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Kate Bosworth: Red Arrival at LAX

Kate Bosworth: Red Arrival at LAX

Kate Bosworth wears a red sweater while arriving at LAX Airport on Tuesday (March 1) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress was recently in London for Fashion Week, where she sat in the front row at Burberry Prorsum‘s presentation.

Kate also dished on her jewelry must haves for this spring with

Kate advised “being brave, mixing up the metals, and piling things on.” Check out some of her top pics from her own line,!

FYI: Kate is carrying a Vanessa Bruno Brown Leather Box Cabas Bag and wearing Burberry boots.

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83 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Red Arrival at LAX”

  1. 1
    spider Says:

    She always looks the same.

  2. 2
    spider Says:

    She always looks the same

  3. 3
    H. Says:

    Limp-haired ho.

  4. 4
    ha! Says:

    Yep, she sat in the front row at the fashion show…

  5. 5
    Nikki Says:

    She looks so OLD. I don’t know what she does to age so much, but damn…

  6. 6
    Who?? Says:


  7. 7
    ha! Says:

    Then she hid in France when her lover’s wife came to town.

  8. 8
    etro Says:

    She looks her age to me. She’s just very blah when she’s not made up. Noting wrong with that though.

  9. 9
    jj fans Says:

    America’s most photographed B Lister.

  10. 10
    Cold Case Says:

    Ok, Kate, you can come back to the States now.

  11. 11
    dot spotter Says:

    albino in Christmas sweater

  12. 12
    Cold Case Says:

    Gwynnie’s gone.

  13. 13
    LOL Says:

    Oh, Come ON!!!, Give me a BREAK!!!!

  14. 14
    TLC Says:

    Bosworth is always photographed at LAX. It’s hard to believe they catch her every time. She must call the photogs from the airport.

  15. 15
    @9 Says:

    Not a chance……she’s a C lister at best.

  16. 16
    Peaches Says:

    Her jewelry line is quite ugly. Does her stylist really design that junk or do they just slap their name on it and collect the checks?

  17. 17
    dragon Says:

    @ha!: I’m inclined to agree with the hiding theory cause you know if she were really out doing something she’d make sure she was photographed. She went off the radar when she hit France.

  18. 18
    Onyx Says:

    This girl has been riding the minor success of Blue Crush for too long. She needs to come out with a good movie.

  19. 19
    danielik25 Says:

    Kate at home = Alex without smile

  20. 20
    blonde lover Says:

    The blonde color is way too light and washes her out.
    She should go back to her natural shade.

  21. 21
    blonde lover Says:

    The blonde color is way too light and washes her out.
    She should go back to her natural shade of blonde.

  22. 22
    Georgia Says:

    Does anyone knwo what brand those sunglasses are? THANKS!

  23. 23
    Wilson Says:

    @H.: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  24. 24
    MERRICK Says:

    “Kate also dished on her jewelry must haves for this spring with

    Kate advised “being brave, mixing up the metals, and piling things on.” Check out some of her top pics from her own line,!”

    I guess she’s not feeling brave since she’s not wearing any Tackymint fully knowing that she was going to be photographed by her on call PAYparazzi. Says quite a lot that she doesn’t actually wear Junkmint or was too stupid to remember to put some on before she left the plane.

    This will obviously now herald the onslaught of they’re still “together” posts that JJ will inundate us with. Watch out for the return of 6’4′ Incredible Sulk. At least we had some happy Oscar week pictures.

  25. 25
    Georgia Says:

    I love how these bishes can’t push their own suitcases (on a trolley mind you!) Who do stars think they are????

  26. 26
    Georgia Says:

    I can’t believe these bishes think they are so special that they can’t push their own suitcases around the airport (and on a trolley mind you?!) It doesn’t look like she is inundated with “fans”. Why can’t she push a damn trolley??

  27. 27
    MERRICK Says:

    @blonde lover:

    You mean her natural shade of brown. SHE say she’s a brunette.

  28. 28
    Wilson Says:

    @H.: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

    She could help a lot of women.

  29. 29
    MERRICK Says:


    They’re Ray Bans, check earlier posts or other fashion sites. They usually know what she’s wearing/advertising on their sites. I imagine there are freebies like most of her closet.

  30. 30
    @ Wilson Says:

    “She should speak out about it.” –

    Why should she? You do the job for her lmao. Btw, are you obsessive or what? You never post to the other threads except SkarsWorth?

  31. 31
    sunbears1 Says:

    @MERRICK: her hair is naturally blonde, just a dark blonde.

  32. 32
    LisaM Says:

    The famewh*re has returned!!!!! Run Alex or you’ll never be happy again!!!!
    BTW: Why the hell does she ALWAYS have her freaking arm up all the time?!?!?!?!

  33. 33
    MERRICK Says:


    I’m surprised that no one has corrected her IMDB where it states it’s brown. You would think her PR would correct that if it weren’t true.

  34. 34
    Stinky Jeans Says:

    C’on Kate you stoped wearing those stinky isabel marant ankle boots now stop wearing those same damn jeans!!!

  35. 35
    @sunbears1 Says:

    Kate’s IMDB profile states facts as Kate being a natural brunette look it up douchelord!!! nice try ……….epic fail!!!

  36. 36
    Gwyneth Paltrow factor? Says:

    Did Kate leave town for the fact that this year Gwyneth Paltrow was going to be not only at the Oscars but also the afterparties? weird are they avoiding each other. If I were Kate and I backstabbed my friend by messing with their husband I would conviently high tail my azz out of dodge too… kate would be stupid to risk a confrontation and proving everyone right that she is a SK*NK. So she went down low in France uhh!

  37. 37
    fakeblondesrulehw Says:


    Whoever can update IMDB. There are lots of mistakes and inaccuracy in IMDB, but yes I think she might be a brunette too like Anna Paquin and thousands of the HW fake blondes.

  38. 38
    OhDemBones Says:

    Such a revered actress that she wasn’t around for the biggest night in Hollywood which also would have served as a big ad for her business.???

  39. 39
    Chris Martin factor? Says:

    @Gwyneth Paltrow factor?:

    Why doesn’t anyone blame Chris Martin, HE IS THE MARRIED one, if that rumour is even true.. I dont’ like him and his oh so bleh pseudorockband. All the rockers are notorious cheaters and egomaniacs, no wonder Gwinny is suspicious.

  40. 40
    @37 Says:

    Kate has even stated in an interview that she’s a natural brunette..but the difference btw her and other fake blondes is that they are not balding due to the years of bleaching. They do no look like casper/albino alien lol I have friends who have died their hair since their early teens yet they are not balding, time for Kate to walk away from the bleach

  41. 41
    EisforEatingDisorder Says:

    Bobblehead effect on display.

  42. 42
    MERRICK Says:


    Anna only dyed her hair for the Sookie role. She’s never been blonde before. I’m sure when the series is over she’ll stop dyeing it.

  43. 43
    @Chris Martin Factor Says:

    Who says that no one is blaming Chris Martin. well Gwyn has 2 kids to think about. I was a fan OF COLDPLAY now NOT.

    IMHO it takes a real Biotch to do that to a friend! Read that interview Gwyn gave to Italian Vogue Gwynny HOLD ON TO YOUR ANGER AND HATE it’s justifiable. I would destroy Kate’s career oh wait she has no career. reputation? nope….lets say give her humiliation and say to her were are even BIOTCH!

  44. 44
    Worst Grievences Says:

    Being a homewrecker is bad but being a friend to the married mans wife and backstabbing her is WAY………………………………………………………………………WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 45
    cut the hair! Says:

    Yeah Kate needs to really stop bleaching her hair and growing her hair long is not helping , it’s like Donald Trump trying to grow his hair long lol

  46. 46
    Message to Isabel Marant Says:

    Stop letting this C lister buy/ borrow and wear your clothes. She has this same f in sweater in black and white She is seriously turning me off to your clothes I want to burn my stuff now. To think that Isabel Marant was exclusive, not so much?

  47. 47
    MargMerch Says:

    JJ should change the title to Red Alert FameW****e arrival at LAX. Listen, they are not going to last. Period. He is already tiring of her. His happy face in her absence shows it.

  48. 48
    @Message to Isabel Marant Says:

    lol Kate’s lame she went all the way to France to pick up another pair of future stinky boots!!! Being that Isabel Marant does not ship her items esp those boots outside of France.

  49. 49
    ? Says:

    Does any one know if Alex’s mom and lil bro already went back to Sweden?

  50. 50
    Cone head Says:

    No one mised you Kate in Hollywood not even the paps since there were so many A listers here on Sunday..go back to Europe become a recluse perhaps, better yet go back to whatever planet in space you came from you creepy alien! Stop calling the paps.

  51. 51
    Eresyn Says:

    She should cut her hair and let it grow without bleaching it…Oh, eating food would help too ;),);). I’m not feeling her sweaters and skinny jeans.

  52. 52
    Tanter Says:

    She looks like she always does – boring and bland, but not beige this time, ha ha :D

    I guess she’s been in hiding since the Oscars and all the real stars would have shown that she’s a nobody now. (And Gwyneth too of course) Reduced to paying the paps to get attention. Selling her and her boyfriends private life in order to sell jewelry so cheap she won’t even wear it herself.

    Run Alex, run! I still believe you’re better than this!

  53. 53
    Chris Martin? Says:

    @@Chris Martin Factor:

    Lol, you are then the first one who blames him and somehow your resentment doesn’t sound credible and genuine in this case. You haters only use that rumour against Kate.

    That being said, I haven’t any illusions about celebrities. All of them seems to be d****bags more or less just like ordinary people but I don’t think very high of people who spread false rumours and write s*** about other people either.

  54. 54
    Annie Says:

    For someone so skinny she sure has one thick stumpy neck and big shoulders. Fug.

  55. 55
    uli Says:

    If Chris cheated on Gwyneth with this ,,actress”, then I don´t know, why is she still with him.. I always thought that she is strong, interpendent woman… and there are rumours that chris slept with one member of coldplay crew on the tour, that he slept with some girl in Brasil… that he had affair with Nelly Furtado.. sooner or later – Chris and Gwyneth will go apart… when they children will be older

  56. 56
    Tippi Says:

    Again …

  57. 57
    harper Says:

    @Gwyneth Paltrow factor?: Of course that’s why she wasn’t at the parties. They were not going to invite her to the Vanity Fair event with Gwynnie and her pals there. So, she sat her ass in Europe and pretended she was there for work reasons.

  58. 58
    burnt bacon Says:

    @@Wilson: Please Google the term “running gag.” It’s a joke, son.

  59. 59
    marie Says:

    is she wearing sunglasses INDOORS?
    she really needs to get over herself.

  60. 60
    Ames Says:

    FUGLY!!!!! She had to hide out in Europe because she knew she wouldn’t get any invites to all the parties this past week! God knows she is at best a Dlist actress!?? Why won’t she just go away!

  61. 61
    Boing Says:

    Kate looks great! Wish I looked that good after an international flight. Wish I looked that good any time!
    1. Kate’s a natural blonde
    2. The CM rumor was completely false. Star ran the story once and dropped it. Stories like that have run about GP. She gets it.
    3. Vanity Fair most certainly invited Kate to the Oscar Party. They invite everyone who has ever been on their cover.
    4. GP, KB, Stella, and Liv are all friends.
    5. Too many green eyed monsters at JJ.

  62. 62
    Emily Says:

    Ugh, it was a nice Bosworth-less break while it lasted.

  63. 63
    Uh Huh Says:


    Kate has said herself she’s not a natural blonde and she would know.

    Star never retracted the story and CM never sued. You have no idea whether it’s completely false or not. Another possibility is, GP made sure the story dropped because she had no intention of leaving her husband.

    If there is any tension between GP and KB, Vanity Fair would most assuredly choose GP. There’s no lack of politics in Hollywood.

    If GP, SM, KB and Liv were still all friends, there would have been photos of them together as soon as that story broke, because that would have stopped the rumours in their tracks. Instead, there have been no photos of any of them with KB, including at last year’s MET Gala, even though the year before all of these women posed together.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to the cheating story if the rumours of the troubles in GP’s marriage turn out to be true.

  64. 64
    mforman Says:

    first of all #61 you are what they mean by crazy fan girl. do you even read before you write, KB was the only former covergirl, not to be invited to CoverGirls 50th anniversary party, do you think she is even on the Vanity Fair Guest List, the girl gets invited to nothing, unless it is begged and pleaded for and then it is usually a 2nd rate event.

    what you guys should be talking about is that Nylon cover, i have never seen so much airbrushing and camera magic done on one cover, proving my statement she really wanted to look like an underage hooker, especially when they said how she insisted on wearing those clothes, they weren’t going to take the credit for them.

    does anyone wonder why she would want to look like this, it is disgusting and trashy. this is how she behaves when she wants attention that she is not getting (remember what she did to OB).

    i think AS is finally starting to wise up and see what is going on, you can only be this unhappy for so long before you break and i think he has broken.

  65. 65
    cxc Says:

    always a smirk on her face when the paps are around

  66. 66
    shadow987 Says:

    I’m totally outta the loop…what did KB do to OB? I was happily unaware of her at the time…wish I was still unaware of her now….I do notice that JJ is not mentioning AS in her posts recently…can we all hope that this has finally come to an end????

  67. 67
    why? Says:

    why oh why is she always wearing that smug face when she’s papped but no tackymint? why does she need someone for her trolley?

  68. 68
    shadow987 Says:


  69. 69
    r460 Says:

    @shadow987: I noticed the change in jj’s posts too. I hope it’s over. Coincidentally, the mentions of boyfriend and girlfriend happened just before the original release date for Straw Dogs (Feb. 25). Maybe it was all fake. If the weekend goes by and we don’t see pics of them together, I would say it’s over.

  70. 70
    Reality Check Says:

    @66 thru 69 Hey Kate is that you.
    You are still as predictable as ever…DUMB BIT*CH!

  71. 71
    Boing Says:

    @uh-huh – Kate never said she wasn’t a natural blonde.
    You’re right, Star never retracted the story & CM never sued because the whole thing died immediately. It only comes up on nasty comment boards. If there had been truth to the story, it wouldn’t have died such a quick death. Every tabloid looked under every rock to investigate that juicy tidbit but to no avail because it was all bull$hit. Celebrities can’t make stories go away.
    There is no tension between GP and KB. Tell me, when did you see pictures of them together prior to the rumor? GP wasn’t at the Met Ball but there were pictures of Kate with Gwyneth’s brother.
    I haven’t heard rumors of problems in the Martins’ marriage. If that rumor exists, it’s untrue.
    @mforman – I’m not going to waste my energy responding to you. Everyone knows you’re nothing but a deluded fangurl.

  72. 72
    MERRICK Says:


    Nobody buys the nothing happened story. We all know it did. None of the ladies(GP’s friends) she was friends/hung with at the 2009 Met Gala would be seen with her at he 2010 Met gala. Liv Tyler was a good enough friend to kiss her on the lips but then ignored her because of rumors? She ignored her because it was true.

    Where is a link to the KB picture with Kate’s brother? I keep asking but never get one.

    Picture of her with Gwyneth.

    Btw, it’s Fashion Week in Paris, why is the Fashion icon not there? Oh, it’s because she can return back to HW now that Oscar week is over. She knew she had no invites to the big parties and Alex wasn’t going to take her . He only went to the GG parties because his brother was there and he went to Audi because he has a contract with them.

    Soon we should be seeing the usual set up shots to prove they’re a couple.

  73. 73
    mforman Says:

    #66 she stalked OB when it was finally over, if he was at a party she would all of a sudden show up, this went on for quite sometime, until i think he had her paid for friend Cher (who was his stylist at the time) talk to her.

    at the Met Gala she was so comfortable and knew she was right in all she did that she was so drunk she couldn’t even stand up. do you not notice that Stella gives her nothing for free any longer, if she does wear something it is off the rack and you can tell. she slept with one of her oldest friends husbands and probably feels she did nothing wrong and doesn’t understand why they don’t even want her at the opening of a supermarket anymore. CM is just as guilty, but GP isn’t ready to give up on her marriage and especially to a no talent famewhore, she would rather stay with a cheater, than let that happen.

    #71, if anyone talks about the no talent famewhore in a way you do not like we are crazy, that is getting a little old. since each time we bring something up it usually proves true. maybe it is you that is crazy and should face the facts, would you want your daughter to idolize a woman like this.

    we can only hope things have come to an end, maybe the weekend will tell us what we have been hoping to hear. his smile has been missed.

  74. 74
    Catherine Says:

    ***** got PNWD by skars

  75. 75
    JEN Says:


    Good post.

    Yeah I remember when they broke up and she stood outside of the place he was staying at for like an hour, calling him trying to get him to come out and he wouldn’t. It didn’t take long for her to get pissed. These are the photos of it. You can see her gradually start to look insane. lol

    Yeah it does say a lot when she’s photographed with certain people multiple times (like liv) and then suddenly you never see them hanging out with her again. And they all happen to be friends with Gwenyth. Knowing her she probably did it for media attention and didn’t realize the s hit storm that would happen because of it ie losing all of her “friends”. She’s that stupid and desperate imo. I for one am glad it happened. I hated seeing her hang all over those women like an albino leech. It’s like the unpopular girl in high school who try’s to sit at the popular table every day so people will think she’s one of them. It’s obvious she doesn’t belong.

    There’s always going to be those delusional people that like KB because she dresses well sometimes. IMO she hasn’t worn anything great since she dated the model guy. And that was probably because she was getting more freebies back then. People need to face facts. This chick is a life sucking leech. She attaches herself to anyone that she thinks can raise her star status, and she clings to them until she thinks they can’t help her anymore, then she moves onto the next victim. Askars is just one in a long list. She dated OB because he was the biggest hearthrob in the world at the time, dated Jamie when she got into the fashion crap and ended up getting “modeling” jobs, dating Alex who happened to be the “it” guy in Hollywood at the time. Now what do these guys have. OB lucked out and married a supermodel but his career is dead, Jamie’s was dying already but is now mostly dead, Alex’s still has a career but his popularity is dwindling by the second because of his association with her. People have blinders on if they can’t see this s hit. She is a career killer.

  76. 76
    shadow987 Says:

    @mforman & Jen

    Thanks for the info….at the risk of sounding horrid…all of a sudden I want to protect ASkars from himself…lol she is such a freak! OMG

  77. 77
    Mjforever Says:

    1.She stalked Orlando when they first broke up when it ended she was practically living at Chateau Marmont where he was staying you can see in the video of the “reunion” Orlando being really pissed that she had brought her pap friends for the occasion before that she would always show up to where he was Global Green Oscar pre party , Vanity Fair party you can check that out in 2006 she went crazy on him because he UPGRADED to Penelope Cruz even though she started dating the model on September 10 the news of their break up came September 6 and Orlando called her his girlfriend September 1 on video on Jay Leno but in October when he was busy with Penelope you can see her standing like a fool at the door of his condo a door that never opened LOL can you blame him ? After all between Penelope and Kate the choice between it’s no brainer LOL.
    2.She is not a natural blonde.
    3. I am still waiting for that law suit she promised .

  78. 78
    mforman Says:

    #76 i know what you mean, he seems like a really good guy who is never mean to his fans, always stops for them and just seems that he needs protection from her because she is scary as hell. let us hope that the rumor that she went to France to see and get back JR, becuase she has to have someone else to cling to stop the clinging on AS. that is her life one but not before she has a replacement, let us hope AS has moved on, because it has been so good to see the photos of him lately, happy and healthy. when you see these photos you realize how unhappy this poor guy has been and how miserable he must have been. he is also getting A lister invitations, something KB hasn’t been able to do in 10 years, nobody wants a pariah around. can you imagine that is what you are known as in HW, i don’t care who you are, you cannot see that as positive, and whatever popularity she might still have is now almost non existent, because people see her for exactly what she is a no talent famewhore, who clings on to someone better than her, he really does deserve so much better, let us hope he realizes it too.

  79. 79
    Chateau Says:

    @75: I was actually working at the Chateau Marmont during the incident you mentioned. Here’s what happened, her dog (Lila?) was with Orlando’s dog (Sidi) in the bungalow Orlando was staying in. They (the dogs) were together there a lot. Kate was trying to get Lila to take her home. Orlando was running late. Kate went to the front desk and they asked me to unlock the door so she could get Lila. Nothing more than that.

  80. 80
    MERRICK Says:

    Lost Girls and Lost Hotels is no longer on her IMDB. Her option probably expired. So what movie was she “working” on in France?

    Whatever, we all know she left HW to save face from not being invited to the Oscar parties. Lucky for AS he could actually attend them without being embarrassed by a cranked out drunk. Anyway we know he wouldn’t have taken her, since he’s been avoiding parties unless it’s for business or family.

  81. 81
    alex @ gym new JJ post Says:

    wow new gym photos on JJ of alex he is looking fab sexy and healthy yum yum alex’s new films are getting mentioned yay!!!!

    errr what the fu**k is kate doing back in the states I thought she was in france to pick up a rich sugar daddy and live happily ever after LOL and for f**k sake as a request KATE don’t STALK ALEXANDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 82
    MERRICK Says:


    Wow. You were there yet this is the first time you chose comment about her needing her dog. Four….years…..later.Okaaaaaaay.

  83. 83
    Mercury Says:

    Kate’s really lovely.

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