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Kim Kardashian: 'Jam (Turn It Up)' - FIRST LISTEN

Kim Kardashian: 'Jam (Turn It Up)' - FIRST LISTEN

Check out Kim Kardashian‘s new song, “Jam (Turn It Up)”!

The 30-year-old TV personality debuted the song this morning with big sister Kourtney on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show.

“OMG about to debut my new song JAM on @RyanSeacrest! The song will go up on itunes,proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital,” Kim tweeted this morning, adding, “I’m so nervous!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kim Kardashian’s new song, “Jam”?

Kim Kardashian – ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’
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  • Maral Suakjian

    It’s for a great cause. If someone can use their popularity for a fundraiser, why not?

  • Seb


  • WTF?!

    Is this a joke?

  • Jen


  • Becca

    …..this has to be some kind of joke? Please, i can’t with this….

  • Nancy

    Ugh that was awful, couldn’t make it through the whole thing.

  • Donut

    She said that this was something she had never done before so i don’t think people should attack her, BUT i have to say that she sounds like a duck :/

  • samantha

    Her and hedi montag should do a song together. maybe then it’ll sound a little bit better. the song is just so good… not!!!!!!

  • jljlj

    haha what do you guys expect from a P O R N star??? lol

  • Mandi

    for Christ sake, wtf is that??? it sounds like drunk girl who just bought an auto-tune device…oops, i think it’s just that! …it should call TURN IT OFF instead!! LOL

  • haman


    Leighton meester has an actual beautiful i think u cant hear… havent u seen country song? jeez comparing a talent to kim.. please

  • Lea


    That is exactly what I was thinking. Up until now, Kim never said anything about charity… usual me, me me me, doing something else, being out of my confort zone, for fun, blah blah…. me me me ..the same crap! The song is a NONSENSE!!! It’s a dance club still boring as hell, zero energy, flat beyong repair. And you know what, that reflect exatly how Kim is boring, zero spontaneity, not breaking a sweat afraid of not being picture perfect and cute all the time. Do you guys remember her on DWTS..dreadful! and listenning to her song brought back the same feeling I had when i see her on DWTS.

  • angela


  • Helena

    Turn it OFF DJ please!

  • Miss Kim

    Um, NOOOO! Just stop it! My ears cannot take anymore bad music!!! What is the music world coming to?!?! Prince was right in telling her to get off the stage at MSG on Feb. 7th (though he was joking). But there is nothing but truth in Prince’s statement when he said “Only in America can you become famouse for doing absolutely nothing!” I agree! :0)

  • lola

    lol at Ryan’s fake reaction xD “that was… FUN.”

  • sindyisdatchu


  • boston61

    Can she do anything? Besides getting “boned”. (Her words). Art takes hard work Kim. You cannot buy it like you do rubbers or anal lube.

  • Bindi


  • Melissa

    Hmm. I thought it would be worse, but its still not good. In all seriousness her voice sounds nasally….it sounds bad. She said she had a cute voice but I almost couldn’t finish it bc her voice was so annoying. Kinda reminded me of a bee flying around my head….buzzz buzzzz buzzzz. *Shivers* UGH

  • Kam

    i dont think its bad….just sounds like its not done properly…like a very poor produced record….and the dream produced it…so it’s kinda weird why the music and shit wouldnt be better!!
    BUT…Kims not stupid…she’s just doing it for fun….putting her name out there even more….and it’s for charity….she knows she’s not wow….so fair play to her!!

  • Boston

    Her Old Navy song was good. There is absolutely no energy in this song at all. This beat unfortunately I could make. And I’ve only taken 2 years of a music tech class. She’s a nice person though, stick to your comforts Kim. For the love of GOD, please just stick to your comforts.

  • me

    very flat…no life and no energy put on the lyrics…she does not mean (probably do not understand them?) them….

  • Alecia


  • Bella

    she sucks so muchh at singing come on dude why are you eveing famous all the damn surgeries arent getting you anywere…

  • Mia

    She knows she will be laughed at that’s why she’s nervous.
    She should stick to being ”banged” haha that’s her only talent.
    Cute little voice? My a$$
    I hope it will make alot of money just for the children hospital..
    She made a huge huge fool of herself.. I bet Reggie is laughing is A$$ of right now!
    And talking about Kanye, he’s so immature saying Kim can sing ( because he banged her, so did THE DREAM )
    Otherwhise they wouldn’t ”help” her.. maybe just maybe she gave them a blow job and a lot of money? maybe all?

  • http://liapose Lia Pose

    OMG! WAF!

  • Stacey

    This is, of course, an uneventful song, like one would have expected it to be. Like many people I like looking at her and enjoy her fashion sense but this is boring, just like the other two housewives’ songs, it just sounds like the song of a person who will never do it again, who doesn’t really give a damn about music. Sorry.

  • ATLQueen

    She sounds really flat or something…. Yeah Kim just keep doing what you’re doing, whatever that is.

  • Dana

    Wow, it surprises me to say Paris Hilton is even better than this. Sorry Kim, but you can’t sing, keep your job of being…an actor..wait no…you’re just a reality “star.”

  • wish you were here

    lol she sound worst then vanessa hudgens …

  • mandy

    just goes to show you dont actully need to no how to sing to make a record . worse sound in the world kim dont ever sing again please! soo fake sounding . what a joke

  • mandy

    just goes to show you dont actully need talent to make a cd . worse song i have ever heard ever this is such a joke

  • Marieme

    Is this the one with Ryan Seacrest’s little peanut head up her huge as s where he tells her how super great it is?! Barf! Two completely overpaid fools! As for this song I wanna say “awful” in 20 different languages. Although I can tell it’s gonna be a hit with the guidos with that cheap techno beat. Complete garbage!

  • Adea

    UGH! I haven’t even heard it and want to throw up already.
    Seriously, can’t she just spend HER money with charity? She has to make us buy her song so the CRH can receive the money? Why can’t she she spend at least a couple of 0′s of her own account? If she really cared about donating the money, she’d do it with her own.

  • jill

    oh my ears! That is just awful!! She should stick to her day job (which is??)

  • She Stinks!

    I’m not sure who is worse – her or JHO. They are both fat a$$ed HO’s with no talent, and do guys to get ahead. Two pigs!

  • iaz

    hahahaha! WTF…. Sucks!

  • Rae

    Khloe and Lamar fragrances, Kim Kardashian songs. ENOUGH PEOPLE

  • lovelydee

    No, No, Noooooo

  • http://facebook CJ

    Wheres the video? I would watch it with the sound off… The song is absolutely terrible!!!!!!! What were you thinking!? The producer and/or whoever came up with the idea should be slapped, then fired!

  • cindy

    HA! I’m in a mood to have a peanut butter and JAM on some bread. Thanks Kim!

  • nicole

    this is horrible

  • Jade

    she shouldn’t sing but i love you Kim

  • blast

    beyond extra ordinary bad!!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki Adams

    I love Kim–She can do no wrong!

  • Jasmine

    I will NOT listen to that song. I just wanted to comment on the ridiculousness of the contouring and photoshopping in that picture. She has such hatred for her nose. How slim does she want it to look? And how stupid are people supposed to be to believe she looks like that?



  • ririnavy

    Wow, she makes PARIS HILTON look GOOD! Sorry, but this is not good at all. I love Kim Kardashian, but this is really bad.

  • Mavis

    Is this even post worthy? Calling this actual music? She just likes to be versatile and it’s gonna hit her 3 times back. Or at least, that is what I hope for.