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Willow Smith Whips Her Hair on Oprah

Willow Smith Whips Her Hair on Oprah

Willow Smith takes the stage and performs her new single, “21st Century Girl,” on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday (March 1).

The 10-year-old entertainer then segued into her smash hit, “Whip My Hair”!

Willow co-hosted the entire episode, which featured The World’s Most Talented Kids, with Oprah, who asked what her closet was like.

“Girllllll,” Willow shared, adding that her life is 50 percent work and 102 percent fun.

Check out Willow‘s performance below!

Willow Smith Performs on The Oprah Winfrey Show
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  • Lyla Says

    Everything about this child seems fake. It’s as if they coached her to behave the way she does. It’s not natural, and it’s not cute. It’s just desperate and her parents should be ashamed

  • boston61

    NEPOSTISM!!!!!!!! Hollywood is no better than an Arab dictatorship.

  • karen

    You learn new things all the time. I always thought Willow Smith was a boy. Ooops. Lol.

  • Yousef

    Her and Jaden try to act tooooo much like Will, not their dad, but the charachter from The Fresh Prince

  • Anon

    Must she use Autotune? Uckghh, go read a book kid

  • Gossip Girl

    Love this lil girl! yall adults need to grow up and stop putting so much hate on a 10 year old girl. She’s better live thn most of the crappy artist we hve out here today EX: Ke$ha, Selena Gomez ect

  • go to jj jr

    Anyone over the age of 16 does not want to read about this girl. Simply because there is no interest. Please move her postings to JJ Jr. Pretty please.

  • PedoBear

    I whip my peni5 back and forth…i whip my penis back and forth.

  • http://dnica Mann

    That was a great performance she sounded awesome and did a great job as co-host… She’s only 10!!! Amazing!!!

  • boston61

    We are not hating on a 10 year old we are hating on a very unfair system where the children in some families get to cut directly to the front of the line. There are millions of equally talented kids out there. It makes me sick to my stomach!!!

  • Alba

    Why don’r you cuti the front of the line where your parents work..This is life it is nor what you know but who you known.

  • Me

    She is sarcastic to Oprah when she asked her about her clothes and closet. A lot of attitude for a little girl. Oprah should not have had her on her show. It seems like her parents encourage this type of behavior. She needs a visit from bill Cosby!

  • S Gurl

    I’m surprised at Oprah for encouraging this. But, I lost intrest in her decades ago when she changed her serious talk-show to the celebrity hour. Why is she so starstruck? I just don’t get Oprah.

  • chloe

    This act is getting old. Do something new, little girl!

  • ugh

    I am so tired of famous people, I guess I need to stop geting on these sites!!! Just enjoy the trainwrecks!! Yes I am am envious of their lavish lifestyles. Reality sucks for most of the world right now so all this crap in our faces makes me sick. Hollywood is Hollyweird since everyone is rich and a freak!!!!

  • ugh

    oops getting!!

  • cara

    She is not a cute girl at all so needs all the costumes to detract from that and the autotune as she can’t really sing.

    And what about school??? Does that get included in her “percentages”. Oh I forgot, Scientologist let their kids do what they want.

  • Kristina

    Don’t have anything nice to say? Don’t say anything at all…if your going to
    post negative comments don’t bother commenting Willow’s doing something with her life & you aren’t simple….Will Jada and their family
    haven’t done anything to you stop hating on celebrities go do something
    productive with your lives :)

  • hmm

    that was great. great message in her song and it was clean fun pop. great role model for black girls out there

  • Erika

    Wow she’s awesome!

  • Isabella

    It is plain wrong for Willow Smith’s parents to create “celebrities” out of their cute, but very ordinary children when it comes to talent. Willow’s fake, forced, scripted answers to Oprah’s questions were uncomfortable to watch. It was not surprising that she clung to Oprah for the entire show – she looked terrified. The auto-tuned performance was atrocious and potentially hugely embarassing for the child. Willow seemed to grow more and more tense as each truly talented child was introduced. The contrast was so obvious and I felt bad for her. Way to go, Will and Jada. You could form a little club with Kate Gosselin. We’ll see it all play out when these kids are teenagers.



  • somebody

    I don’t understand why so many of you have nothing nice to say about Willow or her parents, that family has done nothing wrong to anyone they are making an honest living. If the American people think that Willow has enough talent to record then who are you to judge. If your kids were tallented then you would be doing the same thing. That is why it is so hard for children to follow their dreams because adults like yourselves are always putting them down.

  • Vinn

    Did people expect Oprah to go “Madea” on Willow when Willow was talking silly? Oprah is a consummate professional who lets the truth reveal itself for what it is. Oprah neither encouraged nor discouraged Willow from being who she is. That is not Oprah’s role, especially on camera. It is up to parents to prepare their children for public appearances. Will and Jada know their children and they know their behavior. The values of the parents are most often reflected in the behavior of the kids. To say that all kids talk like Willow is to ignore the age appropriate behavior of the other children of similar age to Willow who were featured on the show. They other children showed talent, intelligence, respect and humility. The other children showed exceptional talent that was enhanced after an enormous amount of practice. That Willow’s demeanor totally overshadowed her musical performance is a sad commentary about her preparation and readiness show business. That Willow also had a bit of a time in calculating percents re enforced Terry McMillan’s observation that she needs more time in school. The fact that she is very comfortable in the spotlight at her young age does not mean that Willow needs to be there at this time in her life with her current level of skills and preparation. The level of talent displayed by ALL of the other young people that Oprah featured totally eclipsed Willow’s performance. It wasn’t even close. Adding the fact that Willow assumed an age inappropriate familiarity with Oprah and did not seem to show a lot of humility made Willow look even worse. President and Mrs. Obama’s values for raising their children are reflected in the behavior, actions and activities of their children. They want their girls to grow up to be smart women, caring, and respectful and the girls are already displaying those characteristics. You can bet that the President and First Lady would never let their young children make decisions for themselves that their parents should make for them. I hope that Will and Jada will not dismiss others concern for their daughter and son and will have them return to school full time and get some help with their developing age appropriate social skills. Willow does not seem to be a mean kid. She just needs more time off of the stage to prepare for the stage and the rest of her life. The world can wait for Willow to grow up and so can she.

  • http://hotmail biggest fan

    willow dont worry what does people sayn about you and youre brother you all are cool and sing very well am as talented as you and youre brother and am 12 there just jealous of you dont worry nice clothes by the way