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Nicole Kidman: Rainy Day in San Francisco

Nicole Kidman: Rainy Day in San Francisco

Nicole Kidman steps out of her trailer on a rainy Wednesday (March 2) in San Francisco, Calif.

The 43-year-old Aussie actress headed to the set of her new TV movie, Hemingway and Gellhorn, where she stars opposite Clive Owen.Nic began work on the film yesterday!

Nicole may be taking on the role of Zsa Zsa Gabor in a new biopic! Zsa Zsa‘s husband recently shared that she loved Nicole‘s performance in Moulin Rouge.

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  • angie

    her poor forehead. she tries to move it, but she just can’t. hideous woman

  • zizi

    Nicole abandoned her just born kid like she abandoned the other two adopted. cruel bitch

  • why so serious


  • Mia

    Can she frown now? Just a little bit
    The botox is getting so bad she looks like a wax

  • ————

    i see the third lip. hahahhahahaahahha

  • dani


    Excuse me, but the baby is 8 weeks old, most American women at least have to be back at work by week 6. Furthermore she contracted to do this movie long before the baby was even conceived. And for all we know the baby is in the trailer. This is most likely a six week shoot or less. The family is in LA. You don’t know that she doesn’t see her older kids. And it is okay that every other actor, actress and person can go back to work when their child is 6-8 weeks, but just not her. Get over it. Keith loves her, not you.

  • armani

    Grandma, go home. nobody pays to see your shitty movies. box office flop

  • xtina

    Her lame career has always been more important than her kids. this just proves it even more. she doesn’t care about kids. they are just an accessory. she’ll get bored of these new ones too and leave them to keith the alcoholic. poor kids

  • brad is hot

    she always said how she wanted kids and now she leaves them when they are so little i hope keith is a good father. she’s a frigid witch

  • zizi

    you must not be a mom. no normal mom wants to leave her 8 weeks old baby. nicole has the means to make it happen. she simply doesn’t want to stay near her kid. she is that cruel.

  • mike

    Lol It seems the only people who defend her botox use are middle aged women who use it also

  • love

    Nic is so beautiful!!

  • Halli

    I like Nicole Kidman but its so obvious she had botox done for the Oscars. At least she lays off the stuff when it comes to her acting though!

  • Soof

    @mike: so funny
    Haven’t the rich have enough money, why do they go back to work so fast?
    A normal mother who HAS to go back to work after 6 weeks. Because otherwhise the child wouldn’t be fed.. and now you again ;)

  • boston61

    Movies always suck when the actress wears a wig. It just never rings true unless it is a real period type piece. Pube head.

  • Quote of The Week

    Gold, pure gold!

    From E skeptic middlesea
    ” Come on, now. Let’s not overdo this. Some people seem to be forgetting the pictures of KUNK taking Sunday to the zoo, to the beach, to the park, to the kiddie theater, etc.

    I’ve seen these photos, they’re still out there, so let’s not get silly about this.

    KUNK will hang themselves if given enough rope. There’s no need to make things up. ”


  • olalla

    Imagine how she looks up close. poor keith…no wonder he drinks. nightmares

  • Cruela

    What’s wrong with this woman? she has low self esteem. why use botox. she’s an actress ffs


    i wonder how many face lifts has she had?! …at least two is my guess

  • DeeDee

    One of those moment when you have to ask, is she a woman or a guy? Odd face.

  • so what

    Her adopted children were on set with her when they were younger. For movie Nine, Sunday was on set (at six weeks). For Gellhorn movie, I’m sure Faith & Sunday are also with her (& with the Nanny during work)!) POOR BLIND PEOPLE: Nicole’s face is expressive in these photos and has been for over a year since she quit botox. Like most all actors and actresses, some of Nicole’s films don’t make a profit, some do. Nicole is in demand—she was offered roles in Hemingway & Gellhorn, Trespass , Just Go with It and the Broadway play Sweet Bird of Youth…Zsa Zsa Gabor is now asking Nicole to star in Gabor’s bio pic and Nicole is also being offered lead role in a movie with Colin Firth, Stoker. She has more film offers than she has time but she puts her family FIRST including her adopted kids. Yes, I am a fan…which means I know more about her than you haters do. Stop babbling over and over about things that are simply not valid.

  • tellaB

    Nicole barely worked in 2010. Unless she’s completely retired which she isn’t, she has to be available when the project is ready to be filmed.

  • Maria

    why do these celebs even have kids? nicole should be ashamed of herself. that poor bought baby. kidman should return it to the “gestational carrier”. she’d be more of a mother than cold nicole.

  • so what

    Oh and by the way, Keith has been sober for five years; he said on Oprah that she is the reason he was able to quit drinking. In all his interviews and even on his albums, he shows that he (the one who sees her up close all the time) is head over heels in love with her. Listen to his interviews and look at his latest album dedication and you can verify this information. HATERS, GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT so you don’t humiliate yourself, which you have done on this thread!

  • sonora

    @so what:

    Don’t worry so what. It’s the same 2 knuckleheads posting here, nomorebrains Sue and failed actress Bijou, two of the most obsessed haters. That’s why all their posts sound the same.

  • will

    You have to feel sorry for the kids of celebrities. no wonder they turn to drugs. mommy only cares about money and fame. how do you leave a barely born baby alone? how does this woman have “fans”? i hope the idiots never have kids.

  • taco

    Jesus, haters need to stop and go back to their stupid hateful blogs. You people are pathetic, you won’t be and won’t have half of the things nicole is and have. you should just accept it and move on with your lives because you’re not making fun of anyone just of yourselves. nobody belives in your stupid hateful comments and you won’t change any mind, any idea, any fact. sorry

  • dani


    Let me ask you something? Do you know for sure the kids aren’t on set? I believe they are from something I read previously.

    Secondly have you ever seen a movie or a television show made? There are huge periods of down time where the actor or actress isn’t required to be on set. They have to be there, however, in case they are needed. So they generally sit in their trailer. They can work one day for five minutes and spend the other 7 hours and 55 minutes in the trailer or something. Or they can work an 8 hour day. Nicole, within the industry, is known as a consummate professional. She ALWAYS knows her lines. She isn’t on drugs and doesn’t waste everyone’s time being a diva. So if this is a six week shoot or less–she is probably on set acting far less than you suppose.

    This is exactly what you naysayers don’t understand. They are not working every single one of the 8 to 10 hours they are required to be there. Most sets of this stature have a day care if the kids are old enough to interact with others. Many actors bring the kids–especially toddlers and babies because they can stay in the trailer or interact with other kids when mom or dad has to be on the set.

    This is actually a perfect job for a mom. You get to keep your baby/toddler/child with you and you don’t work every single hour of the 8 to 10 hours you have to be there.

    But I suppose I’m speaking to dead air because you haters hate for such idiotic reasons. You are like lemmings following some unknown leader into the sea.

  • will

    yeah bringing a two month old baby on set is a brilliant idea. lmao so stupid. stop trying to find lame excuses to defend this useless “mother”.

  • YoYo

    @so what: You were the fools who believed he was sober up until the moment he went into rehab. So how do you know when he is sober or not?

  • YoYo

    @taco: Do you really need to use Jesus’ name while telling people they are pathetic? Remember that whole Karma thing?

  • Not buying it in Minnesota


    The kids are with Nicole. That’s what actresses do, bring the kids to set. Most of the day is not spent filming, its setting up shots. The actors go and do their thing and then relax with the kids in the trailer. Nicole brought her older kids to set and she said when they are old enough they figure out how boring it is when nothing is being filmed. Nicole is with Sunday and Faith more hours int he day than she is acting, I can promise you that. But given how long the shoot is I’m certain the nanny and Nicole’s friends will be taking Sunday out to places to keep her from getting bored. Sunday was with Nicole’s friend at the farmer’s market during an awards luncheon.

    Keith flew out to Nashille to start rehearsals with the band. He has a few one-off shows and then the new Australia tour. Bandmember Danny tweeted about it. Someone also tweeted that Keith was alone on the flight with them. The skeptics in their never ending quest to look absolutely braindead said that Keith left CA to get away from Nicole.

  • Not buying it in Minnesota


    Sue, you are the definition of “Karma is a bitch”. How’s your life after almost 6 years of posting lies?!


  • 00000000

    once an addict, always an addict. he can always relapse. nicole has to be on his as* 24/7.

  • YoYo

    @dani The kids get to stay in a little trailer on a movie set. What a fantastic environment for them? How many two year-olds would like to be cooped up in a trailer on a rainy day? Do they finally get to break out and go to the kraft services table for lunch or is that delivered to the trailer as well?

  • tellaB

    Sunday went to school on the set of the Sandler movie with the rest of the kids. She loved it according to Nicole and Keith. Nicole takes the kids to the set with her. They’re little and it doesn’t take much to entertain them during all the waiting around time.

  • lulu

    Nicole should stop with the botox. it’s beyond pathetic at this point. she’s getting old and she can’t accept it. it must suck to be this vain and insecure

  • diana duran

    Don’t make a habit of commenting on this type celebrity sighting am huge fan of the beautiful Nicole and her super talented husband Keith urban my heart hurts with happiness for their happiness and blessings I would hate never to see her on screen appreciate her as a working mom and this site should be ashamed to al this venom toward this family lvdd

  • eliza

    It seems obvious that just a few people are writing the negative posts about Nicole. Even though you can change your name as often as you want here on JJ, you can only vote thumbs up or thumbs down once on each post and not even on your own. If so many DIFFERENT people dislike Nicole, the ups and downs would be reversed. Same old skeptics wasting their time.

  • diana duran

    Don’t make a habit of commenting on this type celebrity sighting am huge fan of the beautiful Nicole and her super talented husband Keith urban my heart hurts with happiness for their happiness and blessings I would hate never to see her on screen appreciate her as a working mom and this site should be ashamed to al this venom toward this family lvdd

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    I hear She can’t live without botox, its true????

  • Not buying it in Minnesota


    It’s not hard to understand. At 2 and a half Sunday is with her mom and sis, and the same nanny she’s always had in Nashville. These little girls are with the people that love and take care of them. That’s what matters. That is stability. Dad had to leave for work but he will be back when his schedule allows. They’ve rented a home and are not living in a hotel. It’s the same situation all over the world with families that have nothing to do with celebrity who work.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!

    Just i see old woman angry

  • Get a life!

    Funny how people accuse her of botox when her forehead creases like that. Talk about being an ignorami thay eatseverything the medua feeds them.

    And its no ones business how she handles motherhood. Just be a good mother yourself and make millions/ breastfeed/ or wharever ut us u thibk nicole cant do instead of spending your precious time hating on a woman who doesnt even know you.

  • lucy

    zizi @ 03/02/2011 at 6:08 pm

    dimwitted troll! both Sunday and Faith are on the set with her mother. are you happy now?? as for the two adopted children. they are older; almost adult. don’t be stupid.

  • theresa

    boston61@ 03/02/2011 at 7:20 pm

    ok, we all know that you are a jealous vicious psychotic troll. now, please go visit your psychiatrist; you’ve obviously missed a few appointments

  • Jen

    Looks like she eased up on the botox on the forehead a bit. Gives her a very angst look.

    Can’t act her way out of a can. And she has a phony persona.

  • Jen

    @Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!:

    Kaz: Where did you come up with your handle? It’s the best!

  • well

    so neither wanted to bond with the new baby.

  • JeffH

    I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of her in costume. I think she looks great here! Finally looking beautiful and natural at the same time!