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Vanessa Hudgens Flies Away with Feathers

Vanessa Hudgens Flies Away with Feathers

Vanessa Hudgens goes through security at LAX with an over-sized feather earring on Tuesday (March 1) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress will be hitting the red carpet at the NYC premiere of her new movie, Beastly, later this week!

Over the weekend, Vanessa attended Elton John‘s annual Oscar viewing party, where she met up with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

Vanessa also made a stop and tried out some 3-D glasses at the Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica.

FYI: Vanessa‘s earring is from Edge of Urge and her wallet is Hobo International.

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  • Mj,best entertainer that lived

    Real Style, love it!

  • Rose

    That is real beauty,,ha….ha…I love you nessa,I’m excited to watch beastly!!!

  • kami

    she is so pretty with that hair style. and such a beautiful face.

  • babygirl

    I love her hair like that. She looks beautiful.

  • Abby

    stunning. LOVE the earring just not with her hair up

  • Kerri

    She really has such a natural beauty. Can’t wait to see Beastly, Suckerpunch,Journey to the center of the universe 2. 2011 is the year of the hudgens.

  • Jenny

    She looks so beautiful <3

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^___^ cute


  • Adam lambert

    Girls girls girls girls >3

  • starlight

    she looks FAT!

  • shay

    she is a beautiful lady

  • wish you were here

    really ugly and short:/

  • GM

    Beautiful <3

  • LALA

    ahhh…a Disney Princess with a roach clip hanging off of her ear. AWESOME!!!!! Miley will be impressed.

  • lauren

    to all your delusional fans out there, enews clearly states she is SINGLE SO GET OVER YOUR SELFS

  • http://j ivanka


  • sea

    Tacky earring.

  • Sun

    fat face

  • biki

    @lauren: she is not even mention on that video that she is single,the reporter said that, and plus she is not hooking up whit no one, if now she hook up whit someone, we would see pics or videos because paparazzi are all the time whit them where ‘ever they’ll go so, don’t believe anything what u’ll hear until u hear it from their mouths or see some pics, if now they really ,,broke up”both of them would confirmed like other actors does,and not all the time seeing each other in privacy when they’ve free time and still wearing bracelets, so they just took a break cuz they are busy, and plus there are so many sightings and sources and other sides that they are saying when they’ve free time they are seeing each other in privacy.

  • lauren

    how do you know that
    all that crap happend in January,its now march/

  • yets

    i love her!!!!
    God Bless V.

  • Maria

    @lauren: There were sightings of them in Febuary as well!

  • Maria

    @starlight: How can you say she looks fat? She’s no where near fat! Do you want her to starve herself to death? Its becasue of people like you that girls/women are so worried with how they look that they will strave their selves to please assholes like you!

  • biki

    @lauren: well u i know cuz i read in other sides and twitter, and i is now, and plus i said dont believe in media, cuz they did not broke up,and things have not changed cuz when she was at NYC, for the fashion shows they were staying in same hotel and had diner each other, so i did not said that i believe i said that there are so many other sightings and sources and sides that they are saying that might it is false,but for the break up it is not confirmed,i did not hear it from them selfs, and plus i dont want to argue whit u i am just sayin that u re wrong, cuz it is not confirmed and there are so many people that they are seeing each other in privacy.

  • biki

    @Maria: yeah u are right, when she was at NY for that fashion shows, and plus,OMG, why u still believe in the media, they can make storys like they want to plsy whit us and blow our minds and make us nervous, and plus if now they really break up,we would hear from them, and they would not all the time seeing each other and wearing the bracelets which they gave to each other, they just took a break cuz they are busy, omg u are all making me nervous.



  • zac-s-wack

    oh-em-gee. what a beauty. way to go vanessa. eat your heart out stupid cheating zac!

  • http://google BARBARA

    LAUREN ,AND MARIA, Bike right waht she is saying i heard that interview,on E and watch E, Vanessa never said, she was single, it was Ashen, and The american idol guy who said she was single, she never said she was single, she never does, always the media does, she was taking about cutting her hair, because of the changes she is doing on her movies, besides she mention in instyle, last Dec that she was tired of her hairand she was goihg to cut it because she thought it would make her look older, just like Zac, they want to look older so they can do older roles. she never said she is single, and another interview with Alex and he tell he loves HSM and Zac and Vanessa, in HSM 3 and he has pictures of both of them,on his wall, and breaks out and sing the songs, for him to talk about Zac and Vanessa like he did he knows they are still together , but seeing each other privately.

  • biki

    @BARBARA: omg you re right all the time,what ever you say it is same like my opinion,i am supporting u all the time,and lady and are all right.

  • Bradley Bobst

    She is starting Beastly promo she will be very busy this is her year and time to shine. Looking Goregous Vanessa,. Can’t wait to see Beastly this Friday.

  • magda tenÅ¡ek

    BARBARA you are so right sooooo right i think there is still hope remember 2006-2007 they were thogether but seacretly soo i really hope its true love you BARBARA just for hoping
    (= <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Lyla

    You’ve said this before, and I asked you how you knew, but you never said. How do you know that they were at the same hotel and had dinner together while in NYC for fashion week? Show some proof.

  • biki

    @Lyla: i said that it was twitter sighting,might it is false i don’t know,and plus,they said that when zac was at LA last week they were seen at NBA party together,and they were kissing and holding hands,and than they spend all sunday together at vanessa’s home,i said might all of this is false but there are so many sources and even sides that they are saying that when they’ve free time they are seeing each other,and go and make a twitter and made zanessa fans club 1 or zanessa best fan to be you’re friends and ull see all the story there, i mean if u want, but i am saying i am not believe in anything not meadia and not sightings i am just saying that the break up it is not confirmed cuz i didn’t hear it from their mouths.but u know what ill just wait they are so busy now and i just think that they just took a break not break up,but when they’ll finish whit filming, i think that we’ll see them.AND PLUS WHY ARE BOTHERING ME,even barbara and lady and karen are saying the same thing like me and know that even more, ask them they know more than me.

  • Danielle

    She is the best!!!!!!!!!

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • Jasmine

    Someone’s getting chubby.

  • kyle

    Her beauty shines more when her hair is not covering most of her face. I like the way she plays around with her hair now. She is gorgeous.

  • Lyla

    I’m bothering you because you are the one stating these things as fact, and then you turn around and say not to believe the media and that you don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. If you don’t know what’s true, then you shouldn’t state it like it’s true. I didn’t ask lady or Karen because they haven’t posted on this thread. I didn’t ask Barbara, because she didn’t say the same thing that you did. If you don’t want people challenging you, then you should work at making you posts a little clearer so that your meaning is not misunderstood.

  • lyla
  • biki

    @lyla: ahahahah that is just friendly hug on that video,i didn’t saw kissing or anything,it doesn’t mean if u hug some on on to take a pics like that,that is u bf,his arm on vanessa is just to took a pics,i mean everybody is doing that when they are taking pics whit someone else,if they were bf and gf now we would see pics or videos of them kissing on that party and it would be confirmed that they are bf and gf and vanessa already said that they are just friends,and plus don’t argue whit me i am just saying my opinion what i think of zanessa,that they never broke up just took a break cuz they are busy,and when they finish whit all this busy staffs,when will see pics all of u will change u re mind,so just shut up,all of u did u all heard confirmation of them?no just shut up.

  • florence

    @lyla: Lok at the amount of times Zac has had photo’s done with his co-star’s and he has his arm wrapped around them, or even worse when he was with Nikki for HS he went even further and held her hand on the red carpet and then kissed her on tv, Vanessa has done nothing like that with any of her co-star’s on the red carpet. But as usual she has the cheek to enjoy herself at a party that she was with with her friend and her bf and all of a sudden there’s something going on with Josh.

    Yet again double standards she it seems should’nt be going out and enjoying herself with friends, but efron can and it’s alright and show’s he’s one of the guys by partying, drinking and getting with whoever he can and that’s okay.

    Well Vanessa is allowed to go out and enjoy herself just like him she was working last year and is now promoting her work and will be very busy so what if she goes to a few things, she went to fashion week so did efron.

  • Tata

    Cool! love the earring!!!

  • Deb

    You guys are missing Lyla’s point. She is saying that when there are rumors about Zac, all of you pick them up and run with them….you believe them, pass them on, and call him all sorts of bad names. But when there are rumors about Nessa, you claim that the media can’t be trusted and the rumors should not be believed. That is so hypocritical.