine

    Ahe is TOTALLY beautiful!!

  • taco


  • a



    When statements are published in quotation marks, it is what the interviewee said. A publication will be sued if they misquote. So get your own facts straight before abusing others! Clearly you are an immature individual judging by your inability to talk with class!

  • beautiful

    If she made $50,000 a year, I’m sure she’d stay home with her kids. But, it would be craziness to turn down the money she is making for getting dressed up and acting – you can hardly even call if work! You wouldn’t turn that down either.

  • amy


    tara go back to the ugle place you dwell in

  • amy


    tara go back to the ugle place you dwell in

  • amy


    hey loser, this work on the mini series has been KNOW for months and months. as you well KNOW.

    Now all of a sudden its a surprise that Nicole is working on it? And you all of a sudden choose to comment (use it) for your rants?

    You fool no one

  • blue


    You only talk about quotes when you think it says something you can use.

    Never bothers you any other time to spread your lies. I love it when you fall into your own stupid trap. lol

    IMO , your famous quote? LMAO!

  • b

    New name for ya, hitnmiss.

  • Jordyn

    Nowadays lots of women who don’t need the money have careers. Keith doesn’t need the money either but he’s starting a big tour. They seem to coordinate everything well and support each other, so good for them.

  • little my

    haters can go stick it!

  • a

    amy/blue/b/littlemy = prize TWIT!

    you have no idea who I am but are so deep in your cesspool that your fantasies are quite twisted … loser!

  • candice

    Not Buying it in Minnesota: You need to STFU. You are one complete whack job. Seek some mental health counseling, you need it!

  • Not buying it in Minnesota


    Of course I need to STFU. You’re a liar and I’m ruining your “brilliant” plan to try and “bring down” Nicole Kidman. ‘”Whatever it takes” and “paving the way” aren’t cutting it. You’ll never win, you’ll never have Keith, and Nicole is never going away. FAIL!!!! GOODBYE SUE!

  • NotBuyingItInNashville

    I find it very amusing how these bunnies justify their blind devotion to a singer that doesn’t deserve it.

    I they saw anyone else in Nashville or their own home town, dressed in this fashion – they’d say she looked like a dog.

    But in their ever ending quest to kiss up to all things Keith, they say that Hag-cole looks gorgeous!

  • Stupid is as stupid does


    People don’t walk around in everyday life dressed like that. It’s called a movie set. Northern California gets cold and she’s got period costuming on. Dumbass!



    That sounds just like something a stupid hater hanger- on would say, except they aren’t smart enough to spell those big words.

    We all know their names and faces too now.

  • blue


    You are so busted and so stupid

  • irene olson

    So what is the big deal with Nicole working and having a new baby? The baby would be with her in San Francisco. She would not have her children in another city. Her babies are with their nanny during the work day, not at a daycare with 12 other little people. Leave the woman alone. She is a great wife, mother, daughter, actress.

  • a


    no, SKEWER MISTRESS, YOU are busted!!! You are making SUCH a fool of yourself! How many screen names do you have now? a hundred?

  • Candice

    @Not Buying it in Minnesota: You’re ruining my brilliant plan to bring down Nicole Kidman? WTF are you smoking? I’m sorry you think everyone posting here is this Sue that your stalking, but you’ve obviously got some mental problems. I’ve posted maybe a dozen times on this website in the past couple of years, so I can assure you I’m NOT who you think I am. I can also assure you that I will flag every one of your posts so that someone who is in charge of this website checks investigates you. You need some serious mental health help.