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Alexander Skarsgard: West Hollywood Workout

Alexander Skarsgard: West Hollywood Workout

Alexander Skarsgard heads to Equinox gym on Thursday (March 3) for a workout in West Hollywood.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor worked up a sweat in a Nike top and matching tennis shoes.

Earlier in the week, Alex was spotted meeting a friend for lunch at Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles.

It was recently announced that Alex‘s new movie, Melancholia, will play at the Cannes Film Festival later this spring!

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  • Whatever

    Yay, JJ keep them coming and Alex let me assist you with your……….. nose……… *lick*

  • chelle

    All I gots to say is D.A.M.N.

  • wikkie

    Damn, he looks good. Hopefully naked Eric this coming season.

  • The Myths

    Myths about alexander skarsgard:
    “he’s talented” but doesn’t get roles in movies and his Eric is more about looks. Peaked with Generation Kill (playing a marine–> he was a marine in Sweden)
    “he looks better with age” because he has work done, like teeth fixed, work out (he’s slim), he has more money to “Ken up”
    “Kate Bosworthless mystery” there’s no mistery, they’re alike. His family probably doesn’t like their show.
    “He’s so handsome” yes, he’s tall, has an accent and (thanks to gym) is hunky. But he’s a butterface, or butterhead in this case. His face is cute if you like seahorses.


    He’s looking hot. I would eat his poop.

  • HotInLA

    Hotness! Don’t bite your nails, bite ME Alex!!!

  • Ava


    Break me a piece of that ,

  • Fame tour

    Joan’s on Third
    Chateau Marmont
    Equinox gym
    Fashion event



    Wow! The Dementors have left their lair again.Your children must be proud of you. How long has sh*t been part of your diet? Obviously for a long time since only a sh*t for brains would make such a disgusting crass comment.

    Carry on with your self.

  • TB fan

    I’m loving his hair. Can’t wait to see what happens to Eric on season 4.

  • Spanish girl

    meow arm porn! But, why the skinny legs? :(

  • chelle

    So if he is such a famewhore….what does that make Suri Cruise? And does that mean Tom and Katie are pimps? Just saying …

  • Bikini Kill

    Look at all that attractiveness flowing, gotta ♥ it!!


    He looks great! I hope that the Sookie/Eric storyline is the focal point in Season 4

  • KillBill

    Looking hot, Eric!

  • Molly

    Bosworthless taught him well… I’ll decide if I still like him after watch Melancholia

  • KillBill


  • KillBill

    He’s yummy!

  • k


  • KillBill

    What a gorgeous giant!!!

  • FasterPussycat

    He should come with chocolate syrup and a spoon!

  • MasterBlaster

    He should be cloned!

  • cbgb

    @Fame tour:

    Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin had their pictures taken yesterday by papparazzi. In fact they’re photographed very frequently, going to the gym, hair salon, grocery store…I guess they’re famew**res too, right? Or maybe they’re just doing what every celebrity do these days , from Leo DiCaprio to the Jersey Shore cast, It’s a legit way to keep an actor visible, plus it pleases the fans.

  • BabaBooey

    The hateful haters now hate him! Boohoohoo!!

    No matter, he’s still BUITIFUL!!!!!

  • Just Joanie

    He looks great … but get your finger away from your nose, Alex.

  • Emily

    lmao you can totally tell there’s Moyer crazies on this website. All the Pro Eric and Eric/Sookie comments are getting negatives. Maybe people should stop being so delusional and realize Skarsgard is playing a CHARACTER and hating on him won’t help any.

    (Plus was he photographed this much last year hitting the gym? Here’s hoping there’s some hot E/S scenes next season.)

  • Robin’s dolls

    The last time that were rumors of break-up between Beigeworth and ASkars, it was all planned to create expectation, then KB showed a new crappymint collection!!
    Sure they will do it again.



    It’s mostly bitter, overly invested people who are pissed that he looks happy solo.

  • Bikini Kill

    @FasterPussycat, add to that a spatula so I can smack it, flip it, and rub it down

  • The Crying Game

    It should be a crime to look so good!

  • MyMyMy!!!

    Thanks, Sweden!

  • don’t confuse

    He’s not Eric. :S He is Alex.

  • KateNoMore

    Beauty without the Beast.

  • KillBill

    @don’t confuse:

    I…Know…That. It was a nod to his character.

  • Anne

    He’s so hot as Eric, in real life no so much, sometimes AS have that lokks… like he used the “short bus”.
    I just my opinion, don’t bite me.

  • missy2792

    Looking good. Looking very good.

  • Laura

    I find him witty an slightly self-deprecating in interviews. Very charming.

  • Heartbreaker

    Sweet dreams are made of these.
    Only haters disagree.

  • chelle

    I wasn’t trying to be mean to little Suri ….I think she’s a dollbaby I just don’t think it’s fair calling AS a famewhore when lots of stars get papped ….besides he’s adorkable

  • Xandra

    @Laura: I find him dimwitted and himbo-like:
    “I get so… I get so… And then I get so proud to be Swedish and I get so Swedish because in the states everyone is driving in Hummer’s with gold paint with living fur-animals to keep them warm and stuff like that. And I get so anti everything like that and really get stubborn in a Swedish way and want to show them that I’m against all of that… to the point where I’m almost geeky anti. You know, extremely average ”
    Perfect match for Kate-great danes are so big.

  • Laura


    I’m sorry, I don’t follow you. You’re using a tiny bit of one interview to define him as a dim witted bimbo?!

    I get that you have creepy negative feelings torward him but that’s ridiculous don’t you think?



    How sad for her to have wasted time formulating a false quote she thinks was clever about someone she dislikes.

  • Nikki

    He looks great, love the way that shirt fits him!

  • Doreen

    ROWR! You can see his pecs and stomach muscles through that shirt. A workout does a body goooood!

  • Cannes?

    I betcha he would wear TFord, the big ass-kisser.

  • OnlyTheLonely


    At least post a link where you got that quote from so we know you’re not making this $#it up!

  • Sunbug

    WOW!! He is looking very good and very fit. He really is a magnificent specimen of a man. I hope he does go to Cannes. Tom Ford will be thrilled to have Alex wearing his tux. No man fills out a tux like Alex, he’s like a walking billboard and is gorgeous in one. Every one will notice him. I’m taking it as a good sign that the beige one is not being mentioned in any of his posts including at Popsugar who are total beige lovers. Focusing on his career is what he needs right now. He’s got a huge future ahead of him.

  • Sandy




    “the big ass-kisser”

    Bitter much?

    He can kiss my ass anytime. Line forms after me.

    Btw, he can show up at Cannes with just a fig leaf (actually a palm leaf might be in order according to his GK co-star)

  • veruca

    Yes, he’s extremely dimwitted. He has doctors in his family, graduated from Leeds University (English proficiency, but still!), was accepted to university and was planning on becoming an architect. He’s also won awards for writing and directing a short film

    Plus, he decided to join the marines to ‘challenge himself’ and not live as a ‘city boy’ when he had to do his government service, instead of stamping passports and getting stoned on the weekends like his friends.

    Yup, he’s stupid alright!

    He looks good though. Very healthy and in shape. I’m also hoping the increased work-outs are indicative of more naked Eric like in the books. His pecs and abs look great in that shirt.