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Kim Kardashian: 'Jam (Turn It Up)' - FIRST LISTEN

Kim Kardashian: 'Jam (Turn It Up)' - FIRST LISTEN

Check out Kim Kardashian‘s new song, “Jam (Turn It Up)”!

The 30-year-old TV personality debuted the song this morning with big sister Kourtney on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show.

“OMG about to debut my new song JAM on @RyanSeacrest! The song will go up on itunes,proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital,” Kim tweeted this morning, adding, “I’m so nervous!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kim Kardashian’s new song, “Jam”?

Kim Kardashian – ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’
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  • AllyPadalecki

    I think she’s a good model and shes beautiful, but she needs to stick with that, she also has an okay voice, but dont rely on music Kim! And who ever makes fun of her for this, I would like to see all of you record this exact song and sound like this and have Ryan Secrest say how amazing it you are at singing. Stfu. Quit being jerks. Good for you Kim!

  • danis

    really, i love u kim, but i think u should stay being beautiful as a model and fashion icon. Its a constructive critic, the song is weird. It seems it istn u totally. Sorry xoxo

  • stophaten

    who told her she could sing I almost got sick listening to this crap. I guess she thought that if Paris Hilton can do it she could too. Let’s all pray!

  • Ginger

    Uh.. Hmm… eh, Mm… *sigh* well, uh…. I… Hmmm…. nuh… I think Kim should not sing at all. She is nasally and very flat and BORRRRRIIING…. but the money she makes from this is going to a good cause??? eh??

  • Tom

    The worst piece of sh*t I’ve ever heard. And I have listened to Posh Spice’s solo album.

  • Tom

    Ironic as she sings turn it up when I want to turn it down.

  • Mouahahahahahahah!!!!

    So I just visited Kim blog to see people reactions on this masterpiece…and besides the usual suckers..oops fans, I was laughing my ass off when someone posing as Kim wrote this gem

    “… addition I had to involve a charity so that the negativity and backlash I would get for doing music (an art which I clearly am not suited for) would be balanced out by the positivity and harmlessness of donating to a charity. I did that so that people could feel guilty about saying its a bad song when in reality its just a bad song. Involving a charity makes me look better and takes away all the negativity that my horrible singing, and invasion into the music industry will attract. There are plenty more talented people out there. Even Ryan Leslie who’s a real producer won’t get as much attention for his songs. Not because I’m more talented but because I have more money and more fame and you fans will literally follow me off the end of a cliff. I bet I could convince all of you to jump off a cliff with me. Literally thats how brainwashed and disturbed you people are here. Because I’m famous, with money and beauty and have everything you want, you will deny this is me and you will even follow me off a cliff if it came to it. Sheep Sheep Sheep. All of you….”

    So true, so true!!!!

  • Cheryl

    The only thing Kim is good at is pretending she is virtuous. Oh and, yes, sucking Ray J’s weeny. How could any of us forget “that”? And she is seriously being considered for a real, honest-to-god movie? GROSS.

  • Michael

    Don’t blame Kim Kardashian, Blame that little homo Ryan Seacrest who makes stars out of these filthy disgusting human beings.


    Oh Dear Jesus!! Oh Lord Have Mercy!!! O_O ……. O_O >>>>> Oh BeJesus!!! Kim done lost her record havin mind.




  • Charles

    I’d say she’s far better at taking her clothes off…just sayin’

  • jade

    It was awful and I couldn’t listen to all of it.

    She needs to stick with her TV show and she has her Perfume. How much more does she need. This was probably her Mom’s idea to sing.

  • M

    Total rubbish just like all of the [mess that is on the radio along withBritney and Keshas songs.

  • dsadfasdfesefsdfsadfasdafsdfse

    just… no….

  • Jokergurl

    Almost qualifies as karaoke. FLAT.

  • Todd K

    Embarrassing. Just wow. And we thought autotune could fix everything. I’m actually amazed someone made this. My 10 year old niece makes better music on the computer.

  • WHitney

    makes for a good laugh

  • WHitney

    makes for a good laugh

  • AsAlways

    The beet is not bad, but her voice sucks, she sounds like someone singing Karaoke.

  • boreddkidd

    like the show but god she annoys me ! she thinks shes king shit ! just cause you’re famous -how is she famous anyway ?- doesnt mean you can get away with tastless crap like that !

  • AsAlways

    The beet is not bad, but her voice sucks, she sounds like someone trying to sing Karaoke. It would be better with someone else signing this song.

  • iRoree


    man i can’t wait for eminem to mention/rhyme her up in one of his beats!!

    I hate listening to her talking because of her fake annoying voice, & now she’s singing…. B&^%* enough is enough!!!.. JEEZ!!!!!!!!

  • Pure Acai Flush

    she is looking gorgeous, i love kim.

  • http://Nugsz Nugsz

    You’re beautiful Kim but please just keep it on the line. Just do what you supposed to do,for example your show on national television. Don’t break the quality of American and Hollywood music industries. Love you Kim Kardashian (think about it) :-)

  • urgh

    sounds like a frog getting fingerbanged

  • kokine26

    OOOOOOMYYYYYYGOOOOODDDDD! This is not good at all! She sing with her nose not with her vocal cords for sure!! i know one thing for sure I WONT JAM with her lolllll! I dont understand why celebrity make such stupid moves! Come on my grandma sing better then her. Sorry but this song is CRAP and I wont ever buy her CD for sure unless I get mentaly sick and I don’t realise what I am buying loll!

  • -A


  • Genevieve

    I don’t know which is worse, this or her sex-tape. Trash.

    It’s just sad how she tries so hard to be a role model to young girls, but you have to wonder what makes her a role model? Girls who admire her will simply strive for the limelight and have high hopes to to be famous due to a plumped up derriere and a heavily MAC-ed/Botox-ed face.

    Where are the REAL role models?! While Kim makes her rounds in every baller’s bed, women like Angelina are traveling to Libya, using their powers of fame and fortune for good. Now THAT is a woman girls can admire. Maybe she stole Brad from Aniston, maybe she didn’t, but her heart and mindset is in the right place. Kim, you’re 30…time to grow up look in the mirror and realize there are bigger and more important issues in the world than your ass.

  • my 2 cents

    i almost fell asleep while listening…her “music” is competiting with Paris Hilton’s “music”, i am telling you! I bet her sextape is better than this crap. Why don’t she just sit down, find a regular job and not bother us??? Look at you sister Kourtney – have a baby and raise it!

  • Amanda

    Yeah, this is not good at all. If there was no way of me seeing who this is, I would have never guess. Her voice is too flat and monotone. It’s awful. I applaud her for donating proceeds to a good charity, but it could have been done another way. Singing is the last thing she should have ever done.

  • LMAO

    Paris Hilton did a better job with Stars are Blind ! Kim it’s okay for you to explore things ;-) But it’s not your thing so stop it and go back to being a ‘ buisseness woman / Reality Tv star / Socialite / Fashion Designer / Model / Actress / whatever but do not sing . When i’m watching KWTK , i’m like her voice is so annoying when she talk .. and now she sings ! LMAFO

  • georgia

    TURN IT OFF….What a bunch of crap!!!

  • keiko

    Like Prince said, GET OFF THE STAGE !! This girl is so useless…

  • jm

    my ears are bleeding! wow who would let her in a recording studio with a voice like that? are they trying to embarrass her?! what the hell is with those lyrics?!! ahh….

  • LMAO

    Seriously i read comments and you’re all haters , come on the dream offered her to record a song ! Even if i had a crappy voice , i’d do it ! It’s just fun !

  • m

    no. just no. epic fail.

  • mia

    Is this a joke? Like for a show or something… I don’t think I have laughed this much in a while.

  • jay

    sheesh! she’s 30 isn’t she? she sounds like a teeny bopper. I would rather hear auto-tune the news.
    What is wrong with these people who think they have talent. All she has going for her is her looks and if she has any more surgery done, she can kiss that gravy train goodbye. She should capitalize on that and leave singing to people who actually can carry a tune.

  • ella ears.

  • *

    she should have copied Madonna

  • Skinny B

    WOW! I had the misfortune of having to listen to about 60 seconds of this and think it sounded horrible! I will have to try to listen to the whole song… but… wow did it sound bad!

  • jol

    @Genevieve: no there aren’t… Go Kim K…

  • Roman Monroe

    THIS IS CRAP….i cant believe this is out there. This is an embarrassment for all the true artist and the music industry. The St. Judes donation is just a hook to get people to buy her single. Your better off donating the complete 99 cents to Saint judes and not only a portion of it. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I cant even believe the media is giving such a crappy song so much attention. Dissapointment.

  • Nick Naylor

    I remember seeing her iTunes playlist thinking “Her music taste sucks!” This “music” confirms her influence. The only people who listen to this sh-t are the same philistines who didn’t know who Arcade Fire was until they won their Grammy.

  • athena

    Okay, my apologies, I should have read the post…Ryan Seacrest debued the song….and the proceeds will go to a St. Jude charity…but, I’m sorry….I couldn’t bare the song…is that what America listens to now a days….oooh, am I aging myself…c’mon Ms. KK….I’m not liking that song, and it could be a tragedy for the St. Jude patients to hear such monomusimanic noise. I’m glad it’s for a charity her patrons will have to pay for….hope she’ll generate some funds for St. Jude…although I’d rather make a personal donation, and not through her effort.

  • http://ferxx ferXx

    so aweful

  • Jonathan Dixon

    I love you Kim…But are you Kidding me?????

  • rae

    @Maysbury: why does she have to be like them?? why cant she just be her own person……

  • Robb7

    The St. Jude donation is just a ploy to get more people to buy the iTune. Ryan Seacrest is a sharp business guy — he’s gotta realize this is pure, unadulterated CRAP!! He probably suggested to tag it to a charity, and supposedly only a “portion” of the proceeds are going to St. Jude’s. This aging wombat made millions — she can’t donate the entire proceeds!!! She is despicable, greedy and talentless.

    Hope she gets knocked up by that dopey Neanderthal Nets player she’s screwing.