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Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy: Happily Ever After!

Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy: Happily Ever After!

TV personality and natural foods chef Bethenny Frankel stays close to husband Jason Hoppy as they relax on Saturday (February 27) on Miami Beach, Flor.

The 40-year-old star of her upcoming show, Bethenny Ever After, looks absolutely fabulous in her bikini! Jason‘s lookin’ pretty fit too!

Bethenny was down in Miami for the 10th Annual Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival! She participated in the Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate at the Beach” event as well as the Whole Foods Market Grand Tasting Village! Also pictured below with Bethenny is Ritz-Carlton South Beach’s Executive Sous Chef Oscar Vides at the food festival.

Check out Bethenny‘s new show, Bethenny Ever After, every Monday at 10/9c on Bravo!

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Credit: Wine & Food Festival; Photos: INFDaily
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  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Now jj is boring coz no arrow and some celeb

  • Jerromyy dibb

    Her style so very nice according to me..

  • bahia

    She looks like the joker.

  • Thai

    As a man, Id be terrified to wake up daily next to a pentagon shaped like skull aka Bethany Frankel. BTW, why is she relevant? To whom?

  • hannah

    Great body but that face is terrifying.

  • siennagold

    Wow she has a rockin body at age 40!

  • ck_always

    Great body, definitely not the typical 40 year old. But her face is definitely 40 years old, my only complaint.

  • Johnston

    She is the most annoying, obnoxious charlatan EVER. She really expects people to believe she is “naturally” anything?!. She has obvious longstanding eating disorders…the wrinkled crepey skin, hollowed eyes, sharp jawline(ugh)!! Whoring out and exploiting her baby for fame and cash. Disgusting. And if the beotche whines anymore about her rough childhood, I’m gonna scream. What a narcissist. And there is something very creepy about her husband….

  • Miranda

    She is a trainwreck! I gave her another chance this season, even after I saw her pee into a bucket on national television. Disgusting skank…obsessed with her own fake boobs, she’s so proud of them and they aren’t even real! Shopping for bras and pumping milk on Bravo so she can show them off!! Screeching incessantly about herself…how “stressed, overwhelmed, hard childhood,etc” Shut the Freak up, already. She has a live in nanny, and two assistants!!! And a wimpy, doting husband who looks like he’s over her. And she put herself and her family in this position to begin with!!! Celebrity whore and now she’s complaining. Go back to the trailer park, or race track, wherever you came from, Bitchenny. 15 minutes up

  • Annie

    The jawline is from an overdeveloped muscle due to teeth clenching. Take a look at her in her early 20′s and her face was about half the width it is now. Now what would make someone compulsively grind their jaw hmmmm?

  • kim

    Why does Jason put up with this NY B###ch housewife. She is controlling and puts him and his parents down. ( cute comments) Why would this woman get pregnant with him and cut his parents down like she does, and can’t stand his friends as well with her cute comments about where he grew up?

    Please don’t even think of having another child with this selfish woman!

  • Fake


    Excellent post, spot on!!!!

  • Rachel

    Some of these comments are word for word what I have been thinking. I was very entertained by Bethenny Getting Married. I think she was, for her anyway, softer and nicer…at least a little. And the show worked because it was about her finding love and so forth. But this show is another story. I have to say my heart goes out to the Hoppy family. They are a CLASS act (yes, Bethenny, even from Hazelton there are classy people.) They are so sweet and NOT interested in fame, just their son and granddaughter. They are truly down to earth, nice people. So is Jason. And now they are wrapped up in this mess. She is so needy and as others have said, a NARCISSIST! I really don’t want to rip her to pieces out of kindess to Jason and his family so I will refrain. I am simply appalled at how rude and demeaning she is to her husband’s parent. Finally, she doesn’t even show any interest or attention to her baby. Not once in the first episode did I see her look at the baby in her eyes. She feeds her facing out and pretty much ignores her. All I can say is I’m rooting for happiness for the Hoppy family.

  • Helena

    I think she would look slightly better with a little more hip on her.

  • kelly

    she looks beautiful for 40. people are too harsh on her, shes happy and successful and who cares if she can be a bitch sometimes. everybody has their days.

  • lila

    wow, all the other housewives must be so jealous right now!

  • will

    bethenny is actually the most popular housewife ever created by the franchise. I love her show, to see the arguing and the belittling and everything makes it raw. unlike most reality shows that are scripted, i can relate to bethenny in that even on the best days, i have a nasty attitude. mine is just not portrayyed on a hit show for the whole world to watch.

  • Aimee

    I really like Bethenny and her show. I want to try her margaritas. I don’t understand why everyone is putting her down. She fesses up how difficult it is to be a mother and I think it is great for her to be happy. Maybe people are just jealous, I am not sure, but I really like her and her show.

  • Melody

    She is horrid. How hard can it be to be a “mother” with a live in nanny, two assistants, a doting husband, and grandparents who adore their little girl? She was so rude and nasty to Jason and his parents about Hazelton. Who does she think she is??? She came from garbage. Now, all of a sudden, she wants to move to CA as soon as she has a baby? What a selfish, narcissistic egomaniacal’s all about HER HER HER. Poor Jason and his parents, you can tell he’s starting to see her true colors and not happy at all. You don’t marry women like this, dude..they are a dime a dozen in Manhattan. She is messed up and damages, and seemingly proud of it since she doesn’t SHUT UP about herself.

  • January

    She does not look “good” for 40, or any age. She looks extremely unhealthy and haggard. I’m not buying her “natural, healthy” BS at all. She is a hot mess. Won’t watch the show anymore…she is too cruel to Jason’s parents, and demeaning to him.

  • kittykat

    Agree with both johnston and miranda!!

  • kittykat

    p.s. i wont watch the show anymore either– his parents looked heartbroken and were even speechless for a few minutes she could not see this? we saw thier pain…..what a witch – probably because jason said she will have baby # 2 if they move— seems she even negotiates a second child— that’s pretty selfish and sick!

    hope her new show tanks!

  • nblnde

    Bethany is horrible with Jason’s parents, you can tell she does not realize how important grandparents are to a child. I hope Jason gets it straight with Bethany and tells her to stop the hurtful things she says to his parents. I used to like Bethany but am quickly realizing its her way or the highway ! Think twice before having another child with this selfish woman, she needs to grow up ! Really Bethany GROW UP !! Jasons parents are sweethearts, and only want to remain part of their life Not be their life. Bethany you should be ashamed !! Your unreal !!

  • Chuck

    Hey, is that Damone from “Fast Times at RH”!

  • shannon

    Her face looks incredibly old, haggard, and wrinkled for 40!!!! Even after all the botox! She looks like she’s been around the block many, many, many times. And her face looks like she’s suffered from ongstanding eating disorders, there is no elasticity and she is all hollow and sunken. EWWW Jason must be desperate.

  • Laura

    Bethenny — If you’re reading this, listen. You have a gem of a husband and wonderful, sweet in-laws. You have a precious baby. Don’t deprive your child of grandparents, and vice versa. You have complained about your disfunctional childhood, yet you deny a balanced one for your child. I hope you get it before you scare your husband away and do damage to your baby.

  • jane

    I have never before been provoked enough to share my own thoughts in this media.(and I am sure most of you will be glad to never hear from me again) I am a grandparent and I have an only child(a daughter). A parents job is to raise a functioning adult who will have their own family and life. A man must grow up and begin his own family always, of course including his extended family. Jason needs to learn that his first obligation is to Bethenny and Bryn, not his parents. His parents need to practice what they preach and let go. Actions are far more valuble than words. your grandchildren will not forget who you are I know from experience and your own child will love and respect you even more.

  • Deb

    Hi Bethany,
    I hope you read this… just relax if things are stress and try not to show emotions so much. Just take a walk or go in the bathroom to regroup yourself. You do seem to love your baby and such a good Mom. Don’t worry about your own mom or dad. Many people are going through the same thing out there but just adopt Jason’s mom and dad for your own and go on and love yourself and your life and your sweet husband and be good to him. Men divorce on a dime. Just be good to him and always build him up and try not to tear him down. Men hate that. Anyway hope that helps out. Be grateful for all that you have right now. Cherish the moments. Bye…… – Debbie

  • Amanda

    I think Bethenney is very selfish and it is all about her. I used to like her, but she is always trying to hard to be funny at someone else’s expence. The birthday party was hard to watch with her crying and carrying on. I think Jason is getting fed up with her attitude and everything being about her. She needs to take a valium and relax, she is always all wound up and it is annoying to watch. I also am sick of hearing about her awful childhood, she bashes her mom all the time and was annoyed when Julie said that there were articles about Bethenney’s mom bashing her, Bethenney was hurt. She is bashing her mom all the time. B, you are 40 years old, get over it already.