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Victoria's Secret Angels Introduce 'Incredible'

Victoria's Secret Angels Introduce 'Incredible'

Victoria’s Secret Angels Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, and Chanel Iman show love for the new “Incredible by Victoria’s Secret” collection at the Soho VS store in New York City on Tuesday (March 1)!

The ladies introduced the latest bras from VS, which can be worn five different ways!

“Enjoy your life and do something nice for someone,” Lily advised people who want to feel incredible in their own way.

VS Ladies Talk Feeling Incredible

30+ pictures inside of the Victoria’s Secret Angels introducing the world to Incredible…

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Credit: Andres Otero; Photos: WENN
Posted to: Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge

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47 Responses to “Victoria's Secret Angels Introduce 'Incredible'”

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  1. 26
    Lena Says:

    Miranda! Come back and show these hags who rules. Miss ya, Mrs. Bloom.

  2. 27
    . Says:

    I miss Miranda too. Her, Adriana and Doutzen are my favorites.

  3. 28
    hyoid Says:

    Love love love Adriana – Chanel is way to skinny to b a VS model!!!!

  4. 29
    @27 Says:

    same here
    i hope that miranda and doutzen get their bodies back so that they can come back and put these sad girls in their place
    judging from the last pap shots of miranda, her body looks amazing!
    probably not ready for a bikini yet, but wow!

  5. 30
    katey Says:

    MIRANDA is the one with the chipmunk face ugh shes gross, ADRIANA LIMA is by far the best most gorgeous model/vs angel of all time with her sexy gorgeous body and her exotic looks shes hands down the best! she has amazing genes running though her, her eyes, her sexy mout forget it just her whole face, and shes the only MOTHER up there too, lets see them look like her when they have a baby, enough said!!

  6. 31
    Lena Says:

    Chipmunks are adorable!

  7. 32
    @30 Says:

    Adriana is gorgeous, but Miranda is beautiful and fresh.
    I love them both, but I really miss Miranda.
    I don’t care for the new girls at all.

  8. 33
    Sizz Says:

    Nothing compared to Rosie. Candice has a weird fat face. Erin and Chanel are fugly.

  9. 34
    @katey Says:

    Calm down! Miranda is beautiful, Adriana is beautiful. They’re models. You’re not. The earth is round. The sky is blue. etc, etc,.

  10. 35
    Wow Says:

    WTF adriana looks the BEST out of all of them…You all MUST be some teenage girls because ALOT of other people say that with Adriana there you hardly notice that candice is even there which is true. I BET if you weren’t looking for a specific model your eyes went to ADRIANA FIRST. Stop hating on the ***** just because she is older and has a child now doesn’t make her less beautiful. She is more liked now than ever. Ya’ll need to go to pink if you can’t reconigze EXOTIC beauty

  11. 36
    sea Says:

    Victoria’s Secret is tacky as hell !!!!!!!!

  12. 37
    chic babyyyy Says:

    Candice, You are so beautiful :D

  13. 38
    sam Says:

    I miss Miranda, too.
    I hope that she comes back.
    Love her!

  14. 39
    tram Says:

    wow calm down! Not everyone sees Adriana as beautiful! Aside from her gorgeous eyes I think her face is nothing special at all! never have. She has bloated cheeks always and her teeth are gross. She once had a killer bod on her side and well now she is looking like the Heidi Klum of the bunch….older,bigger and past her prime.

    Candice is a goddess! I can’t wait for Doutzen to come back. She is a great model and has a real high fashion career and talk about a flawless face! she has straight teeth and doesn’t have a fat face.

  15. 40
    Anja Says:

    Alessandra,Doutzen,Candice,Rosie are the best girls now. Adriana lost her looks and Miranda looks like some chipmunk/ child hybrid.

  16. 41
    Yeaaaah Says:

    I miss Miranda too. She was my favourite by far. But I also like Rosie. I hope Miranda comes back soon!

  17. 42
    Yeaaaah Says:

    I miss Miranda too. She was my favourite by far. But I also like Rosie. I hope Miranda comes back soon!

  18. 43
    Slig Says:

    adriana tranny

  19. 44
    wow Says:

    Why is it that people on here and ONLY on here ALWAYS have to call out adriana’s flaws though? You don’t see no one calling out candice’s big forehead? Thats hating.Sure adriana teeth aren’t perfect BUT fi they were as bad as you trying to make them do you really think she would be on a hot list every year since she has been modeling, do you really think she would be one of the richest and most famous models KNOWN for their beauty? Adriana is the face of VS and also the most liked model out of all of them *check facebook* so OBVIOUSLY she is LOOKING right. Her teeth and cheeks have ALWAYS been like that. so if you know she had a prime and looked really beautiful at one point of the time…whats the difference now? There is non beside the fact that sh is older *but not too old not even in her 30′s* is married, and is a mom? Thats the difference because physically she hasn’t changed she has the same flaws. THATS why I say there is nothing but some hating TEEN BOPPERS on her that like PINK, but the rest of the world for sure perfer people like adriana. STOP hating on her and LOOK IN THE MIRROR and you tell me will guys say the same about you as they do about adriana? I DOUBT it, if you have nothing good to say about her, don’t say nothing at all and keep it moving.

  20. 45
    AnG Says:

    Adriana is always caught with some big bloated double chin face with her snaggle teeth protruding out from her lips, what is so pretty about that? If it weren’t for her exotic appeal and her eyes she would not be near as popular. Everyone goes gaga for Dark hair,skin/light eyes combo. Thats all it is. I saw her mom, she looks more and more like her everyday…like a stuffed mushroom…

  21. 46
    Alva Says:

    How sad is that? They all look like they don’t wanna be there.
    I wouldn’t want to be there either if they styled me like a doll with my tits pushed up to my chin.
    I’m from Europe and all I can say is that VS is way to American in the way they style up their models.
    With less make up those women would look beautiful because all of them are stunningly good-looking.
    Sad that the American market screams for such barbies when infact they all could look so naturally beautiful.

  22. 47
    milor Says:

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