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Jake Gyllenhaal: Grill Cafe Quick Exit

Jake Gyllenhaal: Grill Cafe Quick Exit

Jake Gyllenhaal jumps into a friend’s car after having lunch at The Grill Cafe on Tuesday (March 1) in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, the 30-year-old actor hit the stage at the Academy Awards to present an Oscar.

After the ceremony, Jake stopped by the Vanity Fair after party where he ran into ex Taylor Swift.

“They were outside near the restroom having a discussion. It seemed a bit more serious – it certainly wasn’t a ‘Hi, how are you?’ talk,” a guest told People.

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  • lexy hates bilson

    OMG!!! He ran into Taylor Swift?? Does the President know what’s going on??? Someone notify Homeland Security!!!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^___^ cute

    Go play saxophone

  • sam

    Maybe they had a few bearding contract details to work out.

  • Jeanine

    I love him!!!! He is so sweet!!!

  • delilah

    I’ve heard that about Taylor. Joe Jonas had problems with her. She gets stalkerish. She is starting to look really ridiculous. Acting like a high school drama queen. From the pictures I saw, she was with Emma Stone, Selena and Justin, She had her picture taken with Gwyneth Paltrow who introduced her to Valentino.

    But that Oscar crowd is really not Taylor’s crowd. She should stick to the Nashville crowd. They are seriously into drama. If she is really starting to date Chord Overstreet, then how come he didn’t go to the party with all the other cast of Glee? They were all there.

    I have never heard about Jake being a drama queen and I doubt he would start being one at a party with all the people he knows and works with being there. Jake is definitely not that immature. He wouldn’t embarrass himself with Taylor like that. Outside the restroom? Please.

    I think this is a fake story Taylor put out for the attention. She does that. There’s been no words on her for weeks and weeks then she comes back from a tour, hangs out at parties for Oscar week of all things, and starts some mess. I am tired of her.

  • cara

    Here he is at a party for his industry, not hers, yet she pulled him aside for a relationship analysis talk! What a buzzkill for him at a party!!!! But that’s what he gets for dating someone who is barely out of puberty. At his age, he should have known that.

  • Up Early

    @delilah: I am with you on the drama mess. The Vanity Fair party is no the place for a serious conversation. Knowing Taylor she probably felt compelled to discuss her feelings and emotions of how she felt. Blah blah blah. However, she did perform at a private oscar charity event last week. Several celebs tweeted about her and posted pics. She is considered an A lister and people who are not in the LA crowd do go to these parties.

  • Jen

    I wonder if Taylor went and stood in a corner typing lyrics in her iphone after their conversation. Maybe she wrote The Story of Us party 2.

  • Jen

    I wonder if Taylor went and stood in a corner typing lyrics in her iphone after their conversation. Maybe she wrote The Story of Us party 2.

  • Shirley

    None of us know what really went on behind doors with this couple. Taylor had to have been invited to the parties to be there in the first place and I did see where she performed at some oscar party last week. Knowing Taylor she wanted to seek total closure from Jake but then again she is kind of drama queen. Jake could have been a total jerk to Taylor, however he did go to Nashville in January to apologize. Who knows, I just hope they sorted it out even though they were in a Very public place. Knowing Taylor she will let us know on her 4th album.

  • Gerry

    Jake looked insanely sexy in his tux at the Oscars. But enough about the fake romance with Taylor Swift. Why is his management still trying to sell it. It looked fake from the beginning. Why does Jake and his management team still keep trying to organize these very public fake romances. They all make Jake look bad. People don’t think he’s gay because of a movie. They think he’s gay because he pings and because of all the clearly fake relationships. Just come out already Jake.

  • Cuban!

    Jake wanted to confirm that she is still writing a song about him
    He is waiting in the wings for ScarJo, hopefully she will continue to ignore his stupid A$$

  • Camille

    @ Delilah. I agree with you, Taylor has no right being at the vanity fair party. She needs to realize that Jake was too good for her, and that he doesn’t wanna date some dumb as straw retard who tips off the papparazzi whenever she goes on a date.

  • delilah

    My whole point was that I don’t really think this happened. I think her “sources” put a fake story out there.The whole story stinks of high school drama queens. It comes from a very immature mind. It’s more likely he was probably ignoring her, staying away from her! BTW: Where was Chord Overstreet? The other Glee cast was there. Did Chord know ahead of time Taylor was after drama?

    Jake does not do drama. He was at an industry party with his friends and peers and he was networking and having fun. Directors, actors, etc. Why would anyone even think he would get roped into some drama near the restrooms (!) with her. I say it didn’t happen, but her people are spreading it to get attention. You know what? I bet he was ignoring her, staying away from her, and she spreads a fake story around to get back at him. She did it to Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle. Taylor has an ugly side to her. I’m over her.

  • LOL

    Yeah like Jake would really hang out with the teenybopper crowd (Selena, Justin, Taylor) So phony from the get go. Just drop this stupid story whoever keeps trying to sell it!

  • Dear Jake

    I bet you are regretting getting into this PR stunt with little miss priss. It backfired big time and her camp is still putting junk out there for the public to laugh at.

  • Anne

    He is so handsome!!

  • shutupaboutTaylor

    @delilah: Shot your ass off. Taylor’s innocent. She’s just living a GIRL’S WORLD FULL OF EMOTIONS LOVE AND REALITY. The thing with other boys are just SH*T thing.LOVE’S LIKE A ROSARY FULL OF MYSTERY. You’re just envy coz you dont have BF. Youre ugly and you know what you just shut your mout off or I’ll shoot that with a shotgun. You have no rights to tell that to Taylor.SHES A PERFECT KIND OF A GIRL. You know what i dont have words to tell you. MY WORDS CAN’T EXPLAIN HOW SH*T YOU’RE DOING. stop what you’re doin’ YOU’RE OUT OF YOH MIND!!!!!!!


    @shutupaboutTaylor: God get a life whoever you are!

  • sami

    Schön das Jake wieder da ist.Er hatte ja viel zu tun.Film vorstellen.Interviews geben und was sonst dazu gehört.Jetzt kehrt wohl wieder etwas Ruhe ein.Aber schon wird wieder von einer neuen Aufgabe geredet.Ich wünsch Ihm alles Gute dafür.